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  - Adventure Time - [ deviantART Account ] - Adventure Time is another one of those series that I just sort of seem to forget to to do recs for, because I spend so much time with it on tumblr already, that it feels like I've explored/shared the fandom a lot already. (And also so many artist just do one or two illustrations, not quite enough for me to justify a proper rec.) But then sometimes I remember! And stumble over artists who have a really cute style and bright, shimmery colors that totally work for me! It's not the original canon's style, but it's okay because the artist draws super adorable Marceline and Bubblegum and likes to mix and match universes, like with Marshall Lee and Finn, and hipster Marceline and Princess Bubblegume and adorable animated gifs of Fionna and hipster Finn and Jake and I still have a weakness for Marshall Lee and Gumball (shut up) and even Flame Princess and Flame Prince. I have such fun with artists who like a variety of characters and situations for the AT canon, because I may have my favorite ships, but I most of all enjoy how great all the characters work with everyone. (No warnings/pairings consistent enough to warn for.)

  - Adventure Time - [ deviantART Account ] - I have two immediate thoughts about this artist--first, the style might not be for everyone, it's borderline chibi/pixel art, but I genuinely adore it, because look at the adorable outfits the artist drew on Marceline and Princess Bubblegum! The second is that this artist reminds me of something that is my favorite thing about this fandom--FOR ONCE, the fandom took a series that could have been dominated by the het pairings and said, nope, we want the girl/girl pairing most of all. And then proceeded to take the pairing and just totally run with it and, ahhhhh, I just ship them so hard--!! And it's not that I don't like the other characters, I adore Finn and Jake's friendship, I am allll over Flame Princess in pyjamas, but, oh, nothing gets me like Marceline and Princess Bubblegum in winter clothes with their arms linked or dressed in pink and purple Christmas clothes or admitting that it's hard to say but Marceline loves her or MORE ADORABLE CLOTHES THAT I CAN HARDLY STAND. The images are all small, but they're soooooo cute and darling that I just am totally in love with this artist! (Mostly Marceline/Princess Bubblegum.)

  - Adventure Time - [ deviantART Account ] - This artist did two things I really enjoy with this fandom--well, three things. One, Bubblegum and Marceline art (and in formal dresses!). Two, adorable outfits for Princess Bubblegum. And, three, alternate designs for Fionna and Cake (and another one), as a black girl and, oh, I would watch the shit out of that show, too! It's such an adorable design!! And, finally, Fionna vs the Ice Queen as a poster-style epic image. This artist might not have done a ton of art, but I enjoyed the different tones to everything here that of course I couldn't resist it. (Nothing consistent enough to warn for.)

  - Adventure Time - [ deviantART Account ] - This artist has a very clean, rather simple style, but I love it for that and how it reminds me of the spirit of the canon style. Plus, this artist has A LOT of art on their account and has just about every pairing combination of the main characters--Fionna and Marshall Lee, Marceline and Finn, Marshall Lee/Gumball and Marceline/Bubblegum, Finn and Princess Bubblegum, Finn and Fionna, Gumball/Bubblegum and Marshall Lee/Marceline, etc. Though, the artist definitely seems to be the most fond of Marshall Lee and Prince Gumball (in modern clothes, ahhh, so cute!) or just Marshall Lee as a character (but, okay, Prince Gumball is occasionally THE CUTEST) and the style is super adorable and I just... this is one of those artists that has a lot of art, it's in the style of the cartoon, the clothes are SUPER ADORABLE, there's a lot of mixing and matching pairings, there's a lot of fun with the genderswapped universe. These are all things I look forward to with AT artists. (Nearly all pairings happen at some point, but probably most of all Marshall Lee/Prince Gumball and Marshall Lee/Fionna.)

  - Adventure Time - [ deviantART Account ] - Another artist who is very fond of Marshall Lee/Prince Gumball, but I find myself hard-pressed to complain because they can be really adorable and I just really like these characters, no matter the gender. But the artist also has a really nicely done Marceline/Princess Bubblegum where they're dancing in the most adorable dresses, too! And one other Princess Bubblegum in a completely adorable outfit! Oh, and! Christmas adorableness with Marshall Lee and Gumball! And school AU adorableness! It's just a lot of really cute art that I totally enjoyed all over again tonight. (Marshall Lee/Prince Gumball, some Marceline/Princess Bubblegum.)

