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- Code Geass Fanfiction Recs - When I first started watching Code Geass, I somehow fell in love with the idea of Lelouch/Shirley and because I didn't really keep up with the series that much, I never really grew out of that. So whenever I go back, that's usually what I gravitate towards. I know, I totally shot myself in the foot with that one. Occasionally I'll read genfic or Lelouch/C.C. if I come across a fic by an author I like, but otherwise... well, this section will probably always be pretty small. Not that the Geass fandom isn't easy to trip over just about everything else, if you want, though.

- Code Geass Fanart Recs - While Lelouch/Shirley is still my OTP, it's pretty rare in j-fandom as well. I've tried to hunt down as many sites as I could (and there are a handful that are really gorgeous *__*), I'm far more lax with fanart, I'll look at just about whatever. So, the majority of these sites will probably be Lelouch/Suzaku or Suzaku/Euphemia or Lelouch/C.C. or other random pairings or gen sites. Code Geass got some really amazing artists for it and every once in awhile I just go nuts over them. *__*

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