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- Soukyuu no Fafner - abnegate by w175n57 - When I first started watching Fafner, I wasn't sure what I was going to make of the female characters, how I was going to feel about Maya's obvious feelings for Kazuki, who seemed so very gay for Soushi. But then the series did a gorgeous job with her feelings and showed how wonderful and lovely a character she was and then I read this fic and it's just... it's everything that I loved about Fafner and Maya's character. How she understands that Kazuki wanted Soushi to be the one he saw, how she's not bitter or angry about it, but she's still bittersweet about it. The writing is gorgeous, it reflects the characters, their relationships, and the tone of the series so very well. Lovely. (Implied Soushi/Kazuki.)

- Soukyuu no Fafner - blandishment by w175n57 - [Note: Spoilers for the end of the anime, of course.] I've been wanting post-series fic that deals with Soushi's promise and while this fic isn't quite it, it's close enough that it has completely destroyed me. The author's use of language in this fic sets an almost bittersweet tone, one that's still full of love and hope, but there's been so much pain that things still ache. The holes that are in their lives now because so many people are gone are understated in this fic and hurt all the worse for them, especially when viewed from the points of view of Canon and Maya. I love those girls so much and they're brilliantly written here, as they all try to put their lives back together, to go on living. So much is said without the author hammering it into our heads, so many little details or little flashes of imagery that hurt so much. And then ending is gorgeous and perfect and I could seriously ship Maya/Canon just like that. (Implications of Maya/Canon and of Soushi/Kazuki if you want to see it that way.)

- Soukyuu no Fafner - Hug by cocacat15 - One thing I've said over and over about Soushi and Kazuki is that they need more hugs. NEED MORE HUGS. So, a fic about them hugging? Well, naturally, I had to read. And there's something about the gentle, warm and fuzziness of this piece that just... it makes me happy, makes me hurt a little less for the characters. (Soushi/Kazuki.)

- Soukyuu no Fafner - SouKazu 30_smiles by Triste - Since there are several fics grouped together, each with their own title, I wasn't sure how to label this one, so I'll just go with the subject line of the entire thing. I've been poking at the Fafner fandom bit by bit and Triste's fics were some of the first I loaded up in my browser because I've always enjoyed her writing and she has a way with SouKazu that just... *waves hands* it's funny in the right moments, sweet in the right moments, angsty in the right moments, and always makes me feel a little bit better about the characters and the series. The way she writes them is just... I mean, I burbled at Tsubaki teasing her older brother, I absolutely melted at Kazuki confessing he loves Soushi, I adored Maya at all the right moments, and cooed happily at the ending. She captures a lovely range of emotions through these pieces, each one progressing the characters a little further or giving them a moment of happiness/peace that they so very much deserve. It was just... very nice and very satisfying. Especially the ending. ♥ (Soushi/Kazuki, PG for most of the fics, then R rating at the end.)

- Soukyuu no Fafner - Air and Stars by Meg - Well, if Meg was going to drag me into Fafner (by way of making me think I'd be murdered if I didn't), the least she could do is provide me with some fic. And this short piece was very nice, there's a certain... mm. It's not intense, so much as effective at the quiet, but important tone it's going for. Soushi and Kazuki accidentally bumping into each other under the stars and there's a rather physical sense that goes with the story, like I can feel the liquid computer on my skin or smell the soap on Kazuki's. And the ending line. I just. I wibbled like a good fangirl should. So much love for the SouKazu fic. (Soushi/Kazuki.)

- Soukyuu no Fafner - One Plus One Minus One by sublimeparadigm - With a lot of other series/pairings, I might have thought the angst in this piece, just because Soushi was leaving for Tokyo for a little while, might have been overdone or too over the top for me, but with SouKazu... I can believe it happened just like this. The way Kazuki is so full of these intense emotions and they shine through him, the way there's that connection between him and Soushi and then it's gone and then it's back again when he chases after Soushi, the way it's so full of despair and yet still somehow a happy piece... that's the Soushi/Kazuki pairing right there. I really liked this piece and the ouchy angst of it. ;__; (Soushi/Kazuki.)

- Soukyuu no Fafner - Waking by Katharos - There's something quietly intimate about these two pieces that just... it fills me with love for both the author and the couple all over again. There's a lovely peaceful, quiet, nearly reflective tone to both stories that makes them fit together so well, little insights into the characters, little touches that show how screwed up their lives are, but how much happiness and good things can be found in them, too. I love that it's not necessarily about hammering that into the readers' heads, it just... shows that there are good things, too. The descriptions are gorgeous, especially the way Soushi things, the way he feels glassed in, it's perfect for him, and brings to mind flashes of images that are much like the show itself. And. I just. The ending. I flail and melt and coo with love. ♥ (Soushi/Kazuki.)

- Soukyuu no Fafner - scar, cicatrix by Shi-Lin - There are a handful of authors that I don't really mind when they write short pieces because they manage to get all their meaning into those words and extending it beyond that would be unnecessary. Not that I'd mind longer pieces from such authors (*signifigant look*), but I'm also not left feeling entirely unsatisfied by a short story like this where it's about a moment in time, a sense of scar tissue under fingers and Kazuki shaking and there's a lovely understated intesnity to the story. Kazuki's emotions spiralling off and you're not told this, instead you feel it along with him, and then the gentle soothing presence of Soushi near him and... *happy sigh* I'm so completely gone on these two. ♥ (Soushi/Kazuki.)

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