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Bones: From the Greek Paradeigma, Meaning "Example" by daygloparker - I am not sure I can possibly write a rec for this fic without making some sort of dolphin noises because omg IT IS BABYFIC. Like, maybe I should be a little shameful about how badly I wanted OMG BABYFIC but I kind of can't be given how gleeful I am after having finished this. It does a beautiful job of capturing the dynamic between Booth and Brennan and how they're so themselves while still moving forward. I love how many little moments are revealed between them, little insights into both characters, little moments of pitch-perfect dialogue, as they (kind of not) discuss pregnancy and where things are going and where they are, all in a way that fits with the characters I see on the screen. I don't think I stopped grinning the entire time, because it was just so damn much fun and because it was so perfect and, seriously, I can't even write a decent rec for this fic because I love it too much and it's just. Everything I wanted. Babyfic that's actually spot on, perfect, and sharp. I couldn't ask for more. (Booth/Brennan.)

Bones: Booth Surpasses Biological Imperative by lovelythings - *happy sigh* You know what else I wanted from fandom? There are two things. Babyfic and makeouts. I got the babyfic and now I'm on to the makeouts and this fic was just. It had a really stellar Brennan internal voice, that difficult to find line between her rational qualities and the glimmers of being a normal person in there. I love her point of view while she and Booth are together, even when they're making out up against the wall, they're so... them and really incredibly hot. Especially since this isn't the "tender baby-making sex", this is the "hot desperate up-against-the-door-because-we-can't-wait-another-minute sex". DO WANT, THANK YOU. (Booth/Brennan, hard R.)

Bones: five stages to imaginary etiquette by fated-addiction - I really like the way this fic takes the chance to explore Brennan's character from her own point of view, the way she's such a rational, direct person, but that doesn't mean she's always sure of herself, especially around Booth sometimes. There's a certain quality to this piece that reminds me of the show, actually, the way there's so much being said here that's not directly said, that's only coming through in half-said or half-thought phrases, but there's so much underneath that. I really like this Brennan, who is uncertain and not quite ready, but there's such a strong pull there, too. Lovely. (Booth/Brennan.)

Bones: Leverage by plasticeneposes - So, I tried not to get too attached to Hodgins/Angela, I didn't want to like them, I didn't want to care about them, I didn't want to be won over. But I was. And while I got into the fandom for the Booth/Brennan fic, I... I couldn't resist at least one fic for these two, not when it was porn! And it was lovely porn, it was sexy and sweet at the same time, but also just so incredibly them. Of course these two would have sex just like this right exactly where they were, it's so easy to see this sliding into canon. And I mentioned it was really pretty and really hot, right? Because it was. (Hodgins/Angela, NC-17.)

Bones: Everlong by _hazelnutcoffee - The summary of this fic is: Along the way, they solve more murders. But mostly, they grow old together. and that is a really lovely summary of what this fic is. It's the story of Booth and Brennan growing old together, done in a gorgeously told narrative that captures them both beautifully. It's not always perfect, there's a lot of sadness and harsh things to go through sometimes, but it's also good and they love each other, they have something really special here. It's one of those fics that's kind of quietly breathtaking and I want to write a perfect rec for, but can't quite find the words to describe how perfect this was for me. It's the way I see them going, even right down to Hodgins and Angela ending up together with four kids. Shut up, they totally did. >:| (Booth/Brennan, background Hodgins/Angela.)

Bones: Want to Screw Up by voleuse - This fic takes place during the first season, which I think will probably always be my favorite (or at least it is so far) and it's a simple case fic, with the scenes set out of order, little details being revealed as each piece goes along. It's a neat way to tell the story, I love that it's a fic focused on a straightforward case, and the voices for the cast are all spot-on. Sometimes I really do crave genfic for this fandom afterall, apparently. (No real warnings/pairings.)

Bones: (You and) Things Like You by runpunkrun and iamsab - I don't think I stopped grinning horribly the entire time I was reading this. The author has a great voice for Booth's narrative voice and both his and Brennan's outer voices, but it's also... there's so much layered in here, the little details that scream of how much they care about each other and subtly pay attention to each other. And then. There's a book signing and Brennan is so incredibly Brennan about it and the discussion in the car afterwards is just spot-on with their dynamic and I just. I love it with all my heart, okay. This is some fabulous banter right here. (Booth/Brennan.)

Bones: Better Than Ice Cream by lerdo - Every fandom or OTP needs their ice cream fic at least once. And this was a lovely, sweet piece that was uncomplicated (well, as uncomplicated as Booth and Brennan can get) and all about the simplicity of the moment with them. It did a nice job of conveying the pure sensation of eating ice cream on a hot day and was adorable all the way through, it was a nice read. Even if I really want ice cream now, sigh. (Booth/Brennan.)

