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- Arislan Senki - As the World Falls Down by Roo - I have a sneaking suspicion that I'm going to end up rec'ing every last thing Roo has written (especially because I think I've read it all already and they always seem to end up being some of my favorites for any given fandom--I love her for scratching the itches of so many of the smaller fandoms that I love but don't get much fic for) and, hell, her Arislan Senki fics are no exception. The tone (which, I admit, is rather flowery and of the, "Oh! My love!" variety) worked for me with these characters, because Arislan Senki is a series that's very... period piece-ish, which invites the style the author used here. It's also a nicely long fic, it shows Daryun's loyalty to (and love for) Arislan (who's adorable here) and the banter was nicely clever. Plus, mmm, Roo writes some of my favorite smut and a great Narsus. (DaryunxNarsus, some graphic content.)

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