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Comic Books (Marvel & DC):
    A series of various comic characters/couples and I am totally onboard with the Rogue, Gambit/Rogue, and Psylocke art here.
    And the artist also did an image of Jean in her green outfit which is seriously my favorite of hers.
    Whoa, that is one gorgeous image of Batman, Mr. Freeze, Poison Ivy, and Hellboy. *__*
    Zatanna in a top-hat! Oh, man, I am so totally all over this artist's devART account now.
    Cover for Streets of Gotham #5 and the detail work is amazing.
    Okay, Ivy's a little more stacked than I'm used to, but I love the leaf patterns on this image, she looks beautiful.
    Strange Bat Fellows is the name of this and it is centered on the Bat-family, but it's more than that, too, and it just looks so kickass.
    Stylized Batgirl is so damn cute.
    Tiny Gotham Girls! So cute! And I love the colors, too.
    --!! Batman/Wonder Woman kiss that's awesome! I LOVE IT SO MUCH.
    A bit more DC than Marvel this time, but there's a nice Phoenix in here and a great Troia.
    Nicely done retro Batgirl.
    Year One Batman that I really liked.
    Batman and Wonder Woman ready to fight together, another nicely done b&w penciling.
    Another nicely done Batgirl, I thought it looked really cool.
    Omg, look at all the little Bat-characters packed in here! And they're all so cute!
    Baby birds! Robins and Nightwing! So cute!
    Oh, I love this image of Dick, Tim, and Damian, both in concept and it's beautiful execution.
    Gorgeous image of various redheads in DC and Marvel, I honestly cannot pick a favorite.
    Itty Bitty Gotham City! The colors are so pretty! The chibis are so adorable!
    A well done image of Harley and her mallet. Though, I almost think I like this version more.
    Fantastic dvd cover for Wonder Woman.
    A bunch of really, really cute sketches of X-Men characters.
    Gorgeous painting of the Scarlet Witch, which is kinda pin-up-y, but jfc so pretty.
    Awesome lineup of DC superheroes, I love how many people were put into this.
    Nightwing and Batgirl under the moonlight, very nice.
    Flash-style image of Wonder Woman in bright, bold colors and stylized, I really liked this one.
    Beautiful uses of oranges and greens on this Poison Ivy image.
    Pretty image of Donna with stars sparkling in her hair.
    I really like this one of Nightwing with pretty blues and blacks, he looks really good here.
    Awesome image of Batman and Superman based on that A Better World episode.
    The new Batman, I love the use of the blue bat with its wings spread, it's a great combination of the original and Dick's Batman.
    Oh, man, Dick and Roy without masks has some great lineart on it.
    You know, The Batman style has grown on me, I really liked this one of him perched on a ledge.
    The use of oranges and yellows on this Babs as Batgirl image are amazing.
    Batgirl unmasked (Cassandra version) is really intense and awesome.
    Really pretty, almost simple yet delicate Cassandra without her mask.
    Oh, man, the Gambit/Rogue kiss for Legacy #224 is awesome.
    Another image from The Batman-esque style (if a bit more stylized) of Robin, Nightwing, and Batman battling Clayface.
    Really solid and awesome image of Cassandra Cain as Batgirl.
    Profile of Wonder Woman that I really liked.
    I just like the details and overall feel of this image of Nightwing and Batman and enemies.
    Gorgeous image of Troia in the night sky, I really loved this one.
    Donna as Wonder Woman with an amazing amount of detail, wow.
    Princess Diana looks fantastic, I love the way her dress is modeled after her costume.
    Another awesome Wonder Woman image with an intense expression on her face.
    Awesome image of Diana in battle for WW #32.
    Sort of manga-esque fanart, but I really love the details on this Gambit and Rogue image.
    Another neat take on a mix of Batman and Nightwing costumes for Dick.
    Awesome image of Dick, Bruce, and Tim in costume in Gotham at night.
    The artist's take on her own animated Batman verse and it looks so cool.
    Interesting style and perspective on this one of Batman and Robin.
    Really cool flash-art Batman and Robin that I would love to see as, like, a mini applet or something.
    Bruce and Selina almost kiss with both their masks pulled off and, dammit, I think this artist is winning me over again.
    Awesome as hell face off between the Bats and the Rogues, this looks fantastic.
    Batman, Catwoman, and Robin trick or treating for Halloween '09.
    Dick, Jason, and Tim, all former Robins, but as they are now. Lovely image.
