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Crossovers & Miscellaneous:
    [ link ] - Seki Tomokazu characters!
    [ link ] - I love this one of all the JUMP series. LOVE IT.
    [ link ] - Ooh, this was neat! Various Seki Tomokazu characters all singing and I really like the watercolors-like style of this one! ♥
    [ link ] - The CLAMP plushies all in one image! SO CUTE!
    [ link ] - The Hikaru no Go cast dressed up as Death Note characters and it looks fantastic. Sai as Ryuuku is a great touch especially. ♥
    [ link ] - MeruPuri fanart! Aram and Airi and so hot and it's so shoujo, but so fitting and I adore this one so much. ♥
    [ link ] - Oh, my god! Aram! HOT Aram! With the swirly hair and fabulous costume and YAY! *__*
    [ link ] - "Team Silver-Haired Bishounen" indeed. XD I got here for the Sephiroth fanart, but stayed because these four are some of my favorite characters and the swirls of their hair all look just gorgeous together like this.
    [ link ] - ....holy shit, SO FREAKING CUTE. CUTE CUTE CUTE OMG CUTE. Chibi Inuyasha, Naruto, Renji, and Ed! SO CUTE SO CUTE SO CUTE OMG SO CUTE. *spazzes* XD
    [ link ] - Ai no Kusabi, beautiful Iason and Riki--I love the use of the colors and the chains around Riki's wrists.
    [ link ] - Zoro, Lyserg, and Naruto, three characters with green-ish hair and I really sort of like the light, airy colors of this one.
    [ link ] - A cross between FFVII and Bleach shouldn't be this cute, but I love the chibis and how cute everything is. And, omg, the little angels! XD
    [ link ] - Bleach and FFVII again and CHRISTMAS CHIBIS! Not only that, Reno and Renji as REINDEER chibis while Tseng and Byakuya ride in the sleigh. XD
    [ link ] - More Ai no Kusabi fanart with gorgeous coloring and... okay, Rikki leaning against Iason's chest like that? I am easily won by the pretty.
    [ link ] - Another Ai no Kusabi fanart, still with the same gorgeous warm reds and golds, this time with Iason and Rikki in bed and, god, it's hot and pretty and not entirely work-safe.
    [ link ] - More Ai no Kusabi fanart (and, at this rate, I should probably give them their own section) and Iason's golden hair fanning out behind him while he holds Riki and the soft pink background... all of it is really pretty.
    [ link ] - My new favorite AnK fanart. ♥ Iason's outfit is fantastically done, the cape and hair are wonderfully dramatic without being too overdone and the way he's grabbing Riki's wrist and the expression on his face... somehow it captures so much of their relationship right there.
    [ link ] - This is genius, I tell you. Naruto and Cheese. Awesome. It's even better that it's actually really pretty.
    [ link ] - Pretty Suzumiya Haruhi fanart! ♥ The girls are so cute.
    [ link ] - HAHAHAHAHA, OMG. I want this crossover now! Gundam Wing and Bleach, Duo as an actual Shinigami and, asdlfjkasdlkfj, their expressions, omg.
    [ link ] - OMG. MONKEY VS MONKEY, AWESOME. I loved this so damn much.
    [ link ] - Samurai Jack as Professor Membrane which is surprisingly well-drawn.
    [ link ] - CLAMP girls and it's kinda cool to look at.
    [ link ] - *snort* BLEACH X TENNIS indeed. XD
    [ link ] - Have I linked this one before? The insanely HOT one of the One Piece characters as Shinigami? Because wow.
    [ link ] - The cuteness of these penguins threatens to sap my very will to live. SO. CUTE.
    [ link ] - Really fantastic Hellboy fanart, I love the amount of detail that went into this and the great poses of it.
    [ link ] - I would not have thought I'd click onto Scooby Doo fanart, but this image of the gang is totally awesome. They're recognizably themselves, but less exagerated. So they all look super-hot, yes. ♥
    [ link ] - Yakko giving a sleeping Dot a hug and if you don't have a warm and fuzzy moment from this lovely image, you're not human.
    [ link ] - .....I should not like Chipettes fanart this much. But it's really pretty....
    [ link ] - Oh, what a beautiful and vivid CG of Ariel.
    [ link ] - Jack Sparrow stealing the Going Merry! I want this crossover like burning now.
    [ link ] - .....I may have LOL'd for a full minute over Bizarro Phoenix Wright. Maybe.
    [ link ] - Nice crossover fanart, I really like the warm colors and how cute the style is.
    [ link ] - A neat Naruto vs Luffy crossover piece with an interesting perspective.
    [ link ] - DESU NOTE. I seriously crack up every time I look at this. (And it's also SO CUTE.)
    [ link ] - Princess Adora fanart that looks fantastic!
    [ link ] - Awesome Teela fanart.
    [ link ] - Rainbow Brite sprites! You have no idea how much I love these. ♥
    [ link ] - I am incredibly impressed with the level of awesome of this Twilight Princess fanart.
    [ link ] - This is both adorable and awesome Powerpuff Girls fanart.
    [ link ] - Pumpkin Queen Sally! Eeeeeeee! I love the concept and the outfit is awesome and Pumpkin Queen Sally! I may, um, be squeeing a bit.
    [ link ] - Adorably cute Pirates of the Carribbean Jack/Elizabeth drunken pirates chibi-esque fanart!
    [ link ] - This is, like, seriously the most awesome South Park fanart ever. The takes on all the kids and their parents is just completely amazing. *_*
    [ link ] - OMG SEX PISTOLS FANART. Yonekuni and Shiro even! Fantastic.

Black Cat:
    [ link ] - Since the anime is coming out, I thought I'd go hunting for a little Black Cat fanart and, wow, this black and white one of a blood-splattered Train is beautiful.
    [ link ] - Beautifully colored oekaki of Train. *__*
    [ link ] - Very cute, but surprisingly detailed Train illustration, the lines of his hair and clothes are surprisingly good. <3
    [ link ] - Beautiful Even illustration, the way her eyes glow and stand out from the rest of the image is fantastic and I love the outfit.

Cardcaptor Sakura:
    [ link ] - *squee* YUE! Beautiful CG of Yue half in water and a gorgeous use of colors and floaty sparkles and feathers and pale hair trailing in water and ripples and, eeeeee, I totally dig this kind of stuff.
    [ link ] - A lovely Sakura in these beautiful pale green and yellows that just... zomg, SO CUTE. ♥
    [ link ] - Omg! Adorable chibi Sakura birthday illustration that seriously looks like it could have been a CLAMP drawing. Her hair and clothes and the lines of this are all just perfect.
    [ link ] - A gorgeous Yue that's just... Dian has been getting steadily better and better and this is one of her most amazing pieces yet. Yue's wings are just phenominally beautiful, the way his hair and clothes flutter as he's kneeling down, the beautiful use of soft whites and purples and blues here, the way she's shaded everything to give it this airy feeling... I am IN LOVE with this image. Just... wow.
    [ link ] - Awww! Cute little Sakura and Syaoran chibis from the play! And in a handy wallpaper form!
    [ link ] - Beautiful Yue sketch that has lovely blue colors and such pretty, pretty eyes.
    [ link ] - I love Yue's face in this one, it's beautiful and his eyes are lovely and the colors!
    [ link ] - laurus_nobilis pointed this out and it's a very nice Clow sketch, I really like the flow of his hair and the details around his outfit.
    [ link ] - Awww! Very sweet Touya/Yue fanart, with his hand on Yue's head and surprisingly gentle expressions on both their faces.
    [ link ] - Very nicely drawn Sakura with Yue flying her around. The glowing colors and the tons of swoops to hair and clothes is nice.
    [ link ] - Very bright, cute card-style image of Sakura and Eriol. It's the little chibi sun&moon guardians that really got me, though.
    [ link ] - I really like this take on older!Meilin, she looks totally hot, like you knew she'd grow up to be.
    [ link ] - I love the simple CG style of this combined with such bright, happy colors to make something that feels so very CCS-like.
    [ link ] - Another adorable Sakura fanart, I just love how cute she is in that outfit.
    Pretty Sakura and Keroberos.
    Sakura summertime image, I love the details and colors.

    [ link ] - Anime-style Chii that's really sort of ecchi, but I like anyway because the artist does a really good job of the details and the cel-style coloring.
    [ link ] - Pretty Chii and I love the way the eyes look so soft in that way that reminds me of the original series, plus her outfit is so cute!
    [ link ] - Awww! Two cute little chibi Chiis, one light, one dark, and all HAIR and CUTE. *loves*

Chrno Crusade:
    [ link ] - OMG, Chrno Crusade fanart that's sexy, there's no way that should have worked and, yet, Sakki manages it. *__*
    [ link ] - This image of Chii and Dark Chii is beautifully done, their outfits are lovely.

Code Geass:
    [ link ] - Very nice C.C. fanart, I really like the shade of green used on her hair.
    [ link ] - Another nice C.C. fanart with pretty coloring.
    [ link ] - A really nicely done CG-style art for the series that looks like it could be official art.
    [ link ] - I like the style of this Lelouch image, it looks almost like very pretty manga/doujinshi.
    [ link ] - Fantastic almost water-color style image of Lelouch that has such vivid colors at the same time.
    [ link ] - Kallen by the same artist as above, just as pretty.
    [ link ] - C.C. this time and I love the outfit the artist drew her into.
    [ link ] - Really cool oekaki of a bloody, smiling Lelouch.
    Beautiful Shirley image, her hair and eyes have an incredible shine.

