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Crossovers & Miscellaneous:
- Multiple anime series - Mystery Yaoi Theater 3000 - Which Backstreet Boy is Gay by Zarxraz [Anime Music Video ] - I randomly downloaded this on a whim... well. More like my desire to have every Gravitation music video in existance, and I was intrigued by the title. I hit play and about thirty seconds into the video I started giggle. Sixty seconds in and I was laughing my ass off. The creator says this video doesn't have a high replay factor, but I don't agree at all--I've played this thing over and over and it still makes me laugh. Great dialogue, great sense of humor, great concept, great editing, fucking great song, and just overall a brilliant video that left me on the floor laughing wildly. Not that I mean to build it up too much, but it really made me laugh. (Lots of suggestive imagery, but nothing too graphic.)

- Multiple Anime series AMV - Fangirl Mambo ((Fangirl Service Tribute)) - There are a couple of things that this video did right in my eyes: There was a fun, upbeat song that I actually enjoyed listening to (even if it's sort of like the equivalent of music junk food, it's still fun to listen to) and the rapid-fire pace of the clips was kept up through the entire thing. When AMVs linger too long, I get bored and wander off, but this one pretty much never let my attention stray. The clip choices were amusing, there's a ton of pretty boys and, okay, I laughed when I got the joke about the specific choices they made during the song. All in all, it's just really well put together.

- Miscellaneous/Multiple AMV - Cartoon Heroes - A couple of things made me absolutely fall in love with this video. One. I have this thing about Aqua's music when it comes to AMVs, it just totally makes me bouncy and happy. Two. I love AMVs that can actually effectively use a bajillion different series, rather than making it seem weird to try to connect them. This video is great all around because it never lets up with the rapid-fire clips of action moments from probably at least twenty or thirty different anime series, to the point that I had trouble pausing it to even write this rec (despite that I've seen the AMV a couple of times now). It's addicting as hell because the clips are so well chosen and there aren't any dull moments and the concept is great and the execution is great and... yes, this is a fantastic AMV. ♥

- Miscellaneous/Multiple AMV - Macarena - Honestly, I clicked on this link expecting badness. Instead I got something that was actually really well put-together, with a lot of clips of characters either dancing or looking like they're dancing and... hell, even the movements match the slower/faster parts of the song. Not necessarily everything is a perfect fit, but when you watch the video... it's another one of those that sucks you in and has this really great flow from one scene to the next, that somehow the clips end up working amazingly well anyway. Also, the FFX-2 footage is used really well.

- Miscellaneous/Multiple AMV - Witch Doctor - I... am not entirely sure what the point of this AMV was supposed to be, it seemed rather random for about half of the video... and then I got sucked into it and it was just delightful, batshit fun. Part of it is that I effing love the DDR version of Witch Doctor and part of it is that the editing for this video is great (especially when they synch up parts of the chorus ♥) so that it eventually starts to look really kind of slick and polished. By the time it was done, I was kinda sorta maybetappingmyfootandgrinning because it was so damned cute. It does start a little slow, but once the artist really gets into the video, it's really, really solid. Also, the pacing is awesome because it keeps up the fast pace for the entire song. <3

- Multiple Anime series - Mystery Yaoi Theater 3000 - I'd actually seen this music video quite some time ago and only recently came across a download link for it again. So, hunting it down on YouTube, I figured, well, I had to rec it because it's one of those AMVs that's just... such a beautiful parody of the genre, yet not derisive about it, that I wind up rolling around on the floor in hysterical laughter. The editing is just marvelous, in part, because you can tell where things are edited, yet they look good. It's just. Every time Shamshel appears ANYWHERE in the video, I start immediately giggling with laughter. Also, also, also. Best use of Gravitation footage at the end EVER. Still laughing about that. And the video itself is great, but the added MSTing just makes it better, I lose it every time it gets to the Berskerk footage.

- Multiple Series AMV - What's This? - I wasn't really expecting anything (either good or bad) when I randomly clicked onto this AMV. And maybe it's just that I was in a particularily good mood or it managed to hit me just right. But this thing had me practically in tears by the time it was done. The clip choices are just. Just. Genius, there's no other words for it. The entire time Jack (from The Nightmare Before Christmas) is singing his song, it's beyond fantastic because I've watched that movie a bajillion times and usually I can't help picturing the original context. But this. But this. It actually created this thing where... all I could picture was Jack walking around Yaoi Town, singing this exact song, and I was dying of laughter the entire time. BRILLIANT.

Various Anime Series Fanvid: Every Anime Opening Ever Made - I don't even want to think about how much time this video must have taken to make! It's really quite incredible how well this video was put together, how it highlighted the same kind of thing that appears in just about every anime opening ever. It's probably only hilarious to those who've watched a lot of anime openings, which of course I have, so watching this? There were times when I honestly burst into wild laughter because oh, shit, this video totally nailed how cliche some of those dramatic walking away from the camera scenes are or the standing in a windy meadow or the flying straight towards the camera. It's edited together beautifully, too, and such a fast-paced video that's just excellent all the way around. (No real warnings/pairings.)

Avatar: The Last Airbender:
- Avatar: The Last Airbender AMV - Kung Fu Fighting - I have been waiting for an Avatar AMV to use this song well, it's practically meant for the show! There are tons of great little moments in this one, both upbeat and the slower moments, tons of different clips, nearly all the characters getting their moments in, great clip choices, all the things that were needed for a high-paced video like this.

- Avatar: The Last Airbender AMV - Anything you can do I can do better! - Okay, this was just fun. Katara and Sokka are the characters who actually have this sort of dynamic, the whole "I can do it better than you! XP" siblings thing going on that made this really fun to watch. I mean, it's not perfectly edited, but the clip choices had moments of brilliance and the whole thing is just so loaded with fun that it was a treat to watch. I'd rather have something that puts a smile on my face than something that's technically perfect but has no soul. The artist was really good at using the particular "Grrr! XO" or "D'oh!" expressions of Sokka's but without overwhelming the piece and making it fell too crowded. Just. FUN.

Azumanga Daioh:
- Azumanga Daioh AMV - Azumanga Daioh vs. M.C. Hammer - The entire time I was watching this, I kept thinking, "God, this shouldn't work. But it's so bizarrely entertaining!" And it is. The artist had the right amount of tongue in cheek humor about the whole thing and kept up with the fast-paced clips so that it was a never-ending zoom of amusement. I laughed out loud at least twice in this AMV (The "Oh my god!" part got one of those sharp barks of laughter out of me, it hit me just right.) and thoroughly enjoyed the whole thing.

