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- Bleach Gen/No Pairings Fanfiction Recs - [ page one - page two - page three - page four ] When I started out with Bleach, I usually tried to angle for fics without any pairings, because my favorite pairing wasn't written very often and I honestly liked the entire cast. Most of what I read probably will still fall into the pairing catagories, but this is largely because that's what the fandom writes. But, I'll happily read gen if it's written, I generally like any character (the occasional gorgeous Rukia gen piece or Chad introspective piece or about Ichigo's family members and I would love more fic with Zaraki and Yachiru, etc.), but I'll almost always run to anything with Ichigo, Orihime, or Ishida. ♥

- Bleach Gen/No Pairings Fanfiction Updated Recs - By the time I started trying to clean up the place around here, a lot of links have been purged from LJ or FFNET, so I can't just update the links, as well as I'm trying for a bit more consistency in the format of the recs. But the old pages are just too much of a mess, I don't want to just delete everything in case I find the fic again, if the author puts it up on AO3 someday or what have you, so, okay, I'm starting over! Better formatting and links that should work again! All still the same things and characters I have always enjoyed, though. ♥

- Bleach Gen (Zaraki & Yachiru) Fanfiction Recs - So, I sort of have this thing. For Zaraki and Yachiru interaction. I practically pounce on it any time I spot it around fandom, because Zaraki is totally the best Scariest Daddy Ever and Yachiru is totally the best Cute Little Violent Daughter and their interaction is brilliant. While all the recs in this section can also be found in the gen section above, I wanted to make a seperate section just for them because... well, because I can? Because they deserve it? Because I want easy access to my own favorites? All of the above? Yes.

- Bleach Ichigo/Orihime Fanfiction Recs - [ page one - page two - page three ] Sometimes I wonder if my favorite pairing for this series is still Ichigo/Orihime--I was taken with them from the very beginning (and this is why I dislike the anime so much, because I hate what they did with that storyline and I will bitch about it every chance I get XD) because they're such crack fun half of the time and so incredibly touching the other half of the time. Orihime is just weird enough to be really fun with Ichigo and she obviously loves him very deeply and truly. My heart was immediately caught and I sparkle madly over them. There's not really much fic for them, but I'm determined to find whatever I can. ♥

- Bleach Ishida/Ichigo Fanfiction Recs - But, see, Ishida is also one of my favorite characters and while I generally do see him as the gayest straight boy ever, while I started out feeling really guilty about 'shipping this as an actual pairing... I couldn't help but be won over when Triste started writing them hilariously and making a scenario where I could actually see it and believe it and then other authors started chiming in and the novelty of actually having Bleach pairing fic that I wanted to read... yeah, I was sunk. Will probably turn out to be the biggest Bleach section on the site, oddly enough.

- Bleach Renji/Rukia Fanfiction Recs - Renji/Rukia started out as something I sort of liked, it seemed like it had a lot of fun potential, and fit nicely with everything else I liked. Then I finally caught up on the manga and absolutely, completely, totally fell in love with Renji/Rukia and if there's one pairing I hope actually happens in the series, it's this one, no questions asked. Absolute OTP all the way, very solidly my favorite of the series. They're brilliant foils for each other, they play off each other absolutely fantastically, Renji is the biggest, sweetest, secretly-squishy-on-the-inside woobie in forever and he gets to Rukia (and vice versa) in a way that no one else really seems to. How could I not be in love?

