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- Dragon Quest V - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - You wouldn't believe how long it took me to find a site with DQV art, especially considering that there's tons and tons of it at Pixiv! Yet I could hardly find anything to properly recommend until I hit this site. There's not as much Deborah as I would have liked (I get the impression that this was more based on the original game, hence the focus on Bianca and occasionally Flora) but it has some amazingly SUPER ADORABLE stuff of the Hero and Bianca as kids or pretty Bianca art or interesting sketches set during the game's travels. Plus, oh, man, the ones of the Hero as a kid with his dad? SO ADORABLE. T__T The site does a really good job of capturing Toriyama's style without being too much of a clone of it and the lines of several of these pieces are delightful. Totally a great site if you like this game. ♥ (Mostly Hero/Bianca, some Hero/Flora, a smidge of Hero/Deborah, a lot of gen.)

- Dragon Quest V - nagomituki [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Admittedly, Hero/Bianca isn't my favorite pairing, but I know it's the default for the game or that it was at least sort of the original default pairing, so there's a lot of history there, but. I do like her and this site has some very cute art of her and the Hero and their kids. But I also love that there was a bunch of adorable little oekaki illustrations that were SUPER CUTE and just fun--like Sancho in Yuna's outfit from FFX? Kinda priceless. XD Also, the art of the Hero as a kid or Sancho with the two kids, all of it was really adorable and captured the spirit and fun of the game really well. <3 (Hero/Bianca.)

- Dragon Quest V - Precious Lair [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I'm still partial to Hero/Deborah in DQV, but, well, it's a rare pairing (outside of Pixiv, anyway), so I seek out other stuff and you know. I'm surprised there's not more slash with Hero and Henry, even if I understand that the marriage choice is pretty important to the plot of the game. And it's not like I crave Hero/Henry (or Henry/Hero? idk), but I find it interesting and wouldn't run away screaming, so this site intrigued me. It's sort of half Hero/Flora and half Hero/Henry and there's some really cute oekaki art with them in AU clothing and then adorable little chibis for Hero and Flora. Some of it's really pretty (Flora makes for a really lovely kimono illustration) and there's a fair amount tucked away on the log pages, too, so it's a satisfying little site. (Hero/Flora, Hero/Henry, maybe a smidge of Hero/Bianca.)

- Dragon Quest V - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - This is a really cute site, the illustrations are almost like paintings with something like oils or watercolors, a certain look to them that's really interesting. There's a lot of focus on the characters as kids, which I find adorable, but there's also some nice stuff of them as adults. Even I have to admit that the wedding illustration with Bianca was lovely. <3 And some of the doodles are even more adorable and the series of b&w sketches are really lovely. It's not a huge site, but it was a really fun one to go through and had some really nice stuff. <3 (Hero/Bianca.)

- Dragon Quest V - m e t e r o i d [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I was originally here for the Gundam 00 art, but decided to wander into the other section and was surprised to stumble over a handful of DQV illustrations! o/ There's not a ton here, I definitely wish there'd been more, and I think this was probably based on the original game, rather than the remake, but. Pretty art is pretty art! And there was a Pankraz/Mada illustration! I don't think I'd ever seen that before. Plus, there was kidlet Bianca and Flora in an illustration together, there was a really pretty Henry/Maria illustration, there was a really nice one of Bianca's twins, and it was just... a small site, but a really nice one, I was happy to find it. (Hero/Bianca implied.)

- Dragon Quest V - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - You know, I wish some of my favorite Hero/Deborah artists would have their own sites, but in the meantime... this is a gorgeous, gorgeous site with Hero and Bianca. Some of the illustrations of them, done in that glowing cg kind of style with the vivid colors, are just stunning and I kept going through the gallery, getting completely spoiled for the fandom by this site. It's the kind that seriously makes me kind of want to pick up the game again and play through as Bianca and get the blonde kids this time. Or at least to go through the site yet again to look at the gorgeous art. *___* (Hero/Bianca.)

- Dragon Quest V - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I actually came here because of the potential Deborah art, but found that I did enjoy the Flora art as well, it's all really cute stuff. There's some really cute Bianca stuff as well, some of the images verging into really beautiful territory. I do wish there'd been more Deborah art, but the artist so nicely captured the spirit of the game, that I could hardly complain much about it. Plus, there's a decent amount of art here and it's one of the better sites in this small fandom, so I enjoyed it a lot. :D (Hero/Flora, Hero/Bianca.)

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