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- D.Gray-man - Gen/No Pairing Fanfiction Recs - As with any series, especially one for a WJ manga, there are a lot of pairings in fandom and I'm fine with that, have even started branching out into pairings that I wouldn't have thought I'd liked early on. But my heart well and truly belongs with the gen and I will happily read that above just about anything else. There's not a whole lot of it and even less of the Lee siblings interaction fic that I desperately pine for, but. Every so often there's a character introspection piece or a friendship piece that's really well done. It'll probably always be smaller than the other sections, but it'll be something to get a person started.

- D.Gray-man - Kanda x Allen Fanfiction Recs - Much like I said for a long time about fanart with this fandom... even if I lean towards the gen, if you made me pick a pairing that I shipped, I'd probably settle on Kanda/Allen. There's not a lot of it in fandom that really quite works for me, but I still trawl through FFNET sometimes or stumble over a link on LJ, even if I very rarely go looking for it. Most of the time I just wait to stumble over something good, honestly. And I do like this pairing, I like that it's not exactly friendly, I like that Kanda is a bastard but not a cruel one, I like that Allen is annoyed by him right back, but that there's a spark of so much potential there, too. Ah, well, at least it's popular in fandom, so eventually some goodfic will be written. XD

- D.Gray-man - Kanda x Rinali Fanfiction Recs - For a long time, I just sort of mentally tucked the idea of this pairing away as just a crackpairing, that I only liked it because I liked both characters (and I'm sure a large part of my interest in it was that I like Kanda and thus I like his interaction with a lot of people) and they'd be so pretty together. But the further I got into the manga, the more I kind of liked the idea of it. Then there was a surprising amount of j-fanart for it and a few moments in the manga that got me thinking and... w-well. I think it's one of my favorite pairings now. *__* He actually seems to genuinely respect her! And she likes him and isn't put off by him! But they're still so much fun! ♥

- D.Gray-man - Ravi x Rinali Fanfiction Recs - Much like the way I started out with the fanart for this pairing, it began as one of those ideas I initially dismissed as kind of crackish, despite that I genuinely liked the chemistry the two of them had with each other in the manga. And then there was a bunch of fanart to convince me that I wasn't the only one seeing promise there. They'd just be so much fun together (and then, later, be utterly heartbreaking together), so adorable together, and then there was some really cute fic.... I think this might actually turn out to be one of the bigger sections in this catagaory? ♥

- D.Gray-man - Other Pairings Fanfiction Recs - Every so often, I'll read a fic with a background pairing or a friend will write a pairing I don't normally have an interest in or an author I like will write a bit of a cracked out pairing yet make it work. I don't go looking for anything but the above-mentioned pairings, so this section will be small, but... well, as the fandom grows, I'm certainly willing to expand in a lot of ways. Plus, there should be more Crowly/Eliade fic, for serious, they were fantastic. ;__;

~ *~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

- D.Gray-man - Gen/No Pairing Fanart Recs - [ page one - two ] - Since I don't really like most pairings with the series (despite that I'll freely go looking for fanart because I love the stuff so much) or there are sites that have enough single character art on them, I wanted to make this section. I really like gen sites, I really love a good group illustration or a series of single character fanart with a common theme, so I'm hoping to bulk this site up. Often times pairing sites will be linked, but only those that I hope have a high enough content of group or single character art to appeal to those who are gen fans as well.

- D.Gray-man - Kanda x Allen Fanart Recs - So, for every time I say I'm not really into pairings for the series (which is true), I will still come running back to my beloved Kanda/Allen. It's a pairing I saw potential for early on and I've been unable to let go of it since, especially when the j-fandom feeds us such beautiful images of both of them. It's one of those pairings that has all the right sparks for me, it's fun and yet has more depth than just being about them snarking at each other, because there is a certain kind of respect there... sort of. But, yeah. Totally my OTP of the series if I must be forced to pick one.

- D.Gray-man - Ravi x Rinali Fanart Recs - There was this moment in the manga, this one tiny little moment, where Ravi looked at Rinali and I suddenly found myself thinking about the idea. And how much I liked it. And how cute it would be. And I just kind of always quietly shipped it and it didn't really go away, even though I didn't think there was really that much basis for it in the series, except maybe now I wonder if maybe Rabi does feel that way about her. So, imagine my surprise when there was actually fanart for it! A solid amount of it! And it was kinda pretty! I... kind of went a little nuts, yes. ♥

- D.Gray-man - Ravi x Allen Fanart Recs - I'm not really a giant fan of the pairing (hence why I probably miss a lot of sites, whereas I seem to gobble up Kanda/Allen), but the pairing gets some of the most beautiful fanart in the fandom. I suspect it's probably the most popular pairing (though, any variation of Kanda/Allen/Ravi tends to be popular) and thus gets some of the most beautiful art... and goodness knows I've said I'm addicted to the stuff often enough. (Though, seriously. Holy hell, some of the Ravi fanart is amazing. *_*)

- D.Gray-man - Kanda x Rinali Fanart Recs - This pairing is so much about how pretty they would be together, how sweet Rinali would be with Kanda, how all that gorgeous, long hair would have looked. ♥ I pretty much put it in my crackshipping mental compartment and didn't think too much of it... until I started hitting up some of the j-fanart sites and there being a surprising amount of them. Many of the Kanda/Rinali sites I run across are ones that only sort of ship it on the side, often times the main site is a Ravi/Rinali one, so I wouldn't call this section huge... but it's not anemic, either. ♥

- D.Gray-man - Cross x Allen Fanart Recs - I'm sort of surprised I'm giving this pairing it's own section because a) I'm not terribly fond of the pairing and b) wtf, how'd it get to be big enough to have a section? But I have a great, great love of Cross' character and the Cross x Allen sites are where you'll find the prettiest stuff for him. You can also often find really pretty Allen fanart (and some of the Cross/Allen stuff is amazingly gorgeous, but I admit that I mostly brave into their waters because it's the only way to get the Cross fanart.

- D.Gray-man - Other Pairings Fanart Recs - Occasionally, there are hints of other pairings (like Rabi/Rinali, which I thought might be cute after their five seconds of interaction in the manga) or a random one that had such beautiful art that I couldn't help being drawn into the site. (I think there was a Cross/Komui site floating around that was just... Komui is my other favorite character, how could I not check it out?) There probably won't be much art here, since the fandom is exploding and I've got enough on my plate just trying to keep up with the other pairings, but every so often there's that one site.... Will probably be more yaoi-heavy, simply because that's what the fandom draws.

~ *~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

- D.Gray-man - Doujinshi Recs - You know, for as much as I was really passionate about certain pairings in the DGM fandom, I haven't really managed to run across a lot of doujinshi that's caught my attention. So this will be a small section probably for a long time, because I'm mostly interested in Rinali pairings these days and those tend not to get scanned as often. But I'd probably still totally cave to Kanda/Allen doujinshi if someone was to be so kind and I happened to stumble over it. I'll keep an eye out, at the very least.

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