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- Earthian - A Day in the Life by bearilou - Kagetsuya is, like, one of the most perfect creatures ever. He's beautiful, he's talented, he's cultured, he can cook, and he's so in love that he can barely see straight. He gave up Eden for Chihaya. He'd do anything for Chihaya. Oh, sure, he's grumpy and crabby most of the time, but Kagetsuya is still perfect. (Which is why the whole Chihaya/Messiah thing pisses me off. 1) Kagetsuya is perfect, why the hell would you want anyone else? 2) Chihaya gave up Eden and let Kagetsuya give up Eden for him. That's saying you love that person enough to do that for them and let them do it for you in return. And then you go and practically ignore him in favor of some bio-creation? Argh. Leaves me wanting to smash Chihaya's head against a brick wall until I've bashed some sense into it.)

*ahem* That said... I love KagetsuyaxChihaya. This story makes me forget how irritated I can be by Chihaya, it makes me happy for them, puts me in danger of doing my dorky little *chibichibhappyhappydancedance* thing. Kagetsuya is so totally in character in this story that I fell in love with him all over again, I even adored Chihaya and saw why Kagetsuya would love him so much in the first place. Plus, the sex is goooood and the ending wonderful. The world needs more Earthian fic like this one. (KagetsuyaxChihaya.)

- Earthian - Wrestling with Demons by bearilou - *wistful sigh* Yes, the world definitely needs more Earthian stories like this one. Well-written, the style subtle yet graceful, reflecting the original series itself, the characters so very much themselves, NOT wanting to bash Chihaya's head against the nearest blunt object, and great sex. Much happy to be found here. (KagetsuyaxChihaya.)

- WK/Utena/YnM - [ Fan Art Site ]! *fweee!* The Weiss Kreuz images are pretty (I especially liked the Schuldich one. *_*) as are the Utena ones (Saionji! Mikage! *big, heart-shaped eyes*), but my favorites are the Yami no Matsuei ones. I'm very quickly warming up to Tatsumi/Watari, and this just helped it all that much further along. Mmm.

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