    Christmas card picture at the Wayne house, the top one is silly, the second one is serious and as;dlfkjasl;kjas oh my god it's my new favorite fanart ever.
    More Bat-family Christmas art and omg Babs with the mistletoe in the background as she kisses Dick? Awesome.
    Bruce, Selina, and Tim with crowns, their own little "kingdom" together.
    Selina pressing a kiss to Tim's forehead, which is really kinda sweet.
    Harley without her mask and with a machine gun, which is a neat poster-style take on her character.
    Dick, Babs, Tim, and Bruce all doodling little versions of their costumed selves, I love this one.
    Tim covered in birds and totally thrilled about it, really.
    Random screens from a not real movie that look like they could be screencaps of the most awesome Batman movie ever. Seriously, they're gorgeous.
    Bruce with Selina and Tim both curled up on him, two of the people he's most connected to.
    Bruce and Tim and the shadow of the bat looming over them both.
    Batman and Robin images side by side and the artist's style is really gorgeous here.
    Joker and Harley Quinn and I like this artist's style with the characters.
    Awesome poster-style image of the Justice League characters with some cool composition, imo.
    DC and Marvel and etc.'s all "dark" characters, whether in name or in tone, which looks fantastic.
    Quick sketch of Rogue done in greens and yellows, of course.
    Jean and Piotr in a semi-stylized look, but I kinda like them this way.
    Stylized Batman and Robin done in black & white.
    Nicely done sketch of Wonder Woman.
    Nightwing sketch in color and hiiiiiii this one was nice.
    Pretty image of Poison Ivy with flowers and a pretty Gotham nighttime backdrop.
    X-Men: Evolution inspired Rogue piece.
    Stylized Remy and Rogue falling through the sky together.
    Harley walking her hyenas.
    Poison Ivy image again.
    Wolverine Origins movie inspired image that's really well done.
    Nicely detailed image of Ororo.
    Jubilee image by the same artist that is one of my favorites from them.
    The Bat-clan that runs this town and they are hardcore.
    Watercolor style Gambit with his charged cards in hand.
    Watercolor style Ivy and Batman this time, by the same artist.
    Grim and broody Batman fanart for the holiday season.
    Cool style used on a Teen Titans cartoon group image.
    Logald Duckerine made me smile a lot today.
    Stylized Harley and Ivy for Halloween, which was totally cute.
    Really nicely done Ra's al Ghul image.
    Really awesome image of Batman and the Batcave around him.
    Awesome image of the X-Men in black and yellow uniforms.
    Gorgeous image of Wonder Woman in full, vivid, and glowing colors.
    Lovely image of Storm in b&w with just a hint of red.
    Jean in b&w as well with only her hair being a contrasting red and it looks beautiful.
    Pretty image of Poison Ivy.
    Tim and Kon off and running together.
    Kinda awesome Tim and Cass which is almost like a sketch, except without that unfinished feeling.
    Really cool Batgirl image with some nice use of smokey blacks.
    Batman Family in cute little chibis in a semi-circle.
    Pretty image of Supergirl standing in the sunlight and nearly glowing.
    Damian panel and I'm still growing fond of the little snot.
    Arkham Asylum lineup of the various Batman rogues gallery that's gorgeously done.
    Superboy and Batgirl in chibi style and, oh, my never going to happen ship! It's so cute!
    Poison Ivy in b&w except for her lovely red hair.
    Batman/Catwoman as a Jim Lee tribute.
    Awesome Batgirl image back when Cass was still in the costume.
    Teen Titans GO! style Starfire that looks cute in a manga-esque style.
    Catwoman, Harley, and Ivy in glossy colors and lovely little chibi style.
    Beautifully done Batgirl image, circa Barbara Gordon era.
    Cable and Hope who's pressing a kiss to his forehead and OMG THE CUTE.
    Mini Flash (which is chibi style) is adorable!
    Kinda awesome Tim and Cass which is almost like a sketch, except without that unfinished feeling.
    Really cool Batgirl image with some nice use of smokey blacks.
    Batman Family in cute little chibis in a semi-circle.
    Pretty image of Supergirl standing in the sunlight and nearly glowing.
    Damian panel and I'm still growing fond of the little snot.
    Arkham Asylum lineup of the various Batman rogues gallery that's gorgeously done.
    Superboy and Batgirl in chibi style and, oh, my never going to happen ship! It's so cute!