- Bleach Urahara/Yoruichi Fanfiction Recs - Yes, yes, I understand that this is something of a WTF? pairing (though, it becomes less so as the manga goes on and... hey, was that actual canon implication I thought I spotted??), but there was something about their flashbacks when Yoruichi was talking with Ichigo, something about the sheer idea of the pairing that called to me, because it seems like it would be such amazing fun. Sparring one minute, good-naturedly taunting and being brilliant fighters, the next they'd have absolutely gorgeous, brain-meltingly hot sex. They both seem to have just enough of a wicked streak to make it fun, yet there's a lot more to each of them than just simple being incredibly strong fighters. I love pairings like that. ♥

- Bleach Hitsugaya/Matsumoto Fanfiction Recs - I honestly didn't think I'd get enough recs to give these two their own catagory... hell, I probably don't have enough and I'm just getting ahead of myself again. I~ don't~ care~ I've adored this pairing since pretty much the first time they spoke to each other, they balance each other out in that not-quite-teasing way and you can tell they really do respect each other and, yet, Matsumoto is so not above teasing her captain. And, really, no other pairing makes better use of Matsumoto's boobs than this one. I love these two, which is why, of course, they'll always be a quiet pairing, I suspect. XD

- Bleach Byakuya/Hisana Fanfiction Recs - As soon as we learned about Hisana, pretty much the first thing that went through my mind was that, oh, yes, that makes so much sense for Byakuya, that explains so much. *__* But even more than that, it was the way he looked at her, the faint expression on his face when he talked about her, the obvious depth of his feeling for her that he would go to such lengths for something she asked of him. The pairing just makes me love Byakuya all that much more and dearly wish that we'd gotten more time to actually get to know Hisana.

Bleach - Fanfic - Aizen x Hinamori - I fell rather hard for these two. It's such a dark, complicated, messy relationship that hurts but is still very there to my eyes that I couldn't resist it. No, it's not a happy relationship and it probably never could have been. But Momo cared so intensely, so deeply for Aizen, cared for him even afterwards, so much that it devestated her... Aizen cared about her in his own vague sort of way... it fascinated me somehow. I held off on this section for awhile because there wasn't much fic for it in fandom. Over time, that's slowly started to change, so I think I can justify this section now. Even if there are only three or four recs in the section currently. *wry*

Bleach - Fanfic - Byakuya x Rukia - I OTP Byakuya/Hisana pretty hard (as well as Renji/Rukia), so the idea that I'd ship him with anyone else might seem strange... except that it's usually all about his issues with Hisana and then growing to care for Rukia in her own way. I pretty go, "Byakuya/Anyone-but-someone-who-looks-like-Hisana? Just... no." But this is why, because it's a complicated, layered, subtle relationship that usually needs a deft hand to write it, but when that happens... it's gorgeous and sad and aching and beautiful and so many of the things I love about Bleach and Byakuya and Rukia's characters.

- Bleach Isshin/Masaki Fanfiction Recs - [Note: This section is likely to have many spoilers in it, especially for anime-only people. While I try to remember to note them, I may not be perfect and if you're avoiding, it may be best to skip this section entirely.] Isshin/Masaki is one of those pairings that I didn't even really ever think would get much fanfic, because Masaki has been gone for so long and we saw so little of the relationship itself. But with recent developments, there's been a renewed interest in the Kurosaki family dynamic and a few Isshin/Masaki fics popping up... which have caught my attention and now it is definitely piqued. Because, damn, I love Isshin and I totally want to see him being a giant spaz over his wife most of the time and maybe a few quiet moments here and there because that intense level of retardation has to be covering up for some serious intelligence.

- Bleach Shunsui/Ukitake Fanfiction Recs - Pretty much everything I said about Shunsui/Ukitake down in the art section for them applies to them here, too. As well as that I didn't think there'd be enough fic to be able to justify this section, but... well, then Celeste went and started writing them, I fell just that much further, and I had actual recs to put in the sections, so... thus, this catagory was born. I just... *flaps hands* they work so well together, they play off each other wonderfully, and there's a real connection between them and... yeah, this is another example of, "If the Bleach fandom goes one way, I'm going another. _o_" I feel slightly less guilty about that as time goes on, though. ^_~