  - Adventure Time [ tumblr Account ] - Ahhhh, I am so ridiculously fond of this artist because of the ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE Marceline and Princess Bubblegum art they do! It's chibi-esque, but reminds me of the canon style of Adventure Time, but then turning the cute details way the hell on up, so it's just so... keyboard mashingly adorable. Ugh, I can't explain it. Only give examples: Domestic Marceline and Bubblegum in which Bubblegum's dress is THE CUTEST. Flapper!Princess Bubblegum in which Bubblegum's dress is THE CUTEST. Bat!Marceline nuzzling Bubblegum's cheek in which they are both THE CUTEST. Marceline and Princess Bubblegum in ballroom gowns in which they are both THE ABSOLUTE CUTEST. Bubblegum trying to play Marceline's guitar in which Marceline's face is THE CUTEST. Marceline just floating around upside down while Princess Bubblegum styles her hair, in which they are both THE CUTEST and I could puke rainbows for how much I love them. Marceline floating upside down again, only she's doing Bubblegum's hair this time, twining their hair together, and AHHHH IT'S THE CUTEST. And, basically, this is what I'm reduced to every time I try to talk about how adorable I find this art and how much I want Marceline and Princess Bubblegum to wear pretty dresses and smoosh their faces together and play Marceline's guitar forever. (Marceline/Princess Bubblegum, occasionally NSFW.)

  - Adventure Time - [ deviantART Account ] - I did not mean to get started on more fanart recs today. I was just going to sit and read my fic and write those recs and be on my way. But, as always, I do my tumblring every day and came across this image of Marceline and Princess Bubblegum and was instantly IN LOVE with the colors and lines and lighting of both characters, who are so gorgeous here. So, of course, I had to check out the rest of the artist's gallery. And, while that one remains my favorite so far, I did quite enjoy Fionna and Cake and, oh, Simon and Betty is a heartbreaker and there's a lovely one of the Ice Queen as well. There's only a bit more than a handful here, but I really like the artist's style and the linked pieces definitely inspired a lot of intense feelings in me, which is what I look for in fandom! (Nothing consistent enough to warn for.)

Adventure Time: Apples After Midnight by Xekstrin - Do you know how long it's been since I've read ladyporn? WAY TOO LONG. AT is a fandom that has a lot of really great Marceline/Bubblegum fanart, but I never really got into the fic side of things, despite always kind of wanting to. So, okay, time to at least take a look around! And sexytimes? Yes, give me those. And this author does a really lovely job with Bubblegum's character especially, all those little quirks that feel natural to the story, her nerdy reactions or the way Marceline floats around the room or the childish insults that are hilarious, all of that is layered over the complicated, difficult relationship these two ladies have with each other. It's not easy, but they're working on it, when Marceline pays a late night visit to a very tired Bubblegum and they both realize they're still super attracted to each other. And then there's sexytimes! With just enough of a rough edge to be super hot. (Marceline/Bubblegum, NSFW.)

ADVENTURE TIME: The Morning Wants To Keep Us Safe by ciceu SUMMARY: When she's feeling generous, Marceline likes to sleep with Bonni.

REC: Oh, this was one of those fics where it didn't matter that it was not quite 500 words, because I let out one of those breathy sighs at the end of it anyway. It does a lovely job of capturing that difficult but amazing balance these characters have of... being cotton candy and floaty vampire cartoon characters, but also having real issues that can break your heart. The fic doesn't dwell on them, it's more about sensation (the details of their beds, the little ways they touch each other, the feel of teeth or hair grazing each other, an arm wrapped around a waist), but they're there and always at the heart of it. I love this for how it mixes complicated, sweet, and heartbreaking together just like these characters need. (Marceline/Princess Bubblegum.)

ADVENTURE TIME: Scent Memory by generalzoi

SUMMARY: Princess Bubblegum said she wore the rock shirt all the time. She never said she wore it every night. Takes place after the events of "What Was Missing?"

REC: This was another lovely fic for Marceline and Princess Bubblegum, based around the infamous "What Was Missing" episode that... well, it didn't launch the ship, but it certainly intensified things. So, having fic set in the aftermath of that was lovely, for the way it clearly drew the two of them back together just enough to clash a bit and maybe work through something by the end. Marceline wanting the shirt back for a little while, Bubblegum refusing to give it up, yet another fight ensuing, and then a sweet gesture at the end? Oh, just so lovely and sweet without being saccharine that I adored it. (Marceline/Princess Bubblegum.)

ADVENTURE TIME: A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words by tinybit92

SUMMARY: The Ice King tries to cheer Marceline up when he realizes he's upset her somehow. "You said I took this picture, didn't you? How about you tell me what we were doing when I took the picture?"

REC: This is set immediately after "I Remember You" and is a gorgeous follow up to the episode, with the Ice King being intrigued by what Marceline mentioned and asking her to tell him more about the picture he dropped in front of her. And, oh, it's heartbreaking in a really bittersweet sort of way, because the Ice King still may have a little, tiny something of Simon left in him. Not enough to remember, not enough to be there, but just enough to want to reach out for it again and so Marceline tells him a bit of their time. It's lovely for the tragedy of what happened to Simon, but also for Marceline's characterization, how painful all of this is for her, how much it hurts her, but also is good in a cathartic sort of way. And then ending just... oh, my heart. It's a wonderful coda to the episode. (No warnings/pairings.)

