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- Chuck - Easy Listening by Eleanor K. - Killing Chuck is not an option. Not. An. Option. He has that written on a post-it stuck to his bathroom mirror, so it must be true. I was totally just journalhopping and happened to stumble over this fic and I've kind of been wanting Chuck fic, but the fandom kinda makes me wary since I'm not sure I know what I want yet, except it was the promising lure of Casey and Chuck interaction and, oh my god, I practically had to stuff my fist into my mouth to keep from laughing at this fic. The author is utterly fantastic at nailing both Casey's thought patterns and Chuck's voice, to the point where I could just picture every little thing while Casey tried to remind himself not to kill Chuck as he listened in on him through the headphones. Just. Yes. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Chuck - Casey vs. The Dorks by Northlight - There were at least three times during this fic that I practically had to shove my fist in my mouth because I was trying not to laugh too loudly, which was almost kind of painful by the end. It's so beautifully done exactly like an episode, in characterization, in comedic timing, in the tone of the jokes and nerdy references. Even in the whole parody-of-the-spy-movie-genre! The use of the entire cast (the Nerd Herd, the spies, Chuck's family, etc.) in short little scenes set across the span of Chuck's day is brilliantly done, I cannot stress enough how much I deeply, deeply loved this fic. ♥ (No warnings/pairings.)

- Chuck - Chuck vs. The Strange Glow by Eleanor K. - [Note: This is a sequel to Easy Listening, but I would say that both stand pretty well on their own.] I have this great squishy love for Casey, so just about any fic where he has a starring role has my intrigue, especially if he's forced to deal with Chuck. And that's what I loved about this fic--it didn't forget that they just don't get along, they have nothing in common, Casey is annoyed as hell by Chuck, and that is what makes their relationship beautiful, while at the same time giving them a little bit of progress. I loved it because Casey is such a hardcore military government type and Chuck is such a geek and the writing was genuinely funny, even when they're just sitting in Casey's apartment because Chuck can't go home for awhile. Fantastic. (No warnings/pairings, but if you like Casey/Chuck, you might like this.)

- Chuck - That Merry Still Goes Round by Voleuse - One of the characters I've been most pleasantly surprised about with this show is Captain Awesome, who could have been so annoying, but turned out to be a really cool guy that I actually like a whole lot. I was also surprised to see Yuletide fic set from his perspective, but curious enough to read and I'm so glad I did because it's a wonderful little fic. Devon's actually a really nice guy and genuinely likes Chuck here, not just because he has to. Short little scenes set early on in the series/pre-series and the characterization is spot-on, it fits together with what we see in canon so very well. Wonderful. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Chuck - Chuck vs. The Promise of Paperwork by Person - You know. I'm generally pretty gen with this series, I don't have much desire to ship the characters beyond what's happening in canon. But. Damn, this fic was kind of hot. It was just the right level of possible slash, possible just gentle parody (so much like the series itself) and combined with a beautiful Chuck narratative and maybe possibly potentially Casey actually caring a little about Chuck, that it worked beautifully. I could totally see this and it was a fantastic little fic. (Maybe some Casey/Chuck, maybe possibly gen.)

- Chuck - Coming Home by Tani - This fic threw me for awhile because it's not in the style of Chuck as much as I was used to, but... once I got into the fic, it was a really solid look at the characters and Chuck especially just after he was thrown out of Stanford. It's a nice fic about how his friends and family are there for him, how he transitions from one thing to the next, how even when he's in the middle of feeling miserable for himself, Chuck still manages to pull himself out of it and look at the others around him. Plus, the Morgan - Chuck friendship is really sort of darling. (No warnings/pairings.)

Chuck: untitled? by misspamela - I was looking for Devon/Ellie fic and managed to stumble across this one and it was really cute! I think it could have used some scene breaks to make it flow a little better, but it was basically adorable and I can totally believe that Devon probably kind of annoyed Ellie at first and then somehow managed to just be his adorable, charming self, even if he is a total jock. The author has really good voices for the characters, too, making this a nice little read! (Devon/Ellie.)