    Poison Ivy in b&w except for her lovely red hair.
    Batman/Catwoman as a Jim Lee tribute.
    Awesome Batgirl image back when Cass was still in the costume.
    Teen Titans GO! style Starfire that looks cute in a manga-esque style.
    Catwoman, Harley, and Ivy in glossy colors and lovely little chibi style.
    Beautifully done Batgirl image, circa Barbara Gordon era.
    Cable and Hope who's pressing a kiss to his forehead and OMG THE CUTE.
    Mini Flash (which is chibi style) is adorable!
    Batgirl image that looks really beautifully done.
    Arkham promo image that looks really glossy and cool.
    Nice use of green, red, and gold on this Ivy image.
    Harley and Ivy done in marks, which looks cool.
    Collage-style image of Batman and his rogues, which looks cool as well.
    Really beautiful Phoenix image of her in mid-battle and having awesome hair.
    Very cool Psylocke image with some nice glow on her mental abilities.
    Another Dark Phoenix image that looks really hot, if a bit fanservicey.
    Another Arkham Asylum promo image that has some amazing detail.
    Gorgeous image of Madelyn as the Goblin Queen.
    Shadow of the Bat with Batman, Robin, and Batgirl in poster-style.
    Pretty image of Rogue this time.
    Poster-style group image of the Titans that I also liked.
    Phoenix done in marks is another that's really kinda pretty.
    Gorgeously colored image of Supergirl up in the sky.
    Beautiful image of Wanda and I love the vibrant red of her costume.
    Fantastic image of Rogue in her green and white uniform.
    Chibi Rogue with the same shiny colors when she's in her green and gold uniform.
    I may be pissed at her in canon (for, like, the last two years) but this Emma illustration is lovely.
    With art like this illustration, I think Tim/Kara could really have the potential to grow on me, especially with them out of their costumes.
    Another set of fake screens from a Hush movie and ahhhhh what I wouldn't give for something like this to be real because it's so cool!
    Sketches of Tim in costume are also nicely done here.
    In their costumes this time, this one of Robin and Supergirl is really kinda awesome.
    Ollie and Dina for Valentine's Day this time is a really great image here, too!
    Yeah, okay, I'm still a sucker for stuff like this, where Tim is drawn in an anime/manga style and lost in Batman's long black cape.
    Dick and Tim at the beach in just a sketch, but I'm such a sucker for the two of them.
    Another one of Dick and Tim and I am starting to really dig the artist's anime/manga style for both them, especially with Dick's longer hair like he used to have
    The three Robins in a black & white illustration; again I'm starting to really dig this artist's style.
    Nightwing and Robin on a Gotham night and I love how much this looks like a doujinshi panel!
    Colored sketch of Dick this time and it's not necessarily my vision of him in canon, but as a sort of manga version of him? Awesome.
    Jason vs Tim sketch in black & white that also looks pretty damn awesome, by this artist.
    Yeah, I know I'm recommending a lot from this artist, but this image of Robin chained down and a bloody bird and R on the ground is kind of awesome.
    One more anime/manga style sketch because I can't resist--of Bruce and Clark this time.
    No, wait, I like, ONE MORE IMAGE in the artist's anime/manga style, of the three Robins lying in a circle, because it's awesome.
    Selina looking out over the city during the night and this is a really awesome piece.
    Various (mostly) DCU characters done in cartoon form and I really liked the slick colors here.
    The League together as kids in a kind of cool little idea of them growing up together.
    This time a close up on Flash from this artist's Little League idea.
    One more from this artist's Little League idea, this time of Hal!Green Lantern as a teenager.
    '90s era style Scott/Jean + Logan where... shit, I guess I do still like Scott/Jean sometimes, especially from the '90s and well-drawn like this.
    Logan and Mariko in an image that I really liked because of how much it captures a Marvel-esque feel on Logan's time in Japan.
    Wolverine and Punisher are not characters I'm highly interested in, but this image is really kind of awesome.
    Iron-Man and Wolverine is another match-up I wouldn't have run out immediately for, but this image is so awesome....
    Now, Logan and Wade together, THAT I would totally EAT UP WITH A SPOON especially if it were as awesome as this.
    Logan vs Remy illustration and ahhhh I love the motion of this one and how awesome they both look.
    Oh, shut up, I have to link a bunch of this artist's work because he's doing such awesome stuff! Like LOGAN AND ORORO (hilariously '90s Ororo, even), my secret ship!
