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Game by somniari, iron bull/dorian, NSFW, kink negotation, rape play, dom/sub, 9.6k
    "Satisfied?" Dorian snaps, having regained some his composure. "You've played your little game, ha ha, you win, I lose, you can let me go now." The Iron Bull's hands drift toward Dorian's shirt as he gives Dorian a bemused look. "Let you go? We haven't even started yet." Bull and Dorian play a game.
He Came, He Saw... by Adarian, iron bull/dorian, NSFW, 1.2k
    Inspired by the beautiful dirty talk during the party banter, a pwp featuring Dorian getting what he wants.
Down, Down, Down by annundriel, iron bull/dorian, NSFW, 2k
    Dorian's falling in more ways than one.
THE BETTER PART OF EVERYTHING THAT DOESN'T MATTER by spicyshimmy, iron bull/dorian + varric + cole + cullen, nsfw, 4.4k
    Bull and Dorian flirt poorly, get together, and make no promises at all. Spoilers for Bull's personal quest and Dorian-related happenings, that there is a dragon in Crestwood, and that Dorian hates the cold.
Breathless by greatbriton, iron bull/dorian, 1.2k
    Dorian finds himself a little jealous and conflicted about his relationship with Bull.
All Those Little Things by Markition, iron bull/dorian, NSFW, 2.2k
    As the Inquisition marches onward, Dorian finds himself becoming dangerously attached to the Iron Bull's attention. What did he do to get himself into this mess? And what will happen when the Bull's past finally catches up to them? Dorian seems to be the only one worried about Ben-Hassrath involvement, and that terrifies him. The Bull's title was Hissrad for a reason.
Drunken Debauchery by Luddleston, iron bull/dorian, NSFW, 4.9k
    Dorian should start making a list of reasons not to drink with the Chargers. Going back to Bull's room and waking up next to him in the morning may or may not be on it.
half the lies you tell aren't true by radiophile, iron bull/dorian, nsfw, 6k
    It takes a long, long time for Dorian to realize that he is still waiting for the Bull to finish what he started.
For Good by fullmoonhermit, iron bull/dorian, NSFW, praise kink, dom/sub, ~1k
    How quickly he falls apart at those words. In this dark intimate place inside himself, it's too close to what he's always craved.
TO MAGISTER PAVUS by spicyshimmy, iron bull/dorian + cole + krem + cassandra, nsfw, 3.6k
    Letters Dorian never sends to Halward Pavus frame a short story in which Dorian develops a resistance to being poisoned by Vitaar, among other things.
Wicked Little Games by Scarlett_Rogue, iron bull/dorian, NSFW, ~1k
    Dorian and Iron Bull sneak off for a little late night (early morning?) fun in the woods while everyone else sleeps.
So Good by Robespierre, iron bull/dorian, NSFW, fluff, praise kink, 2.3k
    Dorian isn't sure how Iron Bull feels about him. Bull explains.
Let Them Talk by Markition, iron bull/dorian, nsfw, 1k
    "A drunken night of debauchery," he said--a drunken night that would lead to forgotten silk undergarments and public outcry. Dorian has lived his entire life playing at secret games of one-night stands, and the Iron Bull is definitely not his usual stable boy quickie. Why is this one man so different? Why does he keep coming back?
Indecent Intentions by Luddleston, iron bull/dorian, 2.6k
    The expression is 'bull in a china shop,' but Dorian is certain that 'Bull in a library' is just as bad, if not worse. He's never going to finish his quiet night of reading, but being kissed into a stupor in the middle of the library isn't entirely unpleasant.
Try Me by Shipwreck_Mary, iron bull/dorian, NSFW, 1.3k
    Dorian might enjoy being bound and gagged, but he's also used to command.
Mercy, Please by ohgeelato, iron bull/dorian + others, nsfw, 2.5k
    Dorian wasn't particularly a hundred percent certain how this thing between him and Bull started. But he had always known it would be a slippery slope from the very beginning. He just didn't want to admit it for the longest time.
Remember Me by cypheroftyr, psikitty, cullen/inquisitor + iron bull/dorian + others, nsfw, 20k
    Dorian's past comes back to bite him when the Champion arrives at Skyhold.
BOOKS CLUB by shaykreth, implied iron bull/dorian + others, ~1k
    Inspired by a tumblr post. A prank leads Dorian to accidentally starting the Inquisition's first book club.
