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- Death Note - His Son's Father by Aishuu - One of the things I was struck by when I was reading this was how... smooth it all was, how it fit so perfectly in with the characters, that it honestly and truly felt like I was reading more of the manga. Not that "OMG THAT IS SO THEM" that I get when someone nails it on the mark, that thought wasn't really even in my head. It wasn't that the story was vague and without characterization so I had nothing to complain about. It was just... the question of IC or OOC never entered my head because it felt like I was slipping into the manga itself, what with all the little details about Raito and Yagami's conversation over the tea (from the way Raito prepared it to the way he prepared his father's tea to the little moments Yagami thought of from when Raito was younger to the acceptance to Touou to just everything) it was... one of those stories that was so wonderful because, if I hadn't written this rec, if I'd just been reading it and moved on to the next without thought, it would have been one of those that I would have looked back six months from now and gone, "Crap, was that in the series or did I read it in a fic...?" because the tone was just so right for me. And, damn, Aishuu nailed Yagami's character--what an intelligent man he is, but what a caring guy he is, how creepy Raito is if you know the truth, and yet... during the entire conversation, I never thought that Yagami was stupid for believing in his son. It was all carried across in a pitch-perfect tone. <3 (No warnings/pairings.)

- Death Note - A Cup of Tea by Cheryl-chan - This fic was... to be honest, I'm not sure how I'll feel about it in six months (as the fandom and my own tastes develop), but for now it was a solid story that had more going for it than I was unsure of. My biggest criticisms are that the writing was a little awkward in places (though, but NO means unreadable, nor needing a good scrubbing with the grammar brush even, it was largely very easily readable) and that it would have been better off without the slash. As much as I totally 'ship these two, their relationship just hasn't been developed enough for me to get onboard with the fic slash quite yet. It WAS subtle, though, so it's not like it was a dealbreaker for me and if an author was going to go ahead with it, this would be the way--light brushes against each other, gazes when the other wasn't looking, not quite able to look away or stop thinking about the other, etc. (Which sounds cheesy when I say it that way, but it wasn't, really.) I also liked that the story wasn't stretched beyond the length of what the story called for, it wasn't needlessly padded, so there was some meat to this story, so to speak. Also? That Raito was still filled with hate for L? Very, very good. I liked that that was never really forgotten, even in his faint stirrings of attraction. And that L never let his guard down was nice as well. ♥ (Some LxRaito/RaitoxL.)

- Death Note - They finally met at a street corner by Vikki - *bounces* The first English Death Note fic! ♥ I admit, I was really hoping that Vikki would write this because I wanted the first English DN fic to be a good one and *twirls* this was! I adore the way she writes L, because his... it's not quite twitchiness, but the way something is subtly off about him is wonderfully done here. And the things he notes about Raito, the way his mind spins out a paranoid yarn, the little details that the author puts into the fic, like the way he picks at a thumbnail or shifts restlessly... I adore it. And I'm convinced that somethine like this is all-too-entirely possible in the manga itself and that it'll happen much like this. And the things L notices, yet doesn't quite... wonderfully done. Much love. (No real pairings/warnings.)

- Death Note - Believe by tdei - I have to admit, when I first started reading this story, I wasn't sure of Raito's characterization, it felt a little too much like trying to justify the character and make him "good" (that's not exactly the word I want, but it'll have to do), but as the story unfolded, there was this sense of tension that wound tighter and tighter, the prose of the story just perfect for the tone it was trying to achieve. I genuinely felt the tension of the situation and the emptiness of Raito's life after everything was over and done. The way he ultimately changed the world and the way he didn't change the world. The price he paid and whether or not it was worth it. The imagery of holding a rotten world in his hands and trying to hold it together, whether one agrees with his actions or not. And I think that, as the story begins to end, I could really see this for Raito and, certainly, I was glued to the monitor for the entire story once it got on its way. If nothing else, that tightening sensation in your chest that fic evokes is fantastic; this is definitely one of the best Death Note fics out there. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Death Note - just that and paper cranes by darkeyedwolf - ....oh. Well. I think this may just be my new favorite Death Note fic because it's just... Jesus, non-angsty L/Raito fic shouldn't be possible, but not only did the author write it with beautiful words and sparkling dialogue, I could just bloody well SEE the whole damned thing in my head. It was subtle and gorgeous and everything the manga is--right from the beginning of L taking up way too much room in bed to the way he gets some paper for Raito to fold cranes to the way they're displayed in the hotel room to the details about the bed itself to the kiss, just everything was superbly done. I hesitate to even flail over this fic, because it deserves better. It deserves much better, for such stunning characterizations and sparkling moments and the way I practically wanted to fangirl madly over this fic, despite being sort of disenchanted with the whole series/fandom lately. Beautiful, beautiful fic, utterly worthy of the series, I think. (LxRaito.)

