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- CSI - The Top Ten Things Gil Grissom Absolutely Cannot Stand About Greg Sanders by Kate - [*edit* I almost forgot to add that I'm totally ganking this fic off mklutz, which gave me a starting point in the fandom. <3 */edit*] This was the first CSI fic I ever really read. I'd skimmed before, but this was the first I read from start to finish and the one that tipped me over the edge and decided to actively read for the fandom. And that maybe I wasn't quite completely off my rocker to like the idea of Grissom/Greg. Which, really, I think was just because this fic hit me the exact right way at the exact right time, it was cute, adorable, amusing, and didn't push things too far. For all that I love the pairing, I'm not sure I can believe it, yet this story... this story just struck me as being right on with the characterizations, the little things that would annoy Grissom about Greg's habits, yet, at the same time, make me love the characters and the idea of the pairing all that much more. Plus, the writing just sparkled. <3 (Grissom/Greg.)

- CSI - Cat in a Room Full of Rocking Chairs by Kate - This fic also hit me really well for the way that... well, okay, the line that I'm pretty sure convinced me to fall for the pairing in the first place? The "You make me nervous." line in the episode that I forget the name of. Then this story comes along and plays beautifully on Greg's nervousness around Grissom, the way he's so cutely eager to please in his own way, the way it just... works with the canon to make me believe that Greg's crush could fit into the series itself. Plus? Again with the funny, sparkly writing. <3 (Hints of Grissom/Greg.)

- CSI - Sara Sidle Figures it Out by Kate - Heeheehee. I ♥ this fic. So much. Both for the background whatever-you-want-to-call-it and for the beautiful, beautiful Sara characterization. The conversation between Sara and Grissom is beautiful, the way she's so... herself without being obnoxious about it, the way Grissom doesn't say anything, the way she puts the pieces together... all of it made me laugh with delight. And the epiphany of realization was one of the best build-ups and climaxes I've read in awhile, the way you could practically feel it with her, yet it was still so damned entertaining. LOVED this fic. XD XD XD (Hints of slash, but.)

- CSI - Conundrum by Kat Reitz & tzigane - I sat on the fence over this one for awhile as I find that I don't like the rest of the stories in the timeline quite as much (even if I'm not sure why), but I really liked the first one, thought it was wonderfully written, could buy the events of the storyline, and it stands well on its own. The one thing the authors did well that really helped me along was that they captured Grissom's speech patterns so that I could hear the character pretty easily and the subtle humor, the little quips from Greg's point of view or they captured a mood really well. The transition from Greg's feelings (which worked really well with the canon, such as I've seen) to Grissom's pondering of where they should go to consumation of the relationship was a smooth path, full of these little moments that really screamed of the characters. I was sort of worried that I wouldn't be able to go through with reading graphic Grissom slash, you know? Especially with Greg, despite my overwhelming love for the pairing. But I bought this story, I bought the sex, I bought the characterizations here. Oh, and the sex was very nicely written. It can be difficult to find well-written smut these days, but nothing was shied away from here and it was tied into the characterization through all the little offhand thoughts in Greg's head or just the way a simple sentence was phrased. So... yeah, I liked it. And it was one of those stories that scratched an itch for me so that I won't have to constantly haunt the fic archives to find well-written smut for them. ^_~ (Grissom/Greg, very graphic content, some kink warning.)

- CSI - Playing to Win by Jen - This story hooked me immediately with the very first line, especially since I'd been downright craving Warrick/Nick fic and this one seemed promising. And it was. The writing is sharp and it has the sense of two guys being together, the kind that I was craving for these two, because the appeal is in that they're such men around each other. This fic captured that perfectly, the way their little bets on everything are so amusing, the way they taunt each other, but there's still this solid friendship underneath, there are still real feelings involved here. The Warrick POV is fantastic, I could just hear the characters, I didn't have to stretch my imagination at all to imagine the lines, and, whoo, were the bits and pieces of sex here nice. The whole fic was sharp, brilliantly characterized, and left me desperately wishing for more of this pairing. (Warrick/Nick, hint of Grissom/Nick, graphic content.)

- CSI - and a long, bitter aftertaste by Oro - So. The more I watch CSI, the more I have this thing for the idea of Grissom/Catherine, because I adore their interaction and they're the type of pairing I usually go for. But I was wary of reading fic, because that can often make or break a theoretical pairing for me. This was probably an odd choice for my first one with them, but it was also a good one, because the author captured in all these little details about the way Grissom watches Catherine dancing (I assume this is very, very pre-series?) that are that fascinating balance between science geek and philosopher, all the while keeping this lovely tension/desire/want/chasm between them. I'm not sure I could read actual romance between them, but something like this? I definitely want more. (Hints of Grissom/Catherine.)

- CSI - Fallout of the Past by Oro - A lot of what I said about the previous fic applies to this one as well, it has the same... it's not quite a dream-like tone to it, but it's something similar. Like a damaged, not-quite-bitter look back on Catherine's past, how she got from one point to the next, not necessarily in chronological order, that captures that sense of something that's not-quite-broken. The entire fic has this feel to it, something that hurts without stinging, more of a dull, muted ache, but beautifully done. There's a lot of pain in Catherine's past and this fic does a beautiful job of showing that and giving insight into her character, into her disasterous relationship with Eddie, the glimmerings of something with Grissom that are so fleeting, all wrapped up in some lovely writing. It's not quite what I would have expected out of CSI fic, but I found that the more I read of it, the more I sort of like this approach to the character/series. (Not Grissom/Catherine but not not Grissom/Catherine, too.)

- Batman/CSI - To Conquer Fear by Mara Greengrass - There are some crossovers that would just never occur to me in a million years but in the right author's hands, the moment I see the headers, I'm all, "Oh, my god, that could be awesome." For all that I usually have trouble mixing live action and ink-based mediums, these two blended together perfectly, the Bat-crew with the CSI cast, as told through a series of e-mails between various members. I love that it's a brilliant way to use two semi-large casts without confusing any particular scene, that the voices for each character comes through shining and vibrant. There's actual tension in the plot--there's a plot! the Scarecrow in Las Vegas! and it was good!--moments where you really felt what the characters were going through. All the way around, it was one of those clever little stories from fandom that is totally the reason I ninjastalk the author. *sheepish* (No warnings/pairings.)

- Dexter/CSI - Meeting of the Minds by sam_storyteller - I swear, I never used to be such a fan of crossovers, not until they started working like this incredible little gem. Dexter and Grissom, a short conversation in a hallway after one of Grissom's lectures and the tone of this is just... it's not quite cold, it's not quite monsterous, but it's certainly something distant, something that's not warm, which works perfectly for both characters. Grissom's characterization as he watches and recognizes the kind of person before him, the way it gave me chills even as it was beautifully subtle, was fantastic. The ending line is brilliant as well. All the way around, this is one of the most clever and brilliant fics I've read in awhile. I cannot express how impressed I was by this, not without a lot of keyboard mashing. (No warnings/pairings.)

CSI: Victimology by Layton Colt - There are times when I'm kind of sad that I don't venture into the CSI fandom more because I just know I'm missing amazing pieces like this one. I only stumbled over this one by accident, but I'm really glad I did because it's a gorgeous look at Nick's character and the people around him. The writing itself is lovely, but it's also the really wonderful insights into Nick's character, the basic positive message of the series that's tempered with how painful so much is, how he cares about all these people around him, how Nick always reaches out to them, yet it takes a little piece of him with him each time. And it's not just Nick that she's really nailed, it's the characters around him and Nick's views on them as well, everything is just so damn good in this fic. (No warnings/pairings.)

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