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- Death Note/Naruto/Angel Sanctuary/Bleach/Peace Maker/Princess Tutu/Fruits Basket - Uradora [ Cosplay Site ] - Another site that Hinoko pointed me towards and also got me started on a bit of a cosplay kick tonight. >_> I admit... not all of the cosplayers here are perfect, to my mind, but the Death Note ones? Holy mother of god, they were FANTASTIC. Everything about them was amazing--from the clothes to the poses to L and Raito to just everything. L was especially fantastic, the hair and eyes just stunningly perfect. And two things that these cosplayers really have going for them with ANY of the series they cosplay is that 1) their costumes are fantastic (not only do they look like the outfits, but they also look streamlined, rather than clunky, so they look GOOD in the clothes) and 2) their perspectives are fantastic. I mean, it's one thing to have a good costume, it's another to be able to take a picture of the cosplayer that... well, doesn't look like a cosplayer just standing around. These pictures really captured L and Raito VERY WELL, I thought. I also ♥ the Furuba and Bleach and Peace Maker pictures to tiny, tiny pieces. *luffs* (No warnings.)

- Full Metal Alchemist/Prince of Tennis/Gundam SEED/Gravitation/Peace Maker - water [ Cosplay Site ] - This site is much like the previous one, in terms of that I'm not sure the players match their characters, but DAMN did they do a good job on the costumes and the perspectives. Though, some of them are FANTASTIC--I think I squee'd madly at their Shuuichi (OH MY GOD GRAVITATION COSPLAYERS! *SQUEE!*) and their Yuki/Shuuichi pictures. ♥ Their costumes look fantastic (I also liked their Peace Maker/Hijikata a lot, too <3) and the perspectives of the pictures look really good. Their FMA stuff is good as well, and just... there's a sheer TON of cosplay here that just made me GLEE to go through them all. (No warnings.)

- Hanazakari no Kimitachi e - [ Cosplay Site ] - Technically, this is just a single post, but it's got several images on it (which means high loading time!) and I've rec'd entire sites for less. Plus, it's got Akiha, of COURSE I was going to rec it! ♥ But even beyond that the cosplay is actually really, really good, they each look like their characters (Akiha and Nanba) and managed to get poses that worked really well for the characters. The one of Nanba in front of the leaves is gorgeous, but it's the one of Akiha staring out over leaf-strewn grass that just... made me wibble because, yes, that's Akiha right there. Then you toss in that they looked like their characters, the outfits actually looked like their clothes without being too obviously costume-y, their hair was just perfect and... eeeee, yes, this is what cosplay should be! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ....also, the captions did not hurt my feelings at all. XDDDD (Nothing I'd warn for.)

- Final Fantasy VII - UNDERGROUND WM [ Japanese Cosplay Site ] - I initially warmed up to this site because of the Zack/Aerith cosplayers on the top page at the time and... well, I'm a sucker for all things Zack/Aerith, but when they're actually good? Squee. Because the cosplayers on this site are really awesome at what they do, the costumes look great, they resemble their characters, they get some great shots, they have some great concepts--I mean, I love the five different Clouds they have running around, it's so amusing to see. So many of the images are really sort of like fanart come to life and I'm seriously sort of in love with the different Aeriths they have running around. Plus, I love that they've got just about everyone in there, right down to the Turks and Cait Sith. Omg, their Cait Sith is adorable, seriously. This site was so much fun and is a great one to show off why cosplay is fun. I also love that they included Kingdom Hearts in there as well. :DDD (A little bit of pairings, but it's laaaaargely gen.)

- Sailor Moon/Rozen Maiden/Disney - [ Cosplay Site ] - I'd seen a couple of the Serenity and Cosmos images from this cosplayer, but it wasn't until mklutz's post that I properly went back to look at everything and realized just how much amazing cosplay was here. The costumes are kind of amazing, but even more than that it's the way the pictures often set a mood and actually look really good! My favorites are the Princess Serenity images just because that's my favorite character and favorite design, but I would probably say that the Sailor Saturn images are probably the best done, the cosplay is kind of stunningly good there. In some of them she looks almost like a doll, which works with Hotaru's look, imo. (The Sailor Cosmos images are really, really good, too, wow.) But it's not just that! There's also Princess Jasmine (who is still one of my favorite Disney princesses) and Rozen Maiden and even more. This was so neat to see. (No warnings/pairings.)

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