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- Dexter - Penumbra by __marcelo - [Note: There are SPOILERS for the first season finale in this fic.] One of the things that spurred me on towards watching the second half of the Dexter TV show is seeing fic posted for it here and there. So, naturally, pretty much as soon as I finished, I headed out to look for fic and stumbled over this piece. It's set post-finale and it's a really creepy, damaged look at the Morgan siblings afterwards, the way they're both changed, the way they both see things differently now, yet some things are still ever the same. It's a fascinating look at them and an intriguing concept that would be sort of terribly cool if they went this direction in the show itself. (No warnings/pairings I'd especially warn for.)

- Dexter - Five things that never happened to the Ice Truck Killer by monkeycrackmary - [Note: There are SPOILERS for the first season in this fic.] As much as the way canon played out absolutely fascinated me, I was also struck by the way things could have gone as well. These are five short pieces, each a different potential little thing that I could have seen unfolding in the series, each one evocative and powerful, each one hitting hard in that way the show has. I find the best stories like this are ones that make me wish each one of these AUs could have been more fully explored, both for the potential of awesome and creepy. It's also especially nice to read fic with a focus on Brian, since he intrigues me so much and there's not going to be a chance to explore much of him in the TV canon anymore. (Nothing I'd specifically warn for.)

- Dexter - Second Thoughts by Britani Gael - This story got me with these lines: But this man hadnít told him thatíd heíd done it, he hadnít tried to explain their sins away, hadnít said that he just couldnít help himself. Dexter never approved of that excuse, because he couldnít help himself either, and that didnít excuse his compulsion, not to them. I like the way it was an interesting look into Dexter's head, the way it gave me the creeps the same way the show did, yet still made the character so fascinating. Just a nice, intriguing piece. (No warnings/pairings beyond what you get in the show.)

- Dexter - Traps by __marcelo - [Note: There are SPOILERS for the first season in this fic.] One of the things I love about this short piece is that I had similar thoughts entertained that night that Rudy and Dexter shared dinner, while Rudy was cutting the steaks and it seemed like it could so easily unravel right there. One quick look and Dexter would know, so to see a fic play on that premise and then end the way this one did... it was a nice little treat to read! (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Dexter/CSI - Meeting of the Minds by sam_storyteller - I swear, I never used to be such a fan of crossovers, not until they started working like this incredible little gem. Dexter and Grissom, a short conversation in a hallway after one of Grissom's lectures and the tone of this is just... it's not quite cold, it's not quite monsterous, but it's certainly something distant, something that's not warm, which works perfectly for both characters. Grissom's characterization as he watches and recognizes the kind of person before him, the way it gave me chills even as it was beautifully subtle, was fantastic. The ending line is brilliant as well. All the way around, this is one of the most clever and brilliant fics I've read in awhile. I cannot express how impressed I was by this, not without a lot of keyboard mashing. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Dexter - Use Your Illusion, Too by trollprincess - [Note: There are spoilers for the end of season one in this fic.] This is a great Deb voice, the kind that I can just see after the first season, the way she doesn't know what to do with herself, the way she's kind of coming apart at the seams but still trying to hold herself together. I'm not really that fond of the character, except that I'm sort of becoming fond of her because of fic exactly like this one. It's a very solid piece, all the little details in the right places, and the exact right tone to fit with the series, saying so much without actually having to state it. Just. The whole thing was. So. Just so spot on. Fabulous. (No real warnings/pairings beyond the canon.)

- Dexter - Brother's Keeper by jmtorres - This was an interesting look at Deb's character when she was younger, touching on the way she felt left out of the special bond between Harry and Dexter, an illuminating piece showing that Harry was a pretty smart guy in a tough situation all the way around. It's a nice look at a relationship that didn't have time to be developed in canon much, between father and daughter without Dexter there, yet still so much about Dexter himself. It's interesting in the way it gets Deb to think about why she has to look out for Dexter, too, showing how she went from feeling left out to feeling almost responsible for Dexter. Very interesting. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Dexter - Northward by sanguinary - [Note: There will be spoilers for the entire first season of the Dexter TV series.] After having convinced Wolfie to watch the Dexter TV series, her comments got me back into a frame of mind for the series and I wondered if anyone had written fic about Brian and Dexter since the last time I poked around fandom. I stumbled over this fic and it's so very much what I was hoping to find--the way Dexter and Brian are very different killers with different rituals, the way it would never be an easy fit even if Brian had approached Dexter differently in the finale. This fic doesn't flinch away from that, instead it shows the darker sides of the possibility of Dexter having left with Brian, does it beautifully, with this sort of detachment that's perfect for Dexter's point of view, yet still you can feel the emotions underneath it. This was dark and creepy and perfect for what I wanted out of fandom. (No warnings/pairings.)

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