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- Death Note - Chandelica [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - So, I read the first two chapters of Death Note and what's my immediate response? "+__+ FANART! GIMME!" and this was one of the first sites I visited. It's just... wow, it's really gorgeous stuff here, easily one of my favorites so far. The level of details with Raito and L and Ryuuku are fantastic, the proportions and lines terrific, the colors lovely, and all that. But even more than that... it's illustrations like the one of L and Raito sharing a table, L curled up like usual over his computer, Raito sitting more normally... and the whole thing is gorgeous. The art is really on par with the original manga, I think, as well as just being... well, squee-worthy. The comics are FANTASTIC, her shading really, really capturing the feel and look of the series; I really just cannot say enough positive things about this site. One of my favorites. ♥♥♥ (Some L/Raito.)

- Death Note - S. L. U. [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Normally, I probably wouldn't recommend a site that was almost purely oekaki art... but I'm not sure this is oekaki art, because the lines are too smooth and the colors too well shaded and subtle. Maybe the artist is just really, really good with oekaki, I'm not sure. At any rate, I liked the art here enough to put it on the list, especially when she does her more polished semi-chibi-style illustrations of L and Raito. (Though, it might be more accurate to describe it as sort of a painting style. Not quite oil painting, but heading in that direction...?) Seriously, there's one of L curled up in his hair across from Raito who's sitting in his chair more normally and reading a book... and it's just COOL. There's also one of Raito and Ryuuku back to back that's REALLY well done and a gorgeous black and white one of Raito and the squirrel!L that I can't help loving... the list goes on. It's hard to describe the artist's style, I think, so... just trust me that it's worth poking around the site? ^_~ (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Death Note - SweetDevil [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Unfortunately, this site didn't last me very long in my quick run through it, but it DID have a fair amount of art and I actually really liked some of the later stuff. I'll admit that the Ryuuku/Raito stuff was a little "....."-inducing, but because it was something that was only even HINTED at (for the most part, I could be reading too much into it, actually, I think), but I was enamored with the L/Raito stuff. Yes, yes, I'm a bad person for liking the pairing, shut up, I like it anyway. And the art was... one of the things I liked about this artist was that she got the creepy feeling of the manga down really well. Her details were also really nice, her colors very fitting with the tone of the series, and some of the illustrations... the "NOTE" section especially had some of the best art on the site. Raito drawing on L's face amused me greatly, the artist does a fantastic job with Raito's hair, and the illustration with the wings and knife as L tried to cut them off was COOL. All in all, a fun little site that helped give me my fix. ♥ (Some shounen ai hinted at, some L/Raito.)

- Death Note - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Wheeee~! Another site that doesn't have a lot of fanart, but what's there is so wonderfully draw, so pretty that I immediately pounced on all of it and gobbled it down as fast as I could. The artist seems to especially draw L very, very nicely and just... wow, very professional looking, I think. There're also a couple of illustrations of Raito that are REALLY well done, very... well, creepy in that pretty sort of way he has in the manga itself, if that's a good way to describe it? She nicely captures that sort of... twitchy feeling to L, that tired look around his eyes, as well as Raito's smoother (for now) insanity, all of it being quite, quite pretty. ^_^v (One or two Raito/L hinted at illustrations.)

- Death Note - onlooker [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Okay. What won me over with this site was the little chibis of all the DN characters that are just so ADORABLE that I couldn't help but squee madly. The rest of the art is largely cute and sketchy-like, but the artist draws a nice L and her comics are kinda cute. She also does a rather nice Ryuuku when she draws him fully, rather than just sketching him. So, all in all, this was a cute site that helped me get my fix and showed a lot of promise for the future--especially with those chibis! XDXDXD (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Death Note - cross [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Wow. This is another one of those sites that's blown me away with both the level of detail in the art and how overall PRETTY it is. The artist's Raito looks GORGEOUS, the colors those warm, almost burnished colors that are autumn-ish colors that really do work so well with these characters. I normally associate them more with darker colors, like grays and slate blues, but... somehow these dark reds and burnt oranges and dark golds work with the characters. The artist's lines are smooth and clean, yet still detailed and not exactly delicate or fine... but whatever the opposite of clunky is. It's really the strongest point of her art--that the characters aren't just pretty, they're well drawn. The characters' hair is especially perfect, she gets all the lines just like the manga's artist does, really capturing the FEEL of the characters and when she draws Raito with that scythe? SO COOL. I just... I swoon with love over these illustrations. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. (A little L/Raito.)