Chuck: Vocabulary Lessons by aliaspiral - Awesome shows Ellie the size of his...vocabulary. What's this? Devon/Ellie fic that's funny, hot, and sexy? And makes with the het porns? I... did not expect this out of fandom! It's a really cute fic and the voices for the characters are delightful, but it's also really kind of hot and these two should totally get more fic exactly like this. It's not always easy writing het sex scenes, but this was really nicely done and it was very easy to see. <3 (Devon/Ellie, a light NC-17.)

Chuck: Things Bryce Larkin Knows by futuresoon - Okay, see. I have this thing about the show and especially about the idea of Bryce/Chuck. It keeps calling to me, but I'm not sure I can go there yet. So fic is such a dicey bag for me and I end up reading it warily or putting it down halfway through because I don't want full on make-outs yet or anything. I want the build-up first. But I read this fic and, even for one that was written probably less than halfway through the first season, it is a beautiful take on Bryce Larkin and how he looks at Chuck during their time at Stanford. It holds up incredibly well, but even more than that it fits the characters and especially Bryce's reasons for what he did and how he felt about Chuck and how he felt about his own life and just. a;sldkfjasl;kj yes. So, so good. And I think I needed to start with something one-sided, but I didn't expect to get something that so solidly nailed how I felt about the show. *__* (Bryce/Chuck, one sided.)

Chuck: Domach 'a chIy ghoS 'epagh? by futuresoon - As if the first one wasn't wonderful enough, there's another fic from this author, set after we find out Bryce is alive and it's just as amazing as the first one. Her Bryce feels so spot on to me, the way he views life and death and Chuck and Klingon and, oh, god, I'm never ever going to get over the brilliance of that move right there. I love the use of Klingon in this (and it's easy to Google the ones where you can't guess the context), I love how much of a nerd Bryce is here while still being a bad-ass spy, that's one of the best things about the character and makes me so interested in him. Same for the way he clearly has it so very badly for Chuck, but never does anything about it because it couldn't end well, despite how badly he wants it and yet he's smart enough to know himself and how this would go. This Bryce is fascinating and everything I saw of that complicated guy who got Chuck kicked out of Stanford for a reason. Just. as;ldfkjaslkj yes. (Bryce/Chuck, one-sided.)

Chuck: This Expansive Dose Of Words by mardia - Oh, oh, oh, this is what I have been waiting for. I mean, I understand why the show can't go there, with Ellie discovering Chuck's secrets, and they've been doing a great job of not stretching it too far, but I still want that day when she does find out and this fic-- This fic is spot on for everything I wanted out of it. This Ellie is amazing and I love her fiercely, just as much as I love her on the show, even right down to the dialogue that is all fantastic and so, so easy to imagine the actors in their roles for this fic. And the Bryce --> Chuck is perfect, just exactly what I wanted and where I think they would be at that point in time and, oh, some of the moments in this fic were actually painful to get through just reading about them, just exactly as they should be, and I'm sort of just sitting here and marveling over how badly in love I am with this fic. And Ellie. She is so, so amazing. (Some one-sided Bryce/Chuck, but it's only half the point.)

Chuck: Ten Snapshots of a Kidnapping by mardia - Oh, I don't care how god-awfully geeky or flaily this is going to make me look, but. Yes, yes, YES. I have been fucking pining for a fic where Bryce kidnaps Chuck and they go on the world's geekiest and awesomest roadtrip ever since... well, pretty much since Bryce was alive and definitely since the new Intersect came close to being up and running. And, oh, the only complaint I have about this, the only complaint I have, is that it's not a 30,000 word epic fic because that's about all that would make this any more fantastic. Even in such brief snapshots, the author brilliantly captures Bryce's geekiness, Chuck's entire personality, the fantastic dynamic between them and how complicated it can be at the same time, and then works in TOTAL LOL lines of geeky awesomeness and just. a ;sdlfkjasljk Bryce kidnaps Chuck and ROADTRIP and they're such boys about it even when they're in a really rather dangerous situation and a;sldkfjaslk I was starting to think I'd never get this fic and then here it is! (Bryce/Chuck.)

Chuck: Cross Your Heart And Hope by mardia - ...apparently I really am in a Chuck mood this morning. But. *flails hands vaguely* Another fic where Ellie finds out the truth about Chuck in various ways! And it's Ellie being so awesome and there are four different heart-stopping ways that the whole charade could come crashing down and each of them is so fabulous and makes me want to keyboard mash with incoherence. The sibling dynamic between Ellie and Chuck is wonderful here, even the little cameos by Bryce or Casey are wonderful as well, I love that there's so much humor in them, almost as much as there is heartbreak in all the right ways. So fabulous. (No warnings/pairings.)

