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- 30 Rock - Jury Duty by fearlessfan - It took me awhile to warm up to 30 Rock, it didn't hit me quite right at first, but well enough that I kept watching. And eventually it became a show I really adored. I never expected to be reading fic for it, but this year's Yuletide crop looked so enticing and... oh my god I think I have a new fandom to read for. orz But this fic was so brilliant, it completely nailed the style of the show, to the point that it felt like an actual episode that had happened. Everyone's voices were perfect, even the little pauses in conversations or the tilt of Jack's head or the way Kenneth would smile or the way Tracy would just be Tracy. Even Liz's terminal lack of pop culture hipness and the reactions of everyone around her were perfect, I laughed out loud so many times at this fic. It's brilliant written and brilliantly paced and, holy crap, I would read mountains of 30 Rock fic if they were all like this. (No warnings/pairings.)

- 30 Rock - It Does Strain Credulity, Yes by Michelle K - I never am quite sure how I feel about the idea of Jack/Liz, because sometimes it seems like the show flirts with the idea and other times I think they should never, ever go there. But I was just randomly clicking on Yuletide fics and this one was short enough and snappy enough that I think I was nudged a little closer to the side of being entirely okay with them. Because if they were ever going to have drunken sex and wake up with a hangover the next day, it would go exactly like this. XD (Jack/Liz.)

30 Rock: Two Random B-Plots Make One Very Special Episode by boundbyspells - This fic started off a little rough, I almost clicked away because I have zero attention span lately. But I decided to keep going and I am so glad I did because it irons out pretty quickly and by the middle of the fic I was pretty much shrieking with laughter. Oh, man, the author just totally nailed the craziness of the cast and how they interact with each other and the narratives of each character, the voice for each character is just downright fabulous. I think it was the end of Toofer's paragraph that had me practically having to look away from the fic just to purely laugh for a little while because asl;dkjfasljk LOL. (No warnings/pairings.)

30 Rock: That Tuesday Morning by ciachick711 - I feel like this fic could have been better formatted, I was never sure when the scene was changing because there were no paragraph breaks or anything. So that did detract a little, along with the almost too-short sentences in the descriptions. But what I really liked about this fic is that the dialogue felt really spot-on to me, I could hear the characters in my head, and it was quirky and funny and did a great job getting the feel of the show down. It, once again, makes me kind of want to get even deeper into the fandom. (Past Floyd/Liz.)

30 Rock: You Are Cordially Invited by meyerlemon - This was a solid piece from last year's Yuletide, the author does well with getting the characters' voices down and, of course, I'm always intrigued by Liz and Jack interacting. There are several moments of humor that got me smiling in the fic and it's one of those situations Liz finds herself in that... well, you really could see it coming right off the show, I suppose. XD (No warnings/pairings.)

30 Rock: Protégé-Mentor Guidelines by BlackEyedGirl - First of all, I just finished watching episode 3x02 when I went to hunt down fic for the show again and al;skdfjlaksjlakjs the line about Tracy and Jenna switching places was, like, psychic. Also, I continue to have this weird relationship with the idea of Jack/Liz, because sometimes I think I could totally ship that and other times I think OMG way to miss the point!, you know? But I still read the fic for them. Because AHAHAHA YES Jack and Liz would totally have a conversation just like that right before/during sex. Of course they would. And of course it would happen just this sort of way. And the author really does do a good job at keeping them both IC and getting their voices down, this was totally fun. XD (Jack/Liz.)

30 Rock: Fragments of a day, a life, a NBC page by teshian - You know, I wouldn't have thought that I would want to read a fic about Kenneth, but, well. I was curious anyway. And a;sldfkjal;skjsl;jk OH MY GOD THIS IS THE MOST PERFECT THING EVER. The author has a brilliant voice for the character, all that enthusiasm and bizarre little quirks and references to movies and the way he interacts with the normal people around him and the other insane people around him and you can see so much of what they're really thinking/saying, yet Kenneth is just so... as;dlfkja;slkj it was brilliant. It felt like it could have come straight out of the show itself. (No warnings/pairings.)

30 Rock: Kenneth Doesn't Believe in the Subconscious Either by maddie508 - Another Kenneth fic of all things. XD But this was fun, in how Kenneth is obviously dreaming sort of way and all that that says about him and his thoughts and subconscious wants, yet there's still that bright, enthusiastic feel to Kenneth and it was a really cute, fun little piece! :D (Potential Devon/Kenneth, I guess?)