    [ link ] - Gorgeous mock-doujinshi cover.
    [ link ] - This is seriously so pretty.
    [ link ] - A really cool take on Allen, I just like the really detailed, creepy style, very much like a painting.
    [ link ] - I admit, Allen's image is off. But the rest of them? OMG COOL. Komui, Crowley, and Ticky look especially fantastic and the artist does really well with the CG style here.
    [ link ] - Kanda with flowers and I should be chuckling at the level of gay in this, but it's not really that gay, instead it's just... really kinda pretty.
    [ link ] - Beautiful Kanda/Allen illustration, the soft coloring and the swoop of hair and the pretty uniforms and the almost kiss just make me swoon-y. ♥
    [ link ] - More pretty Kanda illustration, again with the really cool coloring and level of details and bloodied!determined!grumpy!Kanda is certainly a weakness of mine. XD
    [ link ] - Ooh, Kanda illustrations still make me go ♥, especially when there's some really nice detail on his uniform and the whole thing has this lovely shade of blue-purple to it that just works.
    [ link ] - Pretty illustration of Kanda and Allen and I love the way the artist draws their hair and clothes, the way she uses so many different colors for the shading, but it isn't overly busy at all.
    [ link ] - Very detailed, beautifully done Allen in these lovely shades of soft blues and whites and purples and he just looks so beat up I want to hug him. ;__;
    [ link ] - Oooh, really nicely detailed illustration of Rhode that keeps the style of the original manga.
    [ link ] - Really, really pretty illustration of Rabi just relaxing--I love the bright color for his hair and the way the lines of the image come together so well.
    [ link ] - Beautiful illustration of Allen as a child. Both the lines and soft, sepia coloring and the whole tragic atmosphere to it... gorgeous.
    [ link ] - Pretty Rabi illustration with soft edges and coloring that reminds me of just why red hair + green eyes = hot.
    [ link ] - I have this weakness for Kanda and Rinali interaction... I think it's the loads of glossy black hair and they'd be so pretty together. XD
    [ link ] - VERY cool Ticky illustration because it actually gets that sense of the original manga down. The falling cards are a very nice touch.
    [ link ] - Wow. Excellent fanart of Halloween!Rhode being her usual creepy self.
    [ link ] - Really, what I love about this image is the FIRE SNAKE that looks just so incredibly cool. *__*
    [ link ] - Very cool, very creepy DGM fanart, the faint hints of red to Allen just make it that much more effective.
    [ link ] - DGM Halloween! The characters look great and it just NAILS a feeling between the manga itself and a more traditional Halloween feeling and I love, love, love all the patterns used for the outfits.
    [ link ] - It's the details of this Kanda illustration that are just lovely, the way his hair looks or the fine lines around his eyes. Plus! Butterflies! XD
    [ link ] - Omg, I love this! The colors and lines are gorgeous, but it's also pulled together so well, it could be a doujinshi cover! ♥
    [ link ] - Ooh, this is a neat, cool little group illustration of the DGM characters, I love the softness of the lines.
    [ link ] - Nice Rabi fanart, the darker, heavier lines of the image give a really neat sort of depth to the image, I thought.
    [ link ] - I have this thing for the idea of Kanda/Rinali (shush) and I was poking around and found this lovely fanart of the two of them. It's just. So much pretty long, black hair! *_*
    [ link ] - Omg, adorable chibi-esque Rabi and Tiki. The colors and shading of it are really nice, too.
    [ link ] - Very pretty Allen, the softness to his hair, the blending of purple and white, the small smile on his face... it's just really pretty.
    [ link ] - Really cool Allen and Cross staring up at the clouds from a rocky cliff, there's something about the sharp lines of this that I really like.
    [ link ] - More Cross and Allen, this time sad and Allen needs lots of hugs. D:
    [ link ] - See, I have this thing for Tiki, especially when he's hot and pushing his hair back and his shirt is half-open and I mentioned that whole 'hot' thing, right?
    [ link ] - Cross and Komui might be an odd pair, but this sample page from a fan doujin is really, really pretty. Their eyes and hair are lovely.
    [ link ] - Another sample page from the same artist and it's even more gorgeous. It's very doujin-like, the use of tones and sharp contrasts and all that, but it's also... something. Something that I can't quite put my finger on. But it's gorgeous.
    [ link ] - Adorable chibi Kanda! Awww.
    [ link ] - Chibi Rabi this time with an adorable little fang poking out.
    [ link ] - Cool little illustration of Tiki and Rhode.
    [ link ] - Another cool, stylized illustration of Tiki and Rhode (and Allen).
    [ link ] - I'm not as crazy about Allen in this one, but Komui and Rinali look gorgeous in this colorized doujin style.
    [ link ] - Very creepy/pretty Rhode painting-like image.
    [ link ] - Very creep/cool, very detailed fanart of Tiki, Rhode, and the Earl. It's amusing for the expression on Tiki's face while they're doing Rhode's homework, but I really like the style of it most of all.
    [ link ] - Neat little poster-style fanart, I like the way their hair came out.
    [ link ] - Cute group image.
    [ link ] - Adorable DGM meets Wonderland, awww.
    [ link ] - Pretty sample page from a doujin, the crispness of the b&w contrast is very nice.
    [ link ] - Very, very nice doujinshi-style poster that looks fantastic in full view, the details are terrific.
    [ link ] - Pretty/amusing doujin page that's really gen.
    [ link ] - Chibi snowfight! Very cute, very nice, bright colors.
    [ link ] - Surprisingly hot Rabi fanart, I really enjoy the way his clothes look and the solidness of the coloring here.
    [ link ] - I'm just really enamored with the detail and the softener filter used on this Allen piece.
    [ link ] - Totally cute chibi Kanda and Allen, done in that really sharp b&w style that I like a lot.
    [ link ] - Gorgeous Allen image for a DGM fanbook cover.
    [ link ] - More adorable Kanda/Allen chibis that are cute enough to just about draw me back into DGM.
    [ link ] - Adorable chibi Kanda, looking unamused as always. XD
    [ link ] - Omg, super super cute and brightly colored chibi Allen!

Death Note:
    [ link ] - One of the most amazing Raito's I've seen.
    [ link ] - Gorgeous, gorgeous Death Note art with amazing details and L looks fantastic. *__*
    [ link ] - Hee, this is great! I like the cute style, too.
    [ link ] - Wow, this Raito is beautiful. The eyes are just stunning and I love the hair and the way the rest of the image is drawn and, god, the eyes.
    [ link ] - Holy crap, these Death Note chibis are adorable!
    [ link ] - Nice, solid Death Note fanart. I liked it.
    [ link ] - Whoa, cool. Death Note fables! The characters chosen to go with the particular fable/costume is great and the details are really, really pretty.
    [ link ] - Nice little set of DN bookmarks--Misa, L, and Raito look cool.
    [ link ] - Beautifully colored L fanart. *_*
    [ link ] - Interesting fanart Raito + L's face in the background, the red-covered sheets of paper flying around look really effective.
    [ link ] - A really interesting take on Misa, I like the style used here.
    [ link ] - Quite possibly the cutest DN chibis ever, omg.
    [ link ] - I love the chibis here, I love the cute coloring, and I love L whacking Raito with an oversized 'Die Kira' lollipop. ♥
    [ link ] - Beautifully drawn Raito with the Death Note in a cemetary and the whole thing is fantastic.
    [ link ] - .....for some reason, this just cracks me the hell up. XD XD XD Possibly it is the cuteness of chibi!L, which I have a weakness for.

    [ link ] - Lovely Dark.
    [ link ] - OMG, I love Sakki's DNAngel art, it's fabulous and, god, Daisuke is somehow so perfect and just... her proportions and lines always make her one of my favorite artists. ♥
    [ link ] - Oh, my god. Hello to the absolutely, astoundingly gorgeous Dark and Krad. It's just... wow, the lines, the colors, the detail, the pose, the professionalism of it... it's amazing. I can't stop staring. *___* (Especially at Dark's earring. Or his eyes. Or his face. Or Krad's face. Just...holy shit, it's amazing.)

    [ link ] - Very pretty Kaworu and Shinji, I love the soft gray colors used, the way the bloody bandages float around them. It just feels very Eva.

Eyeshield 21:
    [ link ] - Nicely drawn group ES21 fanart.
    [ link ] - Ooh, ES21 fanart and I hadn't realized, until I saw this, how cool the whole concept could be. <3

Fairy Tail:

    Natsu and Lucy at a festival, with beautiful glowing colors.
    Another great and beautifully colored Natsu and Lucy image.
    Gorgeous Erza fanart, especially in a black dress like that.
    Another nice Erza fanart that I thought was solid.
    Lucy in Natsu's lap, shit, I think I ship it even more now.
    Natsu and Lucy laying together in bed, very cute.
    A very nicely done cast of Fairy Tail on a boat.
    Another hot Natsu and Lucy, holding each other.
    I really like the glossy colors and lines of this Gray image.
    Nicely done group image of the Fairy Tail characters.
    Hot as hell Salamander Natsu image, wow.
    I really like this one of pissed off Erza.
    Erza in the shower is always nice to find. :D
    Lucy in a bikini.
    Really beautifully done Erza in armor and the bright colors of it are fantastic.
    Another of Natsu and Lucy, in mid-fight, also nicely done.

Final Fantasy VIII:
    [ link ] - There's something about the warm earth-tone-ish colors of this one that just totally wins me over. Well, that and Seifer's half-smug, half-How YOU Doin' look and, god, Squall is so prettycute.
    [ link ] - Nicely CG'd Squall with Seifer way in the foreground, what's really nice about this is that Squall's jacket looks awesome and I love his hair.
    [ link ] - Another pretty Seifer/Squall CG, it's cool 'cause it actually does look like a New Year's postcard.
    [ link ] - Oh, now, see, I like these soft, soft purplish gray coloring styles even more and somehow Seifer/Squall looks pretty this way, too.
    [ link ] - Another really pretty Seifer/Squall kiss, the feathers around them are nicely detailed and, god, I'm going to be won over to the pairing at this rate.
    [ link ] - Nicely drawn Squall with a lot of detail, some nice coloring, and a great Zell in the background and, god, I'm just in love with the detail of Squall's gun here. And his clothes.
    [ link ] - Wow, beautifully soft Seifer and Squall, the fine way the highlights in the hair are drawn is just so, so lovely and everything looks so... pretty.
    [ link ] - Chibi Squall so cute! Look how adorable his outfit is!
    [ link ] - Cute Squall with low-riding pants and I think I just like the nice shade of his eyes. XD
    [ link ] - The chibis mentioned above, but also chucked over into this section because Squall appears here, too. And, zomg, still such gorgeous coloring.
    [ link ] - Very, very nice Squall illustration. In a SUIT! <3
    [ link ] - Bah, I'm still going to call him Squall. Very nicely done KH-style Squall, I really love his hair here.
    [ link ] - Cute Squall and Rinoa with a lot of really nice details and I continue to think that Rinoa's outfit is somehow a lot more attractive than it has any right to be.
    [ link ] - Pretty coloring on a Seifer and Squall illustration. Again, I love the heavy lines around their eyes because it draws more attention to the pretty, vibrant color.
    [ link ] - Cute Squall and Rinoa from KH, I think. The swirls make me wibble, I think.
    [ link ] - Ooh, pretty Squall and Rinoa, I love the shades of blue and purple used here.
    [ link ] - Seifer and Zell as kids! OH MY GOD SO FREAKING CUUUUUUTE!! XD
    [ link ] -, beautiful Seifer. The lines are sharp and the details are nice and... he's so pretty. *__*
    [ link ] - Pretty Squall fanart that I love the coloring of, it just fits so well with the basic lines/lineart of the image.
    [ link ] - I really like this one of Rinoa with her top half-undone. Part of it is that it's sexy without being completely graphic, but it's also that the art of it is just good.
    [ link ] - Fantasy!Squall? Cool. I really love the details of his clothes here, too.
    [ link ] - Really, really nice drawing of Squall in the rain with his headphones on and it's just as emotard as he is in the game. ♥
    [ link ] - I like this CG style, especially Rinoa in the background and her pretty, soft hair blowing in the wind.
    [ link ] - Ooh, very cute Rinoa WITH A STUFFED MOOGLE in her arms. I want one!
    [ link ] - Really pretty Squall and Rinoa dancing, I love the soft pastels and the multitude of colors used here.
    [ link ] - This is such a pretty image, it really looks nice in full view. ....god, Squall/Rinoa is so cute sometimes. (Shut up. XD)
    [ link ] - Very nice, pretty blue & white Rinoa fanart, where she looks so cute.
    [ link ] - Really kind of hot b&w sketch-esque image of Squall.
    Really lovely Rinoa image, the softness of it is really nice.
    Squall and Rinoa chibis and they are SUPER CUTE.
    Oh, I really love the concept of this image of sorceress Rinoa and her knight Squall, the detail looks really fantastic in full view and I love the tattoos/markings.
    Omg, this Squall/Rinoa wall mural is just beautiful.
    Another thing I love with FFVIII/KH fandom is when artists come up with KH designs for Rinoa. DO WANT SO BAD OMG. Also, that's seriously kinda hot.
    Squall's arms around Rinoa and pulling her close, it's pretty and kind of seriously gets to me. *__*
    Little chibi Rinoa sprites are adorable and my favorite is totally her in Squall's outfit. XD
    Again, I just really like the costume design of KH Rinoa.
    Rinoa closeup that really does a great job keeping the spirit of the original art.
    Cute bookmarks on this Squall and Rinoa image, Rinoa is especially cute.
    Gorgeous Squall image in mid-battle.
    Squall going berserk at Dollet looks fantastic with so many details here.
    Nicely done Squall portrait with some sharp lineart.
    Stunning image of Squall and Rinoa where she's floating against the blue, blue sky behind them with lovely, feathery wings.
    Squall and Rinoa again as a cool image with Rinoa in the foreground with wings.
    Squall and Rinoa back to back and it's beautifully drawn and colored.
    Rinoa walking through the field of flowers from the end of the game, which looks lovely here.
    Rinoa in Squall's lap while they're waiting on the Ragnarok.
    Squall and Rinoa at the beach is cute and, man, that ocean water behind them is pretty.
    Squall leaning over Rinoa as they're both leaning back onto the ground, very pretty!
    Squall and Shiva fanart that's really gorgeous cg and the details are fantastic, wow.
    Rinoa kissing Squall's cheek for a Valentine's Day image and I love his >_> face even as he doesn't really protest.
    Squall and Rinoa touching foreheads and I adore how much they clearly love each other.
    Squall and Rinoa in the library in the middle of a heavy makeout session. Why, hello there. :D
    Rinoa leaning against Squall as he wraps an arm around her to keep her close.

