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- Doctor Who - Inevitable by chicklet73 - One of the things I loved early on about Ten and Martha's relationship is the way he winds up telling her things that he never expected to, even telling her about Gallifrey in one episode. This fic builds very nicely on that, but then tosses in some fantastic characterization and voices for the characters, the Doctor a little full of himself but still charming as all get out, Martha sharp as a tack but still new to this whole time travelling business. The writing is also fantastic, one of the best stories I could have started out with in the Who-fandom, the kind that just makes me want more and more. (Maybe some Doctor/Martha, but it could be gen, too.)

- Doctor Who - The Long Road To Nowhere by Calapine - A lovely blend of previously established Who-canon (which I am very lacking in, but this story is written in such a way that I think it's enjoyable from both perspectives--those who know and those who don't know all the history of the Whoverse) and brilliant characterization for both the Doctor and for Martha. So many little details that feel right at home in the story, so many little bits and pieces of the Doctor's history, so many little glimpses of his mercurial mood as he tells parts of his stories. The connection he and Martha have even early on, all of it is fantastic. (Maybe some Doctor/Martha, but it could be gen, too.)

- Doctor Who - Twelve Cliches That Never Happened To Martha Jones by Nos - The concept for this fic alone is fantastic enough, but the author is absolutely brilliant at pulling it off. There are some cliche situations that they land in that I would have considered paying serious money to see them happen in canon the way they do here. The author's writing style is perfect, her voices for the characters are fantastic, and her humor had me shrieking with laughter throughout the entire piece. I mean. *flails* The TARDIS playing matchmaker! Body switching! And the author maximizes the hilarity of each one even in such short ficlets! I suspect this fic will always be on my list of favorites. (Some Doctor/Martha.)

- Doctor Who - Wanted: Human Woman by Nos - [Note: This story will have spoilers for the ending of season 3.] What a brilliant little concept (the Doctor decides that instead of just randomly picking up a new Companion, he's going to go about it the right way this time) pulled off with fantastic execution. It's just the right amount of meta with the right amount of humor and some fantastic little character tidbits along the way, even under the guise of humor. Very, very funny (I frequently LOL'd) and absolutely worth the read. (....basically, if you could see it in the series, it's probably referenced here.)

- Doctor Who/Life on Mars - Life on Earth by Aria - Tammaiya pointed this fic out to me as a lovely gen Doctor Who/Life on Mars crossover and, of course, ever since season three I've been curious about how someone would work such a thing. This story is brilliant, the writing is amazing and set so beautifully in tune with the tone of both shows. The little details, the pacing of the story, the way everything builds to that final scene, the tension that slowly ratchets up through the piece, all of it is masterfully done. I love that I can believe this fic, I can see the two series weaving together like this, that it does justice to both characters, both the Master and Sam Tyler. It's perfect all the way around, right from the beginning to the very end, I don't know that any other Doctor Who/Life on Mars crossover could ever compare to this one (for me) now. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Doctor Who - Manifesto by Aria - This is a beautiful look inside the Doctor's head, the almost manic pace of the thoughts as they go around and around, yet never incoherent or anything less than the Doctor is. It's almost more feeling than particular thought, which works so well for him, he's so... well, human, for lack of a better term, in this author's hands. The progression from the first season to the third, the way people have come and gone from his life, the impressions they've made, the way he's changed because of them, especially because of Martha. This fic hits all the right notes for me, even beyond the fantastic voices and lovely writing, because it's about Martha's impact on his life, the way he came back to life because of her, even in such a short time. She is no one but Martha Jones, she changes him, and this fic does it all in such a lovely, subtle way that's all the more impactful for it. (Not quite gen, with a little Doctor/everyone and Doctor/Martha especially.)

- Doctor Who - untitled by Anita - There is something really... I don't know. Something very subtle and bittersweet and yet charming and upbeat about this fic, something that brings to mind the images of the series itself so clearly. It's a simple, short piece, with the Doctor standing in Martha's living room and her watching him. There's so much insight woven into this piece, how alien the Doctor can seem while still so similar in a lot of ways. I love Martha especially here, not quite knowing what to say, but somehow managing through the moment and it's just... yes, this is why I loved season three. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Doctor Who - Timecock Not Supplied by Nos - Having just watched the Who special from last year (oh, shut up, I know) with Donna in it and discovering this great and huge love for her character, this fic came along at just the right moment. And that's what shone about this fic, that Donna had all these amazing lines and little moments that were everything that I loved about her, that were even so pitch perfect in word choice that I could hear her in my head, I could just picture her every expression. The whole story is really fun, but this fic shows why I already love Donna Noble and am eagerly awaiting series four. *pines* (...both het and slash, not quite safe for work, sort of a bit of a free-for-all? Sort of.)

