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- Yami no Matsuei/Chobits/Other - Strawberry Garden [ Fan Art Site ] - *shining eyes* A specific series can be a bit hard to find, but I didn't really mind because I found myself clicking through every illustration on the site (even venturing into the originals section because I liked the art so much). The colors are soft and warm and the details are beautiful. The clothes, the eyes, the hair.... *_* I love the hair in these illustrations, it looks so incredibly soft. Chibi Hisoka as well as this one are good examples of what I adore about the art. The soft golden colors of the images very nearly sparkle and the eyes (especially in the second one) are incredible. (And CHII! *hearts!* SO CUTE!) .....I'm running out of synonyms. *hops off to find the dictionary* (No real warnings, yaoi-friendly, but not yaoi-centric.)

- Chobits/Hunter x Hunter/Saiyuki/Hikaru no Go/Harry Potter/Original - Quality Season [ Thai? Fan Art Site ] - I wasn't entirely sure what catagory to put this site under, since there weren't a whole lot of any one particular series, but I wanted to rec it because the art here is very cute. It's more of a sketchy quality than a lot of fanart I see, but the colors are soft and pretty enough to make it one of those styles that really works. There's only one or two for any given series I've mentioned (plus a lot I haven't), but since I like the majority of them, this site is great fun for me. *SQUEAK!* And +Anima fanart!!!! XD (No real pairings/warnings.)

- Cardcaptor Sakura/Chobits/Original - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - .......damn. This is some really good CG work, to the point that some of them could almostalmostalmost pass for official art. The focus is on Sakura-chan, but I found myself not minding too much (I would have liked to have seen their take on other characters more) because she's just so damn cute in these illustrations. Just... damn. I know there must be a higher power out there to keep this kind of talent out of my hands... because the Universe knows I would use it for various nefarious purposes. >_> *clickclickclick*drools* ..... *pause* .... CHIIIIIIIII~! SO CUTE! *squeaks happily* Chobitsu~~~! ....god, I'm a geek. -_- But an incredibly happy one. +_+ There are only a handul of Chobits fanart, but they're some of the best I've seen. (Well, all the Chobits fanart I've seen so far has been amazing....) (Some graphic content, but you have to specifically look for it.)

- Cardcaptor Sakura/Chobits/X/CLAMP - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - This site's style is really gorgeous, very soft and delicate and romantic looking and almost glowing at times, much like CLAMP themselves. I honestly don't think I could pick a favorite--though, the one of Touya and Syaoran is adorable and the little Kohaku chibi is gorgeous. +_+ I loved that they had illustratiosn from a number of different series, too--it's always nice to see other fans who like a bunch of CLAMP series rather than just one or two. Anyway. Just go. Gorgeous art. (No warnings.)

- X/RG Veda/Wish/Chobits/CLAMP - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - The first illustration in this gallery is this CUTE illustration of Kamui that just... just... just... I don't know how to describe why I like it so much. There are a lot of neat illustrations here, including a really nice one of Yuzuriha and one of Hinoto. But the Wish ones are my favorites, they're gorgeous; very soft and bright and almost have a sort of shine to them. Ooh, and a gorgeous Hokuto-chan. So, anyway, right. Go through the gallery, there's some neat stuff here. *nods* (Oh, and one more thing. Then I'm done. ICCHAN!!!! *hearts*) (No warnings.)

- Cardcaptor Sakura/Chobits - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - I don't think I've rec'd this one yet... anyway. There aren't a whole lot of images here, but the ones that are here are really cute. (Be sure to check out both the gallery and the kiriban sections.) My favorites are the ones of Chii, like this one, which are just gorgeous. Very... light and airy and sparkly, like I associate with the happier CLAMP titles. ^_^ (No real pairings or warnings.)

- Cardcaptor Sakura/X/Chobits/MKR/CLAMP - CNG [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Wow, this is definitely one of the best CCS fanart sites out there, it's really captured that soft colored look that CCS has and any site that draws half-naked Yue that beautifully is a favorite of mine, Clow/Yue hints or no. ^_~ But, still. My favorite is the Eriol/Yue/Sakura 'Alice in Wonderland' illustration--it's just gorgeous. The site is largely Eriol-centric and the artist really draws him well--I especially like the older Eriol ones, where he looks like a cross between his child form and an older Clow Reed, very cool. The Chobits illustrations are very cute, and I love the two illustrations of Kamui, they're beautiful. Anyway, gorgeous art, go see now. (No real pairing themes/warnings.)

- Chobits/Inuyasha/Fushigi Yuugi - [ English Fanart Site ] - I came to this account for the Inuyasha fanart, but then stayed for the OMGLOOKATTHOSEDETAILSTHAT'SGORGEOUS Chobits fanart. Seriously. I mean, LOOK at this! (I normally hate to deep link to any art, but I figure dA people are probably more okay with it and this was the image that knocked me over the head and made me say, "Okay, I'm looking at ALL YOUR FANART NOW. +__+") Just... the colors are terrific, the level of detail with the clothing on the Chobits characters is fantastic, the proportions are great, just... wow. I'm in love. With Chobits fanart. It's the same with her Inuyasha fanart--her Sesshoumaru is beautiful, the details with his clothes and hair are terrific and I love, love, LOVE the ones of him and Inuyasha. ESPECIALLY THE CHIBIS! XD XD XD Seriously, though, the artist just... I can't even pick too many out, because there's the one of Inuyasha in Sesshoumaru's lap that shouldn't work but is so damned gorgeous that I'm all *_____* over it or there's a gorgeous one of Tasuki surrounded by flames or there's the one of Chii in this amazing pink dress or there's that one of Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru fighting or... well, yes. You get the idea. Beautiful artwork here. (No real pairings/warnings, I don't think.)

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