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Community: Basic Human Anatomy by Person - So. After that debate episode with the ~*completely wrong*~ moments with Jeff and Annie, it was pretty much like a brick to the face for me and I realized I had my ship. So, I carefully poked at the Yuletide archives for this year and hoped, well, maybe at least there'd be some cute gen. And then there was Jeff/Annie fic! That was a nice little AU spin-off from the end of that episode where Jeff is totally going to hell for agreeing to sleep with Annie, but it was totally worth it. I love Annie here especially, the author does a fantastic job of capturing that bright, bubbly, somewhat naive, yet determined and spunky woman she is. And Jeff! Who knows he's going to hell and yet can't seem to stop himself! Sort of kind of becoming a real person! A little bit! And then hot makeouts. It's like this Yuletide loves me. (Jeff/Annie, NC-17.)

Community: Ragged Edges by boundbyspells - Jeez, I think this fic sent me on the biggest fic rollercoaster of the day so far--first, eeee! Jeff and Annie are so cute! Awww, they're breaking up. Sadface! Well, it was really wonderfully written and I am continuing to enjoy this fic for the Annie characterization. I think she is becoming one of my favorites on this show! I am cautiously delighted again! Then there was the threesome with Troy and Abed and Annie, which was interesting and wonderfully written, but maybe not my cup of tea, but I'm still reading for the Annie characterization! So, a little down, but not out. And then it just sort of peters itself out and it's back to being a really interesting Annie piece all by itself again. And then! MOST DELIGHTFUL ENDING EVER OMG. Lovely writing + satisfying look at Annie's character = omg I am so delighted right now. (Troy/Annie, Jeff/Annie, Troy/Annie/Abed.)

Community: Common Knowledge by grenadine - This isn't a dialogue-only fic, but it is one that's heavily relying on the spoken words and I think that works out pretty well for a fandom like this and because the author has a solid grip on the characters' voices and how to make a group scene work pretty darn well. I think what I actually wound up loving the most is that this is a piece from Britta's POV that gets inside her head--and her dynamic with Jeff--really well, that little bit of potentially something more, even when it's not really about that. Because he's got this thing for Annie now and, okay, that's a lot of why I clicked on this fic and a bit part of why I enjoyed it (because seeing Britta's POV on Jeff/Annie is really interesting) but I wound up liking it for all the elements the author put in. (Background Jeff/Annie, it's not entirely the point.)

Community: eating salt together by malo-malo - I didn't think I would experiment around that much with pairings when it came to this fandom, that I was settled in with my sort-of-OTP and was happy there. And then I saw that this was an Annie/Britta fic. And I was curious. So, I read it and I'm definitely glad I gave it a shot because it's such a delightful piece that really does a great job with their characters and captures the little quirks of the series nicely. I liked the style of it, short little bursts of scenes across several weeks, as the relationship progresses, showing little moments along the way. I could definitely warm up to this pairing. (Annie/Britta, somewhere around an R.)

Community: Touch You Twice by okayawesome - I clicked on this fic because I felt like I should at least give one Troy/Abed fic a chance and, boy, was this one ever awesome. I suspect it'll spoil me in a lot of ways for the rest of the fandom, at least when it comes to Abed narratives because this one was spot on. The author did a fantastic job with the movie references and touching on the fourth wall breakage and Abed's just sort of... disconnected feeling, except that's not really it, whatever it is, this nailed it perfectly. The Molly Ringwald references were great. The blink and you'll miss it Jeff/Annie implications were just the delicious icing on the cake. (Troy/Abed, references to Troy/Annie and Jeff/Annie.)

Community: Sexy Sweet by scoob2222 - The more I read for these two, the more I realize, sigh, yeah, I'm sinking pretty fast with this fandom. Because it's so satisfying to have them just finally make out properly and this was an adorably sweet fic that gave me a bit of that satisfaction. I can totally see Annie as being one of those women who just have no idea how they turn people way, way on when they're doing the simplest of things, obv. (Jeff/Annie.)

Community: Method Acting (part 1) by shan21non - I'm always a little hesitant to try out new authors in a new fandom (and I'll admit that the font on this post did give me pause for a long few moments) but I dove in anyway. I'm really glad I did because I spent this whole fic either grinning or out and out laughing because the author does a really fantastic job at the group scenes and the little quips and getting everyone's personality in and even Abed's meta-tastic comments! Of course I started it for the Jeff/Annie and that's why I'll keep reading it, but it's genuinely delightful for the study group's entire dynamic and the choas that is this bunch of weirdos in the cafeteria. Totally worth the read! AND I'll get Jeff/Annie out if it! :D :D :D (Future Jeff/Annie.)