Final Fantasy X:
    [ link ] - Very pretty Yuna fanart and I'm really sort of in love with the way her hair and eyes look, the lines around her eyes are just so pretty.
    Oh, I thought this Final Fantasy X group image was really nicely done.
    Beautiful image of Yuna summoning, the sunset colors and the water under her feet are beautiful.
    One more from this artist, of Auron this time.

Fruits Basket:
    [ link ] - Really nicely drawn Kyou and Tohru. *loves*
    [ link ] - Fruits Basket meets Alice in Wonderland and it is great. I love the detail and, omg, the choices are PERFECT. HEE HEE HEE. ♥
    [ link ] - A good, cel-style illustration of Yuki and Hatsuharu, which I admit to a weakness for.
    [ link ] - Ayame "fishing" and I just... really kind of like the style for this art, it's a little more psuedo-gothic than I usually see, but Ayame looks pretty this way.
    [ link ] - See, this is why I love Halloween fanart, because it's a great reason to dress the Furuba characters up from Inuyasha and have it be SO PRETTY. Also, I ♥ like mad at the casting choices, even aside from Kyou as Inuyasha and Tohru as Kagome, Sesshoumaru as AYAME is BRILLIANT. I cracked up so hard. XD
    [ link ] - Awwww! Chibi Tohru and cute little kitty and mouse! The colors and lines are actually pretty good, but I'm too entranced by the sheer CUTE. XD
    [ link ] - Very cute Mabudachi Trio fanart with... well, Shigure being Shigure and Ayame and Hatori in the background. XD I love the expressions so much.
    [ link ] - Kyou! Cutest kitty ever! With his cute little paw on Yuki's tail and I flail over the cute yet again.
    Pretty Sohma family + Tohru group image.
    I really like the lineart and light colors of this poster-style group image with Tohru in the center.
    Tohru lying back in a pretty white dress with her hair fanning out around her.
    This one is probably one of my favorites by the artist--Tohru in a beautiful red kimono with super adorable chibis in a basket, it's got some beautiful colors in it.
    Kyou/Tohru kiss that's done in the style of the manga, which makes it another of my favorites by this artist.
    Kyou/Tohru hug through the sheet also done beautifully in the style of the manga.
    Christmas Tohru with kitty Kyou and mouse Yuki in a basket, this is SO CUTE OMG.
    Pretty Kyou/Tohru almost kiss in watercolor style.

Full Moon wo Sagashite:
    [ link ] - ....omg, is that Mitsuki? SO PRETTY HOLY CRAP. I love the colors, the lines, the proportions, her hair, her eyes, even, OMG, HER CLOTHES SO CUTE. ♥

Fullmetal Alchemist:
    [ link ] - Really nicely CG'd and colored Ed. *__*
    [ link ] -, the lines and details of this image are utterly astounding. The details of the markings on Pride!Ed and the details of Roy's uniform and, god, the way their hair looks, the absolutely fantastic proportions of the bodies, it's just... omg, I could stare at it for what feels like ages.
    [ link ] - Greed and Envy and, holy crap, Sakki's art just blows me away time and again. Seriously, wtf is she doing drawing fanart??
    [ link ] - Hughes family illustration that just floors me with the warmth and gorgeousness of it. It's just... so damned wonderful that it's almost painful.
    [ link ] - If you ever doubt that Hughes can be gorgeous, go here, because Sakki's Hughes is just... incredible with the intensity she gives him. Just... those eyes, wow.
    [ link ] - I love, LOVE Sakki's Hughes, she draws him so he's one of the sexiest things ever, even when he's simply lying back and reading a book with a half-smile on his face. No, seriously, I would totally hit her Hughes. *__*
    [ link ] - Another doodle from Sakki that manages to be better than the majority of the FMA fanart out there, it's the eyes that are just... they draw you right in, I swear.
    [ link ] - Scar and Reki (from Haibane Renmei) and somehow Sakki's art makes this work.
    [ link ] - Cool Ed illustration, I actually really like the light, airy colors that contrast against the serious look on Ed's face here.
    [ link ] - This is just... it's beautiful and heart-breaking and painfully beautiful. The basic art itself is fantastic, but it's all the little touches, the smears of red, the expression on Ed's face, the beautifully detailed wings of the birds, the flow of the cloth around him, the coloring... it's tremendous.
    [ link ] - More Ed fanart that's brilliantly drawn and colored, just nailing the anime-style CG artwork. The flare of Ed's coat around him, the perspective and beautiful way the colors blend together... I really liked this one.
    [ link ] - *CRACKS UP* Awesome and "WTF???"-inspiring little animation about a dream of Ed's. I just... god, this is totally on crack. XD
    [ link ] - Aww! Roy/Ed Halloween cuteness! Roy in a sweeping black cape + Ed with kitty ears = EEEE CUTE!
    [ link ] - Holy hell, adorable (and amazingly professional looking) fanart of baby!Ed on Trisha's lap that makes me squee like crazy.
    [ link ] - I have such the tremendous fondness for art styles like this, where there's a certain softeness to the coloring and the lines, yet it's surprisingly finely detailed. I love the way their eyes look.
    [ link ] - Kitty!Ed and puppy!Roy should not be this pretty. But the coloring is beautiful and really adds to the cuteness and I'll be over here flailing over my OTP, yes.
    [ link ] - ..............LOL.
    [ link ] - I just... really kinda like this one of Havoc and Hawkeye? A lot of it is the shipper in me, but it's also that they're recognizable and I'm all WAFFy over the way they're curled up in bed together. *beams* (Not entirely safe for work.)
    [ link ] - This is a cute little Havoc/Hawkeye comic that I just... shut up, I like it! XD
    [ link ] - What really gets me with this one is that the artist's work is getting better and better with each image she does. The middle panels of Hawkeye look great, the sense of b&w and shading and layout of the panels is all really strong. Plus, Havoc/Hawkeye squeefulness, yes. ♥
    [ link ] - Very, very nicely done Roy and Ed, I love the contrast of the reds and blues side by side here.
    [ link ] - Really pretty FMA fanart that takes several images and actually blends them together so it looks good rather than obviously blended at the edges of each one.
    [ link ] - I dunno why this amused/charmed me so much, but, c'mon. RoyEd Valentine's Day Flash animation with that ending? How could I not go ♥ and then laugh myself kinda silly? XD
    [ link ] - Roy and Ed in modern day clothes, Roy in a business shirt and tie, Ed in stylish clothes? Squee. I know I shouldn't, but... squee, yes.
    [ link ] - Cute Winry fanart that makes good use of the b&w style and shows off the artist's strength for details.
    [ link ] - Awww! Chibi!Roy from the movie waiting in the snow outside the cabin... with a snowman. So cute.
    [ link ] - I've mentioned now and again my fondness for military-uniform!Ed, yes? I'm just saying he's really kinda hot like this.
    [ link ] - I really like this one of RoyEd, it's almost simple in the way it's drawn, but the proportions/lines of it are so good-looking and the pose/use of detail that is there is really... evoking.
    [ link ] - Chibi Roy and Ed, which is so goddamned cute that I can't stand it. I love that it looks like it came straight out of a doujinshi that I would totally buy.
    [ link ] - Wow, this one of Ed has a lot of really pretty, soft details and fine lines around the edges. I love the warm gold colors, too. ....and I might want to sort of pick Ed up and hug him a lot.
    [ link ] - Hee! Roy and Ed cosplaying as the Trigun characters and everything about these chibis is ADORABLE.