Chuck: Chuck vs. The Unresolved Sexual Tension by dotfic - As much as I usually seek out Bryce/Chuck fic (because I have a complicated relationship with that pairing, besides I'm usually scared of how Chuck/Sarah fic would be written and I'm usually largely satisfied by it in canon), when I saw an author I really like has written fic for the pairing, I pounced on it. And it's just exactly what I would have wanted for these two right now--it's just the two of them on the couch watching an old movie, but there are so many things between them, so many masks that Sarah has to force herself to wear, so many things Chuck tries to hold back (even if he fails at it), and it's complicated and a little ouchy and perfect for where they are at the time this was written. The writing is fantastic and I think I loved this just as much for being a fascinating Sarah piece as I did for it being a Chuck/Sarah piece. a ;sdklfja;slj now I want more of these two, too. (Chuck/Sarah.)

Chuck: the crash was so unkind by green_postit - I don't think I would have been able to read this fic if I hadn't read a bunch of G/PG rated one-sided Bryce/Chuck fics the other day--not through any fault of the author's, but because of my own issues with the pairing, but I think I've worked my way up to at least wanting some makeouts from them. And this fic... well, I did skim the porn (since I'm personally not there yet, despite that it's beautifully written) and instead what I really liked about this, what made it a good fic for me to read at this point in time, was the longing on both sides, the attraction that neither of them did anything about, because if I'm going to see Bryce/Chuck back in Stanford, I can't imagine that much happened, but I can see the feelings there. And this author really has a way with the more painful, raw emotions that make such an intense fic. *__* (Bryce/Chuck, NC-17.)

Chuck: Curses, Foiled Again! by lunarknightz - Aww, this was a totally cute, adorable fic with Chuck and Sarah and mistletoe. The characterization was adorable and I loved Chuck's insistence that Ellie was secretly a mastermind (you know she totally is) and Sarah's indulgance of Chuck's rant. It was just a nice little bit of waffy, feel good fic for Christmas. <3 (Chuck/Sarah.)

Chuck: Chuck versus the Miracle of Life by rivkat - Oh, man, this was fun. Like it could have been part of an episode aside from the slash aspect of it, because it's just so. This is Chuck's life right here. And I loved it for that, but I also loved it for being the kind of Bryce/Chuck that I can totally get behind, where it's sort of half-teasing and Chuck's mental voice is great and yet it's also totally kind of hot, too. <3 (Bryce/Chuck.)

Chuck: Arrow Through Me by dotfic - Oh, now this was adorable! It's a little piece set pre-series with Chuck's parents (one assumes, given the implied het XD) and it's this really cute, light-hearted thing that's so easy to see fitting with the tone of the series itself. I could see this happening with the parents and I love how adorable and awesome they both are when Chuck's dads' van goes off the side of the road and he meets a cute girl. ♥ And I really like how you can see bits of their kids in them already! (No real warnings.)

Chuck: a series of desert keys by fated_addiction - [Note: There are implied spoilers from the second season finale. Read at your own risk!] Well. I could hardly let a set of Chuck recs go by without reading some Chuck/Sarah. And this was a really lovely piece, just this quiet, intense moment between them after everything that happened, all these emotions between them and their relationship and all the things that are unsaid, but they both know. It's a nice coda to the episode, especially easy to see where the episode left off, and really gorgeous for Sarah's point of view here. *__* (Chuck/Sarah.)

Chuck: breathing by numbers by Signe - [Note: There are SPOILERS--and how!--for the second season finale in this fic and this rec.] So, I also let a batch of Chuck recs go by without at least reading one Bryce/Chuck fic. And this is just exactly what I was looking for--set post-episode, a little bit into the future, where Chuck's just starting to settle back into his life and deal with this new direction its going in (sort of an old direction, but sort of not) and then Bryce shows up and it throws things into disarray again, except not. I love that Chuck and Bryce are both so spot on here, that it's slash but you could (aside from the kissing scene) almost read it as gen, and that's a perfect line for what I was looking for. It's glee-inducing for having a fight scene and how easy it is to see as a continuation of where the episode left off and the Bryce/Chuck relationship and of course Bryce isn't dead and I love that it's so easy to see Bryce coming back exactly like this and just-- asdl;kfjaslkj it was so satisfying and so good, okay? *___* (Bryce/Chuck.)

