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- Black Cat - Three Black Cat Fics by Icka! M. Chif - So, there's not a lot of Black Cat fic around, right? (There is that long, long one, but I'm waiting until I've caught up with the manga, dammit.) So Icka decides to do the world a favor and write some and it's just so very sparkle-worthy. The first one is my favorite, but, of course, I was going to like the Creed one best. Especially since the ending lines are great and totally got me to laugh out loud. The second and third ones were delightful fun, though, and, omg, I could totally go for more gen interaction with Sheldon and Kyoko! So perfect for them. Oh, oh! And the third one! The third one was fantastic and, hahahahaha, SO PERFECT and I could totally, totally see Eve doing that. For reals. Loved these. ♥ (Maybe a little Creed/Train in that first one, but that's kinda canon, so.)

- Black Cat - Itoshii Hito no Tameni by idiosyn - You know, Sven/Eve is a pairing that could very easily be creepy, weird, or skeevy, given the extreme age difference and gap in experience. But Eve is a special case, she's not quite like other girls her age, both more knowledgable and less knowledgable... which comes through wonderfully here. Her characterization is lovely, that soft edge of having known pain and still believing in something like ideas, the way she watches Sven as he sleeps, the soft kiss she presses to his forehead, the quiet depth of her feelings... yeah, it hit just the right notes for me. (Light Sven/Eve.)

- Black Cat - Fairytale Kiss by idiosyn - *squeaks happily* Awww! Cute Black Cat fic that has both the trio being their usual selves around each other and the hints of Sven/Eve that I've been looking for, without making the relationship weird or creepy or forced too soon! It was just... sweet and genuinely cute and poor Eve being sick and Train gently teasing her and Sven defending her and, yes, much incoherent cooing over this fic. It's one of those that could have come straight out of the manga, you know? (Hints of Sven/Eve, but it's very light.)

- Black Cat - Life with Eve by Icka! M. Chif - These are four fics showing different moments/stories in Train and Sven's life with Eve and each of them were just... oh, god, I either laughed or sparkled like hell, because Eve wasn't just perfect, she was perfect enough to make my teeth ache and actually clever. These are the types of moments that could have come straight out of the manga... except maybe a little better and a little funnier and a little more darling, because the haircut episode? The Talk from Rinslet? Eve wearing Sven's shirt? Oh, man, they all hit these perfect notes, where it wasn't too gooshy/sappy, but it still held that touch of "Awww!" that made my heart warm. Eve wasn't too one-thing-or-another, she wasn't too young and naive, but she wasn't too worldly, either. She was a perfect balance between the two, just like her relationships with Train (not too antagonistic, not unreasonably mean, but not too secretly-squishy-underneath) and Sven (not too squishy-happy, but not too weird-creepy, either) and just... okay, this rec kind of sucks, but go read anyway, because this was genuinely an awesome set of fics. ♥ ♥ ♥ (No warnings/pairings, I wouldn't say.)

- Black Cat - Hidden Talent by Icka! M. Chif - ...........I don't know what to say about this fic that wouldn't kind of spoil it. The writing is lovely and perfect, the dialogue and prose smooth and very readable. The build-up was very nicely done and the ending... the ending got the exact reaction out of me it was intended. READ IT. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Black Cat - things gone horribly wrong by silchi - So, I was browsing 31_days and saw Black Cat fic link. I went to check it out. 85 words. And I cannot stop laughing. That's a perfect image right there and I had to rec it properly even if it was so short. (Not telling!)

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