- Doctor Who - The Boy who Killed Time by netgirl_y2k - I wasn't sure what I was going to get when I picked this story to read at random, except that it would probably have a lot of references to older Doctor Who characters that I didn't really know a lot about. What I got was indeed that, but still a story that was lovely and haunting and carrying a tremendous impact when the author poses a potential consequence of the Doctor's actions in the Time War. Watching things unravel from Martha's perspective is especially fascinating, the author gets her character and her voice down so very well, along with that sense of unease about something not being right the entire time. Just. Fantastic story here. (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Doctor Who - Dreaming in Metaphors by Yahztee - [ part 1 - part 2 ] - I've read Yahtzee's Alias fic before and I found them lovely to read because they actually have plot and timing much like episodes of the series, they're not just little snippets, they're fully formed stories. While this fic focuses on the relationship between the Doctor and Martha rather than, say, an enemy to fight, it is not less fully formed for that. It's a bit lengthy, but I started the fic, intending to read it in between bouts of fanart hunting and suddenly found myself reading the entire thing in one sitting, not even realizing time was passing by. It's marvellously characterized and paced, the way their relationship goes from what it was in the series itself to a proper romantic relationship, the sheer delight in things and the surprising emotional tugging at your heartstrings that's what make Doctor Who such an enjoyable series, all of that is wound beautifully into this fic. It's clever and charming and fun, the little details that are almost whimsical in how they're woven into their adventures (the paradoxes that still keep happening! the time in ancient rome that's so hilarious!), that is also just delightful to read. The language used, the dialogue for both of them, it's also spot on. And the ending? Oh, the ending was brilliant, absolutely everything the author was trying to achieve with the story and brilliantly, brilliantly true to the Whoverse. That's the thing about this fic, it's one of those stories that I want to make everyone read because it's... well, it's so much more than I can encompass in this rather lackluster rec. Just. Go read it! It's brilliant. (Ten/Martha, some R-rated content.)

- Doctor Who - Martha Jones, Angel of Death! by Calapine - This was a delightful fic that took advantage of Freema Agyeman playing both Martha Jones and Adeola Oshodi, spinning this delightful little semi-meta humor fic about an evil overlord entity sending her off to kill the Doctor, playing on all the little cliches in such stories and doing so in a beautifully hilarious way. There were at least two moments where I had to laugh out loud because of the references, but the whole thing is really just terrific. ♥ (Implicatons of Ten/Martha.)

- Doctor Who - Progression by Tammaiya - This is a really fantastic look at Jack's character, at the way he connects with so many people and yet he always leaves them and keeps them at arm's length. The way he feels about all of the people he's met, Rose, the Doctor, his team, the impressions they leave on him and how he feels about them, set across several scenes over time. I loved the fic because it really got into the character, really showed so much insight into everyone, and showed why this character is one of my favorites from the Whoverse. I love the ending, the way Jack changes ever so slightly, partly because of the Doctor but more because of his team, it just felt so... right. Fantastic fic here. (Jack/pretty much everyone.)

- Doctor Who - Theories Of by pyrebi - I generally don't read a lot of Doctor Who fic, even less that's not focused on Martha (because I somehow fell for her hardest of all), but I was journalhopping, stumbled over a recs post and was curious enough of the summary to check it out, because the idea of how Rose would be different after the end of the first New Who season hadn't much occurred to me. (And I do see how it could be so very easily abused.) And what I got was a lovely, well-written story that was all the things it should be--funny, sad, bittersweet, hopeful, a little bit painful, and delighted to just be out on adventures, the three of them, with a really deft touch when it came to showing the little rammifications of Rose being like Jack. An excellent little read. (Some Ten/Jack/Rose, but it could also be read entirely as gen. Except. You know. Jack.)

Doctor Who: Light Bending Backwards by trolllogicfics - The summary for this fic is: The Doctor infiltrates the Time Agency. Jack suffers the consequences. I read this fic based on a rec while journalhopping, where the rec basically said that it was all twisty and loopy all while staying within the confines of canon, and that greatly intrigued me. I... pretty much have to say the same thing. I had generally figured out where this was going by the halfway point, but I couldn't figure out how that would make any sort of sense, but by the time that I got to the end? Brilliant, it just. It makes so much sense and it's truly brilliantly done and the writing/narrative is just so... I couldn't stop reading because it was so engaging and beautifully written. One of those few must-read fics that seriously imprinted itself on me and now I'm going to have the worst time separating it out from canon again. Just. Wow. (No warnings/pairings.)