    [ link ] - Very nice Franz illustration from Sakki and, okay, I LOVE THE KERO PLUSHIE OFF TO THE SIDE, HEE.
    [ link ] - Beautiful Haydee sketch that just nails the Gankutsuou style while still being Sakki's style, too, and, god, I want her dress and hair and her beautiful eyes and just... *swoon*

Get Backers:
    [ link ] - Very nicely CG'd Ban-chan and Ginji.
    [ link ] - Chibi Kazuki and Juubei sleeping and it's so cute that I threaten to squee right here and now.
    [ link ] - Beautiful b&w drawing of Kazuki, the details on his hair are fantastic, I love the sense of so many lines around his hair and eyes to give it detail. And, omg, the clothes are so hot. :9
    [ link ] - WOW! :O! Beautiful realistic style Kazuki that still manages to keep the way he should look, yet makes him look like a real person and he's beautiful and I love the hair. *_*

    [ link ] - Omg, adorable Kagura, but, man, the lines of her hair and eyes? SO GOOD, she's really lovely and pretty here.
    [ link ] - By the same artist, so the details of this are just gorgeous and, man, Hijikata is HOT. *__*
    [ link ] - Same artist again, this time Okita! Okita, Okita, Okita and his completely insane look and still so pretty and, hahahahaha, THE GUN. ♥ I never get tired of that little guy and that huge-ass gun. XD
    [ link ] - Beautiful Katsura illustration, his hair and eyes look gorgeous yet again and I'm just in love with the cel-style coloring to go with it.
    [ link ] - Hijikata and Okita fighting back to back! I love the details of this and the pose! <3
    [ link ] - I really like Hijikata in this image, somehow the sketch quality of the lines works with the soft, not-quite-sepia coloring of the piece and... well, yes. Hijikata x Okita always makes me happy. ♥
    [ link ] - .......*__* Gorgeous Gintama fanart with four of my favorite characters. The coloring is just utterly, stunningly beautiful. ♥__♥
    [ link ] - Another gorgeous Gintama fanart by the same artist as above and I'm still in love with the details and coloring, wow.
    [ link ] - GORGEOUS Gin and Zura fighting side by side fanart. *loves endlessly*
    [ link ] - Another really gorgeous GinZura, I love the artist's style and, sure, I love that Gintoki's in Katsura's lap, but it's really a gorgeous image even aside from that. *__*

    [ link ] - Beautiful Yuki and Shuuichi, I adore the use of colors.
    [ link ] - Yuki and Shuuichi and I really like the coloring and the clothes the artist put on the characters. Shuuichi's t-shirt is just neat to look at.
    [ link ] - Holy hell, this is a gorgeous Yuki, the colors just... so shiny and warm and pretty. *__*
    [ link ] - Adorable chibi Shuuichi singing, I adore the lines of this, they looks so clean and well-done!
    [ link ] - Wow, this is a nice Yuki post-shower fanart that's just... man, the lines and colors and skill in this make it just amazingly hot. *__*
    [ link ] - Yuki x Hiro fanart. Cirnelle and I have talked about this pairing before, so I was curious to see and... holy shit, it's actually pretty! *__*
    [ link ] - Angelic!Shuuichi shouldn't work... but there's something about the soft colors or the soft lines of this one that make it work. Or maybe I just like the tree leaves and trunk background that should be random, but kinda isn't.

Gundam 00:
    Lockon and Tieria curled up in bed together.
    Lockon with his arm around Tieria.
    Really pretty Tieria and Regene.
    Beautiful Setsuna and Marina.
    Another nicely done Setsuna image.
    Lockon and Tieria separated by the window of the ship.

Gundam SEED:
    [ link ] - Ashuran/Cagalli illustration again, I've really sort of fallen for this artist's style, it's so cute and so pretty at the same time. She totally nails this feel that I can't even begin to explain.
    [ link ] - Another Ashuran illustration from eisenkleid, where the expression on his face is just perfect and I continue to dig the sketch-like style.
    [ link ] - Admittedly, the style took me a minute to get used to, but I always appreciate when something looks really slick and professionally... well, shinied up. :D
    [ link ] - It's something about the soft lines and pretty pastels that work for this illustration of Lux, she's so... gentle and airy and pretty here. *__*
    [ link ] - Beautiful, beautiful Ashuran and Cagalli in their ORB (? - I could be wrong) uniforms and just utterly stunning work on the colors and the CG artstyle. Just... wow.
    [ link ] - Hana pointed this one out and, wow, it's BEAUTIFUL. The colors are just astounding and, god, Ashuran and Cagalli are just... the lines of her shoulders, the lines of his stomach, the beautiful details on their hair, their hands, Cagalli's dress... I swoon. Swoon hard.
    [ link ] - Another beautiful Ashuran in uniform at night and the dark colors of this one, contrasting against the splashes of white... just so pretty.
    [ link ] - SEED Halloween! Ashuran as Sephiroth! Cagalli as Roy! Lux as Rinali! Kira as Ichigo! And it's SO PRETTY! Eeee, so much love. ♥
    [ link ] - Oh, man, this is just a gorgeous, gorgeous Halloween image, I'm utterly in love with the colors.
    [ link ] - Beautiful Lux fanart, I love the softness of it and the lovely colors. ♥
    [ link ] - Adorable Ashuran and Cagalli fanart, I love the cel-style lines and coloring and, omg, Cagalli leaning over Ashuran's shoulder while he wears glasses is almost painfully adorable. XD
    [ link ] - Aww, cute Kira, Lux, and the Haros!
    [ link ] - Man, Cagalli is gorgeous with flowers in her hair and in that green strappy dress.

Gundam Wing:
    [ link ] - I picked up the link for this one off Sharon's journal and OMG HOLY CRAP THAT'S SO PRETTY. Duo's eyes are a little girly, but Heero is hotter than a hot hot thing. And I love the colors and lines here. Just... wow.
    [ link ] - Very nice Duo fanart, I like the swish of his braid.
    [ link ] - I love this one of Heero, the details are fantastic and the fantasty style clothes are gorgeous.
    [ link ] - I really adore this Heero/Duo sunset illustration with Heero's arms around Duo and such beautiful colors.
    [ link ] - Heero and Duo snogging and I'm really sort of in love with the artist's sharp lines and almost glowing colors.
    [ link ] - I really like the clothes the artist drew on Heero and Duo here, almost as much as I love how gorgeous they both look. The lines of this one are just fabulous.
    [ link ] - I know cigarettes shouldn't be hot, but Heero/Duo in modern clothes, jeans and tshirts and looking hot on an airstrip and Heero lighting Duo's cigarette and, omg, I really kind of fell in love with this one.
    [ link ] - *wibbles like hell* It's the same image as the above, except on an ocean background this time and it's just as beautiful as the previous one, I totally cannot decide which one I like better. ♥
    [ link ] - The cuteness of chibi!Dorothy in kitty ears and a cat costume and chibi!Trowa in his clown outfit carving a pumpkin is nearly lethal levels, I swear.
    [ link ] - I have a serious thing for Trowa/Duo. So a shirtless kiss under the mistletoe looking hot? I am all over it, yes. ♥
    [ link ] - Chibi Duo is adorable, along with some very nice colors.
    [ link ] - Very nice Wufei in the rain, I love the details of his clothes and the Chinese-style building he's standing in.
    Shirtless fantasy-style Heero with wings.
    As part of a tarot card series, Relena as The Sun and it's lovely.
    Though, I think Relena as The Priestess is even more beautiful.
    Trowa as The Star is really pretty as well.
    Zechs as The Moon is also really nicely done, very nice creepy effects.
    Wufei as Strength is kind of really amazing.
    There's a series of mage character designs that I really liked: Wufei as lightning mage, Quatre as wind mage, Trowa as water mage, Duo as fire mage, and Heero as blood mage.
    I thought the character designs for this Relena and Dorothy New Year's image were really cool.

Harry Potter:
    [ link ] - "Sirius needs a bath" fanart + chibis = OMG SO CUTE.
    [ link ] - *giggles*
    [ link ] - Awww! Harry, Ron, and Hermione flying on a broom! Adorable!
    [ link ] - More cute chibis of the Marauders.
    [ link ] - Lovely colors, but also OMG SO CUTE LOOK AT THEM!
    [ link ] - Very warmly colored trio art.
    [ link ] - Adorable trio Christmas art again.
    [ link ] - Really pretty fanart of Harry and Tom Riddle, the eyes are just gorgeous.
    [ link ] - I don't normally go looking for HP fanart (aside from the Sirius/Remus thing, of course), but this? TOO PRETTY NOT TO. The lines of this are incredible, the soft coloring is just stunning, and everything about it is just... breath-taking.
    [ link ] - Ooh, I really like the details and the warm colors of this PoA-era poster, it's just anime-style enough to appeal to me, but with enough rounded edges that it still feels ike HP.
    [ link ] - Harry Potter and chibis and a terrific amount of detail and absolutely adorable little faces, there is nothing to not adore about this one! :D
    [ link ] - Dear lord, chibi Marauders should not be this adorably cute, not with their little animal ears and perfect expressions (Sirius' evil maniacal grin or Remus' cute little serious expression or James' excited grin or Peter's worried look, all so very = eeeeee!), but, god, they are!
    [ link ] - Nicely done CG with these pretty earth-tone colors that I could really favor with these two. ♥
    [ link ] - Aww, this fanart of pronged!James is just too cute, the expression on his face is adorable. Also, pretty.
    [ link ] - I really like the style of this one, especially the way the colors blend together, yet are still so sharp.
    [ link ] - Utterly adorable Marauders-era fanart, I love the soft, glowing colors of it and Snape and Lily in the background, too!
    [ link ] - A set of really pretty Harry Potter (the main trio plus Draco) bookmarks with some utterly gorgeous coloring.

Harukanaru Toki no Nakade Fanart:
    [ link ] - Wow, this Takamichi is really just terribly cool, the way his clothes look almost realistic/3D (or something along those lines) is just neat. I could stare at his clothes for an hour, it feels like. *__*
    [ link ] - A matching Tomomasa one, where I continue to crush on the way the clothes are drawn, the sweep of the fabric and the way his hair is blowing in a breeze and it's just... effective.
    [ link ] - Very, very nice colors on this Yasuaki image.
    [ link ] - Lovely green shades are used in this image of Yasuaki in the forest.

Howl's Moving Castle Fanart:
    [ link ] - I wouldn't have expected to find Howl fanart on y!Gallery, but it's still very pretty and I love the almost sketch-like style of it.
    [ link ] - Howl and Sophie towards the end of the movie (or maybe after it?) looking rather peaceful in the grassy field.
    [ link ] - Howl fanart! I just love the caption, too, it's so... Howl. XD
    [ link ] - Pretty Howl fanart with a surprisingly evil look on his face. XD
    [ link ] - Cute little chibi Howl and I really love the bright, sharp colors. Howl is so very... blond and blue-eyed here and it's lovely.
    [ link ] - Wow, this is a gorgeous Howl fanart, the kind I've been hoping to find. The lines are delicate, the colors almost jewel-like, and the detail is amazing. I love it. *__*
    [ link ] - Howl standing dramatically against the wind and somehow his cape manages to stay on. So Howl. XD
    [ link ] - Nice Howl/Sophie image and I like the use of dark colors against the golds and reds and yellows, it creates a lovely effect.
    [ link ] - Gorgeous image of bird!Howl and Sophie pressed into his arms from the movie. The detail is absolutely incredible, the swoop of their clothes and Howl's wings from the wind, the embers flying in the air, the feathers, her dress, etc. But even more than that, it hits the OTP button so hard. ♥
    [ link ] - Cute movie-based fanart with bright colors, very adorable.
    [ link ] - Adorable movie-based fanart again, very bright and happy. I like that they got most of the major characters into it.

