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- Bruno & Boots - Every Minute by throughadoor - This one is completely Ingrid's fault, because she pointed it out to me, mentioning that it was Bruno&Boots fanfic. Preparing to have my childhood slashed to pieces (so I could yell at her), I clicked onto this story to read... and I liked this story. A lot. I would have thought I'd run screaming from the idea of Bruno/Boots slash, but this author totally nailed the style of their interaction--it was funny, it was clever, and the feelings/attraction was just THERE and it wasn't a big deal. If Bruno and Boots were ever going to be slashed, THIS IS HOW YOU WOULD DO IT. ♥ Seriously, holy fuck, I love these books, more than words can say (not that I haven't been giving Ingrid an earful in an attempt, mind you XD), they're the only ones I reread and reread and reread again and again and so I'm very protective of them, but, oh, man, this was just so incredibly grand. .....I can't believe I want a Bruno&Boots fandom. *goggles* (Bruno/Boots.)

- I Want To Go Home! - Fishlips by calathea - This is Ingrid's fault. Completely her fault. And it sort of boggles my mind because... I didn't really want to see any sort of slash in I Want to Go Home!, but then this fic came along and Mike was so utterly, adorably cute and his friendship with Rudy was so utterly, adorably perfect and the slash was... right in that space that I could maybe see it (because Mike, even if he doesn't really understand, gets Rudy and I imagine that that probably doesn't happen very often for Rudy, hence Mike is a little bit different from everyone else, and that creates a sliver of wiggle room in my mind) and then proceeded to write with such talent (God, Mike making fish impressions or saying that, oh, sure, Rudy says he doesn't kiss girls, and "Well, she's a twit. And you always say that." Mike grinned at Rudy in the darkness. "You probably have trophies for kissing at home too." and it was all so cute! *giggles madly*) that I found myself inexorably fond of this story. Dammit. (Slight Mike/Rudy.)

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