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- DNAngel - How it All Breaks Down by Vikki - I'd read Vikki's CCS fic and quite liked it and so I decided to give her DNAngel fic a shot and... *delighted laughter* oh, what a gem this fic is! It's just... I could hear and see every little bit of this fic and it's one of those that has competely and utterly charmed me! The characterizations sparkled and were just so utterly delightful and fun that I want more fic now! And... damn, I could fall in love with these characters presented here. *sparkles* (A little bit Satoshi+Daisuke.)

- DNAngel - My December by Meg - I am oh-so-very-slowly making my way towards DNAngel. I admit that the anime is what's pushing me in the direction of the series as a whole (even if it does suck), but I also like to think I have a semi-decent ability to recognize when something is well written and terrifically in character... and I adored this fic. The subtle way both Dark and Satoshi were written, the way they commented on art, the way Dark was just so... Dark... I adored it all. Wrap all that up in a nice coating of lovely, beautiful writing and you've got yourself a happy blossoming DNAngel fangirl. ^_~ (Some shounen ai implications.)

- DNAngel - A Snowball's Chance by Meg - Eeeee! I love a fic that just... sparkles the entire way through. I absolutely adore Meg's take on the characters, I adore her writing, and I squee over the sense of humor she subtly weaves into a fic. Or not so subtly in this one, considering there were several points where I laughed my ass off. The imagery in the fic was just priceless, combined together with a priceless Dark and Daisuke and Satoshi... I fangirl hard for this fic that just made me smile, laugh, and be happy. (Some light Satoshi+Daisuke.)

- DNAngel - What Dreams May Come by Meg - Why, yes, apparently I am going to tear through and rec every one of Meg's DNAngel fics. ^_~ Surprisingly, I don't necessarily crave lemon fics with the DNAngel characters, I'm generally happy with gentler shounen ai. (Though, if someone wrote a nice Dark x Krad lemon, I would pounce on it. Seriously. *__*) But when I come across one that's so lovely and so intense and so in character, how can I not read it and fall in love with it? What I adore about a well-written lemon is present here--it's not crude and it has little character insights in it. It's not just any two random characters screwing, I see Satoshi and Daisuke. Plus? Pretty, pretty words. *_* Is good thing. (SatoshixDaisuke, fairly graphic content.)

- DNAngel - Purity by Tiamat's Child - There's something about Satoshi that sometimes just seems to invite this sense of... ehh, I'm not sure what to call it. Something like loneliness or heartache, maybe a little bit dark, but not so cliche as all that. Whatever it is, this fic captured it and made me... be drawn into the characters' interaction, even as brief as it is. But what I really adored about this story was the opening of it, the way Satoshi is looking back on an even from his past... it was just beautifully done. *_* (Some slight Satoshi+Daisuke.)

- DNAngel - Wishes by Tiamat's Child - And, on the other side of the fence, we have Daisuke, who just... I want to hug him sometimes. He's so sweet and caring and just a darling. Once again, I adore the opening of the story, just as I did with "Purity", it's one of those things that I wouldn't have thought of on my own, but feels like such a perfect fit with the characters, it's one of those little details from someone's life that you can just picture them having. It felt... natural, is the word I'm looking for, I guess. And did I mention the whole wanting to hug Daisuke thing? Because I do. (Some slight Satoshi+Daisuke.)

- DNAngel - Sandcastles by Meg - ;_; This fic... hurts and makes me want to hug Satoshi. (Scary thought, that. I think I'll refrain. >_>) Because it's such in such a... fluid, smooth manner, such a light, natural manner, rather than the author forcing melodrama into a situation that already hurts enough because of how subtly pervasive the hurt already is. What I mean is that the author took a concept that was good and didn't overwork it like it might have been so tempting to do. Either that or she just writes really, really well. Either or works for me. ^_~ (No warnings/pairings.)