- Death Note - becoming by darkeyedwolf - And this story was the darker version of L and Raito, the harder, colder, harsher version that leaves me with a pit in my fangirl stomach, the way it should. It's creepy, more about the mental than the physical in so, so many ways, but also strictly physical in a lot of other ways, and that should be an oxymoron and not work for something like this, but it does and it's so intense and... yeah, I tend to get reduced to flinging out a lot of random sentence fragments when I really like something and thought it was well-done. Plus, the ending lines were DAMNED good. (LxRaito.)

- Death Note - LxLight drabble by sinistera - This is yet another fic that put a smile on my face that sort of baffles me because... Death Note fic that makes me happy/smiley? And yet it works. It's just... L... Raito... taking a bath together... heeheehee...! Oh, god, poor Raito being tormented by L is just the funniest thing ever. I giggled the whole time. ♥ (A little bit LxRaito.)

- Death Note - Black Widow by Aishuu - I spent much of last night catching up on the last twenty chapters of the Death Note manga (which is all Vikki's fault--no one listen to her when she tries to say that I was the one to bring it up) and thus I immediately had to find a little DN fic to satiate my cravings for more. One of the interesting things about my reactions to the last 20 chapters is that I honestly like Misa, so to find that Aishuu had recently written a fic about her, I immediately had to check it out. And I adore it because it captures so much of what makes Misa interesting, what makes the character work for me, that she's... she's not a genius, but she's not stupid, either. She knows certain things, knows how to do certain things, and knows what she wants, which Aishuu captures wonderfully in this short fic. Really fantastic Misa piece. (Errr, nothing that you wouldn't see in canon?)

- Weiss Kreuz/Death Note - Written On the Air by Yasmin M. - Crossovers, crossovers, crossovers, I'm not sure what it is about them lately... but there have been some rather clever ones lately and this is another one that I was skeptical about before reading, but am so glad I gave it a shot because it's just... everything it needed to be. Painful and sad, but without being overbearing about it. Each section is perfectly done, so sharply in character and just exactly what each character would do, and all four pieces fit together masterfully. Really intense, fantastic piece. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Death Note - Reminiscent by keraha - This is only a short little fic (100 words), but I had to, because it's one of those that's just... when I got to the end, my only reaction was, "....WOW." It is a brilliant fit with Death Note. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Hikaru no Go/Death Note - Driven by Murinae - For some reason, Death Note seems to be lending itself bizarrely well to crossovers, when I wouldn't have thought it would. And this was an interesting mix--Raito and the Hikaru no Go world, but the author made good use of it. Her Ryuuku was particularily just... odd, in that way that he is, right down to the bizarre way he sits in a booth at a diner. But it was also the subtle way the spiritual nature of both series interacted (what with Hikaru's experience with the supernatural) without being overdone, and the way the author used Hikaru's experience with Go to tie into L and Raito's "match" against each other. Granted, the writing was a little stiff in places, but I thought the idea behind the story was incredibly well thought-out and a great fit for both series, definitely making it worth the read. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Death Note - Opposable Thumbs by Luc Court - In the meantime, Raito stares, and seethes at evolution. Ever since reading the author's Saiyuki fic and knowing that she has this lovely sharp bite to her writing, I've pounced on just about everything she writes and this Death Note fic is no exception. It's one of those stories that could have been a flat, one-note story, but here it's sharp and, god, so funny and yet so true. You're never quite sure if L really is so brilliantly intelligent that he's actually retarded, if it's all just an act to drive Raito absolutely batshit insane, or some combination of the two, but it's hilarious to watch Raito try to fathom L and just completely fail at it in the most hysterical and effing TRUE way. Brilliant fic. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Death Note - Bitter by Vikki - You know, I've always liked Vikki's work, I've always thought she was very talented. But, as time goes on, she has grown into an awesome writer and it's stories like this that show just how strong she's gotten. This is an absolutely brilliant Death Note fic, the kind that fully does the series and its twisty double meanings and creepy atmospheres justice, just by having Raito and L discussing Valentine's Day chocolate. The dynamic between these two characters is as brilliant as it needed to be, the tone of the story light-hearted on the surface, but this incredibly deep and dark undertone to it and the last line of this story is also just awesome. Just... wow. (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Death Note - 30 kisses - themes 1-9 - Misa/L by keraha - I'm not sure why the idea of L/Misa appeals to me, something about the way she doesn't fawn over him, nor is he just using her or fawning over her pretty looks, either. Something about how she has the people skills he doesn't, he has the genius that she doesn't. Keraha writes nine different drabbles (ficlets?) of different little scenarios that I liked. The first one is especially good, but each of them have their little point of interaction betwee them, each of them illustrating or illuminating a tiny moment. I liked the way the kisses were worked in and I just... yeah, I like L/Misa (which was often L/Raito/Misa, though, it had to be) and this was a nice find. (L/Misa, other canon bits.)