Batman: The Animated Series:
- Batman:TAS/The Batman/Teen Titans AMV - The Face of Grayson: Robin's Story - Thrice - Two things about this AMV. Well, three. One, I was impressed by the blending of the three different series into one AMV, since they're in such vastly different continuities. I actually thought it was kinda cool, rather than wanting to pitch a fit like usual. Two, the editing of the early parts of the AMV, the soft music in the background with the almost echoing quality of the latest The Batman episode was really kinda neat to give it a flash-back-y sort of feeling, the editing making it a powerful scene. And, three, this AMV made me react in exactly the way I should as s Dick Grayson fan--it made me love him just that much more. I like that it encompassed so many aspects of his life, from the Titans to Kory to Nightwing to Gotham to Barbara to his parents, all tied together in a nicely picked song. I love that the video captures the anger of animated!Dick, it reminds me why I fell in love with that version just as much as I love sane comics!Dick. All around, a cool little AMV. ♥

- Batman:TAS AMV - Nightwing Tribute - Yeah. So you can totally tell I went looking for Nightwing AMVs (actually, I was looking for Dick/Babs AMVs, but I stumbled over more straight Nightwing stuff) and... I realize that I have no objectivity, that I'm totally fangirling my favorite character here. But this stuff is fun to watch and I really love the opening of this AMV, the footage from "You Scratch My Back" works with the Linkin Park song in a strange, but cool way. Actually, TAS!Dick works with Linkin Park way more than I might have thought at first, but makes sense upon watching this video; so the song choice gets a definite thumbs up from me. The lyrics are actually really appropriate. *_* And, god, the usage of the scenes from Old Wounds and, hell, even Over the Edge are just... it's not so much that they're synched up as that... the context of them matches the lyrics of the song so well that I was just all asquee. But, uh. I may have watched those episodes a bit more than I should have. Still. Very cool AMV.

- Bleach AMV - Taking over me - [Note: I don't know if anyone would consider scenes from a recent Bleach anime filler arc to be spoilery or not.] I admit, I probably wouldn't have clicked onto any Bleach AMVs... except it was Ishida/Nemu and I am so weak to that pairing, since it's still pretty rare. The video was probably appealing to me largely because of that pairing, but I also think the video did well with... well, okay. Ishida/Nemu is totally a pretty, dramatic, and emo pairing that would go well with an Evanescence, you know? The video matched up the scenes from the filler arc episode well, it was a quiet little video that I wasn't bored at all during. But, then, I haven't watched the episode yet, either. Still. I honestly liked this.

- Bleach AMV - Can't touch this - I think what makes this AMV work for me is that the Shinigami are just dork enough that this song fits. The clips are well-chosen and well-timed, which helps... but, yeah, mostly the dork thing. The artist chose some really great smug expressions to go with the lyrics and the lip synching was really good and it was very fast paced and tons of fighting and... yeah, still the dork thing. Color me greatly amused.

Chuck Fanvid - Chuck Vs Mr Roboto - [Note: There will be spoilers up through the second season finale in this vid and this rec.] I stumbled over the link for this vid tonight and just. Well, it's a logical song choice, given the finale, but I did not expect it to be so damn smooth and polished and perfect for a video that... it's partly summing up the action and excitement of the series up to this point, but it's also a fantastic tribute to a great show. The selection of clips and the pace of everything and the buildup to that final scene in the intersect room at the end, all of it was amazingly well done, it was just a really great vid. ♥

Code Geass:
Code Geass - Neon Genesis Geassgelion - I ganked the link for this from ramble_corner's post because asdl;kfjasl;kj I was curious (and I love Cruel Angel's Thesis, so I could listen to it on just about anything) and sort of fell in love with how great this was and how totally well it mirrored the Eva opening. I'm not sure if they had to animate some of it themselves or if it just sort of really fit already (because I'm a bad Geass fan, I know) but either way... this was great.

Cowboy Bebop:
- Cowboy Bebop AMV - United States of Cowboy Andy - asdlfjalsdjfasld, awesome, I love this AMV. The concept is great, the execution is great, the editing is great, even. I don't normally know how I feel about this song (much less the remix version used here), but it works shockingly well with Cowboy Bebop footage and just... yeah. Awesome AMV.

The Dark Knight:
The Dark Knight Fanvid - PARTY POST - I was randomly surfing around and stumbled over this video and, admittedly, I have yet to watch TDK (my Batman geek is probably going to scream a lot XD) but you can hardly go two feet on the internet without running into one of the memes or gifs or macros for the movie and this video is like. Like, the entirety of the internet rolled up into one big ball of deliciousness. And I love stuff that can capture the lol-mentality of the internet with this sort of feel, just. asdl;kfjalskja ahahahah lol.

The Dark Knight Fanvid - Fresh Prince of Gotham - Another fanvid where I was randomly surfing around and asd;flkjasl;kjsljk I'm not really even in this fandom, but this was the kind of thing that could nearly draw me in because. Someone doing a parody of the Fresh Prince song as the Joker and it was just. Full of so much LOL LOL LOL and AMAZEMENT and pulled off really well! Totally fucking epic. XD

- Dexter fanvid - Precious - [Note: There are spoilers for the entire Dexter first season in this vid.] I picked this up on a hunt for Dexter fanworks, not really sure if I wanted to go for fanvids instead of just fic, especially since I'm not usually one for serious fanvids unless they're absolutely amazing. This video caught me in about five seconds' time and I couldn't stop watching because the way it was put together was a seamless fit with the themes of the TV show, the music, and everything Dexter was going through at the end of the series. It was almost painful to watch this video, to see everything that was so hard to go through in the show itself play out in this video. Just. Brilliant video here.

- Disney fanvid - *****! - disordered_mess shared the link for this video and I'm delighted she did. It's actually surprisingly well edited together, there are many moments where the characters look like they're actually lip synching the words, not to mention the expressions and body language actually match as well! I mean, I would have loved it just for the crack, but it's actually really well done! And hilarious, I love the clips chosen and the movies used and just... a;sdlfkjalskdjs AHAHAH AWESOME.

- Disney fanvid - How Many Licks - [Note: This video is most definitely NOT SAFE FOR WORK.] Another video disordered_mess shared the link for and asd;lfkjaslj it's so wrong and yet so brilliantly done that I can't do much more than keyboard mash at it. Just. Even watching it a few months after I first saw it (I've been slow on the fanvid recs) it's still just as amazingly edited as ever.

Doctor Who/Torchwood:
Doctor Who/Torchwood fanvid - Papa Don't Preach - You know, you can be warned about a video, that it's really funny or that it'll make you pretty much laugh the whole way through. But it's another thing entirely to actually sit down and during at least two points in it to be quite honestly shrieking with laughter. The editing of this video (the pace of the clips, the selections of Jack's expressions, the timing, even the photoshopping of certain clips) is masterful and oh my god if I could make everyone watch this video with the summary of, Jack? Is keeping his baby., I so very, very much would. Just. I laughed until I about cried, having to clap my hands over my mouth lest I wake the neighbors.

