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- Chrestomanci - Tread Softly by athousandwinds - I've seen a couple of recs for this fic around and I've been meaning to read it because I have a soft spot for Christopher/Millie (or, really, just about anything with Christopher) and I finally sat down to read it this. It's just as charming as the recs say it was, all those little details tucked into the narrative yet don't take it over, the way Christopher is so... strange, but once you understand him, you see what he's getting at and the way Millie goes from not understand to understanding is just gorgeous. The way their relationship plays out, so strange and bizarre, yet so oddly subtle at the same time is perfect, the progression of how they got together felt natural and wonderful. The characterization is gorgeous, the writing is lovely, this is one of those fics that... satisfies something I desperately wanted satisfied with this series. (Christopher/Millie.)

- Chrestomanci - How Many 9-Lived Enchanters Does it Take to Change a Lightbulb? by Roseveare - There's something entirely too charming about this little moment in time, a 'magical hiccup' that causes Chrestomanci to be 'quite beside himself' rather literally. The author does it wonderfully, it's one of those things that I can see happening in the Chrestomanci world, happening out of the blue like that, then resolving itself quite as suddenly, which is just so... well, DWJ-ish, it felt like. Chrestomanci's reactions to seeing himself, playing off himself, it was just... charming fun. I have such affection for the character and this story played into that even more. <3 (....a little Chrestomanci/Chrestomanci?)

- Chrestomanci/Howl's Moving Castle - Fallen Star by Roseveare - Now this link I did pick up from Aishuu, but I had to recommend it because. Well. Howl! Chrestomanci! I've been dying for a crossover for ages! This was a nicely written piece when Chrestomanci comes to investigate a missing fallen star ("A missing star? How careless a thing to lose!") and it has that delightful charm that I so like about the two series. They blend together well, the author has several clever little lines here, and I enjoyed seeing the way the two characters played off each other. I quite liked this. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Howl's Moving Castle/Chrestomanci - A Tale of Two Wizards by Eildon Rhymer - [ part 01 - part 02 - part 03 - part 04 - part 05 - part 06 ] - It seems like I've been meaning to read this fic for ages and I'm not sure why I never got around to it until now. It's not as though the six parts are very long, I read through each one pretty quickly rather than feeling like I was dragging my feet along through a slowly plodding fic. I guess I'm just sort of lazy about this sort of thing. But yes. This was a very fun crossover, the author wove together all the necessary threads very well--Chrestomanci and Howl are both such larger than life characters in their own respects, both have similar traits in some ways, but are completely opposite in others. The way the author had them playing off/against each other, highlighting each of their personalities was very well done. The little nods to fairy tales and children's books, not quite meta/breaking the fourth wall content, but still very aware of them was also brilliantly worked into the story. It wasn't just a random shoving these two characters together, there was a point to the crossover.

The author also does well with DWJ's world, her style is a bit similar to the original books, so it was easy to imagine the characters the way I imagined them reading the books. The dialogue is especially sharp, both for revealing bits of insight yet again and for just being clever in and of itself. Howl and Chrestomanci alternately not quite getting along and working together was lovely, it seems like just exactly the way they would react to each other. The background details were wonderfully done, the scene was set very well, and even the resolution (and the way the plot unfolded!) were all so very well-told. I mean. I still want more Chrestomanci/Howl crossovers (and you have no idea what I'd give for a Chrestomanci/Charlie and the Chocolate Factory 2005 crossover), but this certainly helped scratch that itch quite a lot. I wish for more like it, plz. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Chrestomanci - The Life That I Have by athousandwinds - I'm stealing the rec for this off of Aishuu's rec, but I couldn't resist it because I have such fondness for these characters in the Chrestomanciverse. And this was a lovely piece that was both satisfying and bittersweet, the way so much of DWJ's work made me feel when I was first reading the series. Her Christopher is brilliantly portrayed here, the way you see him through the eyes of Conrad and the way Conrad's thoughts are strung together here. His friendship with both Christopher and Millie, the sense of growing up and the bittersweetness that comes along with it, the delightful Christopher/Millie dynamic, all of it is beautifully written, just perfect. Even the writing itself is lovely on a technical level, both reminscent of the original books, but without trying too hard or feeling forced for it. And it's just... the entire piece is satisfying, it fills in a gap that I've wondered about and does so utterly brilliantly. I loved this piece so much. (Christopher/Millie, but it's only half the point.)