- Death Note - amanuensis by Kleos - I totally snitched this link from Meg and AHAHAHAHA, OH MY GOD, GENIUS. So, so much genius. From the way Raito tries to do in L to the way his efforts actually pan out to the smart references (Raito tapping messages out in Morse code on the chain, L's careful comment about the pastry stains on Raito's pants are both so absolutely, brilliantly them) to the way Raito is driven absolutely nuts by L to the AHAHAHAHA THEN ENDING, OH GOD, SO FUNNY. Beautiful. <3 (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Death Note - A Third Opinion by Granate - Heehee. I read this fic on a whim and I'm quite glad I did because it was really just amusing as all hell. I liked that the dialogue could have been utterly suggestive, but the joke never really had to be hammered home to get it, because the real joke was something else and... HEEHEE. It's just... that they're arguing about that of all things... and the author has really good comedic timing, so the image of them both yelling for Matsuda (who wants nothing more than to never have to deal with them again) is priceless. XD (Could be L/Raito, could entirely be gen.)

- Death Note - Mortality by whale_meat - [Note: Both the fic and this rec have big SPOILERS for chapters 58/59 of the series.] This is another fic that I read on a whim after months of not reading much Death Note fic at all. It was... very interesting, the way Raito's thoughts seemed to be so very like him, the way I imagine a funeral for L could have gone much like this, the way the balance between missing L and the sense of victory were balanced. But even more than that, somehow I just really liked the imagery of the piece, there are some particularily strong ones, like the image of a black-suited Raito, Black to stand out like a smear of spiders' legs against the sweating tiles of the bathroom. They gleam soullessly beneath the harsh fluorescent light, giving everything a bleached, sickly air. (L/Raito implied, but nothing happens.)

- Death Note - Let Him Eat Cake by Harukami - Until you've read this, I cannot convey the sheer genius of this piece with mere words. Because, oh my god, the first Death Note fic, hell, the first Death Note anything in months that's come along to make me scream with laughter/enjoyment, and it's just... god, it's quirky, cake-friendly, weirdo genius, brilliant pr0n fic. It's not really even the pr0n that makes it so great, it's the utterly perfect L characterization, the kind that had the whole thing popping straight into my mind, the kind that had all these brilliant moments (The name! The chair! The sugar! The condom! OMG! *cracks up*) that I want to quote so badly but don't dare because I don't want to ruin them for anyone. Just... beautiful L characterization. Beautiful put-upon!Raito characterization. I don't know whether to laugh hysterically or make the *__* face or attempt both at the same time. ♥ (L/Raito, graphic content.)