Community: Journalism Ethics by angeria [ part 01 - part 02 ] - One of the things I love about this fandom is that occasionally there is fic that just nails the fast-paced antics dynamic of the show, right down to the dialogue and the little looks everyone gives each other and Abed's beautiful meta commentary. Absolutely everyone in this fic is pitch-perfect, even in the group scenes with all the characters that the author had to juggle. I love that the fic started out with Abed and Troy watching people slip in the rain, which leads to meta/breaking the fourth wall from Abed and the rest of the gang eventually coming up and misunderstanding things and of course that snowballs and it was just. It would have been so easy to see this as an episode from the show! I picked this one up for the Jeff/Annie UST, but I think I loved it even more for the dynamics between everyone, right down to the brilliant ending. (Sort of Jeff/Annie, but I found it more like genfic.)

Community: You Know How When Your Phone Went Dead? Well, That Was Me On the Other End by rashaka - I saw this fic posted to the Jeff/Annie comm tonight and figured, well, hey, it promised me semi-graphic smut, so why not? And then it proceeded to kick off a mini-Jeff/Annie tour tonight, but I can hardly complain about that. I was shipping this pairing before 1x09 (the debate episode) happened, but that's the one that really sent me into overdrive, so I'm glad to read more fic that deals with it. I like that Annie can have an emotional high after winning the debate and she's a little giddy and can be playful and flirtatious with Jeff here, who... tries really hard to be a decent guy (while trying not to look like one), but his limit only goes so far. I really like Jeff's POV in this fic, the imagery and the things he notices felt right on with the character I see on the screen. Also, the chemistry between the two of them was all kinds of fabulous. (Jeff/Annie, R rating.)

Community: Slow Show by shannanagin - I used to be wary of going to FFNET, but after the last couple of fandoms have forced me over there, I've found that I really love the place again. (Especially since I can change the margins and font to my liking, bless you for that, FFNET.) So, when I was journal hopping--and I think the previous author linked to this fic?--and stumbled over this one, I was happy to read more from the Jeff/Annie pairing and this fic was... this was one of those fics that makes a fandom and ship for me. It's a series of scenes, often short, but always moving forward in their lives and off into the future, the kind of fic that builds a solid friendship (with something more always underneath) that eventually gets to be too strong to deny. I love that the fic really doesn't shy away from the less than perfect sides of Jeff, yet makes him such a fascinating character to narrate the fic, and I like that it's not just about Jeff and Annie, but about them all. I love fics that capture the group dynamic, that can nail everyone's voices brilliantly and give me my ship. I am totally back in love again now, after finding a fic that's totally inside my wheelhouse like this. (Jeff/Annie.)

Community: The Art of Subtlety by shannanagin - Well, since the author had another Jeff/Annie fic, who was I to refuse? I clicked onto this one and enjoyed it as well! It's a handful of scenes where Jeff and Annie flirt with each other, after she asks him to teach her how, and it just sort of... eventually leads where it will. I like that Britta has a strong role in the fic, that it's not just about the ship, that the author does a great job with all the characters' voices. And, of course, the scenes are totally cute and fun! (Jeff/Annie.)

Community: Screwball Tactics by KikiKatie - Another fic that is made up of a series of scenes focused on Jeff and Annie, where Jeff tries really hard to be a bad guy in just the right way, sometimes fooling people and sometimes not. I love that, once again, the other characters show up and it's not just about the couple, because Britta is kind of fantastic here and I love Shirley a lot, too. But mostly it's a fabulous Jeff narration and Annie is all kinds of wonderful, the kind of character you just want to put in your pocket, even when you can see that she's actually growing up into a strong woman, which nicely mirrors the series itself. I love how Jeff knows she's doing certain things on purpose, but that knowing that doesn't mean he's going to be able to avoid going down in flames when she sets her sights on him. That's all kinds of fabulous. (Jeff/Annie.)

Community: it's my heart, not me, who cannot drive by anythingbutgrey - [Note: There are spoilers for the Community s1 finale in this fic.] When I started browsing the lady fest '10 responses, I wasn't sure what series I was going to end up reading a lot for, but I don't think Britta Perry was going to be the character I focused a lot on. And yet... I like Britta, so I was curious and picked one of the first fics to read, getting a really sharp and spot-on fic about her! The Wonderfalls crossover was a nice bonus, but the real highlight of the fic was Britta herself, the way she cuts and runs here because that's what she does, making her such a strong, interesting character here. It totally set the mood for me when I read this fic. (No real warnings/pairings.)

