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Criminal Minds: An Echo by imogenedisease - Sigh. Okay. I really sat on the fence about whether or not I wanted to recommend Criminal Minds fics, because I was kind of on the fence about whether or not I wanted to actually ship anything or not, especially with my pairing of choice clashing against my usual feelings on these sorts of things. But I quietly read fic anyway. And then I came across a few stories that just... made me cave, this being one of them. It's a series of short ficlets that all make up one longer story, a sort of simple story that's not really about plot (such as it is, Reid has a bit of a bad night, he goes home with Gideon, they both just sort of fall into things) so much as it's about creating an atmosphere, to my mind. The writing was lovely and the characterization felt right on to me, the kind that could take me from sort of passively shipping it to actively shipping it. I wanted to be convinced, of course, but this fic did a lovely job of easing me over. (Gideon/Reid.)

Criminal Minds: Darkness and Light by Rushlight - Well. As long as I was caving on starting to read Criminal Minds fic, as long as I was caving into sort of actively shipping this pairing, I might as well go for the slightly longer, more plot-oriented fic. And I would have thought that I'd dislike this kind of fic, where Reid gets captured by a criminal and is battered and bruised for it, but the show itself kind of loves doing that, is kind of already like h/c fic come to the screen, so this didn't feel like a very big leap. And I really did love the plotting of this, the case side of things and what Reid goes through and how he actually uses his skills as a profiler to make his way through this situation, how the team profiles and chases after the criminal, it was satisfying for all of that. To the point that the relationship between Gideon and Reid was almost secondary to why I was reading this fic. ♥ ....but I'm still not going to complain about the satisfactory ending with them, either. :D (Gideon/Reid, R-rating.)

Criminal Minds: Transition, Transference, Metamorphosis by buffyaddict13 - So, I was crabbing to Anita about having fallen into this fandom and she linked me to this fic, saying it was one of her favorites. And a;lsdkfjaslkj it's a really breathtaking look at Spencer Reid throughout his life, the writing and little touches are beautifully done. It hooked me right from the beginning with little Spencer and the scene with his father to his time at school to his work at the BAU, it's these little scenes that highlight so much of his life. It's not an easy fic to read, but it's not supposed to be and it's not over the top, the painful memories are almost delicately done so that it feels right with the character. The final scene with Gideon was the perfect way to end it as well, the dynamic between them almost what I want more than pairing them, it was just... the author hit every note right. *__* (No warnings/pairings.)

Criminal Minds: Six things that Spencer Reid would like people to know about him (but doesn't know how to say) by Maaya - You know, I honestly didn't really expect to find much fic like this in the CM fandom, the kind that's beautifully written and sharply insightful to the characters. I love each of these six things, I love that it's full of little details that felt spot on to me, but also that it balanced the darker tone of the series with Reid actually... being okay with himself. It's actually a positive sort of story, it's great to read ones like this. Especially when they're this well-written, easily going on my list of top reads for this character. (No warnings/pairings.)

Criminal Minds: We Who've Seen the Darkness by Feather Qwill - I maybe shouldn't be recommending this series of drabbles, they're only 100 words and there's only three chapters, but... well, it's my pairing and I really like the idea of little tags for each of the episodes, I wish more had been done. The writing is lovely and I like the balance between the dark tone of the show and they comfort they take in each other. (Gideon/Reid.)

Criminal Minds: Bake by rogueandkurt - And this one is unashamedly fluffy, don't judge me. Reid wants to learn to bake something for his mother's birthday that year and he goes to Gideon for help, because he's not too good at it. Really not too good at it. It made me smile and I could enjoy the interaction between them, even if this was purely gen. That's all I ask. :D (No warnings/pairings.)

Criminal Minds: Two Pair Of Aces by matociquala - I don't even remember where I picked the link for this one up from, but I'm really glad I did. Criminal Minds is one of those fandoms that I'm just not sure how to interact with, caught between the gen corners and shipping corners, I suppose. Caught between whether I want angstfic or something happier. But this fic somehow just caught my attention and wouldn't let go--it's simple in concept, that Reid gambles once a year, just enough to pay for his mother's medical expenses, but manages to capture all the complexity of his character, all the harshness and the difficulty of his life, without going overboard. The way he looks at the cards and the people who've had an effect on his life, the people he feels he's failed, the people he thinks he's gambled with, all weave together in this really beautiful piece. (No warnings/pairings.)

Criminal Minds: The Queen of Hearts by nataliadarimini - Criminal Minds is another series that I hadn't expected to find myself reading fic for when I started browsing the meme, but I could hardly help myself when it came to an interesting Garcia fic like this. I love how full of life she is, I love her doing tarot card readings on the plane ride home after a difficult case, even with just a regular deck of cards, and I love the conversation she has with Prentiss over them. I love that it's about the women of the show, but even more than that, it's about them as characters and about Garcia and how incredible and bright and full of life she is, even when she's upset. (No warnings/pairings.)

Criminal Minds: Friday Night Goddess by nataliadarimini - To offset the tone from the previous fic, this one is just pure, hilarious fun. It's Garcia at her best, with the amazing voice and dialogue for her, the brilliance of the character just being herself and-- I don't know what else to say about this fic, other than it's Garcia over the webcam being herself and her Friday night webcast and just. as;ldkfjljks oh I love her forever, this was beautiful. (No warnings/pairings.)

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