Doctor Who Fanvid: Don't Lose Yourself - This was a really lovely Donna vid, both visually and for the way the song and Donna's journey worked together, it was a great choice all the way around, both song and clips used here. I really liked the editing of this one, it didn't linger too long, didn't get into too many special effects, just put in light touches when they were needed. But mostly I adore this vid for how very Donna it was, how wonderful a tribute it was to her character.

- Evangelion AMV - Disney's Evangelion - ....holy shit, this is one of the creepiest things I've seen just about ever. It's just. I mean. You have to have watched Eva all the way through to have absorbed the series and Shinji's relationship with his Eva unit to get why this AMV just freaked me right the fuck out. Brilliantly done, the editing of the footage is really quite fantastically done, the lip synching is damn good, and just... the concept. *shudder* CREEPY AS FUCK.

Excel Saga:
Excel Saga Fanvid - Pretty Fly - Oh, my god. The levels of PURE CRACK this vid is on cannot be conveyed with mere words. But I seriously laughed my ass off the entire way through, it's got everything it needs--great clip choices and some solid editing of them together and some super hilarious content. It's just. It never lets up, it is three minutes of pure, straight-up, fast-paced crack that fits the song beautifully. I'm kind of awed at the amount of great synching without ever having to repeat itself. Just. Just. LOL. XD

Final Fantasy Multiple&Other:
- Final Fantasy AMV - Final Fantasy Numa by KuramasSweetheart - So, Noel told me to go watch this video tonight and I did, because she manages to find the best videos. This one is no exception--right from the beginning, the FFX-2 footage is used beautifully with the music and all the different FF series just blend so amazingly well together and it's actually really kind of exciting. Like how promo videos for the games are exciting, because the music is high octane, because the clips are full of action, because they match so well, and it makes you want to play! Or at least hunt down everything you can about the games, because they look so beautiful and the clips are so well-chosen and, okay, I admit I like the song. It's fun and I love that they used footage from FFVI, FFVII, FFVII:AC, FFVIII, FFIX, FFX, FFX-2, KH, KHII, and probably more. ♥ In a lot of ways, this could almost have been a promotional video for Square because it uses all these different games and it actually works together, the video usees all these dramatic moments from the games so well. And, god, I love the moments they chose for the little "Hello"s in the video. XD (No warnings.)

- Final Fantasy AMV - RPG Sequence (Final Fantasy Re-enactment) - Okay, technically, this is not an AMV. I'm saving myself the headache of trying to figure out what else to call it and just sticking it in here anyway. This is... oh, man. How to find the words for it. The first time I watched it, it was funny and cute and I giggled a lot. Now that I've played more games and seen a gajillion battles in them? This is even more awesome. I think you can appreciate it anyway, but it helps so much more if you've been forced to sit through a thousand fights in the various FF games, because it parallels them just so wonderfully well. And I still crack the hell up at the summoning sequence every damned time. XDDD

- Final Fantasy X AMV - Yuna Gets Down - This is another AMV that Noel pointed me towards and it's still one of my favorites because... I mean, yes, you see that concert footage of Yuna about a bajillion times, but this artist manages to make it really work, makes it fun and exciting to watch, makes it fit with the song. Which is what I love about this one, the way the scenes are edited and arranged, the whole video ends up being really smooth and professional looking and I'm still just fangirling over the opening and, like Noel, I lose it at the House of Pain bit every time. XDDDD

- Final Fantasy fanvid - Dead Fantasy I - I actually watched this one second, but I think it would have worked better to watch it first, since the second one is a direct continuation of this one (obviously). It's sort of amazing to watch this, both because of the animation and because of the content--it's a fan-made video of a fight between the various Final Fantasy girls and the Dead or Alive girls and it's not just fanservice, these girls are kicking ass. The animation is amazing because it actually looks like them, like I could have almost believed that Squeenix would be putting out a game with a scene that looked exactly like this and the choreography and the special moves and everything is amazing. Just. Damn.

- Final Fantasy fanvid - Dead Fantasy II - [Note: I actually suggest you just go ahead and watch this without reading the rec, because I'll probably "spoil" a few things in it and I like the idea of them being a surprise. But if you want to read on, then by all means. XD] Okay, everything that was cool about the first one just got totally fucking epic in this fan-made video. The maker added in several more girls, this time really showcasing Tifa along with Rikku and Yuna, then adding in Kairi and Rinoa and oh my god the level of bad-ass that Rinoa reaches in this video makes me totally incoherent. I just. It's beautiful animation, it's amazing moves and choreography that never eases up on the awesome for a single moment and made me fall in love with each one of those girls all over again. I love that I love the girls in these, I love how truly kick ass they are, even when their moves should be totally ridiculous. I love how incredibly detailed this animation is, considering it's a fan-made video. And, holy crap, I want a downloadable version so badly so I can watch it over and over again. ....I totally just had a nerdy gamergasm over this thing, I'm pretty sure.

Final Fantasy VIII Fanvid: Final Fantasy VIII Review - [Note: This is only the first part of the review, but it's pretty easy to hunt down all 11 parts to this. You may have to hit up the guy's website to finish them off, but it shouldn't be hard.] I picked this link up from a secret posted on fandomsecrets and, okay, technically, this isn't a fanvid, it's a game review, but I'm at a loss for how else to label it. It's not really a livejournal post, it's not really anything else... so, fanvid it is. What this video did for me was pull me out of one of those nights where nothing seemed to quite be going right and got me to laugh many, many times. It's eleven parts, each ranging from 9 to 25 minutes apiece and I watched the whole thing practically in one sitting, that's how addicted I was to the review.

Now, granted. The review is all about pointing out the many, many ways that FFVIII sucked and I have to admit that there are a lot of really good points about why the gameplay was so ridiculous and why the writing was really fucking lazy in parts. I love the game still, I adore the characters and I actually like the story and it's one of my favorite games/fandoms. And yet there was not a single part of this review that didn't get at least two IRL LOLs out of me. It might not be for all fans of the game, but if you have a strong sense of mocking the silly parts of something you love, I think this was a really hilarious review.

Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends:
- Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends AMV - Ordinary Day - This is one of the first Foster's AMVs (not really sure you can call them that since it's not anime, but it sounds best in my head, let's just pretend it stands for "animated") that I found that was actually really sort of cute, clever, and got the feel of the show's weirdness while still being so cute and adorable. The use of Frankie and Wilt as central characters also helped since I have much affection for both of them; and the synching isn't perfect, but there are some really cute moments and the chorus of the song just... fits with the footage, so it has this great all-around solid quality to it.

- Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends AMV - The Internet is for Porn! - Noel found this one and it's just... asdl;kfjalsasldf, holy crap. It's not perfect, the synching could use a lot of polishing, but there are moments (Eduardo skipping along and singing the chorus, "The internet is for porn~ the internet is for porn~" had me giggling out loud because it's a great combination of footage and lyrics or Frankie's "Ewww!" expression being just about perfect. It's one of those videos that should be scary because Foster's is this cute, sweet cartoon, but somehow... yeah, still funny.

- Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends AMV - Holding Out For A Hero - It sort of shocks me how well-done this AMV is. It's really quite well put-together, the kind of AMV that I could almost see being put together by an official source if they were going to do that sort of thing. The clips are used brilliantly, both in terms of context and pace, the artist has a sense of the dorky adorableness of the show, but still actually makes something that's really kinda genuinely cool. I mean, even knowing the original context of the clips, I'm still going, "Hey... that actually fits...." Quite possibly the best Foster's AMV ever. ♥

- Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends AMV - Love is a Battle Field - The first time I saw this AMV, I laughed and laughed and laughed. Foster's. Mac. Bloo. Berry. Pat Benetar. So, so, so, so brilliantly hilarious. Even if the editing isn't perfect and could stand a lot of tightening up, there's something about this video that just endlessly entertains me. The Mac/Bloo vs Bloo/Berry! Shipper videos! Shipper videos for Foster's. Omg. Awesome. The clips are actually pretty well chosen and I just... endlessly entertaining, yo.

Full Metal Panic:
- Full Metal Panic AMV - FullMetal Panic Hamster Dance - Why oh why oh why do I like this damn song so much or the AMVs that go with it? It's a bizarre sort of addiction. But. When it produces stuff like this, who am I to argue? I think this might be the best use of the song I've seen yet, the pacing of the clips is absolutely frantic, but that's what makes it so awesome. Everything is explosions and kicks and punches and firing guns and crashing into things and it just DOES. NOT. STOP. And it actually hits the beats of the song! When there needs to be a particular punch in the video, the AMV has it and you can tell a ton of work went into this. It totally matches the usually fast beat of the song and the feel of the series and adsf;ajsdflkjasdf it makes me a fan of FMP all over again.

- GetBackers AMV - The GetBackers Dance! - I have this bizarre love for the Hamster Dance song. So when I see a GetBackers video set to the song? One that starts out with tare!Ginji dancing? HELL YES I'm clicking on that baby immediately. The video makes great use of the chibi or face-faulting expressions from the anime or enough cuts in the animation to keep up with the fast pace of the song. I wouldn't have thought you could find that much content in GetBackers to use for this song, but somehow the artist managed to make clips that should have been serious absolutely work for this AMV. I just... this is my second time through it all the way and I'm still as delighted as the first time I watched it. ♥

Gundam Wing:
- Gundam Wing AMV - gundam dance! - I picked the link up for this off of merith and, omg, this is really kinda awesome. I'm not sure how this was made, but whatever it was... I love this so much. Wing Zero. Dancing. To YMCA. Really, truly, genuinely dancing with all the little touches of actual dance moves. And every time it gets to the Y-M-C-A part, I sort of roll around on the floor and starting dying of laughter again.

- Gundam Wing AMV - Pretty Fly For a White Guy - Before I found the Naruto AMV with this song, I was about ready to declare this the best use of the Offspring song just for two things--one, I really love the lip synching of the "give it to me, baby" chorus and, two, omfg, I totally lost it at the "uno, dos, tres, quatro, cinco, cinco, seis" part. BRILLIANT, I tell you. The whole thing is really solid all together, but it's the numbers thing that totally makes it win.

House Fanvid: SexyBack - This one is really short, only about a minute and a half, but it really didn't need to be any longer than that, I don't think. I'm not sure which part I loved about this one more--the execution of this or Cuddy's total hotness from that stripping scene in season four. The editing of the video was fantastic, it fit the feel of the song so well, but it kept the point of that scene beautifully, too. Namely, that Cuddy is smoking hot.

House Fanvid: Lightning Crashes - So, I was watching the artist's other vid and decided, hm, what the hell, I'll check out some of the others, too. And this was a really fantastically done video set to a song that worked so well with what the video was going for. It's another video that looks amazing, it's polished and edited into something gorgeous, clips are chosen brilliantly and it all comes together on a technical level. But it's also that the video has a real emotional punch, it keeps to the spirit of 5x06 beautifully. (House/Cuddy, sort of.)

Kyou Kara Maou!:
- Kyou Kara Maou! AMV - Valentine Kiss - I picked this link up from trixie and it's just... good lord. I had to stuff almost my entire hand into my mouth to keep from howling with laughter. Kyou Kara Maou! cosplay and singing Valentine Kiss. I have such strange affection for that song (much like I do for Tenipuri's Atobe himself) and to see a video for it played out like this... oh, my god, it's beautiful. I nearly cried. It's so cute and upbeat and vaguely creepy and strange and adorable and I love it so. That's all I can really say about it.

Jungle wa Itsumo Hale Nochi Guu:
- Jungle wa Itsumo Hale Nochi Guu AMV - Everything About Guu - Not only is this a fabulous, fabulous concept for an AMV, it's beautifully done. The synching and choice of clips are great, but... omg, it just fits and it's smoothly done, and I no longer need any other JungleGuu AMVs (...well, that's a lie, I suppose XD) because this one totally hit the spot. Also, the ending is fabulous, I love the way the footage of Hale singing from the OAV ED was just perfect. So, so much love for this.

- Jungle wa Itsumi Hale Nochi Guu AMV - Hale's Mom - There is something about this AMV that's just quietly brilliantly done. I've watched it about six times now and every time it just gets a little better, the clip choices fantastic, both in terms of 'context' and for how they matched the beat. I keep watching over and over, because every time Guu does a little dance or 'sings' part of the lyrics, her expression just... matches perfectly. Because part of me can totally imagine her singing this about Weda-chan (who indeed does have it goin' on in this video XD) just to freak out Hale. And the ending? Just as awesome as the rest.

- Jungle wa Itsumo Hale Nochi Guu AMV - Ojiisan Captor DAMA - The first time I watched this AMV, I laughed so hard I actually cried. Not only is it a great concept (a great concept), but it is pulled off brilliantly. The clip choices, the editing to mirror the OP that it was parallelling, the way it was just a JungleGuu take on the idea. Just. A+++++++++ oh my god it was hilarious. This series deserves more AMVs like this brilliant piece of work. ♥

Justice League: The Animated Series:
- Justice League:TAS AMV - You & Me - Noel found this one and I was really sort of wary of clicking on it because I like the pairing (ha ha, to put it mildly, one might say) but I PH34R what the fandom might do to it. They are. Uh. Not known for maturity. But this AMV was actually nicely put together, it somehow managed to hit that totally OTP Bruce/Diana spot for me. It used the footage from "The Brave & the Bold (part II)" which is the exact episode where I fell in love with the two of them, the way he frantically dug to get her out, the way he hid his hands afterwards, the way he wouldn't say a word about it and just... YES. The video uses that well enough that I melted into goo. It just... the more I watch this, the more I like it, the more I want to go watch all the episodes, the more I want to go find more fic. That's what a shipper video should do and in that respect, this video was wonderful.