- Death Note - Crucify [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Admittedly... I can be won over by smut, which is a little bit the case with this site. It's not that the art is bad... I actually kind of like it; L's eyes are... there's an off-kilter, tired, overly-dialated look to them that fits with the character, I think. The artist also has a really strong sense for shading and inking (the art is very reminscient of a doujinshi, I think), but it was the comics and the smut that won me over... because I tend to be easy like that. ^_~ The comics are actually the highlight of the site, I think, because the artist really does have a lot of discipline in her art and a strong sense for the layout of each comic page. So it was a solid site that I had a lot of fun with. ^_^v (L/Raito, some content warning.)

- Death Note - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I waffled on this site for a bit, but the art was more than pretty enough for me to keep going... and once you hit some of the later stuff, the more sketchy type illustrations, this site actually has some really pretty fanart. The color, I think, can distract a little from how good the artist's lines actually are; she has a lighter touch, I think, that comes across better with the soft b&w sketches. The face sketches on one of the later pages are just gorgeous, really beautifully done and there are a couple of really neat ones with Raito freaking out and there are some gorgeous ones of L and Raito talking or walking next to each other--especially one of Raito in his tennis clothes walking next to L that looks GOOD. All in all, it was a nice little site that I enjoyed a lot. XD (A very little L/Raito, but it's barely there.)

- Death Note - Noah's Ark [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - This is a site Hinoko pointed out to me... and I think could easily become one of my favorites of the fandom because... well, the artist starts out a little shakey with the first illustration or two, but by the time you get to the one of Raito in the sky with wings like Ryuuku's? She ROCKS with the imagery for the characters. Death and religion and all sorts of symbolic elements that actually WORK rather than being pretentious. There's also a fantastic one of Raito asleep on the floor admist several pages of the Death Note, there's a fantastic one of L sleeping on top of him, with Raito holding a knife above him, about to stab him in the back, there's a stunning one of a naked Raito holding a skull and dripping wet, and then... *swoons* a beautiful one of a bloody L kissing Raito, who's holding a bloody knife and the effect is just... FANTASTIC. The lines, the effects, everything about this art is really good. *luffs* (A little L/Raito, but a lot of gen, too.)

- Death Note - Attic [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Originally, I wasn't going to rec this site because (at this time) there are only about four illustrations on the site and while they were pretty, I like to usually have at least seven before I rec. However, two things made me come back to this site--one, the art is very pretty with a lot of strong, clean, and detailed lines with lovely shading, and, two, Death Note is a relatively small fandom so far, so anything that's really good, I want to hunt down find. (Plus, it also lets me keep the URL bookmarked more easily.) The artist especially does a fantastic L--the lines around his eyes and in his hair look excellent, which is especially important with a series like this, where the mangaka's art draws attention to these features. The way this artist draws her lines... their hair ends up looking so textured that I just want to run my fingers through it--add this to very nicely drawn bodies and faces and it's a very nice site. ^_^v (A little bit Raito/L.)

- Death Note/Bleach - mine.mine [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I know I've been to this site before (and saved the Bleach fanart even), but I can't find it on my recs pages, which makes me think that someone gave me the URL, but I can't find it in any of my notes.... Well. Anyway. Pretty, pretty site here. Despite not really knowing the Bleach characters that well yet (I'm only up to Ishida's introduction), I was entranced by the art--it's really pretty. The lines are fantastic and the colors subtle and also nicely done, all with really, really nice shading. I really like the artist's Raito, but she also does a gorgeous Rukia. .....this is a terrible rec, I'm sorry, but the art is good, there's a nice selection here, and so go see it? *shoves at* (Maybe a little Raito/L, but mostly gen all around.)