Community: my smile can distract you by ava_leigh_fitz - As long as I was reading Community fic, I could hardly pass up an Annie fic that looked promising. And, really, it was more than promising--this was a sharp, intense look at Annie in high school, the sweet girl who tries so very hard and has all this pressure built up inside of her, the fic showing how she tumbles down just a little bit at a time, until she's a little too far gone, and how no one notices. It's heartbreaking and lovely and bittersweet and makes me love Annie all the more because it's so... her. It's so easy to see this as her backstory, it's a beautiful pre-series fic and an amazing character illustration piece. This is the kind of thing for why I love the fandom-wide memes like this. (No warnings/pairings.)

Community: ON HIATUS by falseeeyelashes - [ part 01 + part 02 + part 03 + part 04 ] - [Note: There are spoilers for the Community s1 final in this fic.] And another amazing Britta piece! It's a fantastic look at her character by herself, but this time it's also about her interactions with the rest of the study group, how she puts herself back together after the events of the finale, the journey she takes herself on, both literally and emotionally. Which sounds pretentious, but the fic is amazingly well written and gets Britta's character. And what I really loved about it is that it's less about other people and more about Britta herself--though, Abed's brief scene in this fic? Pure gold. I love the details, I love Britta's relationship with Annie, I love the way it touches on all the characters in the study group, and I love the way it makes me so fascinated with Britta Perry as a character. (References to Jeff/Britta and Jeff/Annie, but neither are really the point.)

Community: you need a flame before you fizzle out by summerstorm - [Note: There are spoilers for the Community s1 finale in this fic.] This is another fic in the same vein as the above--Britta dealing with the events of the finale and the place that puts her in, trying to get herself back on track after the disasterous confession. And, like the fics before it, what make this so sharp and fantastic and amazing is that it's about Britta, not really about Jeff or Slater. But it's a bit more light-hearted and there's some great group dynamic stuff going on with the fic here and it was a really great little addition to the collection of amazing Community fic on this meme. (References to Jeff/Britta, Jeff/Slater, and Jeff/Annie, but they're not the point.)

Community: This could be a brand new start by horchata - [Note: There are spoilers for the Community s1 finale in this fic.] And one more fantastic Britta piece where it's about her pulling herself back up, taking a look around at her life, about putting herself back together, the focus on her. It has yet to get old! Especially when there's a determination and hope to her character here that's spot-on, the way she's determined to make this all be a good moment for her, even after she scrapes herself off a couch after a drunken party and drives herself back to her apartment. It's so easy to see Britta in this fic and it really does get at what an interesting character she is. A fantastic way to cap off my collection for today! (No real warnings/pairings.)

Community: Hung Up and Overdue by michellek - You know, when I watch the show, I'm mostly content with wherever it wants to go, but when I get to fandom? I want the porn. Thankfully, fandom likes to give me things sometimes! This was a quick piece, but a nicely done one, with just the right amount of meta commentary and just the right amount of porn for what it was going for. I liked the way it was set ten years down the line and that UST was still there, but now they're a little older and you can tell that even in the way they're grinding against each other., this was a terrible rec, but it was a delightful fic! <3 (Jeff/Annie, NC-17.)

Community: They Can Never Call You By It by columbuscrab - I'm not sure what made me decide to give this fic a shot on this particular morning (since I usually save fic for reading on the go) but probably the number of comments made me curious. So, what the hell, I gave the beginning of it a shot. It didn't take long for me to be totally sucked into the fic, hardly daring to look away from it until I was finished, because the author does Annie having a relapse beautifully. Her characterization felt spot-on to me, both for Annie and Jeff, the way Annie feels like she's drowning half of the time and spiralling out of control and all the little things she notices and the way everything just snowballs on her, the way it's almost uncomfortable to read at times, because it felt right for this kind of story. The writing itself is beautiful, so smooth and easy to read, and the pacing of the fic is fantastic. It's one of those almost sort of breathless fics that turns out to be one of the best Community fics I've read yet. I am so glad I gave this one a chance. (This fic is on the level of canon, but if you like Jeff/Annie, you should like this.)