- Death Note - Good, Clean Fun by firedraygon97 - Heh, this was a fun little Death Note fic that just won me over when, after Raito and L were forced to take a bath together, much to Raito's reluctance and L's pragmatism, L says, "You know, on hindsight, we should have washed up before bathing. We're wallowing in our own filth." in this way that somehow made me picture the exact expression on his face and I couldn't help being rather amused. The whole fic is much like that, with these cute little lines that played on the whole cat-and-mouse game between L and Raito, but infusing a sense of humor into the dynamic. Just... fun. (Some hints of L/Raito.)

- Death Note - Feel the Fate by Meitachi - I'm not sure what got me to read Death Note fic, other than that it was by Mei and I've been enjoying her Christmasfic, but I'm so glad I did this one because it was just... I don't quite know how to describe it that would get it across well. Because it was just a little pervy, in a way that wouldn't have worked for me with so many other series or characters, but it wasn't too far out there so I was left feeling unattached/disinterested. Raito was... quietly, subtlely creepy in that way he has, in that way that was just so like canon. Picturing him in his room with the magazine, knowing L was watching through the cameras... right down to the very last scene, this was just an excellent piece that was about L and Raito and slightly L/Raito, but not really about that at all, instead absolutely, absolutely something I could have seen in canon. This felt right to me. (Hints of L/Raito, but not really.)

- Death Note - Hindsight by Elizabeth Culmer - Oh, wow, this was lovely. A look at a character that doesn't really get much attention (Raito's mother) in such a way that it illuminates both her character and Raito himself. The prose is lovely, the characterization is lovely, all of that, but what really got me was the little things. The details of the culture, the way it fit so perfectly with the story, the little details of Raito's life as a child, from the first book he read to the first test he took to the first time he played tennis, right up to high school. The way his mood/attitude changed over the years, but it wasn't a sudden thing, even in such a short fic, there's a very natural progression from one stage to the next. I can believe this Raito will grow up to be Kira, I can believe these as background details for the characters, and the writing is just lovely. One of those rare Death Note fics that's brilliantly done. (No warnings/pairings.)

- X/Tokyo Babylon/Death Note - Things to do in Tokyo when you're bored by Sophia P - Oh my god. I did not know how badly this crossover needed to exist until I read it. Just. Whoa. From start to finish, this was pure Seishirou. Dangerous, barely interested, elegant, and deadly. The way these two series came together, the way Seishirou truly felt lethal here, the way he was so in touch with the spiritual nature of both series without being too caught up in it, the way everything was paced in this fic it was just... awesome. Start to finish, this one packed a hell of a punch, I was breathless nearly the entire time I was reading. Just. Omg. Brilliant. (No warnings/pairings, not really.)

- Supernatural/Death Note - One Name Sam Wrote, and Three Dean Didn't by Nozomi - Another rec I'm ganking from Aishuu's rec, but I have this thing about Death Note crossovers, where I swear it's second only to xxxHOLiC in the awesome crossovers it can produce. And the idea of it being crossed with a show like Supernatural is full of potential. While I'd still like to see more of this idea explored, this fic was a good start on it, the way something like the Death Note would fit into the Supernatural world, the way Sam and Dean would react differently to it. There's something especially interesting about the way Dean is written in the last part of this, that something that makes me ache for him because he's so... well, Dean. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Death Note/Viewfinder - Chiaroscuro by Aishuu - Death Note crossovers continue to be fascinating and, like many of the commentors, I really like Aishuu's take on Misa's character, because she actually is interesting. The way the two universes are woven together (and for once without relying on the death note itself!), the way Misa and Takaba interact, photographer and model, yet somehow a deeper connection is formed in such a believable way... it's a really fascinating look at so many things about these two series, even an interesting little look at the (photography) world in general at a couple of places in this one. Very, very cool. (Implications of Asami/Takaba.)

