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- Bakuretsu Hunters - The Best Laid Plans by Ladyglen - I like Ladyglen's writing. She wrote what is probably my favorite YST/RW fic, 'Every Single Time'. So I knew I'd probably like her BH fic, especially since it was Marron/Gateau. ^_^v What she did with this fic was really interesting... she switched the seme/uke roles around, making Marron seme, which I wouldn't have thought easily done. Not that he's girly or anything like that, but he's the one being chased by Gateau; it just makes sense that he'd be uke at first.

But Ladyglen's Marron is no shrinking violet, and he takes charge of their encounter, for reasons of his own. And it worked for this fic, even if he didn't sleep with Gateau for the right reasons. Which /really/ makes me want to see what would happen after this, where they would go next.

Must. Have. More. BH. Fic.

(And Carrot-based fic, too! I /love/ Carrot.)

- Bakuretsu Hunters - True Confessions by Nora Jemison - Ahhh, I love Nora's writing. She's one of those writers who can write such a /readable/ and /good/ story that you just want to smash your keyboard after reading her work. Or possible /her/ keyboard. ^_~

Despite this being a lemon story, that was only half the reason I adored it. (After wandering through the fandom for a bit, I really /needed/ a good, happy Gateau/Marron-get-laid fic.) The other reason was how nicely Marron sorted through his feelings, and how Gateau pushed him without really being a jerk about it. The prose was lovely and the dialogue clever. Easily one of my favorite BH fics. ^_^v

- Bakuretsu Hunters - A Greater Darkness by Sholio - The summary for this fic made it seem like a darkfic, which made me wary of reading it, but given that I'd been slowly going through the rest of the author's work all day (*twirls* DBZ fiiiiiiiiic~), I gave it a shot, and I'm very glad I did, because it's... a wonderful little fic. Marron and Carrot's relationship is one of my favorites in the BH series, Carrot being so protective of his little brother, yet such a pervert, Marron being so seemingly straight-laced, yet a powerful magician... it's a lot of fun. And I adore stories about them as children, and... just... the way the story unwound... I don't want to give too much of it away, just to say that I adore the story so, so much. A wonderful treat to read. (No warnings/pairings.)

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