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    [ link ] - Really lovely Okami/other fanart and I really love the pretty lineart of this one. <3
    [ link ] - Lovely art of Amaterasu fighting Waka, I love the painting feel of this one.
    [ link ] - Another pretty one of Amaterasu with an ink brush tail that I liked.
    [ link ] - Waka fanart! And I love the way his face looks and the colors and just... it's really cool.
    [ link ] - Another Waka fanart and I love the expression on his face that is either... totally smug or half stoned or possibly both. XD
    [ link ] - Gorgeous, gorgeously drawn and colored fanart of Amaterasu and the other gods. Just... wow, so so pretty.
    [ link ] - OMFG, this fanart of the gods is fantastic, the detail put into this is really impressive.
    [ link ] - More pretty Waka fanart, I especially like the way his face looks.
    [ link ] - Realistic-style Amaterasu wolf with the red markings and I like how cool this came out ot be.
    [ link ] - More painting-style art of Amaterasu that's wonderfully reminiscent of the game itself.
    [ link ] - Light, airy, pretty fanart of Amaterasu and friends.
    [ link ] - Adorable, adorable Okami fanart.
    [ link ] - Nice, clean fanart of Ammy.
    [ link ] - More pretty Amaterasu fanart and I love the way the inking/style mirrors the game so well.
    [ link ] - Very awesome possible human!Ammy with some great detail and she is totally a hot chick. <3
    [ link ] - I never get tired of fanart like this, Amaterasu vs Waka and it just... it's so pretty and captures the feel of the game art and I don't want this game to ever end. *_*
    [ link ] - Another fanart with a really nice drawing of Amaterasu's tail as the brush and she's wearing a Rosary (♥) and it just looks really cool.
    [ link ] - More Waka fanart and I like the... *waves hand* smug pretty boy look of this one.
    [ link ] - OMFG, this is a gorgeous Amaterasu image with Solar Flare looking amazing.
    [ link ] - More totally awesome fanart, this time a collage of Ninetails and she looks awesome.
    [ link ] - Human version of Amaterasu, except done in the way the game characters look and afs;dljkasdflkjads beautiful.
    [ link ] - This one is really quite detailed in full-view, an awesome illustration of the fight with Ninetails., especially the way her tails look. *__*
    [ link ] - I... I... I'm sorry, I can't say anything about this Waka/Amaterasu image because I am currently a puddle on the floor that isn't able to do much more than burble happily.
    [ link ] - Holy crap, this is an awesome fanart of wolf!Oki. *_*
    [ link ] - Simple, but quietly pretty Waka fanart, I like the colors of feel of this one.

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