    Logan and NAMOR oh lolz especially as they're both underwater and swimming in the local wildlife.
    Cartoon-styled Logan/Ororo and you can all SHUT UP I LIKE THEM OKAY.
    The aftermath of a Sentinel attack with the X-Men standing in the wreckage.
    Sue and Reed illustration of them wrapped up together on the couch, which is adorable.
    Little mini-Storm illustration that is so freaking adorable that I can hardly stand it.
    X-Men cover with glossy, shiny colors that has a strong focus on Logan, but also has loads of various others there, too.
    Gambit/Rogue commission in black & white that looks really fantastic here.
    Close-up on Remy and what I liked about this image is the way it puts focus on his intense eyes.
    Gambit with some new colors is kind of a really interesting image and I like the way they came together here.
    Remy and Rogue done in glowing reds and I am totally a sucker for coloring like this, I have to admit.
    A more realistic take on Remy and, man, do I ever not get tired of his eyes like this.
    Rogue in a new outfit designed by the artist and I like the sweep of her hair and how I can see her in clothes like this.
    Rogue, Gambit, and a Sentinel and I thought this was a really cool-looking image and even I had to appreciate those black and yellow costumes.
    Interesting and pretty image of Jean as she's in Phoenix mode, with red and black clothing.
    Emma illustration in a more realistic style and she really is beautiful here.
    Crap, this First Class image is really cute, which makes me want to be fond of Scott/Jean again, except I know Marvel will only infuriate me all over again!
    Astonishing X-Men chibis, which aren't my favorite cast, but, jeez, this is cute as hell.
    X-Men bean series shouldn't be this cute and yet it totally is.
    More First Class-based art that's really cute with this lineup of characters.
    Scott and Logan ready for a fight together out in the middle of nowhere.
    Spider-man vs the Hulk definitely made me laugh--though, it's also a really well-done image.
    This poster for First Class is huge and totally awesome in full view, wow.
    Cycolps vs Wolverine also made me laugh.
    Roy reading Cry For Justice made me LOL, but I'm a terrible person.
    Still more nicely done art of the First Class kids.
    Crap, more Scott/Jean that's really cute and makes me remember everything I loved about them.
    X-Women's pillow fight is kind of cheesecakey, but I think it's supposed to be, and it's still a great little image.
    Awesome silhoutte-style Nightwing with the sharp blue contrasting against everything.
    Fantastic image of Batwoman leaping forward, done in red & black.
    Another red & black (& white) image of Tim and Kon in their costumes.
    Nightwing drawing on colored paper that makes for a very nice sketch.
    Robin vs Two-Face is a great image just for the movement and motion in it.
    OH MAN LITTLE BITTY BATKIDS with Tim!Robin and Cassandra!Batgirl and they are damned adorable.
    Sketch of Robin in the middle of a fight.
    Nightwing on patrol which I like the coloring job on this, yeah.
    Gorgeous two-page spread from Red Robin that has amazing detail and amazing coloring, wow.
    Batman in a blazing inferno and I like the brightness of the fire contrasted against his darkness.
    Superman flying across Metropolis in a painting-style image that's also amazing.
    The Batman rogues gallery in a street race with their various vehicles and this is kind of fantastic.
    Batgirl and Red Robin sketch of them in the middle of a fight that looks awesome.
    The various Robins all in street clothes together is a cool little image.
    Supergirl flying high up in the atmosphere in a lovely image for her, too.
    Gorgeously done Avengers art of Thor, Captain America, and Iron-Man.
    Really beautiful poster-style image of Ms Marvel this time, whom I'm growing increasingly fond of.
    Awesome little strip of images of so many of the Detective Comics characters!
    Red Robin and Casswing = a whole lot of DO WANT YES PLZ OMG.
    Another sketch of Cassandra as Nightwing and I know DC'll never give it to us, but I still want it.
    Gorgeous illustration of Gambit that's done in poster-style, with the usual awesome card flinging.
    A History of the Robins: Dick Grayson version was kind of hilarious and totally awesome. I especially love the "play" he's gotten over the years, MY FAVE PAIRINGS ALL THERE.
    A History of the Robins: Jason Todd is another awesome series of panels on this Robin's history and asd;lkfja;slkj I cracked up so hard because it's all so true.
    A History of the Robins: Tim Drake is another great one in this series of strips and I love how much talking there has to be just to sum Tim up.
