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- Addams Family - Have Yourself A Scary Little Christmas by havocthecat - Honestly, I doubt I ever would have stopped on this fic if I hadn't seen it rec'd several times on the Yuletide comm. Which I'm glad I did, because it was a delightful, charming little piece that showcased how weird the Addams art, but in that whimsical sort of creepy way. Wednesday's characterization was perfect, especially as she was very nearly scaring the crap out of poor Joel. And the rest of the Addams around them were just... just right. Fabulous. (Implications of Joel/Wednesday.)

- Addams Family - Addams Family Therapy by bucketmouse - Another fic I read pretty much because I'd seen recs and I figured, what the hell, I was on a roll already. Much like the previous one, it was full of these clever little oddities that make the Addams Family what it is--like six years in an asylum as Wednesday's version of "courting" or the philsophy Joel adopts in using to deal with their family--and funny little moments of the normal one trying to fit in with the freaks and a delightful ending. I enjoyed it very much. (Joel/Wednesday.)

- Addams Family - The Bridal Path by Vyola - In an interesting development, each fic I read focuses more and more on the Joel/Wednesday relationship and I think it's a good reading order, since each one makes me like the dynamic a little more. (Though, I do remember being fond of the idea when I watched the movies.) This is another story that's terribly clever about coming up with little oddities to show why the Addams family is so weird and why a courtship between these two would be frought with weirdness or trauma for the people that work at any vacation spot they went to, yet still showing why they kind of like each other. And the ending... eee, so delightfully weird, creepy, and perfect. XD (Joel/Wednesday.)

- Addams Family - Cleopatra's Needle by Fuschia - The last of the Addams Family fics from this year's Yuletide and it was a lovely, creepy way to finish off the set. I don't think that I would have read these fics if they hadn't been towards the top of the list this year or if they hadn't been recommdended a lot, but I'm glad I did because they were a fun way to pass the time. And this story was just... everything an Addams Family fic should be, the weirdness and gloomy atmosphere that's still somehow whimsical and charming. Morticia's characterization is lovely, I could absolutely picture her in her teenage years, could just see Gomez dropping into her life this way, the beginning of their courtship starting exactly like this. It was just. Just. Perfect. (Some Gomez/Morticia.)

- The Addams Family - The Last Rites of Wednesday Addams by d_generate_girl - This is the fic that's been recommended on practically half of the Yuletide recs lists out there and it deserves it. It's a richly detailed story about the Nightshade women's family traditions and the life of the Addams family members in general. There's a sort of dark elegance to the writing, the creepy little details that fit so well with the characters and their lives and I love the mother/daughter relationship here especially. The women of the Addams Family have always been especially intriguing and this fic lives up to that potential. (Nothing I'm going to warn for.)

The Addams Family (tv): Three Wyrd Women by BardicRaven - One of the most fun things about Yuletide is always the new set of Addams Family fic to look forward to--usually I go for the movieverse fics, but the tv series works well, too--a series that I really only get a craving for at this time of the year. And this was an interesting look at the Addams family, focusing on the women of the household, the three generations of them currently in the family. It's a lovely little piece that explores their characters a bit and their dynamics as Addams women. I'd have liked a little more fleshing out of things in this take, but it did well with the space it had. (No real warnings/pairings.)

The Addams Family (tv): Charming Women by AnonEhouse - Oh, I love how very casual the weirdness in this fic is! The little details aren't even afterthoughts to the characters (as they should be!) but instead are just so very commonplace, yet without the author feeling like they're trying too hard. Instead, it's a simple (and deeply weird and creepy! ♥) scene of the three Addams women discussing the dinner being made and the topic of conversation wandering a bit. I loved Eudora's recipe book and the bit with the screaming peppers and just how spot on everyone felt here, I loved how very silly everything is, which hit just the right tone. Lovely. (No warnings/pairings.)

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