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- Gundam SEED/Soukyuu no Fafner - MUSICA [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Oh. Well, hello to the beautiful Fafner art! This site does an absolutely stunning Soushi, the amount of detail and beautiful colors that go into it are just... I could stare at it for what feels like an hour, I sometimes think. And then there are also some beautiful, beautiful Kazuki illustrations that do an amazing job from the hair to the face to the eyes to the uniform he wears. And then there are the ones of them together that are just breath-taking, truly some of the most beautiful Fafner art I've seen. Originally, I was going to skip adding this to the G-SEED section because the first page of art was all of Shin (who I don't know very well at the time of this rec), but getting back further into the art reveals the stuff with Ashuran and Kira and the same beautiful detail that was applied to the Fafner art. Well, I do think the Fafner art was better done and the utter highlight of the site, but I certainly enjoyed the lovely SEED art that had all that pretty detail to it. *happy sigh* The art of the linking banner really, really doesn't disappoint with this one. (Soushi/Kazuki, a little Ashuran/Kira.)

- Gundam SEED/Soukyuu no Fafner - kazika's scribble book [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I admit upfront that Ashuran/Lux isn't my favorite pairing, that I never sparked off it, that it wasn't until Ashuran and Cagalli interacted that I realized I really kinda liked this series, but I couldn't resist rec'ing this site because the art is amazing. The artist's sense for colors and lines and proportions is fantastic, some of these could pass for official art and they're just... they're gorgeous and terribly romantic and even I was a little hard-pressed not to swoon over the Ashuran/Lux illustrations. And it's not like I mind the occasional Kira/Frey illustration, either. But, really, even aside from the pairings, the single-character illustrations are worth visiting the site for, because the artist is just tremendously talented and nails the style of the series. It's all just so... impressive. (Ashuran/Lux, some Kira/Frey, maybe a little other hinted at, and some worthwhile gen, I think.)

- Soukyuu no Fafner/Saiyuki - StraBe [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - The Fafner art of this site is probably the strongest out of everything and is especially good when she's doing these sketches that show off how good the lineart really is. But I also enjoy the light colors she used with the non-b&w ones and her Soushi and Kazuki are especially good. Plus, of course I liked the pairing illustrations. The Saiyuki illustrations are a bit rougher, but the Konzen art has some really nice ones, there's Homura fanart, and the artist seems fond of Sanzo/Hakkai and that always wins me over. Though, the Sanzo illustrations have some nice ones and the Hakkai set has some really nice sketch-like stuff with some really good lineart. Konzen is the one that looks best in color, so I'm mostly rec'ing for those and the b&w-ish ones. All in all, just a fun, nice site with some cute art. :D (Soushi/Kazuki, a little Sanzo/Hakkai, a lot of gen, too.)

- Soukyuu no Fafner - mint&cream [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - This site didn't have a ton of art, but when I saw the second illustration of Kazuki (the b&w one that totally looks like it could have come straight out of a beautiful doujinshi), I knew I was going to be favorable towards the site. And then there was a nice Soushi. Okay, I'm in a good mood with you, site. Then a bunch of Soushi/Kazuki illustrations that got better and better as they went along, to the point where the current ones look really good? And a couple of cute Maya illustrations? I was sold. That fourth Soushi/Kazuki illustration is the highlight of the site and makes me really curious to see more from this artist, because if she could keep up that calibre... it could be a top-notch site. *__* (Some Soushi/Kazuki.)

- Soukyuu no Fafner - INDIGO SKY [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - This is another site that has some nice art, some interesting concepts attached to the illustrations that seem to go well with the angsty, painful tone of the series; you can really tell that the characters are hurting in these illustrations. The colors are nice, if a bit dull, the designs are well-matched to the designs of the show, and the site has some nice Soushi/Kazuki, so that makes me happy and feeds my growing addiction. Plus, Soushi is pretty. And Kazuki is pretty. I can't ask for more than that. ^_~ (Some Soushi/Kazuki.)

- Soukyuu no Fafner - Lucifer Trap [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I admit, this artist took me a little while to get used to, especially since the characters are so skinny in her art and look way too tall, but the art seems to be improving as it goes along, it has some nice detail to it, especially with the characters' clothes and eyes and the backgrounds, and there were a ton of rather well-done comics, so that by the time I was done with this site, I had honestly enjoyed myself. That's enough for me. :D (Soushi/Kazuki.)

- Soukyuu no Fafner - toon^2 [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Oh! Oh! I loved this site, because the colors are FANTASTIC. The author really does wonderfully with the cel-style coloring and her lines are good and there's a gorgeous one of Soushi and Kazuki on the 30 themes page that has a close-up on an utterly gorgeous Soushi and an upside-down Kazuki and just... wow, the whole thing was gorgeous. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. But there was also the one of a winged half-Soushi, half-Kazuki person that was REALLY cool both in terms of prettiness and style--not all of the art on the site is necessarily stunning (though, all of it is very talented), but anything in that list of themes is so worth going to the site for. Plus! Sprites! And icons! And a strip!Kazuki block game! How could anyone not love that? This site was definitely one of my favorites for the day. ♥! (Soushi/Kazuki.)

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