    A History of the Robins: Damian Wayne and a;sdlkfja;sljka oh my god just... I'm crying at this one, it's so hilariously perfect.
    I'm a sucker for this trio, of Superboy, Wonder Girl, and Robin in the current-ish generation.
    Superboy, Robin, and Impulse done in bright colors and swinging/flying through the sky, which is lovely.
    Robin and Wonder Girl, one image of them almost kissing, another with Tim crying, and I... still have a fondness for this pairing, yeah.
    Krypto and Conner image done in poster-style that's awesome.
    Okay, I had to laugh at poor Tim's life being so hard.
    Cute little image of original Robin and original Batgirl sharing a sundae and arguing over the cherry.
    Supergirl and Batgirl (along with Poison Ivy/Harley) is a neat mix of old and new school.
    Nicely done Superman image of him flying and opening up his shirt to show the S symbol.
    I like this artist's Supergirl and the bright, airy colors used on her here.
    Snuggly and lovey Harley and Ivy is something I could really kinda get into if there were more like this one.
    Zatanna pulling a rabbit out of her hat is a lovely image, too.
    An Ivy portrait image that I thought was really nicely done.
    Cassandra and Damian is something I only wish for, like, every day--this sketch is really cute of them.
    Really gorgeous sketch of Kate Kane and I love the use of color here. *__*
    This image of Cassandra in street clothes (including a hoodie with the bat-logo) is darling.
    Poison Ivy WIP that's gorgeous, both for her hair spilling all around her and for the vivid colors.
    This sketch of Barbara is also just really gorgeous for both the lines and colors.
    Very cool image of Batgirl (original flavor) with nicely done flat colors.
    Justice Lords Superman is a really pretty image, too.
    Tim and Kon back to back in their current costumes is a pretty image.
    Robin ruins another perfectly serious shot and, ahahaha, this is great.
    Gorgeous old-west style image of Harley and Ivy with themed costumes.
    Awesome Batman art with him looking very creepy and his cape looking like torn wings.
    Another awesome Batman image that's creepy as hell, even beyond him standing in a graveyard.
    Awesome painting-style image of Superman with his cape swirling behind him, that's a little darker than usual.
    Catwoman leaping down and her whip cracking out around her; this is gorgeous, too.
    More art of Batman with dark wings in a gorgeously creepy image.
    One more of Batman with wings (sort of) that's fantastically done.
    Batwoman with fire along her side and it's such a glossy, vibrant image.
    Awesome Rogue poster with Gambit and Mystique in the background behind her.
    Kurt/Wanda kiss image that's really, really pretty.
    Different incarnations of Jean and the Phoenix Force, which is a gorgeous image.
    Magik with her soul sword is another one with beautiful, glossy colors.
    I know I shouldn't be able to stand her but I kind of like M and this is a fantastic image.
    Another awesome image of Jean in the aftermath of Genosha.
    Oh, hey, an awesome image of Surge and I like the shiny colors here, too.
    Awesome fan-cover with Lorna as the focus and I love all the complicated connections these people have.
    Lineart by Perez with coloring here and I really like this image of Diana in battle.
    Cassie's Conscience image with her three different outfits looks really nice, too.
    Group image of the Justice League and some of it's more more big leaguers.
    I really love the clean lines of this, it almost looks like it's based on an animated version of her, but that's not quite it. It's lovely, though.
    A poster of the women of Marvel, a lot of them with their older-school designs.
    I cannot express my love for this, an image of the Leaguers as anime-style teenagers in themed clothing. It's awesome. And hilarious. So, so hilarious. (Batman makes me lol every time.)
    Even if I hate the series, this cover for the Rise and Fall of the Justice League is awesome.
    Beautiful image of Jeanne-Marie and, man, do I love her pointy ears.
    Smallville versions of Robin and Flash is kind of an awesome as all get out image.
    Awesome image of Poison Ivy that looks like a photoshop, I think? It's beautiful at any rate.
    Beautifully colored Dazzler image even if I don't know her that well, I liked this a lot.
    Rachel Grey with the Phoenix looks kind of really badass here.
    Whoa, this Rogue portrait is huge in full view. Man, Rogue is totally still one of my favorites.
    I kind of love this one of Marvel Girl with the Phoenix behind her, because the colors are just so vibrant and glossy.
    The New Mutants lineup and, man, is it ever really pretty and reminds me how much I like this cast again.
    The second half of the lineup and it's just as gorgeous as the previous one.