- Bleach Isshin/Ryuuken Fanfiction Recs - [Note: There are almost always going to be SPOILERS in this section, at least until the anime catches up with the mid-to-late-180s chapters of the manga.] ....this is such crack. SUCH. CRACK. And yet! It'd be awesome crack, especially after Triste started writing the pairing and it sort of started to make sense in my head, in a crackish way, and maybe a few other fans might start to pick up on it, too, and now... now I totally want more fic for it, plz! It's just... hahahahaha, genius. In the bestest, crackiest way. <3

- Bleach Other Het Fanfiction Recs - There are occasionally other het pairings that I like that either don't get enough written about them or I don't seek them out very often (or the occasional ones that show up in the background of fics I read for something else) and they get tossed in here. Like, Chad/Karin strikes me as about the cutest thing ever, but it's very rarely written about. Or there's a growing collection of Aizen/Hinamori fanfics to the fandom, which makes me happy, but it's still a very quiet pairing. This section may eventually have some meat to it, since I tend to like mostly het pairings with the Bleach series--which I attribute to that I think Bleach may have the best female characters, on average, ever.

- Bleach Other Yaoi/Yuri Fanfiction Recs - There aren't a lot of extraneous yaoi pairings that I like with the series, but every so often there's one that comes along that I like well enough to rec. Pairings I'll consider reading are some of the crackier ones (because they're fun or because an author I really like wrote it and I trust them enough to read it) or pairings like Shunsui/Ukitake, which sort of won me over somehow when I wasn't looking, even though I'm not really sure why I like it so much more than any potential het pairings. Oh, as well as potential future Aizen/Gin or Gin/Izuru, if someone writes them? Oh, oh! And don't forget my massive love for Tatsuki/Chizuru and I'll even occasionally give Yoruichi/Soi Fong a shot, if someone writes them well.

~ *~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

- Bleach Gen/No Pairings Fanart Recs - [ page one - page two ] Originally, I just stuck all the Bleach fanart into one big catagory because I didn't think there would be enough to break it down into sections. Apparently, the anime got a lot of people going with the series and there've started to be some really awesome sites out there. I really like pairings (as you can see below), but I also just love pretty fanart, period. This'll be the section for the sites that struck me as more gen-like than about pairings or those that mostly stick to single-character illustrations or what have you. ^_^;; (I WANT MORE ZARAKI AND YACHIRU FANART. NOW! *stomps foot*)

- Bleach Ichigo/Orihime Fanart Recs - Sadly, there's not very much Ichigo/Orihime fanart out there and probably not like to get much more, given the way the anime is watering down their scenes. But I still keep looking because I have mad love for this pairing and there's at least one site out there that's awesome. Everything I said about this pairing still applies, even more as I've caught up on the manga, that I love the way Orihime simply just loves him or the way Ichigo never seems to be as cranky around Orihime as he is around most other people and, much as I love Ichigo spazzing, sometimes it's nice when he can have nicer moments, too.

- Bleach Renji/Rukia Fanart Recs - [ page one - page two ] Renji/Rukia is actually the reason I'm breaking up the fanart pages, because there were quite a lot of prettypretty fanart sites for them out there, enough that the section was actually getting to be pretty sizable along with actually getting me hooked on Bleach fanart. Previously, I'd been sort of lukewarm on the idea, but then I hit a cache of pretty Renji x Rukia fanart, went all *___*, and proceeded to become hooked. This section will likely be the biggest of the fanart sections because I seek it out the most often and because it seems to be one of the more popular pairings for the characters. Which makes me happy, definitely. ♥

- Bleach Ishida/Ichigo Fanart Recs - I actually haven't been able to find a lot of Ishida/Ichigo fanart sites just yet, but a lot of that is that I haven't been looking (my recent spate tore through the Renji/Rukia or Shinigami-friendly sites more than with Ichigo-tachi) and eventually I do want to find more for these two. Because they're just... they're sort of the archetype of the pairing I go for, they snark and bitch at each other, yet they'll back each other up in a fight. Few really get to either of them, get under their skin like the other does, and I love a pairing where boys are so... boys with each other. XD

