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- Battlestar Galactica - Optimist by dangermousie - [Note: Spoilers for KLG2/season one finale.] A short little fic on the events of the end of season one, set through Dualla's point of view. It's a little rough at the beginning, but the ending packs a good, solid punch and I could genuinely believe this take on the character. It feels right. But it's also that I can just picture all of this happening, especially the way Lee reacts, which was a heart-wrenching thing. This is the kind of thing I'm looking for with the fandom. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Battlestar Galactica - Seemings by Ancarett - [Note: Spoilers, to a degree, for BSG season one.] Boomer fic! With Boomer/Helo and Galactica!Boomer and a really wonderfully done Sharon perspective. The sheer emotion Sharon goes through, the way she feels adrift on Galactica, the way Caprica!Boomer feels so much more alive in her relationship with Helo (who has awesome chemstry with Boomer here, I've really been wanting more Helo/Boomer fic! ♥), you feel it right along with her. The concept of Galactica!Boomer sharing Caprica!Boomer's experiences when she dreams is one that I hadn't really thought of, but the way this author writes it, it just nails the style and feel of the series. Boomer is a character that was brilliantly done in the series and this fic absolutely does justice to her situation and her heart-wrenching want to not believe she's really a Cylon. Just... wow. (Some Helo/Boomer.)

- Battlestar Galactica - Passacaglia and Fugue by queenofthorns - [Note: Spoilers up through season one and a teeny bit for season 2.] Okay. It's 3am and this is my relationship, the Adama - Lee one, so this fic is probably going to hit me harder than most. This one hits me where I live because this is the fic I've been wanting from the fandom and it's brilliantly written and, god, there are parts in this story where I started to wonder if I was going to cry. It's a series of moments in Adama and Lee's relationship, from the time Lee was a child all the way up until the finale of the first season, the way things are never easy, the way there are so many unsaid things, so much still between them, but they each understand a little more about the other and it's not quite as bad as before. The moments the author uses from the series, the way she illuminates a little more about what each of the characters was thinking during those moments, seeing the progression of their forced relationship, it was all brilliantly done. The way it brings everything in, what it's like to be William Adama's son, what it's like to be Lee's father, what it's like that they're not very close, but Adama loves his son with a fierceness that's almost scary. The way reading about Adama kissing Kara's forehead and the unsaid implications and, later, Lee in the cell with his father's blood on his hands and the way his thoughts tumble around, it all grabbed ahold of my heart and nearly undid me. Beautiful, raw, powerful, intense fic with brilliant, brilliant characterization. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Battlestar Galactica - Crazy by cys - I liked this fic, it was an interesting take on Baltar's character, the tone of the fic being really good because I could just hear and see the character in my mind's eye, right down to the little touches. The characterization is fabulous and I have such love for the very last line. <3 (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Battlestar Galactica - Follow the Leader by Ilana - [Note: Erm. There might be some spoilers for the Tom Zarek episode in this fic?] So, if I'd have been asked about it beforehand, I don't know if I would have been all that interested in reading an OC's perspective on Tom Zarek, what it would be like for one of the other prisoners in with him, what it would be like to (not) disagree with him, whether you agreed or disagreed. But the author wrote it brilliantly, the kind of writing that fits with a series as dirty and unclean as Battlestar Galactica. The feel of the piece is great, the slight chill to it, the absolute resolution to keep one's head down as a way of survival, the way everything came together here, the ending... it's really worth a read. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Battlestar Galactica - Visceral by Ana Lyssie Cotton - [Note: This fic contains spoilers for the ending of the first season.] Funny, how the world ending changes the way you think. I have such love for this fic. Beyond just that it's an incredible Lee perspective or that there are about thirty different lines I wanted to quote as an example of why this fic hit me so hard, this fic hits me in that way that I so desperately craved after finishing the first season. It makes me feel all these visceral emotions right along with Lee (the title being particularily apt in this respect), it has this gorgeous dizzying sort of descending feeling to it, like you're falling and falling right along with Lee, even as you stand still, the way the entire fic settles something in the pit of my stomach, as Lee has his father's blood on his hands and arms and doesn't know how he's doing and his world is thoroughly falling apart, right down to the precious little belief he has left to give in anything. Gorgeous fic. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Battlestar Galactica - Red by Meret - [Note: This fic contains spoilers for the entire first season and the second season premier.] Okay, so this fic was totally Lady MacBeth-y with Lee washing his hands of his father's blood, but it somehow managed to work for the author and not be too far over the top. The Lee angst was very well done, the way the author focused on the feel of the blood on his hands--to the point that I could nearly feel it with him as a physical thing--to show what he's going through achieved pretty much exactly what the author was going for. So I liked this fic a lot. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Battlestar Galactica - Tales from the Reconstruction by Danahid - [Note: This fic contains spoilers for the ending of the first season.] This is one of the few fics I've read where I really liked the dynamic between Lee and Kara, where it felt like the relationship I saw on the screen, where her voice isn't too over the top but is still very Starbuck. Where the tone of the fic is suitably harsh, gritty, and almost dirty much like the tone of the original series, of what attracted me to the show in the first place. The speculation about what might have happened after KLG, where both of these people are, both in bad spots, Lee something like a traitor and worrying about his father, Kara having disobeyed orders and frustrated about everything, the two of them being forced into a mission to return to Kobol to retrieve Baltar that goes... it doesn't go well, but there's something terribly intriguing about all of it. There's a sequel to this fic that continues to play on it and I find myself genuinely wanting to know what the hell happened, because it felt like BSG again. Also, Lee insisting that he wants to know how his father is doing is a gorgeous moment in this fic and it's just... I'm not really explaining why this fic should be read beyond just any fic that's Good. This fic should be read because the author does a fantastic job of being, as several people commented in the comments, dark, tense, and compelling. Because the lines the author chooses to describe the characters hit me so hard, because the author nails the characterization of the characters, because the tense atmosphere of the piece is really well-done. Because I like the speculation of the fic, because it fits with the series. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Battlestar Galactica - What Needs to be Said by Danahid - [Note: This fic contains spoilers for the ending of the first season.] As the author's note mentions, this is a sequel to Tales from the Reconstruction, but it's not necessary to have read that one to follow along with this one, I don't think. And you have no idea how much I appreciate seeing a fic like this, the kind that's messy and tense and a little dirty because that's what Battlestar Galactica is for me. Because there's a harshness (perhaps that's not the right word, but it's the only one coming to mind) that I saw in the series that I feel here, the kind that settles faintly at the back of my gut and doesn't quite ever let go. Plus, I love, love that it's about the ties between all the characters, that seeing Lee worrying about his father, having unsettling feelings about the aftermath of his shooting and the look in his father's eye or Kara talking to Commander Adama and being so very Kara, the way Adama is so damned Adama when he senses something isn't quite being told about what happened with Lee and Kara on Kobol. The way you can pin anything down, not even the reader can, but instincts say something is there, that something bad or weird or important happened with Lee and the Cylons' plan/the prophecy. The way even something so simple as Roslin handing Lee a book to ask him to return it to his father is just laden with things hiding under the surface and you're not sure what they mean. The way every little conversation betwee Lee and Adama is so fraught with... everything between them and yet they always soldier onwards. I loved this fic. So much. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Battlestar Galactica - Birthright by Ilana - A short little Lee introspective about brothers, fathers, "birthrights", and flying. I found that it hit many of the right notes for what I was looking for, Lee's bitterness and anger, yet still such a clarity of being who he is, of being Lee, as well as a sweet, crisp love of flying that you can just feel in him. Yet, still stirring a little painfully because we know what's coming in this universe. Very nice. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Battlestar Galactica - Control by Ilana - He doesnít like to lose control. Itís a trait he gets from his father, or at least from unconsciously trying to be like his perception of his father. Even after years of cursing the name of the man who failed to raise him and pushed his brother to his death, he canít help wanting to be more like his childhood hero. Another really solid, good perspective on Lee's character, hitting all those right notes of hurt, hope, loss, and the struggle to keep moving forward. I absolutely loved the opening line and each successive line flowed forth beautifully from the previous one so that this was a really, really good, tight little fic. ♥ (No warnings/pairings.)

