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- Soukyuu no Fafner - blandishment by w175n57 - [Note: Spoilers for the end of the anime, of course.] I've been wanting post-series fic that deals with Soushi's promise and while this fic isn't quite it, it's close enough that it has completely destroyed me. The author's use of language in this fic sets an almost bittersweet tone, one that's still full of love and hope, but there's been so much pain that things still ache. The holes that are in their lives now because so many people are gone are understated in this fic and hurt all the worse for them, especially when viewed from the points of view of Canon and Maya. I love those girls so much and they're brilliantly written here, as they all try to put their lives back together, to go on living. So much is said without the author hammering it into our heads, so many little details or little flashes of imagery that hurt so much. And then ending is gorgeous and perfect and I could seriously ship Maya/Canon just like that. (Implications of Maya/Canon and of Soushi/Kazuki if you want to see it that way.)

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