Doctor Who: The Art of Surviving by nekare - From the same recs post as the Gokusen fic, I had to pick up this Who fic to give it a shot, because... you know, I'm not really sure if I love the Doctor more or Martha more, but I certainly will jump at almost any chance to read good Martha fic. Especially fic like this which is set after season three (though, at the time of this rec, I'm not all the way through Torchwood's second season yet, so I don't know how well it meshes with that canon) where she's settled back into her life and she's accomplishing what she wants to and... she's still so very, very Martha Jones (the author does a fantastic job with both of their characters) and yet a little stronger somehow. Her interaction with the Doctor, the way she sees him now, the scenes between them, the way he reacts to her, it's all so beautifully done. It's got that lovely sharp wit the two of them had, some really fantastic insights, and it actually... develops them to the point where the ending is perfect. <3 (Doctor/Martha.)

Doctor Who: Turning Left Again by dotfic - [Note: There are spoilers for the season four final in the fic and this rec.] Oh, now this is exactly what I wanted out of a post-finale fic, one where what happened to Donna isn't quite what we saw, instead she's a little more clever than the Doctor is and makes her own choice about what she wants to happen to her. I love the voice of this piece, it's so Donna, right down to the way she thinks about the thoughts whizzing through her head at light speed, the way she approaches this problem, both so determinedly strong and yet so caring in her own way. I love the idea of this ending for her and I'm going to mentally attach it to canon and refuse to believe otherwise. (No warnings/pairings.)

Doctor Who/Kingdom Hearts: Exchange by thornsmoke - So you know what's a crossover that I never would have thought of on my own? Doctor Who and Kindom Hearts, that's what. And yet. There's something so seamless about Roxas on the TARDIS and the way the Doctor is so fascinated by him, the way Roxas is so apathetic yet not, the way the themes of both series (of hearts and emotions and saving people and escaping and what it means to be human) fit together. It's a gorgeous piece, full of fun little hee!-worthy interaction and then some truly beautiful, subtle moments that just about rip your heart out and quite the punch to the ending. Lovely. (No real warnings/pairings.)

xxxHOLiC/Doctor Who: Unpleasant Business by laurus_nobilis - Oh, now this was delightful, just a quick and light-hearted (for all that there are heavier things in the background, but there always are with Doctor Who and xxxHOLiC both) thing that wove these two series together nicely. It's always difficult with a drawn series and a live action series, but I really liked the little details, the way the Doctor sat so he wouldn't have to take his shoes off or the way Yuuko talked to him. Really charming little fic. <3 (No warnings/pairings.)

xxxHOLiC/Doctor Who: if I could put Time in a bottle by incandescens - Another fic based on the same prompt (to put Yuuko and the Doctor into the same fic) and it's another lovely piece. This time it's got a wider focus and the author does a completely terrific job of getting the Doctor's personality down in just a few lines each time, yet still giving him that same core that always comes along. His interactions with Yuuko, all the little details and moments mentioned in passing (I would do a lot for that one with Sakura that was mentioned), all of it are clever and delightful. (No warnings/pairings.)

Doctor Who: Wonders of the Universe by Aria - So, I was only intending to read Merlin fic today, then maybe wander over to some anime fandoms or something, but I was browsing through this author's work and saw, oh, hey, Ten/Martha! It's been awhile, so why not. And I got something thoroughly adorable with the Doctor and Martha on an alien planet and just seeing the sights and it's all fun and delightful. And then things turn south and Martha's so awesome while being so human and the final scene just. I could not love either of them more and, oh, what a punch that final paragraph was. ;__;♥ (Ten/Martha.)

Doctor Who: Manifesto by Aria - I almost regretted reading this fic second after I finished the previous one, because I wanted to end on a fic that was solely focused on Doctor/Martha. But, well, I read them in the order I did anyway. Which turns out to be a really wonderful thing because, oh, this fic was incredible for all the brilliant insights into all the characters, but most especially the Doctor. This is one of those fics that understands him and really, truly gets him in a way that I agree with so much that it's almost a little painful, then wraps it all up in gorgeous writing. All the things unsaid, all the fears he has about letting himself love someone, all the ways the people in his life mattered and yet he kept himself isolated from them, all the ways Martha is not what he expected, all the ways she was the one to bring him back to life. I could not have agreed more or loved the gorgeousness of this fic more. *__* (Ten/everyone, Ten/Martha.)

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