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- Eyeshield 21 - HALmonia [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - This was one of the first Eyeshield 21 sites that I happened to stumble over and it definitely softened me up on the idea of Hiruma/Sena because the artist did these really great sketch-like line art illustrations that she softened up so they looked really pretty and... mm, romantic isn't the word I'm looking for, but something like it. And she really does have terrific lineart, a great sense for proportions with some of her early sketches... and, okay, I was won over by the pretty b&w comic towards the very bottom. Not all of her oekaki art does it for me, but just enough of it did that I had to rec the site. ♥ (Hiruma/Shin.)

- Eyeshield 21 - gouten [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I'd been sort of waffling back and forth on the idea of Hiruma/Sena up until this point, because... yeah, I know, it seemed like yaoi for the sake of finding it anywhere in the series... but then I hit this site and it's just... okay, Sena's a little smaller than he maybe should be sometimes, but the artist so beautifully captures what I would want out of the pairing that I was just completely and utterly won over. I LOVE the art here because you can just tell how batshit insane Hiruma is, how put-upon Sena is, and the style actually really vibes well with the manga. The way the artist does a sort of sketchy quality to the illustrations reminds me of the vibe of the original manga and her poses/concepts are fantastic. Just... this is the kind of site that convinced me. There were SO MANY illustrations that I could have pointed out that were just fantastic, but the ones of Hiruma yanking Sena close while they slept or just layed down... bwahahaha, PERFECT. Oh? And? The one where Keroberos is about to rip Sena to shreds while Hiruma is annoyed on the couch (because Sena is crashing into him)? GENIUS. ....I am inocherent with the love for this site. ♥ ♥ ♥ (Hiruma/Sena.)

- Eyeshield 21 - Room 121 [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - This is one of those sites that's just... it's solid and there were just enough illustrations on it that I found I really kind of liked it. Part of it is that the artist's Hiruma is really solid, she uses that slightly sketch-like quality that really WORKS with this manga, but part of it is that her Hiruma/Sena is that... odd combination between cute and hysterical that these two really ought to have. Just... fun, you know? XD (Hiruma/Sena.)

- Eyeshield 21 - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - This was one of those sites that... the artist is really talented overall and I liked everything I saw... but there were, like, five illustrations that just nailed the mark of being exactly what I wanted out of Eyeshield 21 fanart, in that they were sweet shounen-ai fun and just so pretty. The artist really does well with her colors, making them look nicely rich and detailed, but when she's on the ball with Hiruma? He actually looks DAMN good. And her Sena is so adorable, just perfect for the character. (There's this one illustration in the 'thanks' section with Hiruma and Sena out on a cold night, Hiruma with a cranky expression as he yanks Sena closer that's just... man, it looks good. The lines/inking is just great and the colors really suit the image well. ....err, yes, just go see it.) So the whole site winds up being one of those that hits the right spot with me and puts a smile on my face. (Some Hiruma/Sena.)

- Eyeshield 21 - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I rec this site for a couple of reasons--one, I had fun going through the galleries and looking at the Shin/Sakuraba and Hiruma/Sena and other shounen-ai friendly art. Two, becasue some of the more recent Hiruma/Sena illustrations are nice (and I admit to being a dippy fangirl and cooing over the one of them in full football gear hugging or the one of them in the grass with Hiruma's head in Sena's lap). And, three, because the art is really kinda nice. It's not normally my favorite style, but I've come to appreciate it. The artist's colors are especially nice and her lines really have a good amount of detail to them in the later illustrations. So, just a nice site with the characters I like, I can't ask for more than that. ^_~ (Some Shin/Sakuraba, some Hiruma/Sena, some other shounen ai.)

- Eyeshield 21 - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I love this artist's proper illustrations (versus sketches or oekaki or whatever), they have all this really great detail to them and the Hiruma/Sena ones all seem to have this sort of golden glow about them that should feel off or something, but... instead I wind up going, "Oooh, pretty! *__*" instead. But I also love the oekaki of them sleeping on the couch together, Hiruma oddly relaxed and Sena practically scrunching his face up. XD And the regular gallery is really nice, too--what I love most about the artist's style is that she uses a lot of colors, to really give the images a rich feel, especially when you look at their hair, which have all these great highlights in them. Oh, and also that the artist manages to retain that Eyeshield 21 sense of humor that amuses me so much. And! And! Really nicely drawn and shaded comics, too! Hiruma looks great in them, such good lines for him. *__* So much art on this site that just made me burbble happily and glow, especially the Hiruma/Sena kisses stuff. ♥ (Hiruma/Sena.)

- Eyeshield 21 - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - So Vikki wrote ES21 fic recently, which has put me back in the mood for the series and considering that I'm out of manga and there's not much other fic out there, I have turned my attention back to fanart. Surprisingly, this is one of the first sites I found today and I'm absolutely delighted by it because the artist does a fantastic job with the characters, just feeds right into that love I have for the characters. Her lines are really good and there are a handful of illustrations that have just the most fantastic detail--the one of Hiruma and Sena where Sena's wearing these red and white skates? Amazing detail to the clothes and skates. But then you've got the chibis every third illustration or so (including a fanart of Sakuraba and Shin as chibis that was just fabulous in both the lines and the cuteness of it, I totally melted) and the kind of colors that I can't help loving, the kind that are almost bright and soft, but not quite, yet beautifully shaded. And did I mention the fabulous lines? Because they just make the art. Plus, any site that has a Hiruma/Sena bathtub illustration or chibi-esque Hiruma with bat wings or Hiruma-and-Sena football-and-guns illustrations? Makes my moring. >D (Hiruma/Sena.)

- Eyeshield 21 - Beans, Beans, bee [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I sat on the fence over this one for a little bit, leaning towards rec'ing it when I hit the second to last one in the first row of the image gallery. Hello hot!Hiruma! *___* Demon being summoned with bat wings and a tattoo on his arm, yes, you have hit my fangirl kink and I thank you greatly for it. *___* That one was far and away my favorite of the site, but the others were at least worth clicking on, I think, the artist really does have skill with her illustrations and her coloring looked very nice and there was a CHIBI SENA SITTING ON TOP OF AN ANNOYED HIRUMA'S HEAD. Ooh, and HarryPotter!Sena! XD But my other favorite was the one I dubbed, "Hiruma + Guns + Sena practically in his lap + Looking kind of freaked out = love." that I obviously kinda liked. And that's what this site was, a lot of fun little illustrations here and there, enough to get me going with ES21 again this morning. ♥ (Hiruma/Sena.)

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