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  - El Shaddai - [ Pixiv Account ] - Okay, technically, I know there are only three or so submissions so far, but! I can justify this because this series of images has seven of them together, which brings the total up to almost ten images total on the account and, whatever, that can totally be enough. And, okay. So, there's this game, El Shaddai. I've heard of it on the gaming sites, of course, but I was wary of the art style and it's a platformer--NO THANK YOU. But... then Pixiv came along... and there was all this art of a dark-haired guy that seemed very pretty... and poking around... oh, it's Lucifel from El Shaddai... and I tried to resist... but then there was a lot of Lucifel/Enoch art that was super pretty! And, shit, I was sunk. And this artist just feeds right into that, with the adorable art and the hilarious art (seriously, anyone getting a faceful of wings is always hilarious) and the lovely colors they use and the smooth, clean lines and, shit, I think I ship this ship forever now. orz But this artist has some lovely art and I would love to see more from her. ♥ (Lucifel/Enoch.)

  - El Shaddai - [ Pixiv Account ] - Another reason I'm being slowly dragged into this fandom, at least on Pixiv? Because occasionally this fandom provides me porn! There's a lot of shippable stuff on Pixiv with Lucifel/Enoch, but there's only so much of that you can take before you finally just want makeouts and this isn't one of the first I've stumbled on, but it's one of the first I've stumbled on when I started doing recs, so it came at a really good time for me. It's maybe not directly as Lucifel/Encoch as I'd like, it's kind of more like Enoch being porny by himself, but it's still a step in the right direction, fandom! Though, I do like Lucifel putting a hand on Enoch's shoulder and this series of images has some nice ones in it--all together, it makes for a satisfying stop on my tour through this part of the fandom. (Some Lucifel/Enoch, some NC-17.)

  - El Shaddai - [ Pixiv Account ] - Another account with not a lot of El Shaddai art, but, whatever, because the art that is here is kind of totally charming and just won me right over. I was wavering a little when I stumbled over this adorable image of Lucifel and Enoch in a really cute, casual setting with such pretty patterns and plants surrounding them, but I really had to cave at this battle-ready image of the two of them with butterfly patterns all over it, because the detail is gorgeous and I love everything about it. Hopefully, since the art that's here is very recent (at the time of this rec, of course), the artist will do more and that's part of what I'm banking on with the justifcation for this rec. But also I just really, really like what's here already. *__* (This could be gen, but it could also be Lucifel/Enoch.)

  - El Shaddai - [ Pixiv Account ] - So, once again, there's more El Shaddai on the ranking pages and I can't resist. Not when it's multi-page Lucifel/Enoch comics with ~*touching*~ and makeouts! The artist has a solid style and does a lot of fun, cracky stuff that totally makes me smile to browse through it, but. I have to admit that a lot of what attracted me to this artist is that there were finally some makeouts that I could recommend! That pleased me pretty greatly. But it really is a fun little account all the way around. (Lucifel/Enoch.)

  - El Shaddai - [ Pixiv Account ] - This artist isn't what I normally look for when in new fandoms, but... well, I do like the multi-image comics, especially in fandoms that are fighting games and then show the characters attractively beaten up or there's hilarity with kidlets or just the occasional piece of beautifully colored art with that glossy, softened sheen that I really like. So, even if there's not a lot of traditional art, if the artist tends towards sketches or cute little short comics, I found that her b&w lineart was nicely done and her characters are very hot and I am all over the Lucifel/Enoch ship and this artist gave me my fix today. *__* (Lucifel/Enoch.)

  - El Shaddai - [ Pixiv Account ] - The fervor over this game has died down somewhat recently, as all things do, but every so often I still come across an account with some pretty art and this one actually has more than just a handful of images! At least compared to the size of the accounts I usually rec. True, there are only about six submissions at the time of this rec, but most of them are multi-page submissions, so that's way more than usual for this fandom. And I really like the artist's work, especially the almost manga-like style of Lucifel/Enoch or the doujinshi sample that I kind of totally want! Or some really lovely sketches of Enoch and Lucifel and Lucifel/Enoch. This is definitely the kind of site that threatens to suck me back into the El Shaddai corner of Pixiv. orz (Lucifel/Enoch.)

El Shaddai Doujinshi (scanlated): Sweet Holic - [Note: This post is locked, but the comm should be easily joinable. Also, there are multiple doujinshi on this page, I'm referring to the first one in this recommendation.] I was delighted to see an El Shaddai doujinshi! I have such a fondness for these characters and this was a sweet, short little piece with Lucifel giving Enoch a gift of chocolate and it stirs up feelings and attractions between both of them. It's a short piece, but the art is clean and cute, with some potential to be really pretty down the road, and I like the way Lucifel is teasing and enjoys playing with Enoch, but it's not malicious here. (Lucifel/Enoch.)

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