- Death Note/X - You Are Not the First by fin mefiant - Along with xxxHOLiC, one of the series that has me actually excited about crossovers these days (instead of making faces at the thought) is Death Note, because it's so interesting to see the way elements from one series would affect the characters in another. This is a short and simple piece, Misa runs into a mysterious stranger in the park, someone who seems to know a little too much and someone she can't read at all, and it's just... intriguing and cool. I like the lack of action, there's a tension running through the piece that never quite dissipates, which is about how I would imagine this meeting would go. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Death Note/House - Isn't it Ironic? by allira_dream - I was sort of "...." over the idea of a crossover between House and Death Note, I wasn't quite sure where the point of contact would be with two such different worlds. But then I read the fic, House and L on the same plane, both such smart and observant characters, both real bastards in their own way, with entirely different surface personalities and it was this great little moment between the two of them. The author really did a great job of showing how they would play off each other, even just in a very short chance meating. <3 (No warnings/pairings.)

- Death Note - Basking by Vialana - This is a really interesting look at Raito and his desire for... something. It's sort of AU, maybe sort of not, but it doesn't really matter, it's more of a character study, a possiblity of a world dreamed up by someone who wanted... something. Something more than the endlessly gray, all too easy life he had. I like what it says about someone like Raito, I like the way the author spun the imagery of the piece, the little flashes of scenes mixed into the narrative that made it almost feel a little hazy in amongst the character insight. It was a really cool little piece. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Death Note - Polyphasic sleep by Mithrigil Galtirglin - This was an interesting little Death Note fic, just a quiet moment between L and Raito during the time they were handcuffed together. What I liked about it was the way L was presented, he was... weird and eccentric and a genius and kinda creepy, all of the things I loved about him. The dynamic fit with their characters as well, there's that same tension between them that's such interesting chemistry, but not really about the gay at all. The longer I'm in fandom, the more I think I lean that way. (N-not that I don't still like the gay, too.) (No warnings/pairings, though, L/Raito fans might like it, too.)

- Death Note - Taste by Extra Ren - The longer I've been a fan of Death Note, the more I have become kind of fascinated by the idea of L/Misa interaction and figure it might be one of the few things that could pull me back to the series. (Why is it always the unconventional het pairings that I have to fall for? Why?) And this was a beautiful piece about how L and Misa look at each other (and how Raito looks on at them both), almost a study in comparisons and contrasts, except not quite. When she steals his candy and L lets her, she might not even realize what that means, and I love that L doesn't idolize her, he sees that darkness in her, he sees all her flaws and finds her interesting anyway. A very intriguing little ficlet here. Mmm. (L/Misa, sort of.)

Death Note: Isolated Incident by Saulie - Honestly, I don't really even remember how I came to be reading Death Note fic again, it feels like I was just thinking to myself that even the idea of wandering back into the fandom made me tired. But then I saw a summary for a L/Misa fic that intrigued me and, hell, 38 reviews on FFNET? That's not always an indicator of quality, but it's better than a random shot in the dark. And what I got was this utterly delightly, almost quirky little piece that feels... almost tired, almost surreal, almost bickering, almost kinda weird... thing... and it was really kind of perfect for how I see L and Misa's interaction. The author hit all the right notes with Misa's characterization and how she sees L and how her reactions are genuine, but there's still a spark of something there, even when she has no idea why they're making out in a dingy hallway somewhere. This really worked! Oh, god, now I actually want more Death Note fic. .__. (L/Misa.)

Death Note: Improvement by Laylah - So, I was browsing through Laylah's recent fics (, anything from 2008 is recent for me with any site I browse!) and she wrote Death Note and I was unable to resist the lure of L/Light. It's hard to do much with the handcuffs and chain that hasn't already been done before, but I like this fic for focusing on Light's getting out of the cell and how he sees his regular life again (such as it is) with new eyes. Well, that and what really makes it shine is that L is such a freak, but in that way that he totally was. The author wasn't trying too hard, it was almost more a bizarre form of pure honesty than just being weird or random, it was kind of perfect. Also, poor, poor Light. It could not have been easy, being him in that moment. XD (Sort of L/Light.)

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