Community: I tried to be chill (but you're so hot that I melted) by dollsome - I've been meaning to recommend this fic for, like, forever and I am finally getting to it because it's one of those excellent fics in the fandom, the ones that you really almost have to put on a must-read list if you were to make one of those. It's Annie and Jeff being early for a study group meeting and it's all kinds of awkward no matter how hard they try to make it not be awkward and the author really runs with the shifting POV--which normally annoys me, but the deliberate style choice here works excellently well. The timing and the little turns of phrase are very much in the spirit and style of the show, there was more than one point I cracked up laughing. I love that this is a Jeff/Annie UST fic, but it gets in the entire group and their dynamics! That is one of my favorite things about fandom! (Jeff/Annie basically.)

Community: Promicide by crackers4jenn - I continue to love a good group scene and all their crazy dynamics that still includes my favorite ship--basically, Annie drops the crazy bomb about Greendale's prom and the group reacts. I love Jeff and Annie both, but some of Troy's lines in this or some of Pierce's little actions are just gold. The dialogue is beautiful and so spot on with these characters, especially the thoughts that run through Jeff's head and the timing of how the group interacts with each other and just. asl;dkfjalkjslkj I picked it up for the ship factor but I think I wound up loving it a bit more for the group factor because they're all so damn perfect. ♥ (Some vague Jeff/Annie, but it's also a gen piece, I think.)

Community: In Which Jeff Winger Acts Like a Little Girl and Annie Edison Grows a Backbone by office_bluth - This was a cute little fic about Jeff realizing he's got a real thing for Annie and trying to work through what that means, whether to talk himself out of it or eventually go for it or what, while Annie gets to show she's grown up a little, too. It's nice to see the other characters in amongst the Jeff/Annie as well, especially Britta who can call Jeff on being obvious about what he's thinking, and it was another one of those fun pieces I read this morning to give me my fix for this series and this ship. (Jeff/Annie.)

Community: In The Blazing Offense by redbrunja - Sure, I picked this fic up for the makeouts/not quite porn in the car with Jeff and Annie, which was very nicely done and lovely to read, but I wound up enjoying the humor of the piece even more than that. Jeff's point of view on the fic, the way he watches Annie have a conversation with Shirley after they get caught, the way it all just sort of turns into the usual Community-style chaos and hilarity from there was pitch-perfect at the end. I wound up laughing so hard, it hit me just right. (Jeff/Annie.)

Community: Home by shannanagin - At almost 30,000 words, this is one of the longer Community fics I've read and that did help to make it more satisfying, but it's also... it's not just a longer fic, it's also about a longer length of time. There's more than one timeline (but it's not hard to figure out what goes where, even setting aside the dates above the scenes) but that serves to highlight the then and now of the piece. How Jeff and Annie both have some growing up to do--which isn't precisely the direct idea behind it, it just doesn't work until later on in their lives--and what different people they are a little bit down the road and yet still so much the same. It's a very plausible future for them and the rest of the group, I felt, how Annie goes off to have her own life and it's not a bad one, how Jeff doesn't quite know how to get traction back in his own life, how they both have relationships with other people, and how eventually it all finally comes together. It's nicely long, beautifully written, and a very satisfying read for the futurefic need. (Jeff/Annie.)

Community: mostly like white noise by ohladybegood - I don't think I stopped grinning the entire way through this fic, because Jeff's internatl narration as he tries not to think those thoughts about Annie, how he tries not to care about these people, even though they're turning him into a real person, damn them, and all the little touches with the various characters and the hilarity of Annie's ex-boyfriend Bruce, all of it was beautiful. And I love that it didn't even really have to be that much about romance with Annie and Jeff (even though the undercurrents were there), it was just a moment of real connection and delicious UST and that's all it needed to be. This was a total gem to find today. ♥ (Jeff/Annie, sort of, but it could almost be gen.)

Community: O brave new world by dollsome - Even though New Year's Eve is still nearly two months away (at the time of this rec, of course), I immediately pounced on this fic and enjoyed it so much. It was fun for the shippy stuff, especially since it didn't need to be resolved between them, it was fine just sort of being there, but the real highlight of the fic was Jeff's internal narration as he was having a conversation with Annie. It was spot-on for his character, but also completely LOL-worthy and so easy to picture and you know his brain was torturing him and just. It was amazing, okay. (Jeff/Annie, sort of.)

