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VOCALOID - Unsorted:
    Lovely image of the twins done in a light, airy style.
    Miku not quite holding her hand out and asking him not to go, in a light, airy image.
    Another fantastic piece from this artist, with older and younger versions of Rin together and I still love the reactor-based images.
    Awesome image of BRS and Dead Master especially the way they're quietly sitting back to back.
    Slightly stylized version of Black Rock Shooter looks really cool here, too!
    Miku and her truly epic hair and kind of sly expression here look great.
    Kaito with a mini Miku as she's totally lecturing him and asd;lfkjaslk so cute!

    I'm definitely still a sucker for pretty colors like this one of Miku.
    Miku's hair is still totally pretty here.
    Miku in (as the artist says) art nouveau style is really lovely, I love her dress.
    Pretty use of greens and pinks for Miku's hair here.
    Image of Miku in wintertime is beautiful.
    Miku with a bird in her hand, which is lovely.
    Miku in a pretty sundress and done in lovely, soft colors.
    Love is War Miku looks gorgeous.
    Miku in a cute red and white outfit with her totally epic hair flying around her.
    This image of Miku in a bookmark style has some very vivid coloring.
    CG Miku that's a bit on the simple side but is still really darn cute.

VOCALOID - Rin & Len:
    I've had similar thoughts, to wonder what Black Rock Shooter versions of Rin and Len would look like, I like the artist's take here.
    Rin with gorgeous colors and that semi-formal dress of hers that I love.
    The Story of Evil - Rin and Len looks really pretty.
    Rin character portrait that has some nice, bright, almost glowing colors to it.

    Pretty image of Luka with soft, pastel colors.
    Cute image of Luka surrounded by music.
    Beautiful version of Luka this time in wintertime.
    I think I just really like Luka's hair and clothes here.
    I'm really fond of the way this one of Luka looks in full view, there's something dreamy about it that I really liked.
    Beautiful image focused on Luka again, I really like the CG of this.
    Sandplay of the Dragon Luka image that's just gorgeous, too.

VOCALOID - Black Rock Shooter:
    Black Rock Shooter laying back against the tiled floor.
    I don't normally associate her with sort of pastel colors, but this BRS image is beautiful.
    Really kind of adorable little chibi Black Rock Shooter keychain-like image.
    More pretty colors on Black Rock Shooter and I love her dress here.
    I really like the clean, glossy lines and colors of Black Rock Shooter here.
    Almost purely b&w except for the blue fire across her eye, nice.
    Slick, glossy lines and blue lightning for BRS? Do want.
    This image of Black Rock Shooter is a little stylized but I think it still looks really nice.
    Black Rock Shooter in manga style really kind of makes me pine for actual canon for this series.
    A little less anime-esque than usual, but I think that makes this Black Rock Shooter image stand out nicely.
    Black Rock Shooter on her bike.
    I really kinda like the perspective on this one of Black Rock Shooter again.
    Chibi Black Rock Shooter rocking out on the guitar.
    I'm just fond of the really intense look on her face.
    Beautiful use of blues and blacks on the image of her here.
    I'm seriously weak to the colors and clean lines of this BRS image.
    The blue fire (energy? whatever it is) across her eye here looks nice.
    More gorgeous coloring on Black Rock Shooter against a tile background.
    A fanart version of that statuette of Black Rock Shooter that's going to be released, which is beautiful.
    Black Rock Shooter standing on a pile of skulls and chains with some awesome detail and coloring.
    Black Rock Shooter in the middle of the city, very pretty.
    Another nice image of Black Rock Shooter with the usual colors and chains and weapons.
    Beautiful uses of black, blue, and white again, I love BRS art like this. *__*
    Black Rock Shooter rising up and used with all these different shades of blue that look fantastic.
    Solidly done Black Rock Shooter image.
    This image has some nice color highlights, but mostly just somehow manages to look kinda cool.

VOCALOID - Other characters:
    Naked Kaito lounging in an ice cream tub.
    Haihahaini Kaito that looks amazing, wow.

VOCALOID - Other pairs & duos:
    I really, really liked the lineart on this image of Miku and Luka, I think I could maybe ship that.
    Another cute image of Luka and Miku with bright colors.
    Beautiful image of Gakupoid and Luka back to back against the sky.
    Oh, this is some lovely use of pinks and blues and butterfly wings and headphones with Miku and Luka.
    Oh, man, pretty, vivid, glowing colors like these on Miku and Rin are my favorite.
    Kaito/Miku in formal clothes as they kneel together on stairs.
    LUKA DOES NOT WANT OKAY, which is a totally cute image of her trying to push an overly friendly Miku off her.

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