- Dead Like Me/Battlestar Galactica - This is the law and the prophets by fryadvocate - I snatched the link for this off of ireadthat, intrigued by the idea of how a Dead Like Me/Battlestar Galactica crossover could even work. But then I read and just... oh, man, ouch. It manages to combine the style of both series somehow, manages to take a hard situation to watch and make it hurt even more. The character voices were lovely and all the little touches were brilliant and, god, the baby. Really, really worth reading. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Battlestar Galactica - walls crack under pressure by ALC Punk! - [Note: There'll be spoilers for season three in this fic.] Ever since Lee and Dualla started their dance around each other, I've been intrigued and it's only gotten stronger since they went into a real relationship. So far, I've only seen bits and pieces of their relationship, it's not really quite solified for me yet, but it's a story like this, where Lee is thinking about his relationship with her, the way he's kinda screwed up and one giant tangle of insecurities, and the way he thinks about the women in his life, the way it's wound together with how much he really does love Dee, the way the sex is woven around his thoughts (or perhaps the other way around), it's all very gorgeous. (Lee/Dualla, R to NC-17-ish content.)

- Battlestar Galactica - In Practice... by ALC Punk! - [Note: There may be some spoilers for season three vaguely in this fic.] I've mentioned that I have a thing for Lee/Dee, yes? I wasn't expecting to fall for them, especially since it seemed to kind of come out of nowhere, but the more I read fic like this, the more I genuinely fall in love with them. Which is one of the great things about this fic, it's really so very, very Lee and Dee, not just some random schmoopy couple. And I love, love that the author has picked up on Lee being the same basic archetype as Scott Summers because they're different in a lot of ways, but they're similar in ways that had occurred to me, too. Also, the porn here is smoking hot and totally like Lee to be so good at being attuned to others. (Lee/Dee, NC-17-territory content.)

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