Mei-chan no Shitsuji:
Mei-chan no Shitsuji Fanvid - All About Us - Another link I'm stealing off aliaspiral's post but I had to, because! Mei-chan no Shitsuji fanvid! One that's actually really nicely done! What I impressed me the most was the constant pace of the clips, nothing went by too fast, but it kept a brisk pace the entire thing, really matching the beat of the song. And I loved the choices made and I liked this song for Rihito and Mei, it brought back so much of what I really loved about the original drama. This was a nice watch this afternoon. <3 (Mei/Rihito.)

Merlin Fanvid: Girlfriend - I've seen this concept done a time or two in Merlin fandom, but Meg pointed this link out this morning and it's really sort of a brilliantly done video and I fucking love the clip choices and whatever I might think of the song or its singer, it is really damned addicting. The clips flow smoothly together, there's not a lot of repetition, there's some great expressions, and it just all came together really well. <3 (Arthur/Merlin.)

Merlin Fanvid - Look at my 'girlfriend' - You have no idea how many times I have watched this video. The first time I watched it, I could not stop laughing--the first ten seconds are the most brilliant thing just about ever, but the whole video is kind of amazing. The clips are edited together really well, but even more than that it's the way the context matches up, making the video coherent as well as seamless. I can rewatch it pretty much an endless amount of times because it's just such a great vid and the song is a total goddamned earworm. Seriously just. WATCH THIS ONE, IT IS SO GREAT.

Merlin Fanvid - Let's Get It On - Triste pointed this one out and she's totally right, it's grand. What I love about it is the concept behind it, the way the song is used over the imagery of the series, all the swords and unicorn horns and maces and other weapons, so you really get the, ah, point of just how phallic this show can really be sometimes. The editing is fantastic, the lingering slow shots or just the way the show filmed something, it was just. Highlighted beautifully in this vid, it's so hilarious and... well, totally gay. XD

Merlin Fanvid - Orchard of Mines - I can't tell you what made me decide to shift from Arthur/Merlin to Arthur/Morgana, but after a few discussions on the show, I realized that that's where my heart was right now. So I started looking around for stuff for them and this was one of the first things I found and I'm glad because it fits with what I've been craving from these two--something epic and gorgeous and passionate and amazing. The clip choices are lovely and the tone of the song fits them well and it was a beautiful thing to watch. I love how all of this worked so well, how it has some really nice editing, and just. It captured what I felt from this pairing. ♥ (Arthur/Morgana.)

Mononoke Fanvid: The Assorted Battles Again I picked up the link for this off inkstone's tumblr and, oh, this is stunning. Mononoke is one of those series that I wish more people had seen because it's just such a gorgeous series, but it's quirky and not really the kind that gathers fannish works (aside from some gorgeous fanart), but, oh, this shows why it's an offbeat style of animation, but so amazing. The editing together of all the various battle scenes in the series, the gorgeous magic used, all together like this is just amazing. I could not love it more. (No warnings/pairings.)

Nobuta wo Produce:
Nobuta wo Produce Fanvid - If I Were Gay - Tammaiya linked me to this video yesterday morning and I watched it and asd;fkljaslkjas usually it's hard to get me interested in live action-based fanvids if they're not really, really well-done, but this one was kind of seriously brilliant. The clip choices, the editing, the beautiful use of canon moments to fit with the song that show off just how gay this series could be, the way I LOL'd the whole way through... fantastic.

Odin Sphere:
Odin Sphere Fanvid - Skalds and Shadows - I was just randomly wandering around to look for new Odin Sphere stuff (why so small fandom, whyyyy?) and stumbled over this. I'm generally apprehensive about fanvids that aren't cracked out humor, but the video was billed as one that could potentially show new fans why they should get into the game. So, I was curious. And, wow, this is a gorgeous little fanvid, the music fits the tone of the series so incredibly well, the selection of clips chosen is fantastic, the editing is smooth and clean, and it really does work as a trailer for the series of sorts. It really is something that's slick enough for me to use to promote to people who haven't played the game and to just enjoy it for the visual merits, too. *__*♥

- Okami fanvid - Let's go! Onmyouji - I was browsing around for Okami stuff recently and stumbled over this and it's the first time I've heard the song, but asldfkjasldkjals holy crap that is one of the most perfect Okami AMVs that could ever exist. The song is fantastic, the clip choices they used for Waka are perfect, the editing is really really great and I die every time I get to the monkey demons dancing around the fire seemingly perfectly in time with the music. Oh, god, this AMV makes me want to play the entire game from the beginning all over again. *__* The video is awesome at reminding just how goddamned epic this game is. ♥

Okami Fanvid - Hold Me Now - [Note: There will be some degree of spoilers in this fanvid.] I picked this one up off the fandomsecrets panfandom rec meme and I don't watch a ton of Okami fanvids, but! I love this song! And the video set to it was really very nicely done, lots of action clips and totally epic fights, making sure to keep the past fast enough to match the song it used. And, as much as I liked the footage of the fight with Lechku and Nechku, it was when the fanvid got into the fight with Yami that it looked really good. It brought back all the emotion of that final fight and everything Amaterasu went through and just. a;sldkjfal;skj so damn pretty omg.

One Piece:
One Piece Fanvid: When We Stand Together I was just idly wandering around YouTube amvs tonight and happened to stumble over this one and thought, eh, why not. And, oh, it nearly put tears in my eyes because the vidder does an amazing job at picking out scenes from OP that are emotional and fit the context of the song, about those moments when the characters of OP stood up against those that would hold them down or their own demons and stood together. Whether it was the Strawhats stepping up onto the ledge of Enies Lobby or that moment they're there to save Nami in STRONGWORLD or Zoro taking the pain from Kuma for Luffy or the Strawhats lifting their arms into the air after Alabasta, each of those moments was a punch to the feelings, right along with the song. It's simply edited in some ways, letting the clips tell the story, and it's that much stronger for it. (No warnings/pairings.)

Prince of Tennis:
- Prince of Tennis AMV - T.A.T.U. Prince of Tennis - I suspect I sort of like this AMV just for the concept alone? And because it's a MomoRyo video and Tenipuri AMVs are pretty rare and, c'mon, Prince of Tennis and t.A.T.u? Awesome. It's not intended as being yaoi, but it works well as either friendship or yaoi and I really like the clips chosen and it's just... it's one of those videos that's okay, but put over the top because I like the concept of it enough to go :DDDD at it.

