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- Dragon Quest IV - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I actually had to hit up Pixiv to even get a start with DQ sites (god forbid I be able to find a link to any of the search engines easily XD) and, okay. I'm not quite finished with the game yet (working on the post-final boss stuff now, so it was time to see if there was art out there XD) but I really wanted to see if there was much available for it. I was surprised by how much I liked the characters and kind of wanted more of them, so, what the hell, I thought. And then I found this site! It's a little difficult to make my way through it, but! Once I found the main gallery page, I was golden. It's all about--and I'm just going to use the English names because those are the ones I played as--the Kiryl/Alena art! Some of it can be kind of rough, especially the doodles, but when the artist does a full color illustration? She does some gorgeous stuff. I was kind of shipping these two while playing the game (she gets to be the adventuring princess! he's the one who has feelings for her! he's the one who's the healing mage who travels along behind her for support! awesome!) and so this was perfect. ♥ Especially when she used those soft pastels and a surprising amount of detail in the images. *__* I loved how hot her Kiryl could be, I loved how pretty Alena was, I loved how happy they all were, I loved the sense of adventure in the canon-style ones, I loved when she played around with modern clothes (as;ldfkjals;kj Kiryl is so tall and it's kind of delicious), I loved how clearly smitten they were with each other and the artist with them. ♥ If I hadn't been shipping them before this site, I certainly would be now. (Kiryl/Alena.)

- Dragon Quest IV - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - This site admittedly only has about a dozen illustrations on it, but it's more Kiryl/Alena or just Alena being awesome! Even after the huge previous site, I was still itching for more of this game, these characters, and especially this pairing. The art is really nice here, there's a surprising amount of detail in the images and they have really clean lines and bright, soft pastel-like colors. Or sometimes they look like they were almost done with color pencil, which I kind of like because it fits the spirit of the game, imo. But mostly it's just that artist is good at drawing the characters--there's one of Maya that's the prettiest thing just about ever and I love the one of the Hero--and it was just a really fun little site to visit. (Some gen, some Kiryl/Alena.)

- Dragon Quest IV - CorkBoard [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Another site that I couldn't resist, despite that it's not entirely full-to-bursting with art. But I really liked the solidness of the artist's lines, they were so clean and sharp, then had these really bright, vivid colors added to them, so that even the chibi art stuff looked really solid and well-done. Plus, omfg, there's this one of Alena and Kiryl outside watching the snow falling that is just. asd;flkjasljk eeeeeee so adorable and you all shut up I will OTP them if I want to. And, yeah, I love the artist's Alena stand-alone art, but I was even more gleeful over the OTP stuff, which is the best reason to visit this site, I think. (Some gen, some Kiryl/Alena.)

- Dragon Quest IV - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - There's not a lot of art on this site and the early stuff starts out as very '90s-esque, but the artist has a certain charm to her work and there's a lot of progression over time. Some of the more recent ones get to be really pretty illustrations of the hero and have really pretty colors! The majority of the focus is on the hero and Psaro, but the log pages have a bit more cute art on them with various characters. The site won't be for everyone, but in such a small fandom, it was a nice treat this afternoon. (No real warnings/pairings, I wouldn't say.)

- Dragon Quest IV - chotto:mutter [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Admittedly, I had to go through pretty much all the log pages and pick out the DQIV art on them, rather than it being separated out by series (there was a fair amount of DQV art there as well, so it wasn't all that much of a problem for me) but it was worth it to me because the art here is really cute and has really pretty colors. There's this... really neat sense of Toriyama's character designs, but spun off with the artist's own style, who draws the characters really pretty, especially the Hero. *__* Some of the later art gets really gorgeous even and just. asd;lfjkaslkj I want more DQ artttttt. Especially if a site can--despite that I massively shipped the het in DQIV--get me to like the occasional bit of yaoi pairings! o/ (Maybe a smidge of Psaro/Hero, but it's largely a gen site.)

- Dragon Quest IV - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - This site took me a little bit to really start navigating my way around and I sort of wondered if there maybe wasn't that much art here to find, but once I finally hit the log pages, I kind of really fell in love with this site. The oekaki and doodles are adorable and you can tell the artist has a solid style, some of them get to be really pretty! I'm also getting to be super fond of Psaro and Hero interaction, especially when there's a fair amount of adorable little kidlet versions of it! Some of the gallery proper stuff is really lovely as well, the further you get into the gallery, the prettier everything gets. I do miss a bit more of the rest of the team, but this was a really nice DQIV site tonight! (Some Psaro/Hero, but it could almost be entirely gen, too. Some actual Kiryl/Hero on the echa pages, though.)

- Dragon Quest IV - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I'm not sure if this art style is going to be for everyone and I definitely wish there'd been more art on the site, but... it's really cute, adorable stuff! The lines are good, the colors are solid, it's all just a really decent site overall and reminds me how much fun I had with the game. Which makes me feel like this is a half-assed rec, but DQIV is a small fandom and I really like finding new sites for it, especially ones that make me coo a little over the art. This site accomplished that for me today. :D (No real warnings/pairings.)

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