Liars, Both of Them by imperfectkreis , iron bull/dorian, nsfw, 1.2k
    The Iron Bull and the Inquisitor have a conversation overlooking the Waking Sea. Both are accustomed to lies and wanting things they should well stay away from.
Something by TheMightyZan, cullen/inquisitor + iron bull/dorian, ~1k
    The Inquisitor asks Dorian about his relationship
Questionable Methods by lieutenantaclassi, iron bull/dorian, nsfw, 2.8k
    Dorian is pretty sure that he has caught the plague and is about to die. Iron Bull seems to have an idea about how to cure it.
layover one by shaykreth, iron bull/dorian + sera + others, 2.3k
    "We are four days into the western desert of Orlais. The transitions of the Inquisition’s advance have been unkind to my everything. I have never felt more useful, more worked, more alive. If only the company were better."
layover two by shaykreth, iron bull/dorian, NSFW, bdsm, wax play, 2.5k
    Three weeks we’ve been left behind at Skyhold. This library is a deception - half the books in it are copies of Varric’s fiction. I would make some requests of the librarian, only… I believe he’s fallen victim to my charms. Doesn’t anyone know how to properly flirt in the south?
A Hot Dip by elfhawk3, iron bull/dorian + others, 1.6k
    Those hot springs in the Emprise du Lion are a perfect spot to recover from all that dragon slaying. Now if only Dorian would stop complaining about the cold.
Secrets and Blood by theLiterator, iron bull/dorian, nsfw, ~1k
    Dorian learns that freezing giant bears is not necessarily the best way to go about things.
Withholding Information by imperfectkreis, iron bull/dorian + others, NSFW, breath play, 2.2k
    Dorian knows Iron Bull would not agree to this if he knew. It's safer for them both this way. (Dorian has a conversation with the Inquisitor, Sera is Sera, Iron Bull chokes Dorian during sex).
give and take by quodis, iron bull/dorian, NSFW, breathplay, 3.2k
    Dorian is very into breathplay but very bad at persuasion.
Agreement by blacktofade, iron bull/dorian, 1.8k
    Iron Bull is a dragon-slayer and Dorian is a dragon. Absolutely nothing could go wrong.
bury me 'til i confess by psikeval, iron bull/dorian, mildly nsfw, ~1k
    Dorian is taken care of, in more ways than he expects.
Where Better To Be? by Whatevergirl, iron bull/dorian & sera & inquisitor, sick!dorian, 2.9k
    'I just want a sick Dorian who is fed up of all the cold and snow and rain etc being looked after and made to feel better.'
Katoh by Salazar101, iron bull/dorian, nsfw, 2.2k
    Dorian has never had to use the watchword before, but tonight it rips its way from his throat and leaves him shaken. He finds that Iron Bull's strength comes in many different forms.
Riposte by amurderof, iron bull/dorian, spanking, 1.2k
    "You were kind of an asshole today, Dorian. You're kind of being an asshole right now." "I think you rather like it," Dorian says, and he's not wrong.
Let's Dance by greatbriton, iron bull/dorian, 1.9k
    Dorian and Bull take a chance to dance at the Orlesian Ball
Quiet in the Library by Salazar101, iron bull/dorian, NSFW, modern au, 11.5k
    Dorian is the head Librarian in Skyhold's expansive city library. His current maintenance crew is absolutely getting fired as shelves in the reference section are snapping and falling apart. Dorian calls in a group of contractors, but only their boss, Iron Bull, shows up to do the work.
Early to Rise by follower_of_lamashtu, iron bull/dorian, NSFW, fluff, 2.7k
    Dorian sleeps over for the first time. Sex and feelings happen. It's a whole lot of something.
Slaying the Dragon by Salazar101, iron bull/dorian & varric & inquisitor, NSFW, some bondage, rough sex, 2.7k
    “Taarsidath-an halsaam!” Bull had screamed during the dragon fight. He shows Dorian what that means later that night in their tent.
you can hear it in the silence by psikeval, iron bull/dorian, ~1k
    Once he decides to say it, it's hard for Dorian to think of anything else.
seeing reason (won't help you through this) by Iambic, iron bull/dorian, nsfw, 2.3k
    Dorian's still operating like he's in Tevinter, and the Bull safewords the hell out.
The Smell of Sex and Dragons by Salazar101, iron bull/dorian, NSFW, scent kink, 1.6k
    Dorian ends up getting sprayed with dragon pheromones during a fight and goes back to camp to wash it all off. He doesn't get that far.

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