Community: Baby Got Back (1/2) by Carly - I'll admit ahead of time that the writing of this piece is a little stiff in places, it could use some tweaking to make it a lot stronger piece. But the reason I noticed this is because the dialogue and the comedic timing of the piece are so spot-on to the show that it stood out more than it would have with a lesser fic. (Which sounds like a backhanded compliment, but I don't mean it that way.) The author has a really strong talent for those little details that make a series like Community work, the style of humor and yet genuinely engaging characters, and with a little time I think she could be even more fantastic and I hope to see more out of her. Also. Robot baby assignments for Anthropology class, hell YES I ate that up like delicious candy, especially with Annie's total crazy. The author totally did a bang-up job with the cliche and shows why I love that kind of storyline so much. I would like part two right away, plz. (Jeff/Annie.)

Community: Girl on the Wing of a Barnstormer (part 01) by perpetual_self - Now that I've caught up on the show (up through 2x09, at the time of this rec) I had to start looking for more fic because the show has just completely revved me back up on this ship. And this is a beautiful little piece that deals with so many of the emotions brewing in Annie, especially the anger under the surface that she tries not to let take hold of her, but sometimes it gets to her. I love the way she's a genuinely sweet person, but she also has a lot of intense feelings and I loved how she reacted to people's treatment of her here, especially Jeff, who tries to scare her off, but it doesn't quite go the way he expects it. It's a really fascinating take on all of what's going on with them and asl;dkfjaslkj I need part two, stat. P.S. Pierce and Abed get amazing lines in this, holy crap. (Jeff/Annie.)

Community: Untitled Post-2.09 Scene by perpetual_self - [Note: There are spoilers for 2x09 in this fic and this rec.] This is a short little ~500 word ficlet about the end of 2x09 when the blankets all came down, a little coda to the episode where Jeff and Annie totally make out. And it's such a pretty image, the fluttery feelings Annie has as Jeff kisses down her neck, the little touches of the real world (such as it ever is in Greendale) intruding back again, all of it was just. A lovely addition to the makeouts collection in this fandom and a way to bring back the lovely memories of that scene. (Jeff/Annie.)

Community: Alternative Energy (the key to a brighter tomorrow) by crackers4jenn - [Note: There are spoilers for 2x09 in this fic and this rec.] Oh, I am so joyful at more Jeff/Annie fic, especially dealing with the blanket fort and the ending of that episode and, even better yet, there was adorable interaction with the whole cast of characters, including some beautiful likes from Abed and Troy. I love the Annie POV on this most of all, the fallout from the episode and the better place she's in emotionally now and the attraction between her and Jeff and the adorable banter between them that's kind of totally hot. This was a beautifully written piece and fffffffffffffffff I am kind of totally all over this fandom again, aren't I? But if it nets me fic like this, like I care. \o/ (Jeff/Annie.)

Community: Be Kind, Rewind by treblebeth - Oh, man, this fic just made me kind of ridiculous levels of happy and waffy. It's so cute and fun, the banter is light-hearted and just. Joyful. What I especially love about this author is her Annie, who is still perky and sweet and fluttery, but she has a backbone and she has her own ideas and wants, she doesn't just waffle around, even when it's something as silly as having a slogan war with Jeff. Which was kind of awesome and fit the style of the show itself so well and then there was ~*touching*~ each other's faces and the most adorable ending pretty much ever and just. a s;dlkfjaslkj I love these two so much. (Jeff/Annie.)

Community: Trouble in the Turkish District by jheaton - The longer I'm in fandom, the more I become fond of the idea of AUs and... well, still, I do have some hesitation, but then I'll pick up a fic like this and remember why I'm so willing to read AUs in the first place! Because sometimes they're just all kinds of fabulous! The Community cast set in the 1940s and it's a beautiful blend of their regular voices and styles with a bit of a '40s spin on them, plus a really adorable plot and PI!Annie and PI!Jeff in a way that really works! The whole piece just sailed right along and it wrapped up really well and it was just. Fun! (Jeff/Annie, background Troy/Britta.)

Community: Extraction by vnilla - Ahahaha, oh, this might be short, but it's Community and Inception and if this doesn't happen on the show at some point pretty much exactly like this, I am going to be Very Disappointed With The Show. It's such a great fill for the prompt and it's a perfect blend of all the meta aspects that I just love it with my whole heart. (No warnings/pairings.)

Community: My Marxist Feminist Dialectic and You by vnilla - Another short one, not even 300 words this time, but whatever! a) it's written really well and b) I'm serious that fandom doesn't do enough with the Britta/Annie ship! This is a delightful piece with Annie coming into her own a little more, studying new things, and Britta growing into her patience with other people as well. I like the feeling of feminism here and the way they meet in the middle and the way that it's a friendship between both of them. ....okay, I'm doing a crap job at explaining it, but it was a charming piece. <3 (Britta/Annie.)

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