- Death Note - Odds & Ends [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - This site started out with just some cute sketches, but as the art went on... the artist started to add more details to her black & white sketches, making them fuller and more realized. About four or five illustrations in, the art starts to get much better and actually really pretty--there's one of Raito with his shirt open and hand across his mouth that's just gorgeous. There are some really fantastic sketches of Inspector Yagami as well, but the real highlight of this site is a color illustration of Raito staring down at his bloody hands that's just fantastic. The colors and shading are lovely, but it's the lines and feel of the image that entranced me. I REALLY enjoyed this site, but it's also a good one to keep an eye on for the future, I think. ♥ (No warnings/pairings.)

- Death Note - A5 [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Oh, I can't help it, I just... the 4-koma pages on this site are really nicely drawn (I normally don't go for the little mini-comic strips because it's hard to get a good story across or pretty art across, but these somehow managed to do that for me), a lot of nice details and some nice shading and poses that either made me coo or laugh. The one where (I think) Inspector Yagami looks over to see L's expression not changing and not changing and not changing... until he realizes L's asleep made me giggle muchly. I had to rec the site just for the sheer fact that I liked the 4-koma pages when that almost never happens. ^_~ (No warnings/pairings.)

- Death Note/Slam Dunk - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I like the very nice, light, soft colors that this artist uses in her work--she's got those lines that aren't necessarily delicate, but still manage to be very pretty, so her characters end up looking lovely. The very first illustration I saw on this site was one of Raito jumping into the air, one hand holding the Death Note, the other holding a scythe and it seemed like the lighter colors should contrast with the image, but somehow it worked for the illustration. The artist gets down the clean-cut, almost preppy image he has (as well as getting across the sort of twitchy side to L) that makes me delight at the art. Plus, the Slam Dunk art is just... nice. Again with the lighter colors that still somehow work and combined with nice lines. ^_^v (Maybe a little L/Raito, but mostly gen.)

- Death Note - HastaLaVista [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I actually stumbled across this site looking for Bleach fanart (which I couldn't hunt down) and was pleasantly surprised to see some Death Note art on the site instead. I think what put me over the edge with the site was a very pretty kiss with Raito and L and I can't help 'shipping this series just a teeeeeeeny, tiny bit, even if I know I shouldn't. Well, that and little kitty!L which was just TOO CUTE FOR WORDS. Beyond that, the artist has a nice sketchy style to her illustrations that works well with the tone and feel of the art and created an interesting effect. I think I might like the b&w style with a lot of Death Note sites simply because I'm used to the manga being in black and white and almost no color to it, so the style works well in my mind. (Some Raito/L, a little content warning.)

- Death Note - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - This is another site that doesn't necessarily have a TON of art, but I was won over by what there WAS (along with this being a small fandom right now, so...) and the first illustration being this REALLY COOL one of L as the Justice tarot card. It was done in black and white and the shading of it, combined with the amount of detail and the basic lines, was effing COOL. I'm also a sucker for a well-drawn comic with the Death Note sites and this one has a GREAT one--the level of detail and strength of the artist's lines were really great, L REALLY looks like L. I also even kinda like the oekaki illustrations, especially because they capture more of the dark feel to the series. Anyway. Yes. Good site. I hope to see more from this site. ♥ (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Death Note - BIRD SHEEP [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - EEEEEEEE! I've rec'd Bird Sheep previously, both for her Hikaru no Go and Naruto fanart (her Hikago fanart is probably the BEST I've ever seen, for my personal tastes), which are gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous and her Death Note fanart is no exception. The colors are beautiful, the details amazing, and she just has this... glow to her art that I fall in love with every time I see it. Her current top illustration of L is just... GORGEOUS, quite possibly one of the best I've seen so far. Plus, I also highly recommend her Hikago and Naruto fanart. *swoons* (Maybe a little Raito/L.)

