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- Cowboy Bebop - General Fanfic recs - In some ways, I sort of fear trying to find Cowboy Bebop fic I like because I know I won't be obsessed-obsessed with the series and thus not have the patience to go through everything and find the gems, but... at the same time, I know at least one or two fics I've already got my eye on to read (and, of course, there's Agent Orange's stuff that is a requisite for any Cowboy Bebop page ^_~) and so I caved. ~___~

- Cowboy Bebop - Spike/Faye Fanfic recs - All right, all right, I know the series wasn't really going for Spike/Faye, it wasn't going for ANY pairing, really, other than the ones explicitly stated and yet... they're damn near everything I look for in a pairing. Plus, as Di-chan says, they bicker like an old married couple and I love that. There's so much angst and hurt and depression to play with when it comes to them, but there's also so much fun and fighting and humor there, too. Plus, wow, sparks all over the place. *__*

- Cowboy Bebop - Vicious/Gren Fanfic recs - I... er... *hangs head* it's pretty. And I liked Gren a lot and he seemd to really have a thing for Vicious, beyond just the "Why'd he turn on me?" And despite the weird, err, physical aspects of the pairing and Vicious', you know, seeming total lack of interest in romance/sex/whatever, I still kinda have a soft spot for this pairing. >_>

- Cowboy Bebop - Other Fanfic recs - I figure that eventually I'll run into a Bebop pairing that's not one of the above two and that I'll kinda like it or it'll be in the background of something else I like or just whatever, so I was gonna need a section for it. Right now, nothing is really pinging at me, but who knows how that might change in the future. Could be het, could be yuri, could be yaoi, I'm not sure yet?

- Cowboy Bebop - Fanart recs - Oddly enough, this'll probably be the biggest section of the Cowboy Bebop corner simply because fanart is my thing a lot of times. It's the easiest thing for me to find (especially when it's on a site with something else I like) and takes me about ten to twenty minutes to go through any given site and that's a lot faster than fanfic. I imagine it's not a series with a whole lot of fanart for it, given both the age and that it's just not that type of series, but what I can find will go here.

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