    And I have to link the Dani one specially because it was totally my favorite of the New Mutants lineup by this artist.
    Ivy and Harley being sexy with Supergirl tied up by plants in the background.
    Little mini versions of Kon and Bart checking on Tim in a giant egg. SO CUTE.
    More little Young Justice which is so adorably cute!
    Jo Chen's women of Marvel with Jessica Drew, Ororo Munroe, and Sue Richards.
    Whoa, this is one gorgeous image of Rogue, with the smooth lines and amazing colors to it.
    Gotham City parkour with Batman and Robin looks really kinda awesome.
    Wonder Woman sketch that I also really liked a lot.
    Sketch of the Green Goblin welcoming Spider-Man to the neighborhood, which looks fantastic.
    The female rogues from Batman's gallery in a collage style poster is amazing to look at.
    I think I was just taken with this image because of the really cool vivid blue on both their eyes.
    Batman Beyond #1 cover with some amazingly vivid colors.
    Gorgeous Zatanna cover that I really loved a lot. *__*
    Her costume is a little questionable to me but there's no doubt that this is a gorgeous image of Ororo.
    Jean as the White Phoenix is another gorgeous image and, man, I still miss her.
    I love the color on the fire of Jean and her hair and the Phoenix here, it's all so vibrant.
    A beautiful image of Emma with a queen chess piece behind her.
    Another beautiful image of Magik and her soul sword that's blazingly bright.
    A Magik Returns image that's really just amazingly done and looks totally professional.
    AMAZING image of the Batverse characters and it's incredible a) how pretty it is and b) how many characters there are here.
    Pinup of Power Girl is actually kind of really cool.
    A really cool take on Poison Ivy and I totally love her dress here.
    Dick and a de-aged Tim just out of the blue and as;dlfkjaslkj oh my god the cute!
    Damian wearing Ra's-themed clothes is actually kind of a great little image, too.
    Really awesome Batman page with a gorgeous background to go with it.
    Another professional-level image of Batman (I'm not sure if the account actually is a DC artist?) of him swinging through Gotham.
    This time it's Mystique by this artist and of course she looks pretty badass.
    Polaris image with green energy crackling around her and, ahhh, I love Lorna a lot.
    Another awesome image of Surge and I'm glad to see her getting attention.
    Ultimate Jubilee looks pretty awesome here, too.
    This is an even more gorgeous image of Jubilee with really pretty colors to it!
    Gambit in color that has some really vivid shades to it and I like the take on his outfit.
    One more awesome of Lorna because I really can't resist her at all.
    Marvel Girl in color and I know it's really old-school, but I still have fondness for that costume.
    Rogue with the wreckage of a Sentinel exploding behind her.
    Old school Batgirl costume as she curls up in a wheelchair.
    Nicely colored lineart of Barbara in the Batgirl costume.
    Batgirl kneeling on the ground with her cape pooling around her.
    I had to be amused at this image, just for the description: "Beast Boy, Superboy and The Boy Wonder form a boy band."
    Harley and Ivy in Roaring 20s style is kind of ridiculously awesome to look at.
    Wonder Woman costume redesign in a sketch that I thought looked cool.
    Inque from Batman Beyond in an image that gets the cartoon's style down well.
    Storm in her black outfit with yellow trim as she's using her powers and her eyes glow white.
    Black Canary redesign that I thought looked cool, I like the different angles on her.
    Another Black Canary redesign and the short hair in combination with that outfit actually looks kinda cool.
    Super-family characters in a lineup by eiko-chan, which all look very nice.
    Lineart for Harley and Ivy which looks super awesome, wow.
    Robin and Supergirl image and they're kind of adorable when they're being flirty like this.
    Batman family poster style image in black & white that looks totally badass.
    Holy shit, this is a gorgeous image of the Joker/Harley with some amazing colors.
    Gotham City chibis are all shiny and so freaking cute.
    Slick, glossy Batgirl image and I love how the colors just about shimmer, especially her green eyes.
    Batman and Gordon having coffee together on a winter night at the end of the year.
    GORGEOUS image of Gotham's Rogues Gallery that's huge and amazingly done in full view, wow.
    Dick and Damian as Batman and Robin and I really love the slight tweak of their usual look, especially how Dick's thinner and lighter than Bruce was, because it makes both of them have their own take on the role.
    The Bat-family with their cowls and hoods down, done in black & white.
    Color version of the Bat-family this time, again with their hoods and cowls down, and it's a gorgeous image.