- Prince of Tennis/Bleach/Full Metal Alchemist/Death Note/Naruto - [ English Fanart Site ] - Oh, I knew I'd be rec'ing this artist when I saw the KakaIru chibis with the cake, because HOLY SHIT THAT IS SO FUCKING CUTE EEEEEEEEE OMG LOVE LOVE LOVE SQUEEEEEEEEE is pretty much the response I had. But there is also this utterly fantastic five-page FMA comic with Ed and a little chibi Roy that just... *sporfles* oh, it's pretty and utterly hysterical. There's also this utterly gorgeous Roy illustration, a heart-breaking Hughes one, a couple of beautifully colored Death Note illustrations, a couple of beautiful Bleach illustrations, and even a couple of adorable Tenipuri ones. I just... I really like the artist's coloring, it's that kind of richly textured look that makes everything look so pretty, in addition to REALLY nice lines. Just... very fun artist here, especially the FMA and Naruto stuff. (Some KakaIru, some other shounen ai pairings, but no real themes.)

- Death Note - SODAPOP [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I could have sworn I'd have rec'd this site before, but I can't find it, either. It's also another site that I'll have a tough time explaining why I like it, but I find myself intrigued by the illustrations, especially the lovely blue-ish one of of L carrying a (rather detailed) sword with straps still wound around it because it just... somehow FITS with the character and is really kind of cool. And that's really the gist of all the illustrations here--they're some concept or other or something beautifully colored that looks like a watercolor painting for the series and uses the style to great effect. One of my favorites is a mostly blue/purple illustration of Raito and Ryuuku that winds up looking so vibrant for the splashes of warmer colors in it. Or the one of L standing in a crowd of faded or blurry people, standing out with this intense expression. Also? The junk/oekaki illustrations are nice. (A little L/Raito, a lot of gen.)

- Prince of Tennis/Death Note - MGA [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - ....SPRITES! SPRITES SPRITES SPRITES OH MY GOD I LOVE THESE SPRITES! *coughs* Okay. So. I have this thing about sprites. I love them. I want to adopt them so much. And there are several that I just fell in love with--there's a TezuFuji sprite, a TezuAto sprite, and THERE IS EVEN AN AKUTAKA SPRITE. My love spirals and twirls around the room with glee and delight. Plus, there are a lot of sprites based on the crack chibi episode where they were all a family (WITH TEZUKA AND FUJI AS THE GRANDPARENTS! <3<3<3), there's a SuperSaiyajin!Tezuka sprite (C'mon, that's what it looks like! XD), there's a sprite for just about every major pairing that you could want--hell, there's even a sprite of TEZUKA AND SANDA. ♥♥♥ And they really are quite well-made and the Death Note sprites are cute as well and just... this site fills me with the glee. (Anything and everything, pretty much.)

- Naruto/Death Note - Nekomataya [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I will state upfront that this site is not going to be for everyone, especially those who don't care for hentai. There are a lot of caveats I'd put on this site--the hentai is often very graphic, the characters often look younger than they are (Sakura looks almost ten and under sometimes), and it's all about the naked chicks. The reason I rec the site anyway? Because I don't mind hentai and because the artist is really, really good at what he does. I was won over by the daily illustration art, mostly, because the lines and shading of each illustration is really, really good, even when they're casually drawn, you can just see how much skill the artist has. I rec this site for stuff like the Tsunade/Anko illustration that's really, really beautifully colored and they look like adults. I rec this site because there's a lot of art on the site, because the skill with which the artist draws the hentai is actually pretty damn good, and because I occasionally have fun with this kind of site. But pay attention to the warnings. (Graphic content, some possible lollicon.)

