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- Coffee Prince - Scenes From The Lives Of Princes by angelacaduca - In a trade with darkeyedwolf recently, I agreed to watch all of Coffee Prince and--pretty much immediately after I finished--I went looking for fic. This is one of the first ones I found and still one of my favorites, it's deceptively simple, just a handful of scenes from the lives of the characters, but illustrating so much of what's delightful and interesting about each of them. I love how perfectly each of the pairings is done in this fic, I love that it's set post-series without feeling superfluous at all, I love that it focuses on more than just one couple, and I love that it's beautifully written. It's one of those fics that I needed from the fandom and even if I never find any other Coffee Prince fic, I can be happy with this one. I still want more, though. (Han Kyul/Eun Chan, Eun Sae/Min Yeop, Han Sung/Yoo Joo, Sun Ki/Hee Sun, a little Min Shik/Ji Young.)

- Coffee Prince - Shatterproof by angelacaduca - This is a rather short piece, but that doesn't stop it from being fantastically satisfying and so on target with how I see Eun Sae/Min Yeop, too. The author does a fabulous job of showing why the couple works, of progressing them forward without making things too easy or out of character or against what they were like in the drama itself, even getting at what made me too come to really like Min Yeop. And, hell, she gets why Eun Sae's character works for me, too. Just. Fantastic. (Eun Sae/Min Yeop.)

- Coffee Prince - Canvas by Northlight - Another short piece, but also just as satisfying and beautifully illuminating of the character it focuses on, Yoo Joo this time. I love how much it says about her through the way she paints and how it touches on the Han Sung/Yoo Joo relationship. All of this combined with lovely interaction between the two of them, all in just 200 short words. Really lovely fic. ♥ (Han Sung/Yoo Joo.)

Coffee Prince: Touch by cruciel - As I make my way through this year's Yuletide fics, which I hadn't really gotten into much (maybe I just hadn't been browsing the comm or seeing people talk about it, so I felt like this year might be kind of on the downswing? but eventually I realized that I was mostly just caught up in other stuff this year), but I find myself reading this fics that... well, this is another one where, as I got to the end of the fic, I let out one of those little fangirly sighs because it was just such a satisfying fic in a fandom that I wasn't used to getting happy-making fic from. This is a fantastic piece set post-series, once Eun-Chan has come back home, but Han Gyul is still out of sorts about it, eventually putting his finger on precisely why. It's a fic full of little touches and the sense that one more little hurdle needs to be overcome before they can finally really be fully together in their relationship, but it's so much sweeter for it. The ending was pitch-perfect and it's a brilliant look at each and every character it touches and the ending may have made me do that sappy fangirl sigh thing. Just a little. 6__6 (Han Gyul/Eun-Chan.)

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