Princess Tutu:
Princess Tutu Fanvid: [RS] Danse De Raven - Holy jeez, this was intense. In a lot of ways--in good ways, actually--this reminded me of Hold Me Now, for how incredibly amazing and intense the action was in this video, how tight the editing was, how gorgeously the clips and music came together. It captures the emotion of the series, it especially captures the darker side of the series, and I was absolutely glued to this video the entire time I watched it. I want to point out so many moments, how the beginning was amazing, how there's this one series of three quick shots that were so intense, how the dancing made me clench up, how characters reaching for each other made my heart ache, but it's one of those videos where... it's all so seamless and gorgeous and it's all the way through that I can't really say much coherent about it. I just sort of made dolphin noises and clutched at my chest. (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Psych fanvid - The Pineapple/Shawn fanvid - I think what makes this fanvid kinda fun for me is the way the cast/crew has fun with the pineapples in the show and the artist having fun with that as well. There are some really good clip choices to go with the particular bits of lyrics/songs and it doesn't feel too repetitive, instead just really laid-back and having fun. That's all I ask. <3

Psych Fanvid - "White" & Nerdy - I snatched the link for this vid from bookchan's post and I had to immediately put it on my list because asl;dkfja;slkj aoh my god never going to stop laughing. The concept is a great one--the Weird Al song for nerdy, nerdy Gus--and I love it for subverting the stereotype along the lines of what the Gus character does himself, but mostly. Mostly I loved it because it is so goddamned hilarious. The clips the artist chose were beautiful, there was no repetition and they had some great context (oh my god, the Kirk vs Picard bit and the faces in the clip they choce for that part, I was lolling so hard) and were fantastically edited together and just. I LOL'd the whole way through this.

Psych Fanvid - Footloose - This video isn't perfect, but it more than achieved what it was aiming for--making me LOL with the collection of dancing and craziness from Psych, set to the Footloose song. The first thirty seconds or so is especially brilliant, but the whole thing kept my attention the entire time it was play and I think I grinned the whole while. Just. a sdl;kfjalskj it's like the pure joy of Psych all bottled into one four minute fanvid. ♥

Psych Fanvid - Money Maker - ...apparently I'm in a Psych mood again tonight. But this vid was kind of great! It's two minutes of non-stop Gus/Shawn hilarity set to a song you wouldn't normally associate with them, except that's what makes it kind of great. I love how much it managed to pack into just under two minutes, how crazy fast it was without feeling overpaced. ♥ (Gus/Shawn.)

Psych Fanvid - Here It Goes - There are some fandoms that just really demand super fast paced fanvids and Psych is one that really sort of calls for that. So, seeing an incredibly fast-paced vid like this was great, especially because I literally could not look away for even a second lest I miss some new clip the artist crammed into there. It's almost sort of bordering on manic, but it works for this vid, it really captures the energy and fun of the series.

- ReBoot AMV - Believer - Admittedly, this video isn't edited as well as it could be, especially after the the first verse, but it's such a great concept (and it's old enough and I know the artist doesn't do that many AMVs, so I'm more lenient) and had me laughing the entire way through it that... yeah, I had to recommend it. Plus, there are hardly any ReBoot AMVs out there and that's just a shame.

- ReBoot AMV - Holding Out for Hero - Last time I looked for ReBoot AMVs on YouTube, there weren't all that many to find. I didn't really have high hopes this time around, either, but I was poking for episode links, stumbled over this one, and promptly proceeded to squee myself into some sort of fangirl fit. It's partly that the vid is well-done, the moments the artist chose are great and a lot of them went into this clip... but mostly it was the way the artist chose clips that... sent me into spastic fits of glee. Any time Bob was on the screen and fighting or using Glitch!Bob powers or when he was fighting Megabyte and the lyrics were all, "I'm holding out for a hero" just after a flash on Dot's face... yeah, I was all, "OH MY GOD BOB/DOT OTP FOR LIFE" afterwards. Which is what AMVs should do, get a person hooked and make them watch and rewatch and rewatch because of all those tiny little moments of cool. I'm not in love with this AMV because it was so bad it was good. I'm in love with it because it kicked my OTP fangirl ass and didn't even bother to take any names.

Sailor Moon:
Sailor Moon Fanvid - Hold Me Now - Yes, yes, I know. I really do love this song, though, so as long as I was looking on YouTube for fanvids with it, I decided to poke around a bit more, stumbling over this one. You wouldn't think that such a simple concept--the transformation sequences in Sailor Moon set to this song--would be so effective, but they really kind of are. Maybe it's the strong association with Princess Tutu for the song (since that's such a famous fanvid) helped, but I don't think that's just it. The clips were well paced, this is a fairly fast video and it just. It worked for me. When Sailor Moon gets epic, it gets really epic and kind of intense, which this fanvid did a good job of capturing; it reminded me of all those truly epic final fights of every season. Plus, you see these transformations so many times when you watch a series like this, but this kind of made them exciting again.

- Scrubs fanvid - SexyBack - Do you know how many SexyBack fanvids I've watched in the amount of time I've wated on YouTube and other streaming sites? Far, far too many. And yet I still keep clicking them because I keep hoping I'll find one exactly like this. Oh, man, I LOL'd so hard in the first half of this video that I think I teared up a little, it's just so beautifully done. The artist picks all these clips where J.D. is trying to be sexy and failing so very hard at it, often times "dancing" just enough to the music that it's brilliantly done. I just. AHAHAHAHAHA LOL. And this is why I watch these videos.

Shoujo Kakumei Utena:
- Shoujo Kakumei Utena AMV - Bachelorette - Utena (especially the cracked out movie) is a great series to use for AMVs in some senses, because there's some really beautiful footage that looks great in music videos. The artist for this one did a stunning job with making a non-stop beautiful video, all roses petals and flying hair and graceful lunges or falls, like the animation was almost made to fit the song that was brilliantly chosen for the video. It's one of those rare serious videos that I don't feel like I'm trudging through, instead I sit and watch it almost enraptured at how lovely it looks.

- Slayers AMV - A Most Mysterious Trickster - I will state upfront that parts of this video feel a little... like just random flashes constantly going through, that there's not much context to them. However, this is a very mild criticism, because the further I got into it, the more I was struck by how incredibly appropriate Sarah McLachlan's "Building a Mystery" was for Xellos. It's not a song I would have associated with him, but listening to the lyrics, watching the solid scenes the artist chose, noting that it's really quite a polished vid... yeah, this is a really great Xellos profile AMV.