Chuck: Chuck versus the Science Fiction Trope by Laura Smith - Oh, oh, oh, yes, this is what I want from Chuck and Sarah! Funny and darling and wonderful and making me want to give Chuck the world's biggest hug and hot as hell. Seriously, nothing even had to happen for it to be totally sexy and I love the poking fun at various genre tropes and yet still obviously loving the show and the characters very much. Just as all Chuck fic should be. ♥ (Chuck/Sarah.)

Chuck: the secret you don't know how to tell by ndnickerson - [Note: There are spoilers for the season two finale in this fic and this rec.] Oh, man, this was a fantastic fic to read, not just for the porn (though, that was really nice), but for the way it picked up where the second season left off, all the changes that were put in motion, but they're still Chuck and Sarah. The use of the spy cover and the tension between them, the use of Chuck's memories of Bryce, the use of all these little details was fantastic, it was the Chuck/Sarah dynamic brought to text. All of this on top of really, really hot porn, wow. It was seriously one of the best fics for that just about ever, never mind in the Chuck fandom. (Chuck/Sarah, NC-17.)

Chuck: revisionist history by ndnickerson - [Note: There are spoilers for the season two finale in this fic and this rec.] You know, I started reading this fic (well, this whole fic series, but each of these should stand pretty well on their own) for the porn, because I really needed Chuck/Sarah porn after all the UST in the last few episodes of the second season. And it's delicious porn indeed. But what I keep sticking around with this author for actually isn't that part of her writing, it's her amazing Sarah voice and the spot-on characterization. I love how brilliantly well she captures Sarah's professionalism mixed with her humanity, how she wants this life that her cover is with Chuck, how she's strong enough to leave it as cover and yet she's worn away a little bit at a time because she wants it. You can really feel what Sarah's going through without the author having to state it and it's gorgeous to watch. (Chuck/Sarah, NC-17.)

Chuck: the island is lovely, but nobody lives there by without_wings - [Note: There are blink-and-you'll-miss-it but still kinda there spoilers for the season two finale in this fic and this rec.] Oh, this was adorable and fun! The writing is smooth and clean and the hints of makeouts and leading to something more were nice, but I think my favorite part of this fic was the really solid Chuck voice the author had. It made the first half of the fic really easy to see playing out and almost being lifted right out of the show itself, the author did a great job with the real-fake-cover relationship dynamic awkwardness that was also just perfect and delicious at the same time. (Chuck/Sarah.)

Chuck: Real Spies by serendipityxxi - This little fic had a really great Chuck voice as he lies in bed and thinks about what makes up a real spy and is just... so Chuck as he sort of fumbles his way through the fic. But it's also got some sharp internal monologue and it's the kind of fic that just makes me remember absolutely everything I love about Chuck Bartowski and how it's about what he wants for himself, but then also a little about what he wants with/for Sarah. It's a great blend and a lovely little fic to read this afternoon. (Chuck/Sarah, it's only half the point.)

Chuck: Of Sick Days And Star Trek Marathons by mardia - Apparently, I still have a thing for Bryce/Chuck. Not that that's really a surprise entirely, I suppose. Though, I'm surprised I took so well to a Stanford-era fic, since I'm usually more about their interaction in the present and what I want for them there. (Roadtrip omg.) But it's a sweet, simple fic where Bryce gets sick and refuses to admit it, but Chuck is so very... Chuck about it. Nice and a little goofy and sweet, just by being himself. Which is what Bryce liked so much about him. The fic doesn't try too hard, instead being just this light, easy piece to read. (Bryce/Chuck implied.)

Chuck: Applied Problem Solving by moriann - Okay, I'm not really sure when this fic is supposed to take place, especially when you're dropped into the middle of it like this, but you know what? I kind of really don't care because! Bryce and Chuck! On a mission together! And there's sex in a supply closet while they're being chased by the bad guys! And Bryce's total crush on Chuck! All elements that I deeply enjoy in my Chuckfic. The author kept it light and fun, making this a nice companion piece to the previous one as well. (Bryce/Chuck, somewhere between R and NC-17.)

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