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- Death Note Fanfiction Recs - When I first got into the Death Note fandom, I utterly craved fanfic for the series, but now that I've settled a bit, I tend not to seek it out as much and I've upped my pickiness a bit. I still like L/Raito fic, but unless the author gets it just right/makes me believe it, I generally tend to turn away from the series a lot. I find myself more and more attracted to gen with the series, too. Weird. .___. I'm more of an L fangirl than anything else, but I'll read just about any piece of gen so long as it's well-written, blah, blah, blah, all that.

- Death Note Fanart Recs - Much like the fic section, I've largely slid away from Death Note fanart because so much of it started to just focus on the yaoi rather than the style of the series itself and a lot of it started to no longer be hitting the right buttons for me and my tastes just got pickier. But, once in awhile, I'll stumble across a mixed JUMP site or I'll happen to see something that really catches my fancy and this section will probably slowly, slowly continue to grow.

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