- Death Note - Nanafuku [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I admit, I've been a little slackish with Death Note lately, largely because... it's not that I mind the yaoi, hell, I 'ship it myself, it's just... it got a little overwhelming. And so I'm surprised that I'm delving back into a site that has some yaoi on it, but... I guess what appeals to me is that the artist is one of those that's really talented and disciplined. So, while her illustrations wind up looking like doujinshi, they look like the kind I drool over because they're recognizable as these characters, because her shading is really, really good, because her lines are clean and fine without being shoujo-delicate, because her L feels like L so often, because I love the characters' hair, because there's a lot of art to go through, and just... yeah, this is the kind of b&w fanart that makes me want to get back into the fandom. ♥ (A little Raito/L.)

- Death Note - [ English Fanart Site ] - I adore the watercolors-like effects of this artist's style, which somehow really works for the style she has with her art. It looks really smooth and clean, which isn't necessarily something I associate with Death Note, but it works well here. I wish there were more than a handful of illustrations, but I liked them enough to rec them, I guess, because the artist has some really good detail to her art, but without overwhelming the images. <3 (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Gankutsuou/Death Note - Ede [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - There's not a lot of art here, there are only about four Death Note illustrations total, but there were a couple of reasons I had to rec this site--first, the current top illustration of Heydee where she's playing her harp is gorgeous, the sheer amount of detail and color in it is amazing, it looks absolutely fantastic. The second reason is that the Death Note art was a little different from what I was used to, I'm not sure how to describe the style, but I really sort of liked the one L/Raito illustration a lot. Third, I like sites that have a bit of a mishmash of pairings when it comes to Gankutsuou, those that are the sort I mentally dub "Whatever you saw in canon, you'll probably find some of it here." sites. I really like the way her Count looks, I loved the Count/Albert illustrations, and even I rather thought that the Franz/Albert ones were pretty. <3 (One L/Raito, whatever you saw in Gankutsuou canon, you'll probably find here.)

- Death Note - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I only meant to skim the Death Note section before diving into the rest of this site... but then the artist had L/Misa fanart! Oh, my secret weakness for that pairing was hit so hard when the artist had cute little chibis! And, yes, the excessive use of the italics tag is totally warranted. Especially for the beautiful one of them sharing a stick of pocky and their expressions are just brilliant and it's so pretty and I'm going to go over here and be a giant dork for a pairing that I know goes against canon. ♥ Because the artist does this lovely thing with her art, where it's got these hints of warm colors so it's somewhere between colored and black&white or mostly white with just a hint of color and it gives them a light, airy feeling that somehow works. ♥ (L/Misa.)

- Death Note/Gintama/Final Fantasy VII/Harukanaru Toki no Nakade/Howl's Moving Castle - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I think half of the reason I had to rec this site is the sheer size and variety of the place. There are several different series here and while I'm not that wild about everything here, there's just enough really solidly done art to get me to fall off the fence onto the side of recommending it. I'm not as crazy about the sketches, a lot of them are loose and easy and just not to my taste, but when the artist actually focuses her talent, she can create something really cool, some of her art looks really fantastic. Plus, hey, one of the better HMC sites I've seen! :D And when the artist does that painting-like style with her colors? The art is actually really pretty strong--there's a beautiful close-up of Howl. And I adore the artist's Katsura (from Gintama) and the HaruToki3 art is actually probably the strongest of the bunch, I don't have any reservations about it. The detail is nicely strong (especially with the outfits and the characters' hair) and I really do have a strong fondness for the artist's color work. So, I'll give it a thumbs up. <3 (Possibly some HaruToki3 yaoi pairings, some Howl/Sophie, but it's mostly a gen site, I'd say.)

- Death Note - MOMOPECO [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - It only took me long enough to get to the first L/Misa fanart on this site to know that I was going to be a little in love with it. ♥ The artist does a beautiful Misa, the colors are just clean and bright enough to be pretty, but the style still fits with the tone of the manga and I love the clothes the artist puts on her or the one of her flying over the city with Rem or, omigod, L and sailor-fuku!Misa curled up in the chair that totally hits my vibe with that pairing. I know it's sort of a random pairing, but I really do like the potential and this site just somehow manages to hit the right vibes for me. I think this was actually one of the better Death Note sites I've seen recently? :D (Some L/Misa, some Raito/Misa, some Other/Misa.)

