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- Princess Tutu/Detective Conan - 222 [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - This is one of those sites where I honestly tried to pick out one or two favorite illustrations... and I could not do it, because the artist does this gorgeous work, really capturing the spirit/feeling of the series. She uses these gorgeous, soft colors that work absolutely perfectly for a series like Princess Tutu and she drew the characters so wonderfully, with so much love, I just sighed happily over everything--whether it was Ruu-chan watching duck!Ahiru in the grass or Fakia dancing with Ahiru or hugging her or almost kissing her or holding her duck form or if it was a lovely one of Edel-san or if it was a beautiful illustration of Ahiru's transformation or if it was one of Tutu dancing with the aardvark from episode two. The art was just... everything I want from a Princess Tutu fansite, especially with Fakia/Ahiru. I am completely gone on those two and while I like ALL the characters, seeing those two together... it makes me fall in love all over again. This is one of those sites that just put me into a floaty, happy, fangirl MOOD and I can never ask for more than that from a site. I'm also going to include this site in the DC section because, while it may not have it's own gallery, the art here is FANTASTIC. It's the misc section, but there are a good number of illustrations and some of the coloring and linework is just incredible. (Fakia/Ahiru, some gen.)

- Prince of Tennis/Detective Conan - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - The first thing to catch my attention on this site was the fabulous top illustration of Momo and Ryoma; then, after going through the gallery, I continued to fall more and more in love with their MomoRyo, since they do some of the best art I've seen for the pairing. There's far too little MomoRyo out there, so it's nice to find an artist that's really good like this (Ryoma's eyes are a little odd, but I'm completely in love with the lines and colors--her shading and strong use of CG are really professional-level, in my opinion) and to scratch that itch I needed. Plus, hey, any site that lets me scratch a bunch of odd pairings off my list (Nanjiroh/Akutsu!? BWAH. ♥♥) As for the Detective Conan fanart... I really can't comment too much, given that I really don't know the characters at all, just that I wanted to shove the site up into a DC section since I want to eventually have a section for them. At any rate, the art is very pretty, probably even moreso than the Tenipuri stuff. The lines and colors look a bit softer here, less CG-ish and a bit more like they were hand-drawn. The details continue to be fabulous and a couple of the illustrations are just flat-out amazing. (Mostly MomoRyo, lots of other yaoi, though.)

- Detective Conan - M's Family Park! [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - You know, it's a rare site that you can come across that so completely nails the style of a series and yet still makes the art pretty, that they're worth treasuring. This artist does an absolutely incredible Conan, just completely and utterly recognizable as himself, and yet with such wonderfully fine lines and a sense for softer colors that I fell in love. I mean just... WOW. It's hard to put into words that perfectness she's achieved with what I think are just colored pencils? I'm so, so, so impressed by this artist's skill! ^___^v (No warnings/pairings.)

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