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- Eyeshield 21 - Manic Sunday by Virgo - ES21 fic, which is something I wouldn't have thought would have ever existed. Much less ES21 fic that made me laugh because of the way it captured poor, poor Sena's manic days and just the general batshit antics of the manga so well. One of those off-the-wall fics with a good old ES21-style chase that made me quite pleased to see this. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Eyeshield 21 - Aggressive Affection by idiosyn - .........................*stares* Oh, my god. I can't say anything, I can't say anything, I can't say anything. Except, holy shit, this was GENIUS. Pure, unfiltered GENIUS. No fic shall ever top this one. Romance was for pussies. INDEED. (GENIUS, I TELL YOU!)

- Eyeshield 21 - Something You Never Knew About Hiruma by Vikki - I've never rec'd this story before? *facepalm* (My, my, my, I've neglected ES21 for those pretty CLAMP characters lately, I must rectify this! Especially with an anime coming out soon! *shimmers in the direction of Japan*) This one started as an idea I was babbling about, nattering on about how Hiruma was probably one of those characters who was a genius, one of those who could ace any subject he liked with ease if he wanted, but was so batshit insane that you never noticed it and Vikki took the idea and ran with it. It's one of those little stories that just made me utterly cackle because Hiruma was so... Hiruma. Because the way things worked out were so Eyeshield 21 that it just fit perfectly with the series. Adored this ficlet. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Eyeshield 21 - Keeping Count by Ju - *huffs* If the fandom continues to insist on putting out such fantastic Shin/Sena writing like this, I'm not going to be able to hold onto my preferences for long. *stomps foot* But, wow, this was a fantastic, fantastic little thing between Shin and Sena that didn't have to be long or didn't have to say much at all to knock me flat on my ass and is just one of those perfect little moments that can make a fangirl fall in love, even when all they're doing is running together. (Sena/Shin, Shin/?)

- Eyeshield 21 - Surprises (and omake!) by Vikki - Vikki is a genius. Hiruma/Sena fic that works and is really just brilliant because it's so... Hiruma and Sena. Right from the beginning, I can buy this because it fits together with how Hiruma treats Sena, how I can't imagine it any other way, how Hiruma sends these hilarious mixed signals to poor Sena, the hints you get of his home life and just... it all fits together in a fic that would have been genius just for Eyeshield 21 fic, much less for making the Hiruma/Sena pairing work. It's that balance between pure batshit insanity and something that's a little bit deeper, much like the ES21 series itself is. *dances with glee* And the end! *shimmers with delight* Of course, just when I thought I could not love her more and then Vikki goes and writes the omake which is just as brilliant, this time about what kind of person Hiruma's dad is. A lot of times, when authors guess at things we've been given little clue about, it doesn't quite ring true for me, but this? Oh, this I can absolutely BELIEVE. And laugh over. Which, really, you can't have ES21 fic without the hysterical laughter. (Hiruma/Sena. ♥)

- Eyeshield 21 - Like An Open Book by Ju - Short little fic about Hiruma and Sena, about Sena getting undressed before practice while Hiruma notices, but that it isn't dirty or weird/creepy, instead it's just... so Hiruma and Sena and beautifully... it could mean something, it could mean nothing. I just... *flaps hands vaguely* I liked it a lot. (Could be slash, could be completely gen. Hard to tell.)

- Eyeshield 21/Ouran Koukou Host Club - unfortunately by acesodapop - I had no idea what I was going to do with an Eyeshield 21/Host Club crossover, what the author would do, how that would work in my head while reading. But this was fun and had a couple of really cute lines and I loved the ending line, because that's just pure ES21. Hiruma at Ouran was just... the chaos he'd cause is really great fun and watching the other scramble around is amusing. An enjoyable little read. (No real warnings/pairings.)

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