Hunter x Hunter:
    [ link ] - Adorably cute New Year 2003 group fanart! Totally gets across the retardation and friendship of the series. XD
    [ link ] - Ooh, Kurapika and red eyes and blonde hair and delicate all over, but still so strong. I really liked this.
    [ link ] - Killua and Gon sleeping together in a hammock and it is the cutest, bestest thing in the WORLD, omg. From the hair to the poses (the way Gon has his leg thrown over Killua's! The expressions on their faces as they curl up together!), everything about this is adorable.
    [ link ] - Kurapika and a jar of eyes. Which should be creepy, but. Also, I really like his hair here, I'm easy for detailed hair.
    [ link ] - Really great Killua fanart, very fun and upbeat, with some great uses of blue.

Juuni Kokki:
    [ link ] - Nicely detailed En-ou and Enki.
    [ link ] - Gyousou and Taiki.
    [ link ] - Nicely done fanart of Gyousou and Taiki, which I especially really like the soft watercolor-style of.
    [ link ] - The patterns on this one of Taiki are just beautiful and I love his hair and, omg, the liiiiiiines of it~~!
    [ link ] - Beautiful sunset fanart of Gyousou and the watercolor-like style for the background combined with incredibly vibrant colors is just lovely.
    [ link ] - B&w Gyousou and Risai shouldn't be this pretty, but, omg, it totally is, the details on their period clothing is just absolutely tremendous.
    [ link ] - *wibbles like mad* Gyousou and Taiki and the quiet intimacy of it is just so, so pretty.

Kodomo no Omocha:
    [ link ] - Hey, it's Sana and Hayama fanart! And I really sort of like the soft colors used in the art and, of course, I'm all gooey fangirl over the pose. ♥

    I didn't really intend to get into Kuroshitsuji art that much, but I stumbled over this Sebastian and Ciel image that has some amazing cg colors and details and, well. I'm weak.
    Whoa, this Sebastian and Ciel image just nails the anime style, like it's not that far off from professional.
    Sebastian and Ciel's eyes are amazing, the colors of this are beautiful.
    There are some beautiful blacks and reds in this Sebastien and Grell image.
    Beautifully colored Ciel again.
    The details of this Ciel image, especially on the butterflies, is really nice. (Or at least close enough to Ciel to count. XD)
    Sebastian image that looks really good in full view, the shades of red are really pretty.
    Really pretty Sebastian x Ciel doujin cover.
    Gorgeous colors and designs on this group image.

Kyou Kara Maou!:
    [ link ] - Omg, gorgeous Gwendal and Gunter! I love their hair and eyes and the coloring and the intimacy of it without being graphic and that Gunter is only half-dressed and... *happy, fangirly sigh*

Last Exile:
    [ link ] - Nicely drawn Alex Rowe.

Matantei Loki Ragnarok:
    [ link ] - Loki family! LOKI FAMILY! Loki and Yamino especially look just amazing and, god, the way Sakki draws the clothes!
    [ link ] - I admit, I like this one mostly for the really beautiful jewel-toned CG coloring and, man, Loki's clothes.

Meine Liebe:
    [ link ] - Shiny Meine Liebe group image.

    [ link ] - Sakki doing Mushishi fanart?? ♥ And this one is gorgeous, it somehow captures the simple, yet detailed style of the series and Ginko looks fantastic and I totally want to spaz over this.
    [ link ] - Sakki's first Mushishi sketches and I adore her for doing art of this series, especially because her sketches somehow manage to capture the series so damn well.
    [ link ] - More of Sakki's artwork of Ginko and I continue to absolutely love her style with the character/series because there's something about the way everything seems to almost be... floating around him, in a way that's entirely appropriate for the series. Also, the little touches, the hair, the eyes, the folds of clothing, the way the cigarette fits into his hand, all of it is love with this artist. ♥
    [ link ] - Oh, man, Di-chan's fanart is gorgeous here, the different shades of green and how they blend together is absolutely incredible, I keep staring and staring at them, I keep staring at her lines and the shadings and the expression on Ginko's face and the beautifully soft background and the way it makes me feel calm and peaceful just like the series. ♥
    [ link ] - Some really cute Ginko sketches and, holy shit, the sleeping!Ginko one is beyond adorable. Srsly.
    [ link ] - A bunch of really fun (and quite pretty) Ginko sketches in various outfits. The first one is totally amusing crack and the rest are also amusing and really sort of creative. I really like the artist's use of b&w.
    [ link ] - I really love the branches and coloring in this image, it's just enough like a painting or something to be incredibly cool.
    [ link ] - Awww! Adorable kiddie versions of Ginko and Adashino and, man, Ginko in suspenders is cute cute CUTE. As is little!Adashino working at his desk and drawing notes about mushi.
    [ link ] - SO NOT WORKSAFE. Also contains MUSHI X GINKO. Which, yes, is exactly what you're thinking it is. And it should be badbadwrong and maybe it is but it's also really kinda hot and kinda neat. Shut up, it's good! And just. Just. Oh, god. You have to read the long conversation that ensues in the comments because I think I hacked up a lung laughing at it. Brilliant.
    [ link ] - Oh, I love Sakki's artwork. Especially when she draws Mushishi fanart. This time it's Ginko and Suzu and the expression on his face makes me melt and the way their bodies are posed and the hand on her head and... *MELTS*
    [ link ] - Ginko and Adashino and I will NEVER EVER tire of Sakki's love for Mushishi. Somehow, she just gets the series.
    [ link ] - I love the way Sakki draws the lines around the eyes of the characters, the way even her sketches, with their beautiful messy lines and jagged details, are just perfect and lovely.

    [ link ] - NANA fanart! And not only that, GOOD NANA fanart with Nana Osaki looking fabulous.
    [ link ] - Adorable, shiny Shin! He should get lots of hugs, yes.
    [ link ] - I really like this artist's style for Ren, there's a certain reminiscence of the original manga's style while still being recognizable as the artist's own. Or maybe I just like the shiny colors. XD
    [ link ] - Nana O fanart again, very pretty and shiny.
    [ link ] - Gorgeous use of reds for this really beautiful image of Nana.

Odin Sphere:

    Beautifully delicate lines and shiny colors on this Princess Tutu and Gwendolyn image, I would totally read the hell out of that crossover. *__*
    Pretty, almost a touch stylized Velvet in the forest image.
    I like the artist's Gwendolyn image in the series almost as much!
    The Mercedes image in the series is super cute as well.

Ouran Koukou Host Club:
    [ link ] - Very soft, very shoujo image of the various hosts, I've always had a weakness for this style.
    [ link ] - This isn't my favorite pairing, but, god, I love Haruhi's cute pigtails from the whole Hikaru/Haruhi date chapter. And they are cute together here.
    [ link ] - More Kaoru and Hikaru fanart and I'm really taken with the bright, cheerful colors and the tons of details on the clothes, which are almost kind of skater punk, yet are perfect for those two.
    [ link ] - alsdkfalksdjfasl;djk, Twins/Tamaki fanart and not only is it awesome, but it's actually really pretty! I WANT THIS SO BAD.
    [ link ] - Pretty reds and yellows used for this image.
    [ link ] - Cute Haruhi + the rest of the Host Club fanart, I like the layout of it and I like the way the characters look.
    [ link ] - Cute Hikaru and Kaoru fanart, I like the watercolor style of it.
    [ link ] - Wow, the details of Haruhi and the twins' kimono for Tanabata here are really lovely and I just... really like the whole pose/concept of it somehow.
    [ link ] - Twins/Haruhi sketch fanart! The way she's practically squished between them is something they would so do. XD
    [ link ] - Cute Cheshire Cat!Twins fanart, their outfits are so adorable.
    [ link ] - Beautiflly done Haruhi in soft, gentle colors, looking like she came straight off a, well, shoujo manga cover.
    [ link ] - I am totally easy for light, airy shoujo coloring with Kyouya/Tamaki like this. Also tie-grabbing is totally a kink. *_*
    [ link ] - KyouTama snuggles! ♥ Tamaki leaning back against Kyouya and I'm totally a puddle now.
    [ link ] - Adorable poster-style art of magician!Haruhi and the rest of the cast in stars.

    Pretty cg of the host club group with bright, shiny colors.
    Tamaki, Kyouya, a kiss on the cheek and handpuppets.
    Wow, this group image with cowboy clothes does a fantastic job of capturing Hatori's style.

    [ link ] - Oh, man. Beautiful sleeping Souji and I love the coils of hair around him, the peaceful expression on his face, the way his body is laid out here... it's all really lovely. ♥
    [ link ] - Another really pretty Souji fanart, I love everything about this one, the cat on his shoulder, Saizou in his arms, the swirls of hair, the folds of his outfit, everything~!
    [ link ] - I have a real fondess for this kind of style, the softer CG with the warm autumn colors. Especially when Souji looks so pretty with the wind swirling his hair and the leaves around him. :D
    [ link ] - Souji with Saizou perched on his head in the rain, nice use of colors and patterns.
    [ link ] - Cute Souji and Hijikata, almost relaxed and happy.
    [ link ] - Okita is one of those characters that can make cheerful and/or bloody look surprisingly beautiful. I really like the way his eyes look, too.
    [ link ] - Pretty Souji fanart, I like the soft coloring.

Princess Tutu:
    [ link ] - I love this one of Eugene's, she puts so much detail into every little bit of, every little stained glass image or detail of Fakia and Ahiru's clothing, then combines it with this utterly fabulous layout and I just swoon over it.
    [ link ] - Beautiful, almost cel-style (but maybe not quite) fanart of Ahiru that... something about it just draws me in and makes me think it's so very pretty.
    [ link ] - A cute fanart of Ahiru as Princess Tutu dancing, the lines of her costume just... well, cute, yes. <3
    [ link ] - Sweet little Princess Tutu illustration, the light, almost glowing colors working really well for both the series and the character.
    [ link ] - Oh, I adore this. The lines of it are just so pretty and the soft, watercolor-like coloring so good, and the concept, a smaller Princess Tutu dancing on Ahiru's hand somehow works just so damn well here.
    [ link ] - I love Ahiru's hair in this one, the sweeps and swirls of her bangs and braid just look so adorable and pretty, then you add in the watercolor-style coloring and the cute little duck and the cute little ribbon and just... aww!
    [ link ] - Aww! Adorable Ahiru eating a strawberry--I love her eyes especially.
    [ link ] - Ooh, pretty, elegant Ahiru and Fakia dancing in knight and princess costumes and I just... OTP, yes.
    [ link ] - Eeeeee! Fakia and Ahiru and so pretty and pretty colors and he's holding her in his arms and it's a starry night sky and their eyes are just lovely and squee!
    [ link ] - Adorable Tutu fanart with solid lineart and pretty colors and it just looks good.
    [ link ] - Lovely Claire fanart, I really like the watercolors of this one.
    [ link ] - *squees* Oh, man, pretty colors and all about the boy and his duck hugging and I just wibble almost to the point of it being painful. So much love. ♥
    [ link ] - Gorgeous doujinshi cover for Fakia and Ahiru and, omg, there's so many sparkly flowers and wings and stems and petals and hair and there's so much pink and so many sparkles and maybe it shouldn't work, but it's Eugene and it's just beautiful.
    [ link ] - Cute Tutu fanart. :D
    [ link ] - Lovely colored pencil-style Tutu fanart that would make a great poster for the series.