- Chrestomanci - In This Last of Meeting Places by tsubaki-hana - Sometimes he wonders if she was made to be soft to keep him, so thin and brittle, from breaking. orz I feel badly stealing what seems like every Chrestomanci rec that Aishuu makes, but it's Chrestomanci fic and I'm horribly weak to that! And it's about Christopher and Millie and what has to eventually happen as time passes, so bittersweet because everything eventually passes or changes with time going by, but also it's everything one could want for the characters. I appreciate that about the story, despite that my fangirl heart still aches a little to think of the Chrestomanci title being passed along to someone else. It's also so full of those little touches that are hard to grasp with a character like Christpher Chant, weaving them into the prose in such a natural way without overwhelming or feeling as though the author is trying too hard, there's a very nice quality to the way she writes the character. Anyway. Yes. A lovely piece that I enjoyed a lot. (Christopher/Millie.)

- Chrestomanci - Inventio by Moonklutz - One of the things that I've always wished for more of in the Chrestomanci universe is Christopher's time at the castle before he became Chrestomanci, his relationship with Gabriel seemed so interesting, and it was before he learned to control his reactions into almost complete unreadableness and so this was a wonderful little treasure. Christopher, bored from nothing but lessons and no excitement, starts to experiment with magic and slowly starts to find that the problem of fixing the magical experiments gone awry is more fun than anything, which fits so very well with his older self, I thought. I like how it shows that he's kind of an arrogant little thing and yet he is very smart and basically good-hearted and this was just a delight to read. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Chrestomanci/Howl's Moving Castle - Silvers Not as Dazzling by Giddy Geek - I'm not sure how I feel about the Chrestomanci characterization here (assuming, of course, that it was Christopher, who tends to be a bit more vague than this one, but it was never actually said) but the Howl characterization is just fantastic and the clash between him and Chrestomanci was utterly delightful. There is, of course, no way that the two of them would get along and I adored the reason for their meeting, it's such a terrifically Howl thing to have happened. The writing is lovely as well, this was such a charming little piece that I could easily see happening in both universe. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Chrestomanci - No Good Deed by Becca - This was a really lovely look at Tacroy's character earlier in the Chrestomanci timeline, showing both the dark and the good sides of him, how both are present there, the way there's still a good person there, but the bits of the Eleven part of him are poking through still. The writing is lovely and it's got a sort of jaunty style that works well against what we know of how things will turn out. (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Chrestomanci - Turnabout by athousandwinds - Interestingly enough, this was the second Chrestomanci fic I read from this year's Yuletide bunch, both of them were Tacroy pieces. This one is much shorter and it focuses on the Mordecai/Rosalie relationship instead, but it's a lovely little moment that's very sweet and shows how things could have worked out for them. <3 (Mordecai/Rosalie.)

- Chrestomanci - The Time For Parting Come by athousandwinds - This was just a short little piece, a scene from Christopher and Millie's school days, where she has to leave the Castle for the term again (despite that she'll be back as she always is), and Christopher is rather brattish about it. It's a cute piece that made me smile and hit on all the things that make me like this pairing so much. Very cute and adorable. ♥ (Christopher/Millie.)

- Chrestomanci - The Murder at Missel Hall by rosemaryandrue - I wasn't sure what I was going to be getting when I clicked onto this fic, just that it was rather long and had some sort of plot. It had a rough moment or two, but overall this was a fabulous fic and I'm a bit surprised it didn't get more comments. I found it rather easy to read and it was everything I could have wanted out of a story set not long before Christopher became the next Chrestomanci (which is one of the points in time that I'm very curious about and wanted more explored in), the story and the pacing and the balance between the plot and the characters' lives was all wonderfully done. I love that there's an actual magical story here, I love how many little details from the background worlds the author works in here, the little moments of connection between families, the little touches of how different magics work here. Everything about the story is solidly done and incredibly satisfying for me as a reader, this kind of lovely story is what I've been looking for out of the Chrestomanci fandom. The delight at seeing Conrad again and the slowly blossoming Christopher/Millie relationship and the touches of humor were all just wonderful bonuses. ♥ (Some canon pairings, none are really the main focus.)

