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- Dragonball Z/GT Fanfiction Recs - I freely admit that I'm a snob when it comes to DBZ fic. If it's not an awesome story with characterization that's flawless... I lose interest very fast. I've been spoiled by there being all this flat-out amazing fanfic out there and so I demand the highest quality when I go reading for fic. Or at least what I think is the highest quality. ^_~ You'll find a lot of fics that are largely in the flavor of the original series here or else fics that focus on Vejiita/VejiitaxBulma. They are so my OTP for that fandom. =^_^= Though, occasional stuff like GokuxChichi shows up, too. Oh, and I like the shounen ai pairing of TrunkxGoten, but that's about it for yaoi/shounen ai, I'm mostly a het fangirl with this series. ^_^

- Dragonball Z/GT Fanart Recs - I have yet to find much DBZ fanart, but part of that is probably because the series is so old and a lot of the fans have moved on. Still. Every once in awhile I get an itch for art and go trolling for it and there really is some very pretty stuff. With fanart, I don't much care--if it's pretty, I'll look at it and rec it. But I'll still be more attracted to my usual favored pairings, so... mishmash of everything here, most likely. Recently, I've taken to finding j-fanart sites and I've actually had some luck, but it's never going to be a massive section. It's also pretty heavily in favor of Vejiita/Bulma (since they're my favorites), but by no means exclusive.

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