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  - AngelBeats! - [ Pixiv Account ] - I went through a really intense phase with AngelBeats!, but I wasn't doing entire account recs at the time, so I feel like my recs for the series are going to be kind of half-assed, but, well. When I stumble over some pretty stuff, I can't help it. And this artist does these really softly colored, almost pastel group images and Yuri images and Hinata and Otonashi images and even more epic group images that I'm all really weak to. The style is almost sort of like sketches, but sometimes that really, really works for this artist because they can do some really excellent lineart work. I find that the images look really excellent in full view and the detail on some of them is kind of amazing and the variety of the characters involved is really good as well. This artist really sort of embodies so much of what kept me so feverish with the AngelBeats! fandom for so many weeks. *__* (Nothing really consistent enough to warn for, mostly the account is pretty gen.)

  - AngelBeats! - [ Pixiv Account ] - I hadn't really planned on doing more AngelBeats! recs today, I had too much else on my plate at the moment, but then this artist just sort of popped out at me and well. I can hardly resist an awesome group battle where everyone is loaded for bear with a shitload of guns, where Yuri and Hinata are packing some serious heat even above the others. I love that kind of thing in AngelBeats! fandom! But the other thing I love? Group hugs that are a big excuse to dog pile on each other. ♥ I love that this artist clearly likes Yuri a lot (since she was my favorite character) and it isn't necessarily 100% focused on her, but there's a strong presence for her throughout the artist's work and that just. Makes me really happy, to have excellent artwork of her. ♥ (No real warnings/pairings.)

  - AngelBeats! - [Pixiv Account ] - One of my favorite things to come across in fandom, especially on Pixiv, is when an artist does really lovely work and ships a whole bunch of ships that I ship! I can never fully make up my mind with AngelBeats!, the possibilities are all too much fun, so being able to see Hinata/Otonashi and Hinata/Yui and even EVERYONE/Hinata is kind of delightful. Also, this artist has the best Naoe and Hinata image I've pretty much ever seen. The style is just that hint of messy with beautiful colors and a ton of detail and some really strong professional level style to it, making each image a joy to look at. This is one of those artists that I pounced on every time she had new art when I was in the middle of my AngelBeats! fever. (Hinata/everyone, pretty much. Some gen.)

  - AngelBeats! - [ Pixiv Account ] - Sometimes I really miss the peak of this fandom, because the art was just incredible and there was so much of it and it seemed kind of endless! I especially get that feeling when I stumble over an artist like this, who has a solid amount of art in their AngelBeats! gallery and there's some nice art of Noda and Yuri, Tachibana, Otonashi, and Hinata and that cg style on Hinata and Otonashi that probably won't work for everyone, but I'm kind of weak towards, especially at sunset. Also, formal suits and maid costumes, because this author knows what fandom likes! And I enjoy that it's the kind of Hinata/Otonashi art that got me so into the fandom in the first place, but there's also some occasional art of the other characters, I like that it's that glossy, shimmery kind of cg coloring that I enjoy, I like that I enjoy the group art just as much, and mostly I like the feeling I get after viewing an account like this. I remember how much fun this series was. ♥ (Hinata/Otonashi, some gen. Some NC-17 content if you're not careful.)

  - AngelBeats! - [ Pixiv Account ] - I meant to move onto a different series after the previous AB! rec, just to get some more variety... but then I stumbled over this artist and I couldn't help but to cave on it. Because the artist drew pretty, airy Tachibana and lovely Yuri and Tachibana and some really cute Yui art! I am weak to artists who clearly like the AngelBeats! girls this much! And I do like the artist's cute style, the light and airy colors they use, and how smoothly everything comes together for them. This was just really fun! (Nothing consistent enough to warn for.)

  - AngelBeats! - [ Pixiv Account ] - I tried really hard to avoid getting sucked into AngelBeats! art today and I was only going to look at one or two images from this artist's account, but then... this Hinata/Yui image was too damn cute. And I'm weak to Noda and Yuri. And I really like the artist's sharp, clean cg style with the vivid colors. And then I realized there were over 60 submissions for AngelBeats alone. Not everything is perfect with this artist, but there's so much potential and so very much cuteness that, well, after this much cuteness, I was pretty much always going to be a goner on this account. (Hinata/Yui, some other, some gen.)

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