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- Apocripha/0/Harukanaru Toki no Nakade - White Balloon [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - ....dude. Wow. The Apocriph/0 art here is just flat-out amazing. Since Apocripha/0 is a CG game in the first place, the CG art here is especially appropriate, which did give me pause and wonder if I'd stumbled onto an official site or something because the fanart here is just that damn good (though, I'm 99% certain they are not official images) and even going back over the illustrations as I rec this site... I'm still blown away by how good the art is. The colors are amazing, the lines and proportions amazing, the poses amazing, the shading amazing, just... guh. I can't do a proper rec because I'm fangirling so much. The Haruka illustrations are also very pretty, the colors sharp and bright, but without being too gaudy, really using the CG style well. Very, very, very nice site. *_* (Some yaoi, some het--major pairings being Jade/Platina and Yorihisa/Akane, a little bit not!Yasuaki(I can never remember his name)/Karin.)

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