    [ link ] - Really nicely done Sanzo and Hazel black&white.
    [ link ] - Really beautifully drawn Hakkai and chibi!Hakkai.
    [ link ] - Sanzo, Gojyo, and Goku in the jeep, adorably cute.
    [ link ] - I know I've seen this one before, but it's still funny.
    [ link ] - Goku should not be this cute. But, damn, I love the lines and the colors and the way it practically glows.
    [ link ] - SANZO. ♥ Chibi Sanzo with the flat expression on his face and the glasses and I love Sanzo, yes, I do~~
    [ link ] - An interesting take on Konzen, the multiple colors/highlights sort of work for the character, whereas they might not for others, I think.
    [ link ] - ....I'm rather struck by the intensity of this piece of Konzen and Goku, it's... really, really pretty and I love the sharp edges of Goku's ears and hands and teeth as he cries and Konzen holds him.
    [ link ] - Awww! Cute, adorable Saiyuki chibis! ♥
    [ link ] - Okay, doll!Saiyuki characters should not be this cute, but I really sort of love the faces and the almost sprite-like quality... sort of.
    [ link ] - Why are Sanzo-ikkou chibis so cute? WHY?
    [ link ] - I know I've seen this image before, but I don't think I properly linked to it. I really like the layout of this one, the artist manages to make pink work, and Sanzo looks good. I'm good with that. :D
    [ link ] - Sanzo doesn't have the same roughness that I associate with the character here, but... it's pretty art and I like the details of the image, so.

Samurai Champloo:
    [ link ] - Christmas Jin! XD
    [ link ] - Half-naked Jin? With some really nice lines to the face and a pretty drape of cloth? I like a lot.
    [ link ] - *snorks* Poor Jin. But this is a really neat group image, the details on the clothes are really strong, Jin's expression is perfect and I like the OT3ness of the image. :D

Shaman King:
    [ link ] - I really like this one of Ren's back/profile with Bason in the background, the way they're both drawn, the golden colors used for Bason, it looks REALLY good!
    [ link ] - Oh! I love this one! Yoh and Anna back to back at sunset and it's not too sappy, but it's not too harsh, the coloring is great, the expressions on their faces are perfect, and the perspective of the image is just great, too. I love that I didn't even notice they were holding hands until a half a minute later. <3
    [ link ] - I really like this one because it's got some really sharp lines/CG'ing, it's got a great pose that could be an official layout, and because Amidamaru's expression (in little ball form just before going into Oversoul) is great. XD Also, Yoh looks damn good here.
    [ link ] - Nice mellow!Yoh in a window sill at night looking out into the sky. Pretty. :D
    [ link ] - I have a fondness for Yoh and Amidamaru fanart, so I love the glowing effect of this image, the way it lights from underneath, I love the expressions on their faces, too, somehow. <3
    [ link ] - Cute, adorable not-quite-cel-style fanart of Yoh that's sort of simple, but sort of works for that because there's actually some really cool highlighting/shading going on here.
    [ link ] - Very nice group image, there's a lot of detail here, a lot of good coloring (I love earth-tone-ish colors for this series), and the way it's all put together really looks cool!
    [ link ] - Interesting style, semi-realistic, possibly older (?) take on Yoh and I'm just sort of fangirly over the way his hair looks here. XD
    [ link ] - Faust and Eliza that's actually really kinda cool!
    [ link ] - Oh! Oh! Eugene doing fanart of Faust and Eliza and I'm so glad to see this because her style used with Eliza's hair is just wonderful and I love, love the emotion of this piece. *__*
    [ link ] - A nicely done illustration of Yoh and Amidamaru, there's a good amount of detail and the proportions are really strong, I think.
    [ link ] - I feel like I should be going "...." over the pink tinge to Amidamaru's hair, but... the image is just so pretty and the soft, almost pastel colors work so damn well that there's really nothing for me to complain about this image. It's just... so pretty and I love the way the colors work together. *__*
    [ link ] - Holy crap, this is the prettiest Silva fanart I have ever seen.
    [ link ] - There is not enough Yoh & Manta friendship fanart in the world. Nor enough with Anna in the background with the annoyed little tic-mark. XD
    [ link ] - Very nice Hao fanart, it looks almost anime cel-styled... just prettier. Very nice use of deep, rich burnt reds.

Shoujo Kakumei Utena:
    [ link ] - I love this! *squeaks* The colors are gorgeous and the chibis are adorable and eeee! Anthy and Utena! :DDDDD

Skip Beat!:
    Ren/Kyouko kiss at sunset that's really beautiful. From the PS2 game, I take it.
    Another of Ren and Kyouko from her first acting gig, while she's in that pretty kimono.
    Skip Beat! chibis of adorableness.

    [ link ] - There's something about the way this Xellos/Zelgadiss kiss is colored that made me like it. Well, that and Xellos looks properly evil. :D
    [ link ] - .....every time I think I can't be more blown away by Eugene's art, I find myself proven wrong. The level of detail on this is just astounding, from each character being beautifully drawn to the chains holding Xellos down to the stunning wings on Lina to the beautifully crafted background. I just... stare at this thing in awe, it's so pretty.
    [ link ] - ZOMG. Zelgadiss in black and sparklies everywhere and it's drawn by Eugene. Hi. I'll be staring at this for a good five minutes now. (God, I love her colors and lines and OH MY GOD IS HE WEARRING AN EARRING? THAT IS SO PRETTY.)
    [ link ] - And then there's Xellos who is also drawn with these beautiful lines and the flower designs in the shapes of jewels and his expression and, god, I think I'm swooning. How embarassing.
    [ link ] - No matter what she says about her cel-style coloring for this image, it's still a beautiful image, her lines are just incredible and she does the most magnificent sweeps of their capes and I am all over anything she draws with Xellos and Zelgadiss. *__*
    [ link ] - The great thing about this chibi of Lina is that it's both really detailed and beautifully colored. But, then, I like those bright sort of colors, too.
    [ link ] - Have I rec'd this one before? Because I love any time Xellos shoves Zelgadiss down and looks at him with an evil look. XD
    [ link ] - Gorgeous, gorgeous bookmark set of the main characters of Slayers. The detail is just incredible and each one is so beautifully tailored to the characters. Lina's treasure one is just... wow, breath-takingly gorgeous.
    [ link ] - *happy spaz* Omg! Slayers and Harry Potter and Zelgadiss in cloak and tie and Eugene's beautiful coloring and SO PRETTY. *flails*
    [ link ] - Nicely drawn Lina illustration, the colors are just light enough to soften her outfit and the curling ends of her hair are lovely and the bright grin on her face is adorable!
    [ link ] - The comment on this fanart says it better than I ever could: ...I wonder if 1/3 golem chimeras get hickeys.
    [ link ] - Beautiful, beautiful Xellos/Gourry and just... god, I love the jewels and the hair and the beautiful shine to everything and the crystal/ice imprisoning Xellos and Gourry pressing his hands against it and just... wow.
    [ link ] - Gorgeous somber Zelgadiss with a dramatic look and a beautiful use of dark blues and whites and a splash of red. I just love the feel that you get off this one.
    [ link ] - XDDDDDDDDD Slayers fishing! Hee! Plus, as always, Eugene's art, her style and coloring just absolutely stun me. The way she makes the blues of Zelgadiss and purples of Xellos blend together is just... wow. Plus, omg, who nails the Slayers style like she does? *__*
    [ link ] - I really don't know how to describe art like this, the kind that just floors me because it hits something in me that's just... that loves this kind of art, because, god, it's so gorgeous. It helps, of course, that I love Zelgadiss and I love fantasy-style stuff, so the two blend perfectly for me. *happy sigh*
    [ link ] - Very nice Lina and Gourry illustration in yukata and I like it a lot. :D
    [ link ] - Omg! Cute chibi Xellos with lovely coloring and I just want to scoop him up and snuggle him. Even if he'd probably smile and zap me. XD
    [ link ] - Really, really cool Zelgadiss in the middle of casting a spell and there's just something about this one that I can't quite put my finger on, but it's really quite awesome.
    [ link ] - Cute little Lina chibis should not be this detailed or this beautifully colored with those shiny jewel tones I like so much. I love, love, love this one and I love that pinks and oranges and golds can actually look good together like this.
    [ link ] - Lisa Frank!Zelgadiss. My love for this knows no bounds.
    Incredibly gorgeous doujinshi cover in some really fantastic cg.
    Nicely done Mazoku group image.
    Slayers in REBORN! cosplay.
    Lina and Gourry hug with really beautiful cg colors.
    Lina and Gourry almost kiss? Again really pretty cg colors.
    Amelia and Naga with pretty cg colors.
    Gorgeous Amelia in a white dress, I love the long and slender lines of this.
    Lina/Gourry makeouts! o/
    Amelia and Naga, the sisters of Saillune, very cute.
    Lina and Gourry in Hogwarts clothes.
    Lina in a white dress, more long and slender lines that are lovely.
    Naga and Lina in fantasy cosplay.
    Lina kissing Zel's cheek to cheer him up, it looks really nice in full view.
    Filia and kidlet Val with beautiful wings, aww.
    Beautifully colored Lina with a Laguna blade again.
    Lina and Gourry almost kiss against a tree.
    Slayers Vocaloid cosplay! I really like the bright, shiny colors.

Soul Eater:
    Death the Kid in really nice, bright cg colors.
    Really nice Black*Star, Maka, and Kid group image.
    Wow, the details and color use on this Medusa image are fantastic.
    Maka in mid-fight and looking awesome as hell.

Sousei no Aquarion:
    [ link ] - Oh, my god! Sousei no Aquarion fanart! And not only that, it's Touma/Apollo! And it's gorgeous! The colors are just stunning, especially Apollo's hair and, oh, god, the way Apollonius and Touma are in the background is just... oh, my fangirl heart sings.
    [ link ] - Another Aquarion fanart that uses just beautiful shades of red and gold to really capture the style of the series. Plus, omg, so amusing. ♥
    [ link ] - I adore this illustration of Apollo, especially the ton of different shades used on his hair and the way his eyes look. *__*
    [ link ] - B&w Touma illustration that has a pair of beautiful eyes on him and some really nice detail on the hair--I love the way it looks half like feathers.
    [ link ] - *squeaks* Oh, my god! Touma/Apollo fanart! That's beautifully, beautifully drawn with the warm, not quite golden tones, the feel of sunset to the piece, the absolutely fabulous looks on Touma and Apollo's faces, the FEATHERED WINGS, the whole thing is just stunning.