- Bleach Shunsui/Ukitake Fanart Recs - This one is something of a guilty pleasure, because I hadn't really expected to like the pairing so much (especially with Shunsui's flirting with Nanao) but while reading the manga... I couldn't help gravitating towards the obvious rapport these two had with each other, the way they just seemed to... click for me. Then there were a handful of really, really pretty j-fanart sites and I knew I was sort of sunk. I will definitely be attempting to hunt down more of these two whenever time permits. +__+

- Bleach Byakuya/Renji Fanart Recs - Byakuya/Renji is one of those pairings that appealed to me for about five minutes during their fight, I started thinking, "Y'know... I could maybe see this pairing and 'ship it..." before Renji declared his glaringly obvious feelings for Rukia again and I was all aflutter over the Renji/Rukia OTP ten times as hard as before. But, I've always said that I'm a lot more open when it comes to fanart and I adore both characters (and this is the best way to find Byakuya fanart much of the time) and there's some rather nice stuff out there. Plus, I expect the pairing to grow, so I gave it its own section rather than chucking it into the miscellaneous yaoi section.

- Bleach Urahara/Yoruichi Fanart Recs - To be honest, I didn't expect to find much fanart for this pairing and there's really not a ton, but two things got me to give this pairing its own section. One, I love them enough that I just wanted to. Two, there was just enough for me to be able to justify it. Mostly, it tends to be tucked away in corners of sites that focus more on other pairings, I haven't yet really found any major sites with content for these two, but... well, yes. I wanted to. That's reason enough. ^_~ (Plus, OMG SO HOT, WOULD LIKE MORE, PLZ.)

- Bleach Aizen/Gin Fanart Recs - I can never quite decide if Aizen/Gin or Aizen/Hinamori is my favorite pairing for Aizen... one gets really good fic and this one gets some really pretty fanart. Not a ton, but there are a couple of sites that I really wanted to highlight in an attempt to encourage more. I just... there's something about Aizen and Gin. How Gin actually follows Aizen, seems actually interested in him. And Aizen seems to trust Gin about as much as he can trust anyone. The danger and lack of morals and partnership are fascinating to me with them. Sadly, there's not that much fanart for them yet.

- Bleach Other Het Fanart Recs - [ page one - page two ] There's not quite enough Hitsugaya/Matsumoto for me to be able to justify a section just for them, so they get chucked into this section. Sometimes, I'll stumble over a site with a notable amount of Ichigo/Rukia that I'll rec and that'll go here, too. Sometimes, there's such a pretty Hitsugaya/Hinamori site that I'll have to rec it anyway. Occasionally, because of recent developments, I might find a nice Byakuya/Rukia site. Because there are enough various het pairings that I'll rec sites for, I figured I'd go ahead and give it its own section, too.

- Bleach Other Yaoi/Yuri Fanart Recs - This is going to be a rather random mish-mash of pairings, lots of crack and what have you, because there are few yaoi pairings that I'll actively seek out. Most times, they'll probably be random sites that I happened to stumble across for one pairing or a particular character that just happens to have some shounen ai/yaoi vibes. The only ones that I might half-actively seek out are Aizen/Gin (if there were more art for it, there's surprisingly little) or Gin/Izuru, basically the same things I seek out for fic will apply here, too.

~ *~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

- Bleach - Doujinshi Recs - I don't seek out a lot of Bleach doujinshi, but it's surprising how much manages to fall into my lap anyway. Mostly I look at Renji/Rukia or Hitsugaya/Matsumoto or Aizen/Gin just because that's what's available, but I'd probably look at anything that I came across that's on my pairings list. Some of the stuff out there is really gorgeous, there are a couple of circles doing amazing things that I just had to recommend. This section won't be huge, but it'll give you a fix at least.

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