30 Rock: I'll Ask Her by warriorpoet - About halfway through this fic, I got where it was going and I had to stop reading to just laugh for awhile because that's beautiful. It's such a clever thing to base a fic around and it's pulled off brilliantly and the dialogue is so spot on with the characters and I-- I went into this fic expecting it to be about Jack having a new girlfriend and maybe realizing that he likes Liz a little, but I never really expected this. But it's so much better than what I was expecting, just completely hilarious and so true to the show and seriously. One of the best things I've read from the fandom. (Nothing I'm really going to warn for.)

30 Rock: Power Walk by astrophelstella - This fic does have formatting problems (what I did was c&p it to a blank word document and replaced all the apostrophes and quotation marks, but that doesn't iron out the lack of new lines for each scene) and that made it difficult to read, along with some other minor mistakes (like calling Frank "Judah" and misspelling Toofer's name, but that one is a bitch to know XD) but! The reason I mention these things is because the fic overcame these things for me and I really enjoyed it. The author has a really good grasp on throwing a bunch of different balls of crazy into the air and juggling them, just like an episode of the show would do and it was such fun to read a Jenna POV on the Jack/Liz relationship. XD (Implied Jack/Liz, but it's only half the point.)

30 Rock: More Than You Knew You Wanted by michellek - And so I continue my back and forth relationship with the idea of Jack/Liz. Because sometimes I want to stay true to canon where I know that's not the point. Other times? Well, the other times are like when I read this fic and I ship it so hard omg. I cannot convey the level of gleeful flailing I did throughout this entire fic, the way both of them were so painfully spot on, the way the dialogue felt right out of the show, the way it kept the spirit of the show so tremendously well that I'm not sure I can go back to not shipping them anymore. It's clever and non-stop hilarity and it plays on running gags from the series and comes up with hilarious moments on its own and it's just. A brilliant fic that is absolutely everything a 30 Rock fic should be. If you like the pairing at all, I would easily say this is a must-read fic. (Jack/Liz.)

30 Rock: We Have to Be Very, Very Quiet by michellek - Man, I love the porn battle, going through the links for fics like this is really great when I get something good to read. And it's porn. This is a really great Liz voice, it's so easy to see and hear her, and it fits right in with both the Jack/Liz dynamic and the craziness of the show. It's also hot porn and I love that Liz keeps telling Jack to be quiet and then she's the one who keeps making noise, that's really perfect for these two. I really loved this one a lot. (Jack/Liz, NC-17.)

30 Rock: Rubber Duckie by grenyarnia - What made this fic work for me, aside from that it was very nice porn, was that it had a bit of a sense of humor (somehow the ducks were just too easy to picture XD) and I could hear Liz and Jack's narration of the scenes. The author captured their voices even during sex really well and that made it a fun read. Plus, it's always nice to find more Jack/Liz porn to read. :D :D :D (Jack/Liz, NC-17.)

30 Rock: An Ode to Divorce (More Optimistic Than the Regina Song) by michellek - I feel like I should maybe stop reading quite so much Jack/Liz fic, but I was browsing some of the past porn battles and every time I see a 30 Rock fic, I just have to stop and read it. Especially if it's something like this one--where, despite that you're dropped right into the middle of things, somehow it works. The use of the "divorcee" prompt is interesting here and the dialogue is spot-on and there's kissing. Like I need more than that. (Jack/Liz.)

30 Rock: Once You Start by michellek - ....pretty much what I said last time? Yeah, I still feel like I should reading quite so much Jack/Liz fic (and maybe try to branch out a little?) but then along comes another entry and I'm gone. But how was I supposed to resist? Jack and Liz acting out soap opera skits for Kathy Geiss and one of them goes a little too far? alsdkfjalskj there was no way I couldn't read the awesome of that. And it was awesome and it was some great sex and a great Liz voice again. All things I want in 30 Rock fic. :D (Jack/Liz, NC-17 or so.)

30 Rock: how jack donaghy got his groove back, with whales by dollsome - So, I was browsing this meme (a meme after my own heart!) and stopped to read this fic, even if I've kind of sworn off 30 Rock for awhile. But, oh, it was perfect, the dialogue was right out of the most brilliant episodes, it was impossible not to see the entire scene unfolding right in my head, and it was amazing. So many references that had me just about shrieking with laughter! (The Glee reference was totally my favorite.) But also the dynamic between Jack and Liz, it was perfect and beautiful and all the little touches on Liz's point of view were pitch-perfect. Dammit, this is why I can't quit the fandom. (Jack/Liz.)

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