    [ link ] - Ooh, VERY nice Haruka and Kan-chan!
    [ link ] - VERY nice Haruka oekaki.
    [ link ] - ADORABLE Tactics fanart.
    [ link ] - Beautiful Haruka illustration, I love the details on his staff and wings.
    [ link ] - Prettypretty Kan-chan/Haruka!
    [ link ] - Pretty group Tactics illustration.
    [ link ] - Haruka and Kantarou and Sakki making them look gorgeous! I just... I love the way she draws clothes, all the little details on each of them, it makes me just glee over the images. Of course, it also helps that I love the way she draws eyes and hair, too. I swear, those are my three weaknesses when it comes to fanart--eyes, hair, and clothes. No wonder I ♥ Sakki so much.
    [ link ] - Very nicely done, almost painting-like illustration, of Haruka and Kantarou, the colors of which are very nice.
    [ link ] - Really, really hot Haruka fanart with pretty wings and lovely clothes.

Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann:
    Beautiful reds/pinks on this Yoko image.
    Kinda awesome adult Simon and Kamina back to back.
    You know, just when I thought I'd gotten my fill of the stylized art look, along game this Nia image and I was just really charmed by its colors and adorableness.
    And then this Yoko image also came along and really impressed me.
    Super sweet (and pretty) Nia kissing Simon's forehead.
    This Nia image is more warmly colored than the usual cooler tones for her, but I really liked it.
    Another pretty Simon and Nia almost hug.
    Lovely doujinshi-style b&w Simon/Nia.
    Cool Simon with a sword.

Tenjou Tenge:
    [ link ] - Very nice anime-esque fanart of Maya, who... yeah, she's got the giant breasts practically in your face, but that's very much in the style of the art of the series. Plus, I just like the way her eyes are drawn.
    [ link ] - Nicely detailed Maya, I love the flower patterns on her outfit and on the branch she's holding in her hand.
    [ link ] - Nicely done Mitsuomi, the lines of it are really strong and it looks like him and I really like the style used for this one.
    [ link ] - Awesome Shin admist dragons illustration, the pose/layout of this is just so completely cool. *__*
    [ link ] - Very, very pretty Shin and Maya that has so much going on in it and is laid out so well that it's quite reminscent of the official art. :D

Togainu no Chi:
    [ link ] - This is one of the hottest Gunzi fanarts I've ever seen. He's one of those characters that makes bloody claws totally work.

Trinity Blood:
    [ link ] - Really, really pretty TB oekaki, this time of Tres.
    [ link ] - Beautiful Abel oekaki as well.
    [ link ] - Another beautiful Abel illustration.

    [ link ] - PRETTY.
    [ link ] - Gorgeous.

Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE:
    [ link ] - Absolutely adorable kitty!Syaoran+Sakura fanart!
    [ link ] - FYE! OMG, I love Sakki's take on the character, I love the clothes she put on him, I am in love with the expression on his face. And the little clip in his hair. ....and the doggie-thing in his arms. .....and the whole damn thing. *__*
    [ link ] - *squee*squee*SQUEE* I think this may be my favorite TRC fanart just about ever. Partially because it's the TRC version of Seishirou and Subaru, but also because Dian did an awesome job with it--the details of their clothing and accessories, especially Seishirou's pendant that swings down, or the cuffs of Subaru's outfit or the little detail of the fang sticking out of his mouth... well, and let's not forget the lovely ragged cloth that frames the image so well or the fabulous pose of the characters. I could stare at those hands of Seishirou's, supporting Subaru as he's leaned back, just about all day. *__*
    [ link ] - Really, REALLY cute TRC!Sakura and CCS!Sakura--I love the smoothness of the lines and the clean coloring and the very nice CG-style shading. SO CUTE. :D
    [ link ] - Matching Syaoran image to the above Sakura one. The eyes could use a little more definition, but I like the sweep of TRC!Syaoran's cape and it is cute as heck.
    [ link ] - Cute Mokona and Fye illustration. It's totally Fye's expression that makes this. XD
    [ link ] - A really neat take on four of the TRC males, I really like the way the image came together, the way the artist's style works with CLAMP... but mostly because OMG TOUYA SO HOT EEEEEEEEEEE.
    [ link ] - Nice Syaoran illustration and, okay, I'm easy when it comes to dramatic capes. XD
    [ link ] - Oh, god, this is just awesome, the lines and colors are just amazing and it's just... it's so perfectly TRC in all of its batshitness. XD
    [ link ] - ....I have a weakness for sprites, okay? Sakura-hime sprite SO CUTE. XD
    [ link ] - Beautiful, beautiful Fye illustration, the colors and lines of it are just gorgeous and it actually FEELS like CLAMP/TRC.
    [ link ] - I think I just like the design of the dress and the sweep of Sakura's wings here. Oh, and I have a weakness for the colors here, too.
    [ link ] - Nicely detailed Syaoran with his kudan that looks really kinda cool.
    [ link ] - There's something about this one that I like, which may just be the clothes, they have a really good... I dunno, swoop? to them.
    [ link ] - Adorable and lovely Fye and Chii illustration. I just adore the way Fye's hair and eyes glow, as well as the way Chii is just so cute.
    [ link ] - The eyes in this illustration are really pretty, they have that jewel-like glow that I'm so terribly easy when it comes to. XD;;
    [ link ] - *wibbles* Lovely Syaoran holding Sakura and I'm utterly in love with the style of their outfits, the little tattered edges or the pretty length of her feet. Plus. You know. Syaoran holding Sakura = goopy warmth.
    [ link ] - Beautiful, beautiful Fye with Chii, I love the lines of their bodies and her long locks of hair and the soft, yellow and pink coloring that works so well for them here. *__*
    [ link ] - Just... wow, the detail on this is incredible. In a way, it vaguely reminds me of CLAMP's older style, but not quite... there's something really painting-like about this, whether it's the fabulous use of oranges and greens or if it's the level of detail or just that the artist's style is so distinctive... whatever it is, this is really cool.
    [ link ] - Ooh, very, very pretty Syaoran and Sakura in a style that I don't see very often, but I love the muted colors and the smooth lines of this one.
    [ link ] - Really, really nice Syaoran and Syaroan-inna-bottle back to back and tied at the wrist here. The imagery is really neat, but it's more that, you know, Syaoran's really kinda hot now.
    [ link ] - Pretty Fai (with Mokona) illustration and he's just chibi enough to be cute as hell, but just normal enough to still be kinda hot. And I love the way the artist draws his coat.
    [ link ] - Very cute and pretty Sakura fanart, I like all the detail around her hair and face. :D
    [ link ] - Awww! Cute Syaoran/Sakura v-day sweetness with lots of warm pinks and reds. They're good colors for them.
    [ link ] - A gorgeous, gorgeous one of Fai and his kudan. The colors are terrific and the expression is very, very... Fai.
    [ link ] - TRC!Ashura looking gorgeous, the details and color on this are just... I mean, I half didn't know if it was original art from the manga itself. It's seriously one of the best fanarts I've ever seen for this fandom.
    [ link ] - These two aren't my pairing, but even I have to admit when KuroFai fanart is really, really pretty. <3 And there's something about this that's just... really neat.
    [ link ] - Pretty Sakura and Syaoran art, I love the detail to Sakura's beautiful dress and there's something about the inking that I really love.
    [ link ] - Very, very pretty b&w image of Fye and Chii, very reminscent of CLAMP's artwork.
    [ link ] - Nicely done fanart of Fye and Yukito from TRC. The detail on their staffs is really, really nice.
    [ link ] - Kurogane and Touya this time, again their staffs and clothes look really great.
    [ link ] - Fye and Ashura, the magic looks really beautiful in this one.
    [ link ] - Ooh, the heavy lines on this Syaoran/Sakura image look really cool, it makes the outfits look really neat.
    [ link ] - Very cute, very pretty, very soft Syaoran and Sakura.
    [ link ] - Lovely fanart of Syaoran and Sakura, the details on Sakura's clothes alone (well, and the pretty colors) make this a great piece.

Vampire Knight:
    VK isn't a series I really think of as needing a whole lot of fanart... and then I come across beautifully done Kaname/Yuuki/Zero art like this. orz
    Yuuki feeding off Zero.
    Gorgeous Zero feeding from Kaname image with amazing details and color.
    Beautiful Zero watching over a sleeping Yuuki image.
    Zero pulling Yuuki close.

Vagrant Story:
    [ link ] - ....ahahaha, you know what I just realized? That this whole artbits rec thing gives me a chance to squee over Sakki's art on a more regular basis. Because she drew Sydney. OMG, SYDNEY. He. Looks. Gorgeous. I'm seriously fangirling over here in the corner, so I can't offer anything in the way of insightful comments. Live with the squee.

Weiss Kreuz:
    [ link ] - I've always liked seeing Dian draw the Schwarz characters, but she really knocked this Schuldich image out of the park. His face looks fabulous, the shiny coloring on his hair makes it look so soft, and, omg his eyes! Plus, I ♥ the toast.
    [ link ] - Aya and Ken! And STUDYING! ♥ I really, really love the eyes of this image, the colors used for Aya's eyes, the colors used for both his and Ken's hair, the details of the book, it's just... so neat! :D :D :D
    [ link ] - Dian really put a lot of detail into this image and it shows, I think. Schuldich looks especially good, but the way the whole image came together, all the little details of each character, they way they're interesting seperately, but make an even better whole? Yeah, I really like that.
    [ link ] -'s the way Schuldich's orange hair sets off the vibrant blue of his eyes and sunglasses that made me like this image so much, I suspect.
    [ link ] - I am always up for a good oekaki of Crawford kissing the hell out of Schuldich. ♥
    [ link ] - I... I... I love Di-chan. She does the best WK fanart, seriously. Her coloring is just beautiful, but, god, the expression on Schuldich's face or the little bits of humor or the dead!chibi... just fantastic.
    [ link ] - THE EXPRESSIONS. Oh, god, the expression on Weiss' face or the little chibi Schuldich... just... I crack up every time somehow.
    [ link ] - God, Di-chan is going to drag me back into WK, I can just feel it. Not since her Tatari smoochy face fanart have I been so enamored with something she's drawn, it's just... her Schuldich and Crawford aren't just funny or amusing, they're gorgeous. Schuldich's hair is beautiful, Crawford's eyes are beautiful, the white suits are beautiful, just... WOW.
    [ link ] - God, Aya is just gorgeous in this image, I love the soft feel of the piece, that Ken is in the background is even better, and the whole thing is just... hee. XD
    [ link ] - Sleepy RanKen chibis! Awwww. XD

Wolf's Rain:
    [ link ] - Tsume and Toboe and I just... *wibbles*... T___T
    [ link ] - ......aww, wolf kick/kiss on the ear. SO CUTE. XD
    [ link ] - More wolf form fanart for the series, this time Kiba and Darcia fighting each other and I really like the way this one looks.
    [ link ] - A nice, quiet Tsume/Toboe fanart and I really love the way Toboe fits right into his arms here.