    Batgirl on a jumpline and, man, I never get tired of Babs' pretty hair.
    Flash-style Batgirl with the batsignal in the background, all of which looks really cool.
    Another Flash-style image of Batgirl and I love her bright, swishy hair.
    Cassandra and Tim raising their hands together with the shape of a Bat around them.
    Rachel as the Blue Phoenix is a beautiful image and reminds me of how much I really like her character.
    Ororo in her classic outfit which is never going to be my favorite but this is a fantastic image, wow.
    Another gorgeous Rachel image of her in the Marvel Girl outfit and surrounded by fire.
    Rachel as Mother Askani this time and, yeah, okay, I'm kind of a little in love with this artist's style.
    AOA Astonishing X-Men image that, even if it's not my favorite storyline (though, I recognize the amazingness of it), is fantastic.
    Awesome image of Marrow this time and I continue to like the artist's style.
    One more image from this artist because I can hardly resist one of Rogue.

    [ link ] - This is a really cool Gambit&Rogue illustration--the colors and lines are very comic book-y and the layout with the playing card fits so damned well. Much squeeage for this one.
    [ link ] - Okay, honestly? Part of me really can't believe this isn't a professional/official image for Gambit. It completely looks like a cover image. A really good cover image.
    [ link ] - There's something about this Scott/Jean image that I really like, even aside from the really pretty warm colors. Something about the curl of Jean's hair or the hand on Scott's shoulder or the pose as they're pressed up against each other. It reminds me of why I adore them so much.
    [ link ] - Nicely done Dark Phoenix, I've always liked that costume.
    [ link ] - Excellent Goblin Queen, both the costume and Madelyn look great.
    [ link ] - I'm a sucker for anything with the Beaubier twins on it, but putting Rogue on the cover for the X-Men annual? Fantastic. (Also ♥ for the green uniform.)
    [ link ] - I kinda like this concept, putting the Evo versions of Remy and Rogue on playing cards.
    [ link ] - Ed Benes draws Gambit. I go squee. Kind of a lot. I'm generally more a fan of a slimmer Gambit, I like the idea of a swimmer's build for him, but I'm hardly going to turn down Benes' art for him. Very, very pretty.
    [ link ] - Another Gambit from Benes, this time a bit more stylized, which I like as well.
    [ link ] - Jean Grey by Ed Benes, I really do like the way he draws faces and hair and all those details.
    [ link ] - Very cool Spider-Man image, I like everything about it--the lines, the inking, the coloring, it's a good mix of artists.
    [ link ] - Seriously, I should hate Emma's outfit so much, but somehow I just can't. It's even more fun when she's all decked out for Christmas, too. Very, very, very gorgeous art.
    [ link ] - Rachel Summers as Mother Askani and this is gorgeous.
    [ link ] - Another really gorgeous image of Rachel, this time as Phoenix.
    [ link ] - Very nice image of Phoenix, the colors are really well done.
    [ link ] - Really fantastic "X-Men Reloaded" concept and style, the colors look great and the characters look great.
    [ link ] - Whoa, this group of most of the major X-characters from 2006 is fantastic.
    [ link ] - Nice Remy/Rogue fanart, I especially like the way Rogue's face is drawn. And, yeah, still not tired of the card themes. XD
    [ link ] - Ninja!Gambit is sort of great. XD
    [ link ] - Ninja!Quicksilver this time! I sort of really like the costume designs this artist has going.
    [ link ] - Ninja!Scarlett Witch this time! I'm usually not for the anime-fication of comic book characters, but the way this artist designs their outfits or the way they look, they still feel like they have the spirit of the characters I know. Plus, it's just kinda cool and I'm easily impressed by my favorite characters. XD
    [ link ] - Ninja!Mystique this time. I love how... graceful and whimsical she looks, while still totally being able to kill you ten different ways before you blink.
    [ link ] - Ninja!Cyclops! :D
    [ link ] - A really awesome fanart of the most classic Avengers, I love the colors used here.
    Remy and Rogue are lost, I like the colors of this one.
    Gambit and Rogue playing cards.
    There are some shiny colors on this Gambit and Rogue chibis.

Young Avengers:
    [ link ] - There's something really cool about this artist's style, even beyond the great level of detail. Something that looks... professional.
    [ link ] - Another Teddy/Billy fanart, this time just as pretty and not quite safe for work. Not graphic, but very hot.
