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- Eyeshield 21 - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I must have spend about 45 minutes floating around various sites to find this one again, because I kept seeing it when I was looking for Naruto art and always wondered who the guys were on the top illustration. And now that I've read Eyeshield 21, I get it. The art is really quite pretty here, the artist has such a fantastic sense for colors and such a solid style with her lineart that her Shin is utterly gorgeous. Her Shin in the knight's oufit? OMG SO BEAUTIFULLY DRAWN. I'm not sure I quite agree on the characterization, but I can't fault her beautiful illustrations that make me go *__*. (Sakuraba/Shin. Yeah. In that order.)

- Prince of Tennis/Eyeshield 21 - Blue Blue Heaven [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - So this site answers a question I'd been pondering for awhile: "Will I ever rec a site just for one image, if I really, really like that one image?" And, apparently, the answer is: Yes. Yes, I will. Okay, technically, there's more than just the one illustration on the site (including the current top illustration with Tezuka and Atobe riding a motorcycle), but it's really that image of Tezuka reading on the couch with Atobe flopped over his lap with an, "I'm so bored. Entertain me now?" look on his face that's just both SO PERFECT and SO PRETTY that I had to rec this site. It's just... the colors and the style is something I really love, that style that almost looks like a cross between an oil paiting and a watercolor painting that I don't have a better way to describe. Just... I love those softer, lighter colors, I love the expressions on their faces, and it's just everything I want in a Zukatobe fanart. All hail the ZukaAto webring for bringing it to me~! \o/ ....oh, and I like the Eyeshield 21 fanart (which I include in this rec to make myself feel a little less guilty), some very cute Shin/Sakuraba and one really PRETTY Shin illustration that was my favorite E21 image on the site. *luffs* (Tezuka/Atobe and Shin/Sakuraba.)

- Eyeshield 21 - Gindama Explorer [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I really kinda liked this artist for three reasons--one, her Sakuraba is quite nice, the colors and details on him showing that she's really fond of the character. His hair and eyes are especially noticable, very pretty and drawn perfectly. Two, her Shin/Sakuraba illustrations are really cute and just made me sparkle over them. Three, if you can find it, she also draws smut that's nice. I wouldn't have put the art down as actual shounen ai if I hadn't found that gallery, but after seeing it... well, you could still take the gallery proper as more gen-ish than anything, but I really like the smutty oekaki. But I also like the gen stuff, too, especially the one group image of most of the major characters--Hiruma in the background with his gun is great. XD (Shin/Sakuraba.)

- Eyeshield 21 - Binary 5 [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - There's an illustration on this site that is utterly, utterly gorgeous and I'm not even sure I could begin to describe the style, just... the lines and colors are amazing, it still somehow keeps the Eyeshield 21 style and designs, but is so beautiful, the way Shin is leaning over Sakuraba, about to kiss him. The detail on Sakuraba's hair is incredible and they're both utterly gorgeous and the intimacy of the picture is amazing and the folds of Sakuraba's shirt are amazing and just... yes, the site is worth visiting for that illustration alone. However, the entire site is good--strong lines, subtle colors, recognizable characters/style, really fantastic group illustrations, especially the two different ones of Hiruma, Sena, Shin, and Sakuraba. There's also a good chunk of nice oekaki--I really, really liked the ones of Shin and Sakuraba in knightly gear, they looked very cool. Very, very nice site. (Some Shin/Sakuraba, some other shounen-ai.)

- Eyeshield 21 - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I rec this site for a couple of reasons--one, I had fun going through the galleries and looking at the Shin/Sakuraba and Hiruma/Sena and other shounen-ai friendly art. Two, becasue some of the more recent Hiruma/Sena illustrations are nice (and I admit to being a dippy fangirl and cooing over the one of them in full football gear hugging or the one of them in the grass with Hiruma's head in Sena's lap). And, three, because the art is really kinda nice. It's not normally my favorite style, but I've come to appreciate it. The artist's colors are especially nice and her lines really have a good amount of detail to them in the later illustrations. So, just a nice site with the characters I like, I can't ask for more than that. ^_~ (Some Shin/Sakuraba, some Hiruma/Sena, some other shounen ai.)

- Prince of Tennis/Eyeshield 21/Full Metal Alchemist/Uninhabited Planet Survive - Dog Tail [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - ....I can't believe I wound up on a site with UPS art. I mean, I've only seen the first five episodes or so, but it's enough to know that I kinda like it and enough for me to recognize the characters and be astounded that they were so pretty. The artist does light and airy lines, soft colors and it all comes together wonderfully--I am in love with her Kaoru especially. Her Prince of Tennis stuff is the kind that's all over the map (though, with a strong fondness for putting Fuji with people, mostly intra-Seigaku pairings), continuing the soft lines and bright colors that somehow really work for me. And, okay, I admit that it was probably the two Tezuka/Fuji illustrations that won me over--they're beautiful. Tezuka and Fuji with the racket between them and the looks on their face...! Or the beautiful blue shades used in the one where Tezuka has his arm slung around Fuji's shoulders? I swoon. As for FMA, her Ed is gorgeous, her Roy is gorgeous, her RoyEd is gorgeous, I really liked her Havoc/Ed stuff, that one of Roy vs Envy was SO COOL, and despite that I'm not talking as much about them, I think her FMA work might be the strongest. Though, her Eyeshield 21 stuff has some great lines and I flail over her beautiful Shin/Sakuraba. Excellently done, really. Just... the whole site is worth going through. ♥ (Lots of shounen-ai, Fuji-pairings, Shin/Sakuraba, RoyEd, HavocEd, and possibly others.)

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