- DNAngel - All I Want by Meg - I admit that I've spent so much time fawning over the shounen ai possibilities in the series that it's difficult for me to get back to the het pairings, which actually aren't so bad, they're kind of interesting. And of those het pairings, I actually kinda like Daisuke+Riku and this fic is a very good example of why--they really are adorable and sweet and fun together and Meg captures that perfectly. I've burbled on and on about Meg's writing by now, about how wonderfull well it fits the series she's writing for, how delightful and sparkling it is, so this time I'll just say that I really, really like her Riku and I really, really liked the way this fic ended. XD XD (Some Daisuke+Riku.)

- DNAngel - Submerged by Meg - You know, I wouldn't have thought I'd love a fic about Satoshi being drunk so much, but Meg made the idea work, I could believe it would happen this way, and I could just see it happening. And, of course, she weaves in all my favorite things--Satoshi being such a creepy little ball of angst, but the kind you want to hug, Daisuke being so clueless and cute, but the kind you want to hug, enough humor to keep me giggling, and enough shounen ai to keep me *__*'ing. I just adore the way she writes the characters, all of them, and I luffles her for giving me sweet, gentle shounen ai like this. *happy sigh* Plus, you know. The really good writing. (Satoshi+Daisuke.)

- DNAngel - What I Hate About You by Meg - Okay, I admit I... do not care for Dark or Krad with Daisuke or Satoshi. It's not that I hate it, but it just doesn't do anything for me, so I admit to skipping some parts of this fic, the parts inside the parentheses. However, I still really, really wanted to rec this fic because a) I adore Meg's DNAngel fic and b) this is how I see the Dark x Krad relationship. Dark being sexy, a little bit dirty, sultry, and very much in control in that gleeful sort of way that really kind makes him a bit of a bastard. And Krad is so angry and practically in a rage, hating that Dark can get to him still, yet there's attraction there, something that's not really affection, but... gahhh, such a complicated relationship that I cannot describe well enough, but thought that this fic captured beautifully. Plus. Lemon. Oooh, Becky's in a good mood now. *_* (DarkxKrad, graphic content.)

- DNAngel - Between by Shi Lin - You know, when I first got into DNAngel/DNAngel fanfic, I was expecting something fun and fluffy... and probably should have known better after Megami Kouhosei. >_> However, I think I'm glad it's turning out to be a lot more... substantive than I first thought, because... well, it's fics like this one that have me coming to genuinely care about the characters. What I liked most about this fic was... as I was reading... I sort of kept tensing up more and more, the further the story went along, reacting to the intensity of the story ratcheting up yet another notch again and again. I also liked the way the story started out, such a simple little thing for Satoshi to do, that routine, yet so... telling. And... just... this is why I have no favorite DNAngel character. There are times when I lean towards Dark being my favorite, but then I read a fic like this about Satoshi and Daisuke, where they're so... I don't want to say wonderful, because they hurt so much, but... that's as good a term as I can come up with... and I just want moremoremore of them! Well, that was a horrible rec, wasn't it? >_> (Some slight Satoshi+Daisuke.)

- DNAngel/Megami Kouhosei - Collect Files [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Oh. My. God. I am just... deliriously in love with the art. First of all, it's difficult (or at least it has been so far, for me) to find DNAngel fanart, much less Megami Kouhosei fanart, much less BEAUTIFUL art like this; it's really just stunningly gorgeous. The colors are fantastic, really on par with the original mangaka's and just vivid and beautiful. The lines/proportions are fantastic, the shading is wonderful, the CG style absolutely, positively perfect for for the art she does, and the poses have me *hanyan~*'ing all over the place. Plus, she draws some of my favorite things--Daisuke and Satoshi from DNAngel, with a little Dark mixed in, and Gareas/Ernest from Megami Kohousei. Seriously? Words cannot begin to express my glee at the Gareas/Ernest and my love for this site. *_____*

- Full Metal Alchemist/DNAngel - [ English Fanart Site ] - I had to rec this illustration for the artist's current Featured art, the one of Ed in military uniform with his hair swirling around him because it is flat-out GORGEOUS. Just... wow, I could drool over that one for quite some time. The rest of her FMA fanart is good but! She also does DNAngel fanart! DNAngel fanart of Dark and Krad! Her coloring is really the thing that makes her art, I think, it uses the CG coloring really well and makes her art fun to look at. Plus, I'm totally in love with those two back-to-back Dark/Krad illustrations. Their haaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiir~~ *___* Oh, and that one of Roy and Ed fighting is NICE. +__+ Hopefully this artist will continue to draw and post, she's got a lot of potential. (No out and out pairings, but I might detect some hinting of Dark/Krad, it's hard to tell.)