    [ link ] - A cute sketch of Teddy and Billy again.
    [ link ] - This is a beautiful Teddy/Billy kiss, I love the poses and I love the cel-style coloring of the image.

    [ link ] - This is an awesome illustration of Poison Ivy and Batman in the Timm style and I am utterly in love with the coloring.
    [ link ] - This is an awesome Wonder Woman image, her face and hair look amazing and I even love the shiny effect to the coloring. ♥     [ link ] - Omg! Noel pointed this one out and little Nightwing and Huntress should not be this adorably cute, but they are!
    [ link ] - Really, really terrific, damn near professional image of Tim, Kon, and Bart--the details of this one are pretty damn amazing.
    [ link ] - I like the whole parallels thing going on here with Nightwing and Batman. Nightwing came out especially nicely done here, I think.
    [ link ] - Very nicely drawn Starefire, I especially like her hair.
    [ link ] - Poison Ivy fanart, I like the redesigned outfit and, again, the hair looks nice.
    [ link ] - The intensity of the expression on Wonder Woman's face is really well-done, this is the kind of fanart I love for her.
    [ link ] - Kickass Robin and Batgirl. The flowing caps and cool stylization of this totally remind me I love Tim/Cass.

DC - Teen Titans animated-influenced:
    [ link ] - Really sort of cool animated!Teen Titans in historical Japanese clothing style.     [ link ] - Okay, see. I usually have a terrible mad-on for the Teen Titans cartoon. I only clicked onto this fanart because it had Nightwing in it and I'm a sucker for Nightwing. And then it was cute and the coloring/cel-style was totally professional looking and the whole thing is just cute/funny/hilarious/great and I was sunk. But, yeah. This was great. XD
    [ link ] - .....why is Nightwing/Starfire fanart so cute when done in Teen Titans style? WHY? But, damn, I love the coloring her and the way the artist did Kory's costume.
    [ link ] - .....I should not like Dick and Kory with a baby as much as I do. I blame the way this is cuter than it has any right to be.
    [ link ] - I admit, I'm sort of vaguely interested in the idea of Beastboy/Raven in the cartoon... plus, Raven looks really nice here and it's a cute image all around. :D
    [ link ] - ....holy crap, Kid Flash is cute, bordering on hot, here. I love, love, love the way his hair is drawn, the beautiful blue of his eyes, and the coloring of the entire thing.
    [ link ] - Again, how is this so cute? I blame Robin's great expression as Starfire styles his hair and that these two really are just adorably cute together.
    [ link ] - Puppets! Puppets are so cute. Cuuuuuuuuute. ♥
    [ link ] - Noel found this one, too, and all I can say is, "....heeheehee."
    [ link ] - Chibi Raven = CUTE.
    [ link ] - I really, really like this one of the Teen Titans girls, it's just stylized enough to be like the series itself, but still with the artist's own style and just... really pretty.
    [ link ] - I really kind of like this one of Raven in the snow as well, I'm just impressed by the smooth, clean lines and the soft coloring.
    [ link ] - This one of Raven laying on the ground just... the perspective is great and even though you can only see a little of her face, you can tell so much just by her body language.
    [ link ] - This is just really gorgeous, the coloring and the emotion of the piece and... *sigh* yeah, I continue to fall a little harder for art for the show.
    [ link ] - ....omg. Raven and Beastboy playing catch should not be this great, but it totally is. Especially since the art is really sharp and the whole concept is just... great. XD
    [ link ] - Teen Titans (the animated series) influenced Medieval Titans? Actually really kinda cool.
    [ link ] - Again, inspired by Teen Titans, an older Robin (with the Nightwing shirt) and Raven and this is actually pretty cool.
    [ link ] - Cool little Raven illustration.
    [ link ] - An interesting, stylized take on the Titans when they're a little older.
    [ link ] - Raven a little older with a cool new costume redesign, very pretty.
    [ link ] - This one of Raven is strangely adorable.
    [ link ] - Adorable little Starfire in a Halloween costume oekaki.
    [ link ] - Cool sketch of Robin and Raven as vampires.
    [ link ] - Cute Starfire and Raven fanart, where she's "helping" Raven to smile. Pretty colors.
    [ link ] - Blackfire with some very nice, jewel-tone coloring.
    [ link ] - Jinx in the same style as the last two.
    [ link ] - Terra like the above.
    [ link ] - More Terra fanart, I still like the colors.

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