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- Cardcaptor Sakura - Touya/Yukito/Yue Fanfiction Recs - I've been reading CCS fic for a fair number of years now and that means my writing style has changed and (or so I like to think) smoothed out a lot, which means that I cringe when going back to read some of my older recs. I'm not going to take them down, but I have been working on rewriting/reccommending a lot of CCS fics as I reread them and thus I'm going to separate them out. This page is for all my newer recs, the ones I'm either rereading or the new fics I find to read, which is why this page will seem a little smaller than it actually should be. (This makes sense to me, okay.)

- Cardcaptor Sakura - Touya/Yukito/Yue Fanfiction Recs (Older version) - ORIGINAL DESCRIPTION: I'm sure it comes as absolutely no surprise that Touya is my favorite character in CCS and that I'm over the (ha ha) moon for his relationship with Yukito/Yue. In some ways, I can be very picky about the kind of fic I enjoy (a lot has to do with if the story matches up to how the characters are for me, especially with Yukito/Yue's duality), in other ways, I can be extremely easy to please. I tend to pounce on anything Touya/Yue as that's my favorite (Yue being the perfect person for Touya to tease, really ♥), but I can also often be won over by a really good Yukito characterization or really good writing. But most of the time... you stick a well-written Touya in there and I am SO THERE. >D Probably always going to be the biggest section of the CCS corner on the site, just 'cause I love them that much. :D

- Cardcaptor Sakura - Sakura/Syaoran Fanfiction Recs - Sadly, I don't really read that much S+S fic for this fandom because of two reasons--one, their story was told so wonderfully in the manga/anime originally and thus I would need perfect fic before I'd read in the fandom and, two, I am so not wading through the mountains of crap on FFNET even for them. However, every so often, I stumble across a cute fic or a good author or something is rec'd to me or what have you and I will happily read because... these two just are CLAMP het for me. ♥

- Cardcaptor Sakura - Eriol/Kaho Fanfiction Recs - The bad thing about Eriol/Kaho is that, despite being canon, very few people write this pairing. But, as Vikki said one time, the good thing is that what is out there is usually really well-written. Which is pretty true, so I've managed to find at least a handful of stories that I've really liked. I'm not sure why I'm so attracted to this pairing, I suspect a lot of it is that I just like Kaho as a character a whole lot, so that no amount of beautifully written, gorgeous Eriol/Tomoyo fic could win me over because my heart stuck here first. (Not that I can't ever read Eriol/Tomoyo, because they get some gorgeous fic and I totally get where it comes from. <3) Yeah, yeah, I know.

- Cardcaptor Sakura - Gen/No Pairings Fanfiction Recs - And every once in awhile, not nearly as often as I'd like, of course, there are gen pieces that I squee madly over. (Or fics that have the canon pairings in them, but that's not the point of the story.) I would love more gen stuff focusing on Touya and Sakura or Touya as a kid or Kinomoto family stuff or Fujitaka gen pieces or Nakuru gen pieces or Syaoran character introspections or a quiet little Yue angst piece or, ooh, I love Yue and Keroberos fic or sugar-high insanity with Kero-chan and Suppi-chan and try to pounce on them whenever I can find 'em. ♥

- Cardcaptor Sakura - Other Het/Yaoi Fanfiction Recs - Not that there's really much other yaoi I'll read in the fandom (or any >__>a), but occasionally there's some beautiful het or adorable yuri. There's the occasional Tomoyo/Sakura piece, there's some lovely Fujitaka/Nadeshiko that doesn't get written nearly enough and that makes me cry, the occasional Fujitaka/Sonomi that I was slowly won over towards and win up just loving because of a handful of fic out there, I would totally love more Tomoyo/Meiling if people wrote it, and I would pounce on any pre-series Touya/Kaho fic because I adore their interaction so very much.

- Cardcaptor Sakura - Fanart Recs - Being one of CLAMP's most popular series (if not the most popular--I'm not sure how Chobits stacks up against the series), there's a lot of fanart for the series out there. And a lot of it is really good--I keep being surprised that I find more and more that I'd never seen before. *__* With CCS, I like just about anything; if it's pretty, I like it.

The majority of what'll be in here will be Sakura+Syaoran or Sakura-chan-only or gen stuff (like Eriol or Tomoyo centric pages), but I do my best to seek out all the Touya/Yukito/Yue sites out there, despite how semi-rare they tend to be. ^_~ (If you want Tsubasa art, I do have a section for it and there's the miscellaneous section that gets a lot of CLAMP art that I don't know where else to shove it, you may have better luck there, but there will occasionally be a fair amount of crossover between the CCS - TRC - CLAMP sections.)

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