X/Tokyo Babylon:
    [ link ] - Ooh, ooh, Kamui and Fuuma with the delicate lines to their clothes and faces and hair and even the wind swirls in the background! It actually looks/feels like a CLAMP-style image, too, I wouldn't have been surprised if this had been based on one of their images in the first place.
    [ link ] - Woooow. What a beautiful Kamui, the lines of his face and hair are just so detailed here--hell, the coloring of his hair here? Pretty, I love all the shades that actually blend well together.
    [ link ] - I really love seeing Dian do pretty much anything CLAMP, but X will always hold a special place for me, because Di-chan does CLAMP eyes just so damned well. And smoke trails! And the sense of tragedy that practically wafts off Subaru here.
    [ link ] - Gorgeous Fuuma vs Kamui with the Shinken (which are wonderfully detailed) in Chinese-style clothing. I love.
    [ link ] - Really nice Kamui illustration, I love the sharp blue-purple of his eyes and the shine of his hair and the nice use of colors.
    [ link ] - Gorgeous Fuuma, the blood splatters and beautiful golden eyes, and omg Fuuma in a suit. *__*
    [ link ] - And the third one by the artist, this time of Subaru and I love the soft tans and blacks and Seishirou in the background.
    [ link ] - This is a really, really nice eyeballing of the original manga image and then a beautiful coloring of it. I've always rather liked this image of Kamui with bat wings and suspended with strings.
    [ link ] - This time it's an image of Subaru and Seishirou their meeting on Rainbow Bridge and, man, the sense of motion around the sakura petals between them is just fantastic.
    [ link ] - I think what I really like about this one is the use of so many dark tones and shading and shadows so that Subaru's one bright eye just about glows.
    [ link ] - Really, really nice fanart of Kamui in mid-attack that looks so good it could almost be mistaken for CLAMP artwork.
    [ link ] - A doujinshi-like poster/pin-up page of Kamui (who looks older, actually) and it just looks really kickass. Like it really could have come straight out of a doujinshi or manga, since it's so... solid.
    [ link ] - SxS fan-comic that has really pretty shading and, asdflkjalfdss, the look on Subaru's face just completely floors me.
    [ link ] - Wow, beautiful fanart of Subaru in his robes and with a Shikigami on his hand. Gorgeous, really.
    [ link ] - Beautifully done Seishirou fanart to go along with the Subaru one above and I still looooooove that kimono. ♥
    [ link ] - It's amazing how gay Seishirou can be and still so dangerous and hot and gorgeous. *_*
    [ link ] - I really like the coloring, Subaru's eye is such a vivid green here, but it's also the creepy intimacy with Seishirou here that I love.
    [ link ] - Beautiful Hinoto fanart that just about glows.

    [ link ] - Dian's art has always been fantastic, but this image? God, this is the kind of image that just so nails the XXXholic style, mood, humor, wackiness that it could damn near have been official art. Her Yuuko is just... omg, perfect and the way she arranged the other characters is brilliant and the details of the clothes and the uses of color... seriously, one of her best, like, ever. ZOMG. ♥
    [ link ] - Di-chan has always done really, really fabulous XXXholic fanart, I'd love to see her do more and this earlier piece of Yuuko shows why. The style of it, the way Yuuko's dress matches the stars outside, the way her hair piles across her lap, it's just so good.
    [ link ] - Another really excellent Yuuko from Dian, the lines, the use of color, the details, the pose, the atmosphere even as Yuuko does something so simple as hold up a teapot... just... eeee! And I love her dress. So much.
    [ link ] - Eeeeee! Look what Di-chan drew for me! CLOW AND YUUKO! And, man, there is a ton of detail on this and the colors she chose work so well together and, seriously, look at Yuuko's skirt, it's gorgeous and absolutely right for her and, okay, I'm totally spazzing because it's Clow/Yuuko touchies. ♥ She's sitting on his lap. I love.
    [ link ] - I think I may have mentioned this Yuuko one before? If not, it's just somehow really lovely, I love how young she looks, how soft and gentle, while still Yuuko.
    [ link ] - I'm generally not that big on AUs, but the art for this one is just so damned pretty and Yuuko looks absolutely amazing and, damn, if it doesn't somehow work.
    [ link ] - I really like the way the artist used the colors in this one and the nice print on Yuuko's dress and the butterflies. :D
    [ link ] - Oh, man, this is a pretty Himawari-chan fanart, the hair streaming out behind her, the cheerful expression on her face, the soft red colors, all of it is so pretty.
    [ link ] - Watanuki and a butterfly and a spiderweb! ....I really like the symbolism, I think. XD
    [ link ] - Doumeki and Watanuki in really detailed clothing that's kinda cool.
    [ link ] - Wow, gorgeously detailed Yuuko, so much with the perfect exotic dress and hair style and expression for her in this almost sepia-toned image, that I could have almost taken it for CLAMP art itself.
    [ link ] - Whoa, very hot Yuuko in a red and black dress, the simple, bold colors of this one make it really stand out.

Yami no Matsuei:
    [ link ] - Hisoka waking up to a room drenched in the light of a dark red moon, with a gorgeous, creepy view of the crescent moon straight out his window? So atmospheric and pretty. *___*
    [ link ] - I love the use of the purple color here, in Tsuzuki's eyes, umbrella, and shirt, it manages to be beautiful instead of overwhelming, given the way the shades of blue and white offset it so well. And then there's the clothes and my mad love for the umbrella and--*is shot*
    [ link ] - This? Is an awesome Muraki/Hisoka fanart. Part of it is that the characters look fabulous (and, omg, I love how hot Muraki looks here, his eyes are just... beautiful), but it's also the way Hisoka is tucked into the crook of his arm and the gorgeous use of the moon and sakura petals and imagery here. Every time I see this one, I love it just as much as the last time I saw it.
    [ link ] - Hisoka all tied up in ribbons! How could I not love? Especially with the way I like Dian's use of light, airy colors with it.
    [ link ] - OMG, chibi Muraki! Who is evil, creepy, and cute at the same time.
    [ link ] - WOW, beautiful, beautiful Tsuzuki. Like, this could have been straight from the anime staff, it's so beautifully done. *__*
    [ link ] - Another beautifully done Tsuzuki, this time with a red-moon background that's just beautifully done and just... woooow.
    [ link ] - Beautiful Tsuzuki with black wings and a large full moon in the background.
    [ link ] - Oh, wow, beautiful Tsuzuki and Ruka fanart. The details are amazing, the wooden doors, their clothes, their hair, and it's marvelous how similar they look.
    [ link ] - Pretty Tsuzuki and Hisoka in the grass, the bright colors are nice.

    [ link ] - Soft, gently colored Yugi fanart that I rather like.
    [ link ] - Cel-style illustration of Yami no Yuugi and it looks very much like the anime style, very professional.
    [ link ] - I really like the colors of this Kaiba illustration, the various shades of blue against the blacks and whites of his outfit look good.
    [ link ] - Awwww, really cute chibis of Kaiba and Yuugi, with bedtime stories. This shouldn't be as cute as it is, but....
    [ link ] - I have a strong fondness for b&w with strong tones like in doujinshi, especially if the artist can add just a splash of color to really bring the whole thing to life. Yuugi looks fantastic here.
    [ link ] - The colored version of the above, this time with Kaiba added in and it's not just that this is the pairing I lean towards with the series (I'm not sure if I pair them yet or just like gen interaction, though) and it looks really great.
    [ link ] - Neat bromide-like illustration with Kaiba and Yami no Yuugi in regular clothes and they look very cool!
    [ link ] - ....okay. Kaiba and Yami no Yuugi in leather. Really, that's all I needed. *_*
    [ link ] - Really nicely detailed illustration of Pharaoh Atemu and Priest Seth. Seriously, their outfits look just terrific.
    [ link ] - Pretty Bakura illustration with soft, pretty colors, almost like colored pencils?
    [ link ] - B&w Kaiba illustration that's really quite good. I love his hair and eyes... but, yeah, okay, the puppy on his chest as he's reading got to me, too.
    [ link ] - Very nice cel-style art of Kaiba and Yugi.

Yuu Yuu Hakusho:
    [ link ] - I really have a soft spot for that style of CG that reminds me of BL games, the kind that makes everything look jewel-toned. Plus, OMG, I love Kurama's hair and eyes here.
    [ link ] - Another one of Kurama with all that pretty, beautiful, gorgeously highlighted hair that sets off the green eyes the way it should.
    [ link ] - Have I mentioned yet that I am weak to the Kurama fanart?
    [ link ] - Kurama with a youko plush! XD
    [ link ] - Eeeee! Hiei and Yukina! I love the way the artist mixes their fire and ice theme, too. ♥
    [ link ] - Another lovely Kurama illustration, just a hint of youko showing without being terribly obvious, and I adore the coloring, of course. <3
    [ link ] - A gorgeous, beautifully shaded Youko Kurama that just gets prettier every time I look at it.
    FANTASTIC HxH and YYH crossover group image.
    Beautiful youko Kurama... and chibi. <3
    The uses of blue and cg style in this youko Kurama and Kuronue image are incredible.
    Another gorgeous image, with Kuroro and youko Kurama.
    More cg art for youko Kurama, which really suits the character very well.
    Pretty youko Kurama in the water.

The Authority:
    [ link ] - Some very cool Apollo sketches, I'm just somehow rather fond of the style used here.

Xiaolin Showdown:
    [ link ] - God, I'll never get tired of good-natured poking at Jack Spicer. Or Captain Planet jokes.
    [ link ] - This is an awesome fanart of Jack and Omi in the middle of a showdown. The perspective and colors and stylizing of it are great.

The Nightmare Before Christmas:
    Very nicely done image of Sally walking alonside a black cat.
    Jack and Sally under the mistletoe, which would have been nice just for the OTP, but it's also really pretty.
    Walking along the pathway with Jack and Sally again, very nice.
    Sally surrounded by gray flowers, which captures a lot about her character.
    Jack and Sally together, aww.
    Jack and Sally on a midnight stroll, and yes I think there was a theme to my recs here. 6__6

    [ link ] - Who cares if you don't know who they are, they're pretty! XD

Star Trek:
    This Kirk image is one of the ones that made me cave into looking at Trek art on devART, it captures Chris Pine's Kirk so very well.
    The mind-meld from the movie, with soft, nice colors.
    Chekov and Spock discuss, Kirk has the best expression ever in the background. XD
    One of the better pieces of Spock/Uhura out there.
    Adorable Kirk/Spock with a bunch of little mini Spock doodles that are all Kirk's.
    Stylized version of the new Trek cast is really cute.
    Chekov running headlong into Sulu is great and the art looks fantastic as all get out.
    Little Spock and little Uhura from the new Trek watching the stars, it's really adorable.
    Another Kirk/Spock image that has some lovely colors.
    Spock has dignity, you jerks. Also, Kirk! <3
    Young Spock sketch that's simple, but really lovely.
    A series of sketches of various characters, I really liked this.
    This Kirk/Spock doujinshi cover is kind of great. The chibis on the back! XD
    The sharp contrasts on this b&w Kirk/Spock image are great.
    Young Kirk and Spock are adorable, their lines are just super cute.
    The Yellow shirts! They're adorable!
    Chekov and Chekov and Tribbles adorableness.
    Chibi Spock is kind of ridiculously cute.

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