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: Avatar - Gen Fanfiction Recs - Frankly, the Avatar fandom kind of fails completely when it comes to gen fiction. Yet, I cannot give up hope because there have been just enough authors that give me hope! I'm pretty easy when it comes to genfic, you'll find a decent selection of various characters all across the series. However, I still have my biases and tend to lean towards Sokkafic or Zukofic, because their characters interest me the most. And groupfic. I love groupfic. And Tophfic would be fantabulous. And who doesn't love Katarafic when it's well-written? And--

: Avatar - Korra Fanfiction Recs - I was largely satisfied with how TLoK went in canon, so I don't seek out much fic, but occasionally a few pieces do just grab hold of me! I loved both Mako/Korra and Korra/Asami, so I read for both, but as long as Korra herself is well done, I'm pretty game for just about anything!

: Avatar - Aang/Katara Fanfiction Recs - I am firmly with the believe that Aang/Katara is the pairing they've spent so much time developing that I doubt they'd just throw it away for nothing. Too many episodes have revolved around them and built them really well that I don't think I could ship anything else right now. I don't necessarily seek out a lot of fic for them because I'm generally content with canon, but should I stumble over a fic by an author I like or happen to try one out that's good, I'm hardly going to turn my nose up at it. I love these two and I really want them to get together at the end of the series. Or just be really, really cutesweetadorable in the meantime.

: Avatar - Zuko/Mai Fanfiction Recs - I didn't expect to fall for this one. I kinda liked Mai from the beginning, she was cool and totally smoking and seemed interesting. Then she had this crush on Zuko and you realized she was a socially inept DORK about it, just that she hid it really well. And Zuko is just never going to be cool around girls. And, thus, my love for my new favorite Zuko pairing was born. It helps that the first few fics I went looking for after the season two finale aired were awesome Zuko/Mai fics that could convert just about anyone, but I like to think I'd have gotten there on my own regardless.

: Avatar - Zuko/Sokka Fanfiction Recs - When the series first started, there weren't a whole lot of ships yet developed and there were a handful of moments between Zuko and Sokka that were hilarious and totally worthy of a rivalship pairing. I stand by this. I don't look for the pairing as much anymore because I have other pairings I ship just as hard and a lot of the Zuko/Sokka fic out there kind of sucks, but if I should stumble over some, I would be totally willing to read it. Because it'd still be awesome and totally full of bitching at each other and not trusting each other but forced to rely on each other (at least that's one of my personal kinks for the pairing) and then hot angrysex. Mm.

: Avatar - Sokka/Toph Fanfiction Recs - For a long time, I never really had a favorite Sokka pairing, mostly I just drifted around several various possibilities, including this one. And then canon kinda sorta maybe started to imply that they might be going there. And it was awesome and I totally have a favorite ship for them. ♥ It's just. They get along so great and they're both the sarcastic ones and yet don't step on each other's toes and they are an unstoppable team of awesome and I love them. Plus, readable fic actually gets written about them! I think I might have loved them for that alone.

: Avatar - Sokka/girls Fanfiction Recs - I can never decide which Sokka ship is my favorite, so I figure, why choose? I was shipping *cough* other things at the time of Sokka/Suki the first time around, so I never went all OTP on that one, but I'm not throwing things at the TV if they get more development. I loved Sokka/Yue and someday I'm going to find a ton of fic for them, just you wait. And Sokka/Ty Lee is quickly gaining favor with me because they are SO CUTE whenever they're around each other. It's adorable the way she thinks he's cute and I have flailed over every time they fought each other and I desperately crave fic. Also, I am totally willing to read just about any Sokka/girls pairing possible, so I figured it was just easiest to make one section for the lot of them.

: Avatar - Other Pairings Fanfiction Recs - Sometimes I'll step away from the regular pairings or there'll be something as a sideship in a fic I'm reading for something else. Or there'll be the occasional threesome fic that I read for whatever reason. Or maybe more than one or two people will write Iroh getting some, it could/should happen! This'll be the section where all of that goes. I don't expect it to be very big, I'm pretty boring when it comes to Avatar pairings, but what the hell. :D

: Avatar - Badwronghot Fanfiction Recs - I have a slight kink for the badwrong pairings in Avatar. Not a giant kink for it, so this section will be small. But I would not be averse to some early-series stuff with Sokka/Katara (the hugging in season two is not helping) and Zuko/Azula would be (ha ha) on fire it was so hot. Though, I'm not much for Azula manipulating him, I'd rather Zuko come into his own with her, because I think he's had enough being screwed around with. Thus, I expect I won't be reading much Firecest that the fandom puts out. *wry grin* Anyway. I wanted to seperate them out because I'm perfectly aware that they're totally wrong and a lot of people would have problems with them, especially in a kids' show, but still wanted them somewhere on the site.

: Avatar - Fanart Recs - There's not really a lot of Avatar fanart sites proper, so this section is mostly going to be deviantART accounts that have enough art to justify a regular rec for. Or occasional LJ posts with several illustrations posted all at once, if that happens much in fandom. I'm pretty much going with canon or the occasional dip into slash pairings, so I won't actually find that much that runs to my tastes, but there are a lot of really amazing artists out there, even more in the bits & pieces section.

: Avatar - Fanvid Recs - For the most part, I used to just go for the cracky vids or the super action-packed vids (that were usually pretty cracky, too) but people have been kind enough to leave links on my recs journal and they've found some awesome ones. So, this section is actually pretty decent--I still mostly go for character pieces and action scenes, rather than ship-based fanvids, but I'm happy to go wherever my YouTube wanderings lead me. <3 Though, I'll probably still stick to canon for the most part. (I'm boring that way, I know. XD)

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