Bones: The Conversation in the Car by Yahtzee - I kind of love the dynamic in this fic--Brennan being scientific and very frank about sex, Booth being kind of turned on by pretty much everything she does, the awkwardness in how they're going to approach this, but the pull towards each other being stronger than anything. Plus, there's some great voices for the characters here and I really adore how they talk about what their expectations are--in that way that Booth and Brennan have when they talk about pretty much anything--and it's really spot-on for the characters. That's got to be one hell of a tough drive home, as badly as they want each other, and Booth still has to drive. Plus, mm, the imagery that turns them both on was very nice. (Booth/Brennan, PG-13 or so.)

Bones: The Social Codification Of Sexual Intercourse by lovelythings - "Just so you know," he says, skimming her camisole over her head, "this is the tender baby-making sex, Bones, so don't laugh. It puts me off my game." So, Booth/Brennen sex, lovely writing, and awesome characterization/hilarious writing? It's like fandom loves me again! I love Booth a whole lot because, yes, of course, he wants the tender baby-making sex, rather than frantic fucking that doesn't mean much. Booth totally wants to ~*make love*~ rather than fuck and yet he's still passionate about her and the dialogue is still hilarious and Brennan's pov manages to be both scientific and really kind of hot. The author really has a great grasp of her narrative voice and their dynamic here is just... it's lovely and perfect. (Booth/Brennan, R.)

Bones: Ties that bind by Tesla - I was journal-hopping again and happened to stumble over this one and it was... Angela and Booth and I sort of went, "....???" and had to read it out of curiosity. I actually really liked this fic, the characterization felt very right for both of them, there was a sense of fun and flirting that I could see from both of them and... yeah, okay, I have to admire that's kind of hot. (Booth/Angela.)

Bones: wishbone by falseeeyelashes - This sort of style can be difficult to pull off--using short bursts of scenes, little snippets or internal narratives, to tell a story that's about the mood of the piece, about the feelings wrapped up in it that manage to sneak up on you. It's Brennan's reaction to Booth's death, set across all these little scenes and it's so subtle, so understated or misunderstood (in a very Brennan-like way) that the full impact takes awhile to really come upon the reader. But it's beautifully written, there's a sharpness to this that's perfect for what the author is trying to get across. It's one of those fics where I half-hold my breath during it without even realizing it, because it's sucked me right in. (Booth/Brennan.)

Bones: not with a bang but with a whimper by corleones - You know, it's been a long time since I read a fic where two people get drunk and have sex, which is something I'll probably never grow out of, especially when it's done like this. It's not really the alcohol that brings Booth and Brennan together here, they're not together because of it and I love that it's not that awkward, instead it's everything hot and good and they know themselves. I also really like this narrative voice for Brennan, how she is straight forward in so many ways, yet there are these little thoughts and feelings in her head about Booth and, somehow, eventually she understands enough. That and makeouts! ♥ (Booth/Brennan, R.)

Bones: motion walking by fated-addiction - There's something about this fic that I'm going to be terrible at articulating, but that I really enjoyed a lot. There's just... so much that's unsaid here, even in the perspectives of the characters themselves, but you can feel that it's there. I really liked the sense of change in their relationship after they finally stumble together, the way neither of them quite knows what to say, but somehow they'll be okay, too. I love the sense of apprehension here, especially from Booth's point of view, yet there's even more want and something about this is finally right. It's very lovely. (Booth/Brennan.)

Bones: Hit the Ground by Fialka - One of the dangers of reading fic that's almost three years old at this point is that it runs the risk of being dated. And, sure, you can tell this fic was written in the second or third season, but the characterization is still spot on and I don't think the smile left my face the entire time, much like I get when Booth and Brennan are connecting during an actual episode. All the little moments in this fic, the way Booth thinks of her, the way the author wove in Tony and Roxie and how they were not Booth and Brennan was beautifully done, the way Brennan gets something right when he's the one having trouble, the way he stays with her when she has trouble, too, all of it is wonderful and all kinds of lovely. (Booth/Brennan.)

Bones: Take It, Don't Ask by voleuse - Oh, this was a delightful pre-series look at Booth and Brennan's interaction, mostly dialogue that's pitch-perfect to how they used to be around each other, how you can imagine them to be before they got to know each other. It's so easy to see this as working hand in hand with canon and just. It's delightful and charming and just perfect for an afternoon read. (No real warnings/pairings, but if you like Booth/Brennan, you should like this.)

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