- Chrestomanci - Christopher's Elephant by rosemaryandrue - Oh, now this might have been a short little thing, but it was utterly delightful. Another fic set in the time Christopher was studying at Chrestomanci Castle and it's a rather ordinary day in the lives of those around him, which is fun for the readers (and possibly Christopher himself) but not so much for them. I love the use of magic here, the friendships between them all (even if they are bickering at each other) and Christopher's blase attitude about everything, I love Millie dearly and the way she handles things. Just. So much love here. ♥ (Nothing I'm going to warn for.)

- Chrestomanci - Three Crosspatches and a Cat by googlebrat - Another story from the time when Christopher was studying to be Chrestomanci! And this one was just as delightful as the previous ones, which are all sort of blending together to... make me feel very satisfied with the fandom and yet wanting more more more at the same time. It's a lovely little piece about Christopher being in trouble and Conrad not sure how he fits into things and Millie feeling ill, all of these things making the day difficult, but it's full of delightful little details and comments and Christopher in a snit (which is always fun to read about) and the friendships that are forming between these characters. This is a rather terrible rec for this fic, so just go read it, it's a wonderful little gem. (Nothing I'm going to warn for.)

- Chrestomanci - La Familia by chrissie - Oh, this fic is going to absolutely spoil me with this fandom. I'm going to want fic this brilliant and satisfying all of the time now! It's a longer fic, but the kind that just sails right by because it's so similar in pacing and style to the original books (right down to the same charming feel and delight I get from reading them) and the characterizations are all dead-on and the plot--Millie is mysteriously ill and the whole Castle gets involved in trying to figure out what's wrong with her--is wonderfully clever and uses little details from the background world to tell a lovely story. It's one of those stories that I wish I could say more about because it deserves a hugely insightful recommendation, it was such a perfect story that felt like it could have come right from the novels, that I wish everyone would read it. Wonderful story, easily my favorite of this year's Yuletide fics. If you're only going to read one Chrestomanci story from this batch--or even, perhaps, just one from the fandom--I would suggest that this be it. (Some Christopher/Millie, but it's no more than you'd find in the books themselves.)

- Chrestomanci - A Benevolent Arrangement by cjk1701 - A short little piece on how the situation with Tacroy's involvement in things may have resolved itself, the kind of deal that may have been struck so that he wasn't precisely let off for his role in things. But what I really liked about it, aside from how this makes a lovely sort of sense, is that Christopher is still sure of his choices by the end of the fic, he still perfectly happy right where he is, even when Tacroy's choices make him wonder for a moment. (Nothing I'm going to warn for.)

- Chrestomanci/Howl's Moving Castle - When it Rains, it Pours by Ella.Rose.x - I'll warn ahead of time that this fic is unfinished and may not be finished any time soon, it's been months since it was updated. And these first three chapters are mostly just set-up and building towards the larger plot that'll happen, but... I enjoyed them? They're a little rough in spots, but the author has the spirit of the characters down and the crossover aspects are delightful and I'm genuinely intrigued by the plot. I think if there had been more to this fic, it would have been a really satisfying read. As it is, I enjoyed what was here and the author shows tons of promise. (Nothing I'm going to warn for.)

Chrestomanci: Chrestomanci drabbles by toasty_fresh - I picked up the link for this series of drabbles from Aishuu's rec post because I really like the Chrestomanci fic she recommends and this series is really interesting. It does start a little abruptly, but it quickly turns into an intriguing piece that... well, now that the author mentions it, yes, the Gwendolyn - Janet thing did seem awfully glossed over. I really like the series of drabbles that are used to show the reactions of the characters, from someone who's sort of an outsider and not really getting all of this, and is really well-written. (No warnings/pairings.)

Chrestomanci: With Nothing but a Plastic Salad Fork by toasty_fresh - You know what I've always wanted more of in the Chrestomanci series? Mostlly from the books, but also from the fandom. Stories set during Gabriel's time as Chrestomanci while Christopher isn't quite the Christopher we know yet, but is definitely getting there--this is why I was so very fond of Conrad's Fate, I suspect. So this fic filled a little bit of that need, because it's about the four friends getting in trouble and trying to spin a yarn as a way to get out of it and failing rather badly, but it's so delightful and charming that it's just the way it would go, I imagine. This was really fun! (No warnings/pairings.)

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