Spirited Away:
- Spirited Away AMV - Up - I was a little wary of searching for some Spirited Away AMVs, but this is the first one I found and I actually really, really like it. The artist chose a song with a tone that fits the movie surprisingly well and then chose some really fantastic clips that just... it's hard to explain how well the pace of the clips match the pace of the song so it's just so damned watchable. Especially during the chorus, while the lyrics sing about going up and up and up, Chihiro running around all over the place or flying on Haku's back is just lovely.

- Spirited Away AMV - DDR Project 3 - Okay. Spirited Away and DDR have no right being this cool together, but the song choice was awesome, the editing of the video was fantastic, the clip choices were really solid, and the addition of the little arrows at all the right moments (the first one with Chihiro zooming down the stairs was great XD) all comes together and makes a fantastic little AMV. *rewatches again*

Spongebob Squarepants:
- Spongebob Squarepants - Just Lose It - Okay, see. I was looking for The Little Mermaid videos and browsing around and happened to stop on this one and I was just so delightedly entertaintained and laughed so much during this one that I couldn't help myself. The editing starts off a little slow, the expressions aren't quite right for the music, but it finds its groove about halfway through and gets way more amusing than it should be. Total thumbs up for this one. XDb It's especially impressive because it's some of the best repeat footage I have ever seen, usually that annoys me, but here it's perfect.

- Spongebob Squarepants - Pump It - Speaking of things that have no business being as good as they are, I just couldn't put this video down. The song is fun and the editing to go with it is really solidly good, the pacing and rapid rotation of clips fits really well and... it's Spongebob, I know. But it's like crack! I can't put it down! And this video is totally worth the three or four minutes of your time. Okay, I swear, no more Spongebob fanvids anymore. R-really.

- Supernatural AMV - Fun With Slapstick - God, do you know how many times I've rewatched this AMV? darkeyedwolf showed it to me awhile back and I was promptly entranced by it, I'm still not quite even sure why. It's just. There are moments in this AMV, with the clips sped up and set to the Benny Hill music, that hit me just right over and over and over again, I never get tired of watching them crawl through the window or dying at the part where they start whacking each other. It's one of those things that's simple, but somehow so brilliant every. damn. time.

- Supernatural AMV - BadAss - I was journal-hopping the other night and happened to see a link for an SPN video and thought, what the hell, I'm not doing anything right this second, I'll give it a shot. I laughed so hard I cried during this AMV. I'm normally not one for only still shots in a slide-show, but this video make it work brilliantly. Partly from the insanely perfect expressions, partly from the nicely done subtitles, partly from SHEER CONCEPT ALONE. Whatever it was that pulled this one off, it was glorious and made me remember every last bit of why I goddamned love fandom.

- Supernatural Fanvid - The Official Supernatural Drinking Game - I picked up the link from third_requiem and I've watched it, like, four times now and the Chicken Dance song in the background and the selection of clips has yet to get any less funny. The artist really did a bang-up job on this one, the clips actually fit what they were going for so very well, the expressions on Sam and Dean's faces are beautifully chosen, and asd;lasdljkasdflj, the little asides/notes to the characters! The clips of the characters getting drunk, too! The concept for when to drink when Sam does something! I died. And. Just. Everything worked all the way around like it was supposed to. ♥

Supernatural Fanvid - Like a Boss - Oh, god, crying. You know, I don't think I could ever really watch a lot of serious Supernatural fanvids, but give me a funny one and I will be all over it, especially if it's as inspired as this one is. The editing + clip choices were brilliant, it was practically lip synched with the characters' lines from "It's a Wonderful Life". The expressions on Dean and Zachariah's faces were perfect and just. I cannot tell you how hard I laughed. Brilliant.

Tales of the Abyss:
Tales of the Abyss Fanvid - Dist the Rose: Gay or European? - Tammaiya linked me to this video earlier and I watched curiously, finding a really well-edited anime-based video about Dist's sexuality. I love how well the clips are chosen, especially the ones of Dist, which just emphasize the hilarity. I was laughing through the whole thing, but. At about the 2:30 mark, that's when it starts getting really hilarious. As soon as Jade came in, I started LOLLING and I am STILL in the middle of the occasional giggle fit over it. Awesome.

Teen Titans:
- Teen Titans AMV - The Internet is for Porn - The Internet is for Porn is one of those songs that I'm weak to, I have to check out just about every version of it with any series I've given a passing glance to. While this AMV repeats a lot of the clip choices, I do think that they're solidly chosen--Beast Boy as Trekkie, constantly interupting to sing about how the internet is really for porn is both humorous and nicely done. It's just. Poor Beast Boy. Hee. The usage of the Terra - Beast Boy scenes is fun and cute and... yeah, I'm weak for the song. Shut up.

Torchwood Fanvid: Jack Harkness: It's In His Kiss - My only gripe about this video is the lack of the Jack/John kiss in it, but other than that? So much fun. It's delightful to watch and the clips were chosen pretty well and it was neat to watch all the people that Jack has kissed over his time on DW and TW both. But mostly it was fun because it reminded me of just how much damn fun Jack Harkness' character is and how much I really loved him. Also, I will never, ever get tired of this song. :D (Jack/everyone.)

Torchwood Fanvid: Captain Jack's Boyfriend's Back - There are things I would have liked to have seen this artist tighten up, make some of the clips a little shorter and chosen a few different ones in some places. But overall? I spent a good half of this video totally cracking up because asdl;fjkasl;kjdas yes. Every time it got to the chorus with the dramatic shots of John walking towards the camera, I was kind of dying, the concept is just really great. Not a perfect vid, but I enjoyed the hell out of it. XD (John/Jack.)

Torchwood Fanvid: Captain John Won't Go To Rehab - asldkfjal;skj goddammit. I got sucked into YouTube and Torchwood vids of all things! But, I can't help it! I have a weakness for John Hart and I was curious about how this video would play out, which I found I really kind of liked. It fit the character surprisingly well, the clips were well-chosen, a few of them made me laugh in the way I was supposed to, but mostly it was just a neat little vid for a character that I really liked, the use of John's crazy act and the fight scene in the second season premiere used to good effect. :D

X/Tokyo Babylon:
- X/Tokyo Babylon AMV - Total Eclipse of the Heart - I didn't mean to get caught up in X AMVs (especially, given what I think of XTV >:P), but... SxS! Total Eclipse of the Heart! One of my favorite Dysfunctional Relationship songs! (I only need someone to do a Sephiroth/Cloud AMV for the song, because it's totally on my fantasy SxC FST.) And the clips chosen were lovely, the way the artist spliced them together made my heart hurt for them all over again. The use of XTV and Tokyo Babylon OAV footage was beautiful, the clips matching the pace of the music and even the lyrics and just. It elicited all those beautiful, awful, painful, elegant things I love about this pairing. It made my heart break for Subaru, for both of them all over again. It reminded me why these two are one of those true OTPs. I might cheat now and again for crack pairings, but when it comes down to things? SxS forever. *curls up in the corner to bawl over them all over again*

X-Men Movieverse:
X-Men Movie Fanvid - Wolverine (in 30 seconds) - Okay, this isn't actually a fanvid in the usual sense, but it makes more sense here than in a vaguely defined links section. Mostly I wanted to link to this one--which, by the way, will probably be about ten times funnier if you've seen the movie itself--because I seriously LOL'd my way through the entire thing. Just. LOL.