- Howl's Moving Castle/Harukanaru Toki no Nakade 3/Death Note/Peacemaker - MELROSE'S [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - ....well, god knows I haven't managed to learn the HaruToki3 characters' names yet, so I'm going to be crap at explaining which characters are represented well, but, man, do I love this site. It's got amazing HaruToki3 art, the level of details of the characters' costumes and hair and eyes is just fantastic. Plus, it's the HMC site that I've been looking for since I finished the movie and the book, the one that isn't just cute or adorable, but the art is beautiful. The artist has everything, the style, the lines, the coloring, the incredible detail, the sense of fun, all of it comes together and looks so clean and professional and amazing. There are certain illustrations on the site that are the kind I can spend a good five minutes looking at them (Howl curled up on his bed in his room from the movie being one of them... or, god, Howl and Sophie sitting in a tree on a cold night with all these beautiful lights surrounding them... *__*), but even the sketches are fantastic because you can see that the artist's basic lineart is amazingly solid. Some of her Peacemaker sketches wound up being some of my favorites because you could see that she wasn't just covering up with a lot of detail or shiny colors, the basic b&w lineart itself was fantastic and the characters looked just... I flap my hands and gush over this site because, yes, I've been looking for this one for awhile now. ♥ (Howl/Sophie, HaruToki3 het, some Peacemaker shounen ai maybe, no DN warnings/pairings.)

- Final Fantasy VII/Death Note/Saiunkoku Monogatari - Twilight Chronicle [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I originally came here looking for Saiunkoku Monogatari fanart and happened to stumble into the games section first... where I found some awesome FFVII fanart. Some of them are really pretty, the artist's Elena is lovely and I even liked the Reno/Elena despite it not being my usual pairing. It's hard to complain when the art is this pretty. But what the site totally owns at is stuff like... well, Kadaj and Marlene arguing about who gets to sleep with Nii-san and Cloud's expression being the BEST THING EVER. ♥ And I had to recommend the Death Note section of this site because there is L fanart with kidlet!Near and kidlet!Mello crawling all over him and it's the CUTEST THING IN THE WORLD HOLY CRAP. There's also a fanart of L and Misa and I'm going to squint and pretend that it's maybe a pairing one, shut up. ANYWAY. Saiunkoku fanart. OMG. B&w sketches that totally own at cuteness and I was digging the artist drawing so many different characters and so much cuteness or amusement when I got to That One Image. You know the one that totally owns you on a site and you can only keyboard mash in love? Yeah. Seien and Shuuei carrying their sleeping little brothers and looking sheepish about it and I was all, ";flkjasdlf;jka, I LOVE YOU, SAIUNKOKU." at that. ♥ ....the irritated!Reishin covering sleeping kidlet!Kouyuu with a blanket as he was slumped over a pile of books may have owned me a little, too. Holy crap, I love this site so much. ♥_♥ (Some het for FFVII, mostly Reno/Elena and a smidge of Cloud/Tifa, but a lot of gen. Death Note gen. Some het implications for Saiunkoku, some cast/OFC, a lot of gen.)

- Katekyou Hitman REBORN!/Death Note - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - The art on this site starts out cute, if a little shakey, but quickly becomes really, really pretty. The artist puts in a lot of detail, which is nice, but it's more the... the use of colors and something that almost glows in them. If I were just looking at b&w, I think I would like them, but when I see the artist's colors, they become really that much more outstanding. The artist does an amazing job with Mukuro especially, but it's also worth visiting the site for the gorgeous Colonello illustration, the stunning Hyper Dying Will Tsuna illustration, and even the pairing stuff is really cute. As for the Death Note stuff, I think it's a bit older, so it's not quite as strong, but the artist does some really cool concepts--Raito against the stained glass church windows is one of my favorites--and somewhat of a variety of the main trio that I wound up really liking it, too. (Mostly a gen site, but some Mukuro/Tsuna, a smidge of Hibari/Tsuna. Gen for Death Note.)

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