- DNAngel - 30 Kisses by Meg - You know what I love about Meg's writing here? She made these 30 different themes look EASY. They were some of the most random things, but she made them all fit into this beautiful collection of little mini-fics that became a fabulous whole. I mean, she obviously has great love for this pairing and this series and it just shines through with every little clever bit that she writes, with every clever little line Satoshi says or every clever little dorky thing Daisuke says or every clever little look or feeling. She does brilliantly with both characters and... if I weren't in love with these two before, I certainly would have been after the way Meg writes them, which is just so... vivid. I'd love to quote particular lines or say that I especially liked certain themes, but... they were all so seamless together that it's hard to pick just one out. (Okay, I lie. #21 is one of the BEST THINGS EVER.) And the ending was just... *floaty sigh* I used the word a lot, but it applies here, too. Perfect. ♥ (Satoshi/Daisuke.)

- DNAngel/XXXholic - Wishful Thinking by Ysabet - OMG. I did not think DNAngel and XXXholic could be crossed so brilliantly, but Ysabet just nails the voices and dynamics of both series, meshing them in a really seamless crossover. It's hysterical fun to watch Dark and Daisuke squabbling at each other, it's hilarious to watch Dark trying to break into Yuuko's house, and I was in hysterics while he was trying to talk his way out of a mess with her while being attracted at the same time. The story is full of little touches that are absolutely perfect to each world (the "weapon" Yuuko brandishes at dark is just brilliant), just perfect to each of the characters, so that they screamed of themselves, rather than just two people who happened to have their names. And, oh, Dark's thought process towards the end was a thing of beauty--this is a story that really demanded a lot, given the two characters facing off here. Dark vs Yuuko really had to be handled by a deft hand to do it justice and... man, so far this fic is doing a fabulous job of that. (No real warnings/pairings so far?)

- DNAngel - Somnium by Dulcis Memoria - [Note: There are links to all eight parts at the top of this post.] I sat on the fence over this fic for awhile, because I'm still so inexperienced with DNAngel and I wasn't sure these characterizations entirely meshed with mine. The writing is a little stiff throughout the piece, the author tries a little too hard in places a little more minimalism would do well, but it's readable. I admit to wondering if Krad wouldn't just, you know, kill Dark the second he got the chance, but I'm also a shipper so the fine line the author tred was a good one. There were obvious feelings lurking underneath the surface, they both obviously cared, but it was never said, Krad denied it to the end and Dark... who knows what's going through Dark's head even when it's from his POV. XD I sat through the entire fic (it's not as long as it looks, the chapters are rather short, but that's all right, the pacing of it is fine) and didn't look away the entire time and, well. Eeeee, Dark/Krad fic! The ending was strong in my eyes, by the time I was finishing the piece up, I appreciated the story far more than I had nitpicks for it. I'm curious to see if the author continues to write, I'd especially be interested to see if she picks up this pairing again. (Dark/Krad.)

- Kingdom Hearts/DNAngel - untitled by Meg - The second set of Meg's fic request meme and there are two KH/DNAngel ficlets here, so I figured I'd just recommend it this way. It's just. Kingdom Hearts. DNAngel. I didn't realize how much I wanted them to go together until Meg wrote them, until I saw how well they fit together. The second one is especially great. I just. Oh, god, I love Dark. Love him so much. This should totally be a full-fledged crossover. *beams* (No warnings/pairings.)

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