Xiaolin Showdown:
- Xiaolin Showdown AMV - WTF Xiaolin Showdown - This is actually about the fourth XS AMV that I'm recommending, but I'm going to link it first because it's an absolutely brilliant way of showing why I love this show so damn much. There are these moments in the show where you're sitting there going, "WTF??" at the screen because it's so incredibly... well. WTF. The way these clips are spliced together, the commentary between clips, the way it twists the little mometns in exactly the way every audience member is thinking... yeah, this is why I love this show so damn much. This AMV is, like, pure concentrated crack straight from the show and I love it. Beautiful.

- Xiaolin Showdown AMV - Jack likes the Discovery Channel - This is one of those AMVs that I blame for making the series my shame-show. I watched the show. I kinda liked it. I poked at the fandom. I hit up the comms. I found this AMV. I watched it. I laughed hysterically. I watched it again. I kept laughing. I watched it some more. LATHER RINSE REPEAT. There's something that's just insanely genius about this Everyone/Jack AMV set to that Bloodhound Gang song that makes me crack up every single time. The clips chosen are brilliant, Jack's expressions at certain moments are genius, the whole thing is put together amazingly well. alskfalkjsdflaksj, this is why I love the fandom.

- Xiaolin Showdown AMV - Caught Jack spanking it - This is the other AMV I stumbled on almost immediately after I started watching the show and it combined two of my new favorite things--Chase/Jack (....sort of, not really, though) and Stephen Lynch! Not something you'd think would go together that well, but the artist has this knack for finding just the right little moments to put together with the lyrics that leave me spitting my soda back onto the monitor. The little moments of this song, the little motions Jack makes with his hands, the disgusted/annoyed look on Chase's face, all of it (ha ha) comes together beautifully. ♥

- Xiaolin Showdown AMV - Hit the Road Jack - I was a little disappointed that the music never really came up fully, it just stayed in the background for this whole video, but... the clips are well-chosen and the whole thing is just fun in that way that the show is. Jack tripping all over himself or getting his ass kicked is just never old and this video capitalizes well on that. Also, SONG CHOICE IS AWESOME.

- Xiaolin Showdown AMV - Beautiful Chack Tribute - One of the things I love about the Xiaolin Showdown fandom is that they don't take themselves too seriously, which is exactly why I loved the damn show so much in the first place. So I was chuckling through the "serious" part of the video... and this artist is one of the few video makers that I've seen who can put in 'artist notes' and they actually work for the video. Also, the songs chosen are just... asd;fljalksjdflkjasd, beautiful.

- Xiaolin Showdown AMV - Captain Dojo - Also funny. It helps because the show totally has the "elements" thing going on at the same time, but it's more than just that. The artist actually chose good clips for an AMV, a lot of shots from the credits or well-animated scenes with detail so it didn't go from lots of detail to filler animation, you know? There were also some great expressions and it just... worked all together. And I mentioned the funny part already. XD Because when Wuya's words are perfectly synched to the "You'll pay for htis, Captain Planet!" while she's glowering at Dojo trapped in her hands? Fantastic.

- Xiaolin Showdown AMV - It's the Xiaolin Family!! - What totally, totally makes this video is the clip choice in certain scenes. The one of Kimiko pretending to be a cyclops just did me in, though, any time the four of them are together and making goofy faces is a plus. For once, I even liked the b&w effect to properly mimic the old TV show. XD

Yami no Matsuei:
- Yami no Matsuei - Bad Tsuzuki by alkampfer81 [ Anime Music Video ] - Okay, before you look at the song on this video, let me assure you that this was actually a really good video, the scenes fit the tone of the music and lyrics perfectly, and, okay, yes, it's Britney Spears, but when the song hits the really upbeat parts and Tsuzuki is summoning one of his shikigami... it's freaking cool. +_+ The quality of the video used is excellent, and they really did a bang-up job of using the limited footage to such a great extent. It's not necessarily a song I would have chosen (as Tsuzuki is still just as vulnerable and lonely as he always was), but it's a credit to this video that I really bought into it at several points. Really, really good Yamimatsu video. (No real warnings.)

- Yami no Matsuei AMV - The Flying Car - [ listing can be found here.] So, this video has been making the rounds on my flist lately and because I'm putting together a post for AMVs tonight, I figured, what the hell, I'll watch it then. I think it helps that I've been a Clerks fan for ages and ages, so I'm all, "Wheee! Randal and Dante! least I think it's Randal and Dante? It's the actors, anyway. From god knows which Kevin Smith project." But, yes. The choices for Muraki and Tsuzuki and Hisoka are brilliant, the clip choices are brilliant, the lip synching is brilliant, I'm just totally fangirling this video. I think it was the whole, "Well, while you're under the local...." part that really just put it over the top for me.

- Yami no Matsuei AMV - C is for Cookie - I am totally stealing this one off of Dian because, heeheehee, this is great! The use of Tsuzuki's sweet tooth and bouncy, excited expressions is great and I love the way the video uses the Cookie Monster song in contrast to the words on the screen. It's such a simple concept for a video, but it works so well that I adore it. The second half of the video isn't as strong, it feels very jarring, since I'm not sure if it's part of the video or the credits or what, but the first half is just adorable. XD

- Yami no Matsuei AMV - Ghostbusters! - I have a feeling I may have rec'd this one before... but even if I have, omfg, it's worth a second rec. The artist put together an awesome video here, the clips were brilliant, the lip synching was brilliant, and I was constantly having to stomp down gigglefits while watching this. The whole thing is incredibly polished, but it was also every time there was a different character going, "I ain't afraid of no ghosts" and I was laughing my ass off the entire way and... yeah, this is one of those must-see videos if you're a Yamimatsu fan.

Yuu Yuu Hakusho:
- Yuu Yuu Hakusho AMV - Ghostbusters - Have I rec'd this one before? Enh, either way. It's still an awesome video with a fantastic concept and it's actually pulled off really well. The clips chosen for the various youkai attacks are excellent, they fit the lyrics/pace of the song wonderfully, there's no mindless repetion of clips, and none of them linger too long. I swear, that's the secret to a good AMV right there, to keep putting in new clips and keeping something from lingering and this AMV just knocks the execution out of the park. I just. YYH and Ghostbusters. Awesome.

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