ADVENTURE TIME: Coronation by kuruk


SUMMARY: The crown whispers, and Finn understands.

REC: Sadly, too much of the Adventire Time fic that I find and enjoy is super short pieces like this one, which is just over 400 words, but it's still a gorgeous piece, about how the crown whispers to Finn in that other lifetime, a breathtaking blend of seduction and something much more chilling, the imagery used is perfect. This is an absolutely wonderful follow-up to the episodes that inspired it.

ADVENTURE TIME: The Problem by ShyPumpkin

SUMMARY: Marceline and Bubblegum are supposed to be on a date, but instead PB sees a whole other side of Marceline.

REC: I think I probably don't take as doomed an approach as this author does, I think Marceline and Bubblegum have more potential to work out, but I also cannot fault the way they were written here, how they both like each other and are attracted to each other and have great chemistry, but their lives just don't quite click. The story is beautifully written, it's so easy to see the whole thing unfold in my mind's eye and the little details are fantastic touches that fit the world perfectly--Marceline accidentally assaulting candy kingdom members, the way the Ice King is just so oblivious to everything, the emotional depth that's given to those scenes because we know Marceline's history with him, how difficult it is for Marceline to be around him after he's lost his memories of her. The dialogue is spot on, I couldn't not hear the characters' voices while reading, and... even if this fic does take a direction for Marceline and Bubblegum being incompatible despite their feelings for each other, it's still worth the read for how it gets you right in the feelings, just as all the best Adventure Time episodes do.

ADVENTURE TIME: He used to by eloquentelegance SUMMARY: He used to hold you tight. You used to hug him back.

REC: After I Remember You, of course I wanted a dozen fics about Simon and Marceline immediately! And this one might not be long at just under 900 words, but it packed a good punch to the feelings and was gorgeously written. There's so much there to that relationship, so much history and so much of it is so important to both characters and it's so tragic because we knew how things would end even before we realized there was even a story there, yet it never stops breaking my fannish heart. The way this piece is written, it's so easy to see this montage of moments happening as the crown eats away at Simon and little Marceline doesn't understand, even if she will sort of understand later, and how gorgeously bittersweet the piece is. Just, ugh, feelings.

ADVENTURE TIME: Leisure Tongue Debates by BatchSan

PAIRINGS/CHARACTERS: Marceline/Princess Bubblegum, nsfw

SUMMARY: Damn Marceline and her distasteful tongue.

REC: I've been determined to try to find some Adventure Time fic to recommend because I love this pairing so much, but I often never really know where to start. But I stumbled over this one today and, ah, it was a charming little piece! It's only a little over 800 words, but it's cute and sweet and fun, where Marceline licks Bubblegum everywhere but where she really wants to be licked. At least until Marceline finally manages to get her to ask properly and that conversation was just further cuteness and, oh, the kissing and touching was very nice with these two.

ADVENTURE TIME: untitled by afriendtosell [mobile ver.]

PAIRINGS/CHARACTERS: Marceline/Princess Bubblegum, nsfw

SUMMARY: “Ah, Bonibelle…Shit…Shit!” It all comes out in syllables at first, her sharp intakes of breath fragmenting the words between one electric moment and the next.

REC: Yes, good, more Bubblegum and Marceline sex that's lovely and teasing, but without being mean about it. It's a delicate balance with these two characters sometimes, especially with Bubblegum, who can be very proper, but also has so many surprising sides to her that are really excellent and give her a lot of character depth. While this is a pwp fic, the characterization is lovely, which is a favorite combination of mine, but it's also really pretty kissing and touching! The fic uses a few too many epithets for my taste (but I'm more sensitive to that than most) but it's otherwise lovely and a great find today.

ADVENTURE TIME: Candy-Pink and Sweet by beaubete

PAIRINGS/CHARACTERS: Marceline/Princess Bubblegum

SUMMARY: Princess Bubblegum and Marceline get trapped; Finn and Jake should show up to rescue them any minute now, if they don't die of boredom first.

REC: This is a short but lovely piece, where Marceline and Bubblegum are trapped together for awhile, which is a fun trope to use to get two characters to interact for more extended periods of time. This doesn't really do more than just cover a moment of it, an offer to help Marceline with the lack of food, but the writing is absolutely lovely, the details are good, and it was perfectly easy to see this happening in the series itself. I especially love Bubblegum's voice in this, it felt quietly spot on to me, capturing the weirdness of Ooo and yet the casual acceptance/understanding of it.

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