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- Eyeshield 21 - S*SPECTRE [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I think I've rec'd this site before for the Zoro/Sanji fanart, but now I'm putting it into the Eyeshield 21 section as well~ I wound up just being so damned impressed by this site because the artist is really good--her lines are fantastic, her colors are fantastic, her inking is totally fantastic, and some of them look just absolutely top-notch. The group illustration of everyone out in the field, Sena with a four-leaf clover, Hiruma with his big-ass gun and evil grin, Mamori with the flowers in her hair, the players frolicing in the background... it was all such beautiful batshit behavior and so PRETTY that I fell in love. Also, the ones of Shin and Sakuraba were beautifully drawn as well and just... yeah, all around great art. I had much fun. (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Eyeshield 21 - Lobster Kick [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Wow, this artist's art is actually really pretty impressive--the third illustration down from the top in the Eyeshield 21 section is this one of Hiruma doing the >_> look while in full football gear and it's just... it's REALLY GOOD, I love the colors, I love the lines, I love the shading, it all came together to give the image a very lush look. And... hell, the artist is good enough to make me still fawn over pairings that wouldn't normally be my thing (Shin/Hiruma made me blink a lot, but... damn, if it isn't beautiful), because her lines are often just flat-out fantastic and her colors amazing and I am in LOVE with Hiruma's hair, because it seems to always look so richly detailed. Just... it's one of those sites that won me over even when the content wasn't my thing, so I have to really think highly of the art for that. ^_~ (Just about everyone/Hiruma, lots of shounen-ai.)

- Eyeshield 21 - Binary 5 [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - There's an illustration on this site that is utterly, utterly gorgeous and I'm not even sure I could begin to describe the style, just... the lines and colors are amazing, it still somehow keeps the Eyeshield 21 style and designs, but is so beautiful, the way Shin is leaning over Sakuraba, about to kiss him. The detail on Sakuraba's hair is incredible and they're both utterly gorgeous and the intimacy of the picture is amazing and the folds of Sakuraba's shirt are amazing and just... yes, the site is worth visiting for that illustration alone. However, the entire site is good--strong lines, subtle colors, recognizable characters/style, really fantastic group illustrations, especially the two different ones of Hiruma, Sena, Shin, and Sakuraba. There's also a good chunk of nice oekaki--I really, really liked the ones of Shin and Sakuraba in knightly gear, they looked very cool. Very, very nice site. (Some Shin/Sakuraba, some other shounen-ai.)

- Eyeshield 21 - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I rec this site for a couple of reasons--one, I had fun going through the galleries and looking at the Shin/Sakuraba and Hiruma/Sena and other shounen-ai friendly art. Two, becasue some of the more recent Hiruma/Sena illustrations are nice (and I admit to being a dippy fangirl and cooing over the one of them in full football gear hugging or the one of them in the grass with Hiruma's head in Sena's lap). And, three, because the art is really kinda nice. It's not normally my favorite style, but I've come to appreciate it. The artist's colors are especially nice and her lines really have a good amount of detail to them in the later illustrations. So, just a nice site with the characters I like, I can't ask for more than that. ^_~ (Some Shin/Sakuraba, some Hiruma/Sena, some other shounen ai.)

- Eyeshield 21/Naruto - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I wasn't immediately blown away by this artist, while I was going through the early ES21 fanart, it was solid, showing a lot of potential, but not quite there yet. But about a dozen links into the site, the artist's style suddenly got kinda hot! And maybe it still occasionally lapsed into cute a few times, but for the most part? Yes. CG-style art that does it for me. The group illustrations are really kind of fantastic, too! The Naruto art is in a similar vein--it's often cutesy, but I like the bright colors and the adorableness, so it all works out for me. And, hey, team 7 art is rare